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Southern Poverty Law Center defends ‘hate group’ designation of Delgaudio group

Loudoun Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) often uses the term “radical homosexuals” in fundraising emails and he has referred to members of the LGBT community as “perverts.” Times-Mirror File Photo
Responding today to news that the Southern Poverty Law Center will be subpoenaed for its file on Loudoun Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling), an SPLC spokeswoman said her organization fully intends to stand by its classification of Delgaudio's ultra-conservative advocacy organization as an anti-gay hate group.

The SPLC official, Heidi Beirich, would not comment directly on the specifics of the subpoena, but she repeated claims that Delgaudio has consistently attacked and demeaned gays, lesbians and immigrants through the nonprofit group he manages and founded, Public Advocate of the United States.

The SPLC is an internationally recognized civil rights nonprofit group based in Montogomery, Ala.

Charlie King, Delgaudio's attorney, announced Monday he will subpoena the SPLC later this week for information about the group's designation of Public Advocate. King said he is seeking an explanation about the “criteria, research and decision process used to designate Public Advocate a hate group.”

"The quality of the SPLC's work goes to the weight to be accorded the hate group designation,” King said in a prepared statement Monday. "Was the SPLC's decision to name Pubic Advocate a hate group made reluctantly, after careful study, or did some intern decide to send out a press release? This is an important question."

First reported by the Times-Mirror in 2012, SPLC listed Public Advocate as an “active hate group” in 2011 based on research compiled through hate group publications and websites, citizen and law enforcement reports, field sources and news reports. According to the SPLC, “all hate groups have beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.”

Delgaudio often uses the term "radical homosexuals" in fundraising emails and he has referred to members of the LGBT community as "perverts."

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That was a very well stated case, David. It seems like, from your perspective, it must be difficult to just sit back and let them keep throwing their money down that old rabbit hole, but it might be the best course.

His 401c might be a complete sham, as many of them probably are.

One of the things that makes “Public Advocate” such a joke, and why those of us doing civil rights advocacy would rather see its naive donors wasting their money there than on an organization that actually has some effect on public policy, is that it’s only a front group for filling Eugene’s pockets. “Public Advocate,” other than Eugene’s salary (in the form of a “management fee” paid to “Eugene Delgaudio & Associates, Inc.”), spends ALL of it’s funds raising more money. That’s its only purpose, to pay Eugene Delgaudio upwards of $170,000 per year. For a link to his 990s, see wakingupnow.com and search for “nice work if you can get it.”

Asking for money: That’s literally all Eugene does. And no, it’s not illegal to raise money for himself, as long as he does it as a private “organization.” It’s also not illegal to exploit ignorance, or to make a laughingstock of his own donors, and it’s entertaining to imagine what sort of person would take his fundraising appeals seriously - have you seen them? But his exercise of free speech is not why he’s being sued in Colorado, and it’s not why he’s facing a removal trial here in Loudoun.

No, I would not say to sue them, only let people see how anyone can end up on the SPLC enemies list. It is getting to be a long list!

“Don’t mistake politeness and respect for something more.”

We won’t, David.

SPLC—isn’t that a hate group??

I advocate that Public Advocate sue SPLC.  Let’s get a bunch of legal fires going!

How’s that legal budget going Eugene?

Oh BTW, isn’t about time Delgaudio jump in here and give us another cut and paste calendar of Sterling events?

I think the SPLC has greater resources then Public advocate. In fact do they spend half of their money rasing more money. Eugene is not breaking any laws with his exercise of free speech nor for that matter did Theo Stamos find that he broke any laws.

I’m afraid that the demand for entering into the record the SPLC’s “criteria, research and decision process” precludes the success of such a “PR campaign.”

Btw, I was present for the delivery of that “infamous speech.” The reaction to it by its intended audience was rather different from your own. Don’t mistake politeness and respect for something more.

Eugene Delgaudio’s insincerity and opportunism with regard to “all the truly multicultural things” is not exactly a secret. But I’m sure he’ll come over and shovel your walk.

The infamous “Do you come in peace?” speech is posted at Firewall NOVA and, while it’s not exactly “I have a dream” it does not make Delgaudio look too bad at all.

If he was smart he might make a list of all the truly multicultural things he’s done, like defending the ADAMS Center, and run a PR campaign saying “The SPLC calls this a hater.”

Good point David.  I have wondered if a subpoena to SPLC is just a way of justifying the use of Public Advocate funds to defend Delgaudio in the Loudoun trial.  Get PA involved and then they have a justified interest to defend.  Who’s paying King’s bills?  Who’s paying for computer forensic experts?
They have to be racking up.  Not that I am concerned nothing could bring more joy than to have Delgaudio empty his pockets having to defend his sorry self.

The SPLC is just another group. It can say whatever it wants, but it doesn’t hold water beyond the bubble they live in.

One gets the sense that the SPLC will be secretly delighted to comply with this subpoena, although it is wholly irrelevant to the removal case and meant to be a distraction.

As I understand their process, it includes reaching out more than once to the suspect organization with a full explanation of their criteria and the specific behaviors that meet those criteria, giving the organization the opportunity to make changes before the designation is made. The process takes at least a year to complete, as I recall. Since Mr. Delgaudio *is* “Public Advocate,” he and his attorney already know in great detail why his organization was added to the active hate group list, and have known all along.

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