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Smile: Leesburg one of state’s friendliest towns

Want some people nice enough to perk up your day? Evidently, you just need to head to the 'burg.

The Town of Leesburg has been named one of the state's friendliest towns in a state lifestyle magazine.

In Virginia Living's 2014 "Best of Virginia" travel issue, a reader survey pegged Leesburg as the second-friendliest city in Northern Virginia, behind only Warrenton.

“We are very honored, but not surprised, to receive this great recognition from Virginia Living’s readers,” said Kristen Umstattd, mayor of Leesburg, in a written statement. “Our residents and businesses are some of the nicest people you’ll find anywhere in the country and we are very proud of them."

"Leesburg is a fun place to visit," she added. "Please come visit and find out why!”

In addition to the friendliest tag, several businesses were also named "Best of Virginia."

Melt Gourmet Cheeseburgers was declared the state's best burger joint. DunlapWeaverPLLC was named best law firm, and Ketterman's Jewelers received best fine jewelry store accolades.

Ten other businesses received second or third place mentions, including Mom's Apple Pie, MacDowell Brew Kitchen, Leesburg Vintner and CycleLuv.


Everett doesnt help his perceieve rudeness in Leesburg bc he just runs up to people and yells “how much ya bench”

Everett, is this satire trolling?  Pre-presumptive rudeness retaliation?

Leesburg has always seemed a very friendly place to me, and when I go I have always enjoyed visiting the various businesses or having a meal and how I’m treated.

I know Leesburg and the county government offices are two different things, but I am always pleasantly surprised when I go to Harrison street for one reason or another, and am helped by someone who is not only courteous but seems genuinely desirous of helping me do exactly what I came for.

There are some businesses I miss from the historic downtown, that I would go into a buy something small and look around just because the people there were so pleasant (Esoterica was unmatched in its natural stone jewelry at reasonable prices!).

Hip hooray for Ketterman’s!  Totally agree, and take all of my repairs there.

What about China King?  Love, love, love that restaurant, and their pickled cabbage is the best I’ve ever tasted.

I think everyone here but Grandma are in denial. How many times has some (insert word) opened a door to a business and you are walking right behind them, and (insert word) does not have the brains to hold the door open? It will cost you like 2 seconds?

How many times has some (insert word) won’t let you in their lane AFTER putting on your turn signal.

I found a workaround to both these issues. When entering a business I will fly around the person in front of me, and NOT hold the door open. As for as the lane changing, I stopped using my turn signal and just cut in. I know it is not right, but got tired of people’s lack of respect.

Grimes- keep living under a rock. you live in a fantasy world.  What is wrong with physical activity? you must be out of shape.

Gee wiz, what an amazing set of comments from Everett and dear ol’ Grandma, especially dear ol’ Grandma, who seems confused as to how long she has lived in Leesburg.  What’s five years, here or there, to one’s residency.  And how unlucky can these two be.  The only two people who have such rotten luck as to keep bumping into rude people in a town that won an award for being one of the friendliest places in the State of Virginia.  I hope never to be standing next to these two people during a lightening storm.

My experience has been just the opposite. Everyone I meet in Leesburg is friendly and polite and not rude at all. I’ve had some marvelous conversations with total strangers in various places where we’ve had to wait for one reason or another. And service personnel at stores, waiters/waitresses are invariably nice to me. Maybe we’re going to different places? Or are meeting different people? Or it’s personality driven?

I agree with Everett.This is my hometown but in the last 15/ 20 years I have encountered lots of miserable rude people. I mean just downright Rude Mean people. @westLOUDOUNer it’s not Everett. Sounds like you might be one of the rude ones

I concur West Loudounder.

Everett the complainer who always mentions he goes to the gym.

Everett - Have you ever thought it might be just you?

Once again, proof that the positive, get the job done Mayor Umstattd and those on the Leesburg Town Council who work together to get the job done (hint, this does not include the always vote no Tom Dunn).  Congrats to all who accomplished positive things.

“The Town of Leesburg has been named one of the state’s friendliest towns in a state lifestyle magazine.”

What part of Leesburg did they conduct this survey? I live in Leesburg (Loudoun County side), and I have never met so many miserable people.

I have met some very friendly people, however they are far and few between. Before someone asks, I am out quite a bit (weekends, weekdays, nights, etc…) so my sample is broad and numerous.

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