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South Riding burglar sentenced to four years in prison

Victor T. Ellis

An Alexandria man with a record of thefts was sentenced today to prison for breaking into homes and vehicles in the South Riding and Sterling areas in late January and stealing more than $5,000 in items.

Loudoun Circuit Court Judge sentenced Victor T. Ellis, 25, to four years in prison and five years supervised probation.

Horne also handed down 10 years of suspended time.

Ellis pleaded guilty on July 8 to four felony charges of breaking and entering and one count of felony credit card theft.

Authorities said Ellis broke into three homes in South Riding and one in Sterling. He gained access to most by using remote garage door openers left inside unlocked vehicles.

In the Sterling incident, Loudoun deputies said Ellis damaged the rear window of a home to gain entry and take jewelry, a laptop and other electronics.

Ellis was arrested March 10 after he led authorities on a high-speed chase from Fairfax County and into the Lowes Island area. Authorities said he crashed his vehicle about 6:30 a.m. near the intersection of Hardwood Forest Drive and Algonkian Parkway and fled from the scene on foot. Fairfax County Police later took him into custody in Herndon.

His prior criminal history includes convictions for auto theft, credit card theft, receiving stolen property and burglary as well as repeated contact with the juvenile court system, according to Heather Williamson, spokesperson for the Loudoun Commonwealth's Attorney's Office.

He's scheduled to appear in Loudoun County Circuit Court on Sept. 13 for a restitution hearing where prosecutors will argue that Ellis should make restitution in excess of $5,000 to four victims who were affected by his thefts.

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Any you remind me of a Ninja Assassination Groupie or NAG.

Oh, jello that couldn’t be nailed to the wall? Like raising teenagers.

Seems there was a considerable lapse in your judgment when we chatted about the school system Mr. Holier than thou.

Disagree with my opinions, fine, but I don’t print incorrect “facts” first and later retract them.  Never need to say I’m sorry.  Bigger concern is how many voters trust mistruths, make up stuff before research?

Equity you are correct about the Lt Governor being the next in line for the Governor. It’s about time you were correct about something. My bad, apologies!

Uninformed voter says “Ken would have become Gov.”  Wrong! VA law allows LG (Bolling) to finish term of governor, NOT the AG.

Breaking into somebody’s home is much more serious than skimming dollars at a parking lot. Punishment isn’t based on the loot you obtain, but on the crime you commit.

Mephisto the Gov. basically knocked himself out of any higher office on a national scale. Is that enough? You be the judge, if he would have quit then Ken would have become Gov. and would that have counted as his term as Governor?
Chris N. I have wondered why the Parking Management Inc. was not on the hook for the thefts after all these were their employees?

Hey…we have a Governor who’s basically stealing from Virginia’s citizens to enrich himself with the office he was elected to…and what’s he going to get.  No jail time you can be sure. 

This guy is a criminal to be sure but what the heck are we, as a society, doing to insure that bad behavior at all levels is treated equally.  Oh yeah, I remember now…nothing.

You’re right, oranges869. But compare his sentence for stealing $5,000 to that of the Udvar Hazy parking lot bandits who took at least $1.4 million. He actually got more time than they did. I realize that Mr. Ellis wasn’t helped by his record. But the HUGE disparity of the “dollars stolen vs. days incarcerated,” doesn’t appear to be equal justice under the law.

I’d be curious to know how much Mr. Ellis’ lawyer was compensated, compared to the lawyers for the Udvar Hazy bandits. Methinks it would tell a story.

Career criminal!

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