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Delgaudio’s advocacy group put on anti-gay watch list

Public Advocate of the United States, a non-profit “conservative advocacy group” run by Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, has been added to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) hate map as an anti-gay organization.

SPLC listed Public Advocate as an “active hate group” in 2011 based on research compiled through hate group publications and websites, citizen and law enforcement reports, field sources and news reports.

According to the SPLC, an internationally recognized civil rights non-profit, “all hate groups have beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.”

Delgaudio (R-Sterling) founded Public Advocate in 1981.

“This is a political battlefield I’m involved in,” Delgaudio said by phone in early March. “I’m trying to change entire populations of people, turn them in a different direction.”

In January, Delgaudio was wrought with controversy when Public Advocate pushed a marketing email through a contact list of political magazine, “The Weekly Standard.” The email stated that Congress desired to “indoctrinate an entire generation of American children with pro-homosexual propaganda and eliminate traditional values from American society.”

Delgaudio said at the time, “If someone thinks they can deny me this discussion, they are smoking serious weed.”

The email focused on what the Loudoun supervisor calls the “Homosexual Classrooms Act.” The official name for the legislation is the “Student Non-Discrimination Act.” U.S. Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) introduced the bill to end discrimination and bullying based on sexual orientation in schools.

Delgaudio claimed the bill would “require schools to teach appalling homosexual acts,” “spin impressionable students in a whirlwind of sexual confusion and misinformation,” and “force private and even religious schools to teach a pro-homosexual curriculum ...”

The SPLC counted 1,018 active hate groups in the United States in 2011. Virginia is home to 34 of those, including “Ku Klux Klan chapters, neo-Nazi, Racist Skinhead and Black Separatist” organizations.

According to the SPLC report, the American radical right grew substantially in 2011, “a third consecutive year of extraordinary growth that has swelled the ranks of extremist groups to record levels.”

“The dramatic expansion of the radical right is the result of our country’s changing racial demographics, the increased pace of globalization, and our economic woes,” said Mark Potok, senior fellow at the SPLC and editor of the report.

“For many extremists, President Obama is the new symbol of all that’s wrong with the country - the Kenyan president, the secret Muslim who is causing our country’s decline,” Potok said.


Johnny of Tarzan fame was here in Loudoun. I said loved your work how are you doing? He said not good really, I have a bad hip and am blind. Wow sad I said.
Well how is Jane doing?
Not so good she weighs 300 pounds and watches Oprah all day on the couch while drinking. Wow!
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Chimp went to college and ended up married to the President of the United States. Wow

Deputy Insider and Detective BlackOut are the infamous gruesome twosome from the most hateful Loudoun County blog Too Conservative. Look it up. They think they are the pulse of Loudoun politics but they are more like two little girls throwing tantrums because no one will pay attention to their cries. They are the bestest of friends, forever.

Who are Deputy Insider and Detective Blackout?

I am wondering how this guy continues to be so controversial, yet is re-elected time and time again? Only in LC, I guess!

It is very newsworthy.  An elected official in Loudoun runs a hate group for his day job.  I’m sure companies looking to relocate to Northern VA will be interested in that.  Same with people looking to relocate to Loudoun.  It should get more coverage.

Why is it that conservatives are assumed to be out of touch, hateful, and non-embracing?  I am a conservative, 30 year old mom of three.  I don’t agree with certain beliefs, but that doesn’t automatically make me a hateful person or narrow-minded.  I believe in God.  That doesn’t mean I don’t think others shouldn’t worship how they want.  I am not gay but have no problem with someone being gay.  Do I want my 8 year old daughter being forced to learn about homosexuality at a young age because of some legislation?  No. But I also plan to opt her out of all sex-ed classes that start teaching at an early age so that I can teach her myself.  Is she going to hear about things in school - of course.  I was a kid once too, so I’m not naive.  I think what’s the issue here is that the media loves to rip the conservatives, Tea Party, and in this case, Supervisor Delgaudio, as hateful.  What ever happened to debate and having a different view?  Why is something automatically labeled as hate speech or bigotry?  If it was the Tea Party that had been leading the Occupy Movement all over the country, they would have been attacked and not allowed to demonstrate.  It wasn’t a majority of right-wingers camping out, causing havoc, being arrested, hurting businesses, leaving garbage and the tax payers to clean up and pay for their messes - it was led and organized by liberals.  They love to take an issue and spin it in such a way that makes normal upstanding citizens look like idiots.  And it’s really just the opposite.  KKK, neo-Nazi, Skin Heads - yes - these are HORRIBLE groups and are certainly hateful.  And the liberals are first to point out that these groups typically lean Republican.  The media (newspapers and channels) seem to give a pass on everything and every comment that a liberal makes.  Whereas if the conservatives make a comment or try to make a stand for something, they are deemed hateful and ignorant and then SNL makes them out to be a moron on national TV. Liberals are the narrow-minded because they think that everything deserves the label of ‘intolerant’  or worse if it’s not in agreement with their agenda.  And for this story regarding Sup. Delguadio to make the FRONT PAGE of the newspaper - not something I really thought deemed news-worthy for the front page.

My family has been on this county for GENERATIONS.  I can go back as far as my great great great grandparents. (Records are kind of skimpy before that because my ancestors were considered property)  I graduated from high school in 1983.  My mother graduated in 1963. Not too long ago, huh?  My mother was forced to attend Frederick Douglass High School because of the color of her skin.  My mother, who was born in Leesburg, was not allowed to eat in some restaurants, shop in some stores and drink from some water fountains… in Leesburg!  If you think that a few years and a few new laws will simply make bigotry and hate simply disappear.  Think again.

The SPLC is a complete joke.

It is amazing how hateful people can be to me. I think the sweetest part of it all is Eugene Delgaudio is taking your money and mostly giving it to himself, he is ripping you off hatemongers and you deserve it.

A fool and their money are soon parted.

to be put on this list is a badge of honor. Keep up the good work Eugene

All people of faith should pray for the soul of Eugene.  He may truly believes in what he says, or he may simply be prostituting himself for money, but the Lord he professes to believe in created all mankind in His image, not in an image created by Eugene. Confess your sins, Eugene, and be absolved.  It is not too late to change.

Most of these comment are from the Too Conservative Blog Crew, Deputy Insider and his trusty sidekick Detective Blackout. Perhaps they don’t realize they are the number one hate group in Loudoun County, what an honor!

The SPLC labels groups it hates as “hate groups.” Then it sends this propaganda to law enforcement agencies around the country. Most of the people in these groups are law-abiding citizens, regardless of what one may think of their views. The SPLC’s clear intention is to suggest to law enforcement that they are criminals or potential criminals.

Such Stalinist tactics reveal the SPLC to be an enemy of free expression and civil liberties. It doesn’t speak well of the Loudoun Times that it seems to endorse this outfit.

Good, we can feel your liberal anger. We are defenseless. Take your weapon. Strike us down with all of your hatred and all y’all’s journey towards the dark side will be complete!

What a coincidence, the Southern Poverty Law Center is on my list of hate groups.

I am always amazed that their posturing is always regurgitated by the media, no questions asked, no curiosity about who they are.

SPLC identifies hate groups and publicly labels them for what they are. It takes them to court and makes sure they are prosecuted for their crimes. If ED doesn’t want his group to be called a hate group then they should stop with the hate-filled speech. If fighting against racist skinheads and the KKK and violent crypto-Nazis is being a shameful liberal, then count me as supporting shameful liberals. I fail to see anywhere in Christ’s words where he counsels hate as ED does. It is certainly not God’s work that Ed is doing.

*deep breath*
Way to go, Honest ‘Gene. I wouldn’t worry if I were you, though. We all know the SPLC is part of the velvet mafia’s secret plan to take over the world, one closeted GOP member at a time.

See you in the stalls…

Concerned Citizen, that is what Fred Phelps and David Duke have been saying as well.

There have been flyers in both western and eastern Loudoun put out by the KKK office in WVa since I’ve lived here.

My personal opinion is that, like anyone with something to market, they go where they think there might be a market.

The language widely used some years ago to describe anyone who moved into a new tract home in Loudoun may have made them think that yes, there was a market.

A few years ago, there apparently were posters put up in Waterford looking for KKK members.  Does anyone remember this?  This seemed to get little attention but I am just wondering—-  was/is it true and what the heck is going on?

...and I declare the Southern Law Poverty Center an anti-liberty hate group. So what? This is what is known as “opinion’.

What merit does the opinion of any agenda-driven private citizen or private group carry that it should headline page A1 of a purported source of news?

Loudoun Times-Mirror, shame on you for squandering your reputation as a news source. Leave the opinions on the editorial page where they belong.

Loudoun County is so classy.  I’m sure big businesses will be fighting over each other to locate here with people like Delgaudio and Gay Ray as shining examples of our citizens.

disgusting and vulgar, I’m sure your parents are proud of you Ray

OOOOHHHHH, thank you all for supporting my gayness. I just love other men and their tight bodies. All of you gay supporters out there are invited to my house for my gay party. Please come to my gay party and support Loudoun gays. We would love to have you and we are going to have a big picture of Eugene Delgaudo to throw things at. I just can’t understand why know one supports men having sex with other men. It’s a natural way of showing your partner of how much you love him. I’m going to marry my partner in Maryland but we haven’t decided who is going to be the husband and wife yet. But maybe we’ll put it to a vote at our gay party and we’ll let you decide.

Sounds like Satchmo is advocating following and harrassing a private citizen because they voiced a different opinion. This is inappropriate and disconcerting, to the point that if I were Supervisor Delgaudio I would become aware of my surroundings and look out for people that are being called to harrass him at all cost. We all know how these types of things shake out, confrontations with overzealous leftists never end well. We need only look to what is going on in Florida and realize how situations become when people advocate confrontation.

To Eugene and his apologists,

As much as Eugene will try to make this about some right/left, conservative/liberal, conspiracy or attack he is totally diverting the real issue here;  hate speech.  We are not talking about healthcare, taxes, metro, big gov-small gov….we are talking about speech and actions that effect individual’s lives and families.  Individuals that are part of our community and could likely be your next door neighbor.  Hate speech that has lead to violence.  That is why organizations like SPLC stay so vigilant and bring light to the threat.

This isn’t about what Eugene wants others to think it is, or how he wants to bamboozle the facts. This is very specific. It is about hate speech created and disseminated as a profession by Eugene Delgaudio.  He deserves to be vigilantly watched.

Afixing a lebel of racists or hate group is the cowards way of trying to win the unwinable debates.

Nobody is saying ED can’t do what he does with his P.A. group, that is his 1st Amendment right. But when you take your personal beliefs that are clearly not upheld by the majority, and use them as a politician who makes and sets policy for the entire local populace, then I think that’s too much.

Eugene has never separate his personal hate beliefs from his duties of serving as 1 of 9 political leaders for Loudoun. He’s always been the odd-ball in the corner. His messages, though voiced, have always been muted by the majority of the Board who actually take their position seriously.

Eugene’s run on teh Board is simply him using that public pulpit to carry on his personal/private professional mantra. And really, his act is schtick - it generates attention, and generates money. I wouldn’t doubt that he doesn’t even believe in some of the stuff he comes up with, but it works teh bottom line, which is to keep him employed as the head of an organization that does nothing but…talk. Produces NOTHING. It’s spin. Propaganda. He’s a talking head. And correct me if I’m wrong, but PA is a 501C3…and thus, doesn’t even pay taxes.

A non-producer of anything tangible or worthwhile to the economy, that is tax-exempt.

Swamp Fox - All Delgaudio does is call people names and make hateful stories up; thus the label of hate group is appropriate.

There is nothing worthy of debate, is message is as evil as those who are racist. All we have to do is make sure everyone hears his hateful message and the public can make up its own mind about what he has to say.

@Donna P   “Public Advocate of the United States, a non-profit “conservative advocacy group” run by Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, has been added to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) hate map as an anti-gay organization”  Him and his racist group are now in the same class as Ku Klux Klan chapters, neo-Nazi, Racist Skinhead and Black Separatist.  Have you seen his articles, remarks and comments about Gay’s over the years???

That’s what my hysteria is all about.  You consider hate crimes and bigots as hysteria?  Hope your not black or gay.

Do you all really think that labeling an organization as a “hate group” is an attempt to engage in serious debate on the issues?  Stop calling Delgaudio names and start engaging him on the issues.  Prove your point, don’t shout his down.

@SwampFox - How is anyone silencing Eugene Delgaudio? All they did was point out what he is saying for everyone to see. Shining a light on the cockroaches.

I was talking to my wife last night and thinking I too should run a scam charity like Delgaudio. I will create a lobby group with a hateful message that some evangelicals will love and get them to donate a million bucks to me and I will write myself a nice big fat consulting fee check just like Delgaudio is doing; why should he profit and not me? Sort of like a televangelist but political.

The GOP seems to be doing it’s best to start a culture war, regionally and nationally. They’ve managed to piss off and offend just about every segment of the population. The only thing that saves them is their small gov’t platform (though they don’t seem to mind expanding the reach of gov’t to push a neoconservative agenda!!). God help them if Democrats wise up and hijack the small gov’t issue from them. Because, there will only be about 1% of the population left to vote for them.

Justwanthonesty:  The reason that they only include “immutable characteristics” is easy to see from other comments - people will take it to the extreme.  PETA will complain that the American Cattlemen’s Association isn’t on it, extremes of both political parties will complain that the opposing political party isn’t on it, etc.

SwampFox: Just as Delgaudio is allowed to say what he wants, so is the SPLC.  Delgaudio is allowed to tell people what he thinks (however hateful it may be) and SPLC is allowed to call what he says hateful.  Where is their attempt to rob him of his right to free speech?

“Thats because the majority of Sterling is made up of backwards hillbillies who embrace racism and bigotry.”

Talk about hate speech!!!

I rather have a redneck for a neighbor and 20 illegals who can’t speak english with chickens running around the yard than a Homosexual living next door to me.

@Swamp Fox:  Indeed! And Delgaudio can say whatever he wants.  That does not make it just.  And time will tell how long his lack of leadership will last.

I’d rather have an African American on the couch than an “ignant” pillow case head on my lawn.

Amazing how history turns!

One of the old icons of you liberals, Voltaire, famously said, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” He believe so strongly in free speech that he would die for its preservation for all, however distasteful opposing views might be. But here are all you liberals tripping over yourselves to praise the SPLC for publicly trying to silence Supervisor Delgaudio’s right to free speech. If you think your position is better than his, then prove it. Reason with Delgaudio, don’t silence him.

Angry Irish Guy:  Why don’t you let the facts come out in a court of law?  Relax dude.

That is not the issue here!

If you want to get angry, why don’t you question why this country has allowed the NRA and bigots like Delgaudio, Black and Cuccinelli to fear monger.  They have their collective agenda and it smacks of the prejudice that slapped your ancestors around in the 19th century. 

Go read a book and stop being the jackboot you appear to reference with your pseudonym.

Leave it to an irate Irish prick to extol and propagate white injustice to a pluralistic world.  Of all people you should know or have YOU forgotten your own history.  If anything, your poetry and literature drips with hypocrisy and hyperbole.  You would not be the proud and, in your case profane, Irishman otherwise.

Your tasteless and off message tirade is similar to white Bostonians during the 70’s busing.

While we may all claim to have an Irishman in our proverbial closets.  Many of us have managed to transcend the hate speech and stupidity of your stupid fury.

We have moved beyond your crap.  Go #### yourself!

I’m sorry tom, but I never said it was ok to hate.  Please read all of what I wrote. I actually said: “No I don’t think that a homophobe automatically thinks that homosexuals endanger family values and the sanctity of marriage. Do many?  Absolutely.  But you can’t make a blanket statement.  Some are just scared little people who can’t handle someone who is different than they are. They couldn’t care less about marriage or family values.”
Does that sound like I’m advocating hate? You know nothing about me, either didn’t read all of my posts, or missed parts, and decided I was a “bad person”. I have never once even stated my opinion on the subject.
But, for tom, delgaudio devil, and whomever else, I do not believe that any section of our population should be subjected to hate speech, slander, name-calling, discrimination, or violence.

The comments AGAINST Delgaudio are telling.

I know you’re done, but just in case here goes(if you do read this, please read more than the first half):
You are absolutely right, you did get it from an online “dictionary”, which also has this as a definition:
11.    united states      
a country that has VERY swagy weed:(, im glad im in canada and our *** gets your ***** OUT OF YOUR MIND

There was more nastiness to this “definition” but not something I would ever want put on a public forum. I know that’s an extreme example, but it shows that there are too many opinions on this site to be reputable. These user-defined sights are fine, as long as there is other, reputable, accepted corroboration. This: “every single word of it is pure fact and describes a true Homophobe” is opinion, which you have every right to. As I said when I answered your question, which I will do again, many homophobes do repeatedly thinks that homosexual endanger family values and the sanctity of marriage, but, again, some could care less about family values or marriage.  They simply are irrationally afraid of someone different than themselves.
No lies.  Not calling you a liar either.  Just asking that fact-based evidence, without name calling, be given.  You obviously think my opinion on this subject is different from yours, though I never stated an opinion, and that is fine. 
Lastly, I’m not trying to “win” anything. No one wins these things. I was simply trying to point out the bias of the list, not that they are wrong, and keep, what seemed like an attempt at defining homophobia from drifting over to opinion.
By the way, the Tea Party Nation came out with a ‘hate’ list that is just as ridiculously biased.

Sterling is a racist community because it is in the midst of reverse gentrification, pure and simple.  Like so many communities that have experienced the phenomenon, it creates intolerance and hate.  Acceptance and tolerance might help to elevate people beyond their venom.  Delgaudio should be building bridges and bringing people together.  His mind is set in the typical lock step engagement associated with Right wing political aggression.  He is intolerant of inevitable change.  His pure lack of leadership fuels the hate and anger. He’s an unenlightened conservative thug, ignorant of the better angels of our nature.

People loving Christian- Congrats on being a verifiably bad person! It’s so Christian of you to argue endlessly about how you should be able to hate a section of the population. Just what Jesus would do i’m sure right?

People loving Christian

You’re accusing me of lying when it’s you.  How are you not lying? “Just looking for honesty from everybody here”  I was honest when I said I got it from an online dictionary.  How is that not a true statement.

Name one part of any my post that was not true.  Please do so without making things up.  I said I got the info from an online dictionary (which I did)  and every single word of it is pure fact and describes a true Homophobe.  If you don’t like the dictionary I used, that is your problem not mine.  I use Wikipedia also and if I pull facts out of there is doesn’t make them not true.

It was from on online dictionary like i said it was and you’re accusing me of being dishonest. Please tell me how on earth you think that you’re not skewing the facts. 

The following is a true definition of a Homophobe:

“Homophobes are people repeatedly thinks that homosexuals endanger family values and the sanctity of marriage.”

Is that a false statement?  If you’re all for honesty then you can honestly answer the question.

I feel sorry for you.

Btw, I’m done with this converstion so spin all you want because I’m not replying back.  you’re like Bill O Reilly - You can’t win because you lie and twist things.  You’re pathetic!  Try winning an arguement with honesty and not distortions and bullcrap.

Why are you so mad?  I did exactly what you asked me to do. I “goggled” homophobe and homophobia.  No lies.  And if you get your vocabulary from the site “Urban Dictionary”, which is the only place I found that reference, it is a user written dictionary. So people can put just about anything they want as a definition.  Like I said, please use a dictionary. And just because something is “online”, does not make it true. You have to know that was a bad argument.
To answer your question, no I don’t think that a homophobe automatically thinks that homosexuals endanger family values and the sanctity of marriage. Do many?  Absolutely.  But you can’t make a blanket statement.  Some are just scared little people who can’t handle someone who is different than they are. They couldn’t care less about marriage or family values.
The funny thing is, you have no idea which side of this I’m on, and yet you spew words at me that carry such contempt.  All I’ve done so far is point out two things: the SPLC list is completely one-sided, and your definitions did not fit what reputable dictionaries say.
This discussion, kind of like this country, has turned into something where there is practically no listening to another’s point of view is different than yours, and there is no middle ground to be found.

People loving christian,

I copied and pasted out of online dictionaries like I said I did.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the definition.  It’s out there (online) and it’s all true.
Are you telling that Homophobes are NOT someone who repeatedly thinks that homosexuals endanger family values and the sanctity of marriage.

Is that an untrue statement or is it a true definition/statement from an online dictionary?
Goggle it and I’m sure can find it.

If you all for honesty, then quit lying

BlackOut is going into overdrive, slow down boy you are going to burn out like a supernova of hatred!

The purpose of HATE SPEACH is not to express an opinion, it is to inflame likeminded people to take action against an individual or a group.  Generally, the action taken is violent.  The perpetrators of this violence are often weakminded bullies who need to validate their sad existence by putting down, or in extreme cases, killing, the maligned individuals.  Everyone realizes, I hope, that crying “FIRE” in a packed theatre when no emergency exists is wrong because someone could be hurt or even killed in the resulting stampede.  The yeller would be liable, civilly, criminally and financially for the damages their prank caused. A HATE speaker is like that person yelling fire.  They do it knowing that some weak person in their audience is going to do something about it.  Yet, they seem to like to hide behind “FREE SPEECH” to avoid the civil, criminal and financial liability their actions cause.  Some world, huh?

Someone who repeatedly thinks that homosexuals endanger family values and the sanctity of marriage

This part is not in any reputable dictionary I can find.
Just looking for honesty from everybody here.

1 result for:Homophobe
- noun 1. person who fears or hates homosexuals and
- noun 1. hatred of homosexuals
- Related Form    ho·mo·pho·bic- adjective

I must have missed the part of the bible that talked about hating your neighbor.

As a Christian, i apologize for all of the ignorance in these comments.  Agree or disagree with a persons lifestyle, all of Gods children deserve love and respect and deserve to protected under the law.

To Down with Delgaudio; How do you know that he supports what you mentioned in your post?  Give me Delgaudio in his own words supporting these things.  Give quotes not your own hysteria.

I have watched Delgaudio get away with calling the BOS “Bitches” and generalize ethnic and minority groups in Loudoun County for years.

I am glad the SPLC is watching him.  Go to their website and see the rest of his compatriots.  And if you want to see him act out while the BOS is in session check out the BOS website and look in the archives.

Then my last question is, “Who votes for this Guy?” Other mentally unstable voters?  Get to the polls people!!!

@SterlingPark, how is the article not objective? The Public Advocate of the USA has been identified as a Hate Group. That is the story. Should it say the Supervisor Delgaudio is a heck of a great fellow none the less? Should it be respectful of his public office, if not flowery about his public belief and make those beliefs out to be socially acceptable? There is a need for objective perspective against the content, not blind defence of the person.

It really took too long for Delgaudio’s “charity” to show up on SPLC’s list. I have long thought it belonged there. Delgaudio’s use of his elected position to legitimize his stance as right because he, and therefore his hateful agenda, are endorsed by the public. Fact is that he has tried hard to hide his activities or at least separate who he is from how he legislates.

If the democrats actually ran someone credible they would have a shot at taking the seat, but they cannot be bothered (it’s been a while, but running an openly gay opponent was just a bad idea given what they are dealing with as it played to his strengths and all the literature/mailing lists produced by his office).

When talking about favorite Delgaudio moments, the print shop is right up there with his assault on the Pirate Carnival in Tampa (http://voices.washingtonpost.com/virginiapolitics/2011/02/loudoun_supervisors_comments_o.html a claim refuted directly by the Tampa police department, with statistics no less), but it really does not compare with his disavowed knowledge of his brother Richard’s arrest and sentencing in Baltimore for renting a sleazy motel to do some pornographic photographic with a 16 year old girl. Richard was also in the employ of brother Delgaudio’s group, a group whose cornerstone is that homosexuals are sexual predators waiting to attack our children. When confronted about this by a DC television news crew he tried to change/ignore the subject by saying that it did not sound like his brother. Ironic.


How is Delgaudio like David Duke? Because he calls for the violent eradication of gay people.

What, do you not read his emails?

Has Delgaudio’s group been placed on any Watchlist by any federal agency?  That would be a more objective news story.

@People loving Christian

Nice try but I copied and pasted right out of the online dictionary Merriam-websters for one and another online dictionary for the other but be my guest and copy and paste from any other dictionary on the internet and you’ll find the same information.

“The SPLC counted 1,018 active hate groups in the United States in 2011. Virginia is home to 34 of those, including “Ku Klux Klan chapters, neo-Nazi, Racist Skinhead and Black Separatist” organizations”, and NOW DELGUAUDIO is being added to this list.  OK Loudoun County, what this means in case you don’t understand is that Delguadio is part of a HATE group, that is in the same class as the KKK.  Someone needs to let him know this is NOT an honor, it’s a disgrace.


Just a few examples of bias crimes in Virginia over the past few years are:

•In 1997 Garnett Johnson, Jr. of Grayson County was murdered in a brutal act of racist hate violence. 
•On April 20, 2000, a fifteen-year old Stafford County boy was almost killed when beaten over the head with a metal pipe by another teenager who was motivated by anti-gay hatred.
•On September 22, 2000, the murder of Danny Lee Overstreet and the shootings of six others in Roanoke’s Backstreet Cafe were motivated by anti-gay hatred. 
•In September 2002, a VCU student was attacked while on his way to an evening meeting of VCU’s Sexual Minority Student Association. 
•In May, 2005,Marvin Jackson, an African-American Suffolk teenager was attacked and beaten by “friends” at a party because of his sexual orientation.
•In July, 2005, St. John’s Reformed United Church of Christ in Middlebrook was the target of anti-gay graffiti and arson shortly after the national UCC Synod passed a resolution in favor of marriage equality.
•In April 2009, a University of Virginia student and a friend were the subjects of a hate motivated attack on the University grounds.

These cases demonstrate unequivocally that hate violence against Virginians has been and continues to be a bona fide problem in the Commonwealth, SO NOW DELGAUDIO IS PART OF THE PROBLEM!  I would rather my child be gay than a member of the KKK.

God Is With Us - You know racist said the same thing about blacks in the 60s. Equality is a guarantee in the Constitution; if you don’t like equality I suggest moving to a religious run nation like those in the Middle East.

@ Keep up the good work
If I were the devil, I would write the bible. Oh, it’s already done. I’ll take the rest of the day off, then.
Try reading Hosea 13:16.
“Pieceful” indeed.

Delgaudio is the devil: Please read the definition of homophobe and homophobia from a dictionary, not your own definition.  Thanks

E. John@  Last time I checked, Homosexuals wanted to have their sick and disguising behavior accepted by society as normal with rights to protect it. I’d call that forcing their preferences onto society.

always something worse out there,

“There is no reason for you to obnoxiously force your preference upon me and my family?” 

Who’s forcing their preferences upom whom? 

Last time I checked most homosexuals didn’t have a problem with hetro lifestyles or marriage, they just don’t want it for themseleves.

Although I have a major problem with Madonna and her inability to sing live but that’s another blog…

I prefer Coke over Pepsi.  I think Pepsi is gross.  However, I am fine with your taste in soda pop as long as you don’t pour it on me or force me to like your brand.  Treat your partner of choice the same way I treat mine in public. There is no reason for you to obnoxiously force your preference upon me and my family. I could care less what you do in your home as long as I do not have to see it or hear about it. It is your right to dye your hair a freakish color, but do not complain when you attract a few stares.  Trust me, I have seen much worse walking the streets these days….

The one saving grace is that homosexuals can’t reproduce.

The best part for Delgaudio is the $175k he pays himself a year for consulting for his charity group.

One stormy night I drove to a mailshop hidden deep in a nearly deserted stand of warehouses. I’d heard something was up and wanted to see for myself. As I rounded the final turn my eyes nearly popped. Tractor-trailers pulled up to loading docks, cars and vans everywhere and long-haired, earring-pierced men scurrying around running forklifts, inserters and huge printing presses. Trembling with worry I went inside. It was worse than I ever imagined. Row after row of boxes bulging with pro-homosexual petitions lined the walls, stacked to the ceiling. My mind reeled as I realized hundreds, maybe thousands, more boxes were already loaded on the tractor-trailers. And still more petitions were flying off the press. Suddenly a dark-haired man screeched, “Delgaudio what are you doing here?” Dozens of men began moving toward me. I’d been recognized. As I retreated to my car, the man chortled, “This time Delgaudio we can’t lose.” Driving away, my eyes filled with tears as I realized he might be right. This time the Radical Homosexuals could win.

Let me get one thing straight.  This is not about silencing the other side.  It’s about basic human rights and laws preventing discrimination of those rights.  You should not be allowed to discriminate against or bully another person because of their race, religion, handicap, age or sexual preference.  There are or should be laws on the books protecting all minorities.  They should have the exact same rights as all the rest of us.  No exceptions.

You don’t have to like or accept any of the above.  That’s your right as an American citizen HOWEVER if you speak or write about how people of a different race or sexual preferences are inferior and/or shouldn’t have the same rights then WE have the right to label you a racist or homophobe because that is what you are.  You can’t be arrested for speaking out against them or hating them but WE can call you out on it.  That’s OUR right!!  Free speech works both ways. 

In the early 1960s it was against the law in many states (including Virginia) to marry outside your race.  It was ILLEGAL until Loving v. Virginia!  People were sent to prison.  How many of you can look back now and see how silly that law was and how we live in a much better world today.  If you are against same sex marriage and/or interracial marriage that is your right but neither side should go to jail or be denied benefits for it unless there is violence involved.  If you want to tell your children that homosexuality is against God then that it your right but we have the right to disagree. 

@Wise Latino woman If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…....

Typical libs, anytime you disagree with them they pull the race card. The discussion can be about anything…....homosexuality, marriage, energy policy, voter ID, Social Security, Debt, Metro or your Aunt Millie’s petunia patch…they will call you a racist quicker than a jack rabbit. I wish these liberal commentators would get a life and stop trying to pidgeonhole everything into a racial argument.

Hey @God Is With Us I guess you skipped over the parts in the Bible that talk about loving your neighbor, casting the first stone and hate the sin not the sinner.  Also, you may think something is immoral, I happen to think the white supremacist mindset of teabag crackers is immoral, but, it is not a crime and those people should not be discriminated against because of their mindset.  I just want to know where in the Bible it appoints man the judge, the jury and the executioner of their fellow man.  Come on off the mountain you ass, you are not GOD.

So much ugliness coming from both sides of this issue.  99% of you will never get anywhere with your stance because you are just too irrational to have a sensible thought about it.  Name calling and hating the other side for not seeing things your way is no less ignorant than the views that you despise.  Bashing people for not living like you or not embracing all lifestyles be it straight, homosexual, religious, atheist whatever and bashing whole neighborhoods, religions or groups of people because a supervisor does or does not see things YOUR way, I mean really people!  You are way uglier than any of those you are bashing.  Religious people need to realize that there is no way you can force people to share your principles; gays/supporters need to realize the same.  Find a middle-ground.  Gays should have the same human rights as everyone   that doesn’t mean you have to accept the lifestyle and NOBODY should be expected to do something if it goes against their morals.  I don’t support gay marriage it is my personal moral view and I have a right to it.  And guess what!  I follow no religion; I am not a left wing, right wing, Republican or Democrat.  I am an individual.  We are all individuals with independent thoughts and beliefs and we need to stop fighting amongst ourselves and trying to force our beliefs on others.  We all have rights to live in peace with our own principles.  You can scream, hate, call names and act like fools and even demand legislation to support your views all you want.  You will never have 100% support and acceptance. That is life.

This is how fascism starts. In the zeel for the Left Wingnuts to create Utopia, all opposition is silenced. Dare not speak out against the immorality of homosexuality for fear of being jailed by the state. Ability to force obedience is always the Number 1 Virtue in a Fascist State. Now all Freedom is gone.

Your thinking is now planned in a leftist state. There is no room for a difference of opinion. Posters, Media, Radio, TV all tell you the same lies (Homosexuality is Normal. God doesn’t exist. You need Govt Heath care).

What was once a simple comment by a citizen in the local newspaper at their dislike of certain people’s behavior has now become a Crime Against The State, punishable by 20yrs hard labor.

Is anyone stopping Delgaudio some speaking? No. That however does not mean his message is not one of hate. Racists have a right to free speech too, still racists.

To Delgaudio is the devil:  I’m not against homosexuality or homosexuals.  I don’t think someone’s free speech rights should be considered hate speech and his organization be put on the SPLC watch list because of it.  That is ridiculous.  What if you said you hated heterosexuals and where put on the SPLC watch list?  I would feel the same way.  We can SPEAK our minds in this country, can’t we?

Donna P. 

If you are against homosexuality and/or don’t have a problem with what Delgaudio said then you’re a homophobe. 

Homophobia : irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals

Homophobe : A person who is opposed to homosexuals and homosexuality; Someone who repeatedly thinks that homosexuals endanger family values and the sanctity of marriage

I am straight FYI.

I hate no one. I am not trying to stop people from believing in god or straights from getting married.

I am advocating equality not discrimination unlike Eugene Delgaudio and his lobby group.

@ Fed Up - you are the one who sounds like a hater.  Hates heterosexuals, hates religion, hates anyone who doesn’t agree.  Pot, meet kettle.

He needs to back off on the homosexuals and start clearing out the jam pack illegal alien hive properties in Sterling and do something about all the illegal alien ‘clown cars’ parked every frickin where!  Look around.  The place is a stinking b a r r i o ! !

Eugene Delgaudio his a hate monger and those who hide there hate behind religion are just the same as the monsters we are fighting against in the middle east.

If you don’t like gays fine keep it to yourself and stop trying to actively make them second class citizens through discrimination. This is America and your religious viewpoints are meaningless in government, all people are entitled to equal access under the law.

Another one:

Washington, DC
An anti-gay slur was posted on the door of Georgetown University’s Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Center.
Type: Assault
Reported: 11/03/2009

Wasn’t it later discovered that the posting was put there by someone gay?

From the SPLC’s website:

Hate Incidents

Washington, DC
Capitol Hill protesters shouted racial and anti-gay slurs and spit on two black U.S. congressmen.
Type: Harassment
Reported: 03/21/2010

Do you remember this?  It was widely reported by the media, but the funny thing there wasn’t any proof.

I really love articles like this, so many people comment on them, and reading through the comments, there are maybe a handful of rational thoughts. There are so many comments in this thread where it is clear people just do not have the ability to think rationally about the subject of gays and lesbians. Funny but sad.  A fine example of how religion clouds the judgement and does not want you to think for yourself.

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s has on its board of Directors:  Julian Bond.  Have you ever read or heard some of his comments?  The SPLC is obviously an unbiased organization.  LOL Maybe the SPLC should be on included on their hate map.

We need to start and continue reading the bible. This will lead us down a pieceful path. Follow Gods laws. Read it. And then you will understand. You can even search it now very easy. Down load the bible app by LifeChurch.tv search bible on your divice very good app. It will tell you who and to follow.

Homosexual acts are immoral.  Is that hate speech?

To Gay Rep Voting for Obama:  I’m not a homophobe.  Just because Delgaudio spoke some words that HE believes it doesn’t make him a racist/homophobe, etc.  We can still speak our minds in America can’t we?  That shouldn’t put him on the SPLC hate watch list just for SPEAKING SOME WORDS.

How many of these comments are from the rabid and disturbing Detective BlackOut from TC? He is foaming at the mouth on the blog, it is disturbing. I think he is unbalanced.

Cindy - Any pedophile who chases the same sex is a homosexual pedophile. All the more reason to stamp out these homosexual predators.

an adult who is sexually attracted to young children.

A person who is sexually attracted to people of their own sex.

As for Sterling, it looks more like El Salvador to me than any Hillbilly hangout.

@Sterling first

Thats because the majority of Sterling is made of backwards hillbillies who embrace racism and bigotry. 

Btw, I think you’re confused between a homosexual and a pedophile.  Look it up!

Well put Guy Fawkes!

Delgaudio is a hate merchant and fear monger who is only benefitting from a unique situation in Sterling where ignorant people are growing scared of a minority takeover.  He certainly does not represent my Republican beliefs and has essentially created his own sect of the party.  While I am never embarrassed by my party affiliation, Euguene certainly makes it hard for others to take Republicans seriously.

Once again, supporters like Sterling First want to deflect and draw attention to other organizations instead of accounting for what Eugene says and does.  And for somebody who does “God’s work,” Eugene doesn’t seem very humble.  Maybe he was “roundin’ up the gays” the Sunday they talked about that at church.

All of a dozen people care about this propaganda stunt by the LCDC and their friends at the SPLC.  Meanwhile, Eugene continues to be the best supervisor in the state.  You liberals lose again.

Sterling First, you are not really trying to minimize the hate coming from groups like the KKK, neo-Nazi’s, white supremacists and Westboro Baptist church are you?  Maybe you should have a second chance to regroup and rephrase.

“The SPLC counted 1,018 active hate groups in the United States in 2011. Virginia is home to 34 of those, including “Ku Klux Klan chapters, neo-Nazi, Racist Skinhead and Black Separatist” organizations”

Hopefully the SPLC listed itself on that list, considering they are an Anti-Conservative Hate Group. Lets also not forget the PETA chapters who hate people that eat meat and the E.L.F (Earth Liberation Front) which hates Oil Companies and Home Builders.

Where is the disclaimer reminding people that the Times-Mirror endorsed this man for re-election last year, with _full acknowledgment_ of his hate-group activities?

Guy Faukes - Your limb just broke, taking your radical ideas down for the count. Just remember what state you live in. This isn’t Vermont.

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