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Slapfish seafood to open in One Loudoun this summer

Slapfish’s Ultimate Lobster Roll
California-based Slapfish recently announced it will be opening its first East Coast location in Ashburn at One Loudoun this summer.

Owned by chef Andrew Gruel, the fast-casual restaurant was launched in 2011 in California -- initially as a food truck and then a brick-and-mortar space -- with the concept of providing fresh, sustainable seafood at a reasonable price.

“We are really excited about coming to the East Coast,” Gruel said. “We will be spending a lot of time there.”

The One Loudoun location is a franchise operation for the company and is owned by local Ashburn residents and brothers Mike and Phil Nguyen. It will be Slapfish's 12th location and the first in Virginia. Another franchise group plans to open in Rockville, Maryland, this summer.

For the Nguyen brothers, this is their first endeavor as proprietors in the restaurant business, although they grew up working at their parents Vietnamese restaurant in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Mike Nguyen, who is a dentist, and Phil Nguyen, a mortgage specialist, always wanted to do something in the food industry.They were introduced to Slapfish when visiting family in California and “fell in love” with the brand.

“My wife is from Seattle where seafood is a big deal, and she thought this was better than any seafood she had ever had,” Mike said.

They signed the deal with Slapfish in early 2017 and found a location in One Loudoun in the same building as Starbucks. Their agreement is to open five locations in Virginia in the next five years.

The 2,200-square-foot space will offer inside and patio seating. Patrons order at the counter, and the food is brought to the table.

Mike Nguyen said his favorite dishes are the fish and chips, which are “very crispy and light.” They also enjoy the Clobster Grilled Cheese (lobster and crab), fish tacos and chowder fries with fried egg on top.

Slapfish also offers a “Slapfit” menu with constantly-changing fresh fish options, as well as salads, bowls and sandwiches.

“We wanted to bring this to Virginia because we knew people would love it as much as we do,” Mike said.


My view: there’s plenty of places needed to fulfill basic eating needs;

But how many places are there

- where you would want to take your S.O. to propose?
-where you can enjoy conversation without raising your voice?
-where you don’t have to escape the basic tedium and sameness by sticking you nose into your cel phone the entire meal and instead just focus on food?
-where you don’t have to sort through a menu that specifies where your food came from, just be assured it’s fresh and well prepared?

-where the chef doesn’t have or need a “vision” to satisfy his/her patrons?

golden…..You will find that a lot of people that post on this site do nothing but complain, about everything!.  What a miserable life they must live. 

Looking forward to what looks like a pretty good place!!

Around 400k people and climbing that now live in Loudoun and posters are complaining about new restaurants. Where do you expect people to eat out?

This Loudoun One large scale food court is really taking off…

oh wow…another “fast-casual restaurant, and a chain franchise to boot.

where’s decent dining in a peaceful atmosphere at a reasonable price?

Best of luck to them.  Interesting that the Hogs space is still vacant.

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