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Spiritual warfare at Sterling’s Calvary Temple church

Former congregants of Calvary Temple, a Pentecostal church in Sterling, are accusing the church’s leadership of sexual and physical abuse. Times-Mirror/Rick Wasser
Chassadi Thompson was 14 when she found herself standing outside a Loudoun County gas station one night with nothing but the clothes on her back.

Thompson was dumped there in 2003, she said, by members of Calvary Temple, a Sterling-based Pentecostal church off Tripleseven Road, after spending at least six hours being questioned by some of the church's leadership – including the man whom she had just accused of sexual assault.

Now 26, the Maryland woman, along with one other victim, have come forward, alleging rampant sexual assault within the church among members of its leadership, teachers and teacher's aides.

The women paint a disturbing picture of an atmosphere where physical and sexual abuse were not only tolerated and encouraged, but “taken care of” within the church should a victim come forward.

But Thompson and the other woman, whose name is being withheld by the Times-Mirror because she fears for her safety, say they can't stay silent anymore.
By breaking their silence, they're hoping to find closure.

Liz Mills, spokeswoman for the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, said March 19 that detectives are investigating allegations against the church.

“We can confirm that one particular case was re-activated as additional information arose. Additional information is being looked into right now,” Mills said.

Multiple calls to the church seeking comment about the accusations were not returned.

The Times-Mirror uncovered the following stories during a two-month investigation that included interviews with alleged victims.

Broken families

Calvary Temple, which formally was affiliated with the Assemblies of God, became independent in 1986.

According to Loudoun land records, Calvary was purchased in June 1984. Senior Pastor Starr R. Scott says on the church's website he's been ministering there since 1974. Land records say the church is now worth $6.2 million.

Under Scott's leadership, a school, television and radio ministries and a satellite ministry in Africa emerged over the years since he purchased the church.
In past decades members have left the church, and according to former congregants, dozens of families have been broken apart because of its teachings.
Ministers, they say, urge divorce and shun children who resist their teachings. They say Scott twists the Bible's teachings, and anyone who challenges those lessons are considered sinful and accused of hating God.

John Miuccio, a former congregant, left Calvary in 2008 after 27 years. He says he spent 10 years trying to find a way out after deciding what was being preached from the pulpit didn't line up with the teachings of the Bible, especially when it came to how to discipline children.

In December 2008, Miuccio said he approached Scott, saying he would like to leave the congregation with his wife and “still be friends.” Two days later he was relayed a message from Scott via a deacon:

“The response was 'we can't make you stay, but if you leave, you forfeit spiritual authority over your wife and son,” he said.

Miuccio and his wife were divorced in November 2011 after his wife refused to leave the church.

He now works to help former congregants who he says have been abused by the church. In his work, he met Thompson, along with many other women who say they were sexually assaulted while they attended Calvary.

There are at least a dozen websites started by former congregants, citing the church's polarizing effect on families.

Molly, who requested the Times-Mirror withhold her last name, runs dearcalvarytemple, a blog where she writes letters to her estranged four children and a forum where past congregants who are separated from their loved ones can post messages as well, “because all other methods have been cut off by the church.”

In the blog, Molly said she began to question the pastor's message because it didn't line up with her interpretation of the Bible.

“I believe the destruction of marriages and families has been based on a few scriptures that have been taken out of context. I have written this to ask my brothers and sisters in Christ to study the scriptures to see if what they are being taught is what Jesus actually taught and walked out,” she writes in one blog in October 2013.

She said her husband said he was told by Scott that his wife needed to be “broken” and put away in a hotel. Molly spent six weeks away from her family, bouncing from one hotel to two extended stay inns. It was during this time that Molly says she believes the church “brainwashed” her children to turn against her.

“It was literally just to break me. And that's what they did,” she said.

Since then, she writes letters to her children, begging them to come home as she tells each of them how much she loves them.

“This is my way of reaching out to you, so you know I have not given up or forgotten you. My way of going to the unjust judge (pastor) and saying give me justice, give me my children, you have no right to keep them from me,” she wrote Feb. 16 on her blog.

Molly said she believes the church works through its children to split families apart should anyone question its teachings.

“They get to the families through the children. They tell them things that are absolutely not true,” she said.

Allegation of sexual and physical abuse

Chassadi Thompson was 4 when she and her brother were placed with a Calvary deacon and his wife to live while her biological mother worked to get back on her feet. Eventually, her mother gave custody of her children to the couple.

“She kind of looked at it like, they're married, they're in a church, they make more money, they're going to be able to provide a better life for these kids than I could,” Thompson said.

The Times-Mirror is withholding the names of the alleged perpetrators because they haven't been criminally charged.

From the start, Thompson says the deacon's wife physically abused her through regular spankings, hard pinches, forcing her mouth open to make her brush her teeth and bouncing her head off walls.

“From a very young age [the wife] was smacking me around. I got spankings on a very regular basis. The slightest thing I got in trouble for … I can't remember a single week that I was not punished in some way,” she said.

Thompson said while living with the family, she was forced to buy her own toiletries “because she used too much.” Her bedroom door was taken off its hinges and she was never allowed to close the bathroom door while she dressed or showered.

“I do distinctively remember Starr Scott preaching from the pulpit that that's how he was in his house when his kids were growing up. That there was no need for children to have privacy because they have nothing to hide, or they should have nothing to hide,” she said.

Thompson said the sexual abuse at the hand of the deacon began when she was 12 or 13 years old.

The deacon, she said, would come into her room while he believed she was asleep and force himself inside her mouth. On other occasions, he would put his hands down her pants and also touch her breasts. Thompson said she was not allowed to wear underwear to bed underneath her pajamas.

The deacon, Thomson said, would lay on top of her with her pajama bottoms on and attempt to force himself into her.

At age 14, Thompson came forward with her abuse after she said the deacon left a hickey on her breast. She was changing clothes for gym class when her best friend saw the mark and asked what happened.

“At that point I couldn't keep it in any longer and I told her,” she said.

The friend told her father, who in turn contacted another deacon – who was the brother of the alleged perpetrator.

That night, Thompson was pulled from the home by a Calvary couple and put inside a car, where she was questioned for hours. The couple then contacted the church's pastors and eventually took her to the church where at least six members of the leadership, including the person she had accused of sexual assault, questioned her for at least six hours.

They asked her questions about how long each abusive incident took place, telling her she had no concept of time. They told her she was lying – wasn't it some boy she met in the woods that did this to her?

“It was probably the most traumatic thing I've ever gone through in my entire life,” she said. “It was hours of being grilled and he's sitting there the entire time staring at me.”

Members of the church's leadership told Thompson that because she came forward they would have to report the allegations to law enforcement. The incident, according to Thompson, was reported to a Loudoun County Sheriff's deputy, who also was a member of the church and related to the family of the alleged assailant.

The next day, Thompson was left at the gas station to fend for herself.

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office launched an investigation into Thompson's allegations on May 4, 2003. Social services also investigated the incident, she said, but nothing ever happened.

Thompson said the case was closed by the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office on Oct. 21, 2004. However, she was given no explanation as to why detectives were no longer investigating the alleged assaults.

Last year, Thompson said she asked county detectives to re-open the case. She was told detectives were hoping to re-test bed sheets for any traces of DNA.

Despite the trauma Thompson says she experienced, she continues to fight for justice, although she says members of the church who see her from time-to-time criticize her for simply smiling. If she's smiling, they told her, then the assault must not have occurred.

“I spent so many years hiding what [the deacon] was doing … to what [his wife] was doing to me. I can put that mask on and keep going,” she said. “... Years of being brainwashed at Calvary, you have that ability to slip that mask on and nobody know anything that's under the surface.”

'Don't tell anyone or else'

Memories of sexual assaults began surfacing about a year ago for the 21-year-old Sterling woman. Happy times of her sisters tickling her or pictures of her on her 6th birthday brought flashbacks of rampant abuse that she believes took place from at least age 4 at the hands of several Calvary Temple leaders.

From there, her once happy life lent way to social anxieties, depression, cutting, thoughts of suicide and an eight-day stint in a psychiatric hospital. She dropped out of college, threw away most of her jewelry and makeup and refuses to ever pick up a basketball again – a sport she once found refuge in.

Today, she's in therapy and on medication for her depression and anxiety, but without closure.

On countless occasions, the woman said she was taken to bathrooms by a teacher's aide where the aide inappropriately touched her.

Two incidents distinctively stand out for the woman. On her 6th birthday, a day when her mother made cupcakes for her class to share, she said she was taken to a downstairs bathroom and sexually assaulted by the teacher's aide until a teacher interrupted the incident.

The woman abusing her said she was helping the girl with her underwear; the teacher who saw the incident simply brushed it off.

“[The teacher's aide] told me not to tell anyone or else. That's the one that I really remember,” she said.

These assaults, she said, continued for years, including one incident where she said Scott's daughter Kimberly, the school's principal, told her that she couldn't tell anyone, including her parents. The incident, Scott's daughter told her, would be taken care of.

“That kind of thing happened … I mean every Sunday [the teacher's aide] would pull me out of praise and worship or she would pull me out of the classroom and tell me I had to go to the bathroom when I didn't have to,” she said.

At age 6, she said a different teacher put his hands down her pants while the two were alone inside a classroom. Two years later, at a Fourth of July celebration, the woman said she was stopped by another teacher who told her one of the pastors wanted to speak with her. He led her to a classroom where the teacher's aide was waiting and left the two alone. The teacher's aide, she said, inappropriately touched her and then made her go to a bathroom where the assault continued.

A similar incident occurred while she was in sixth grade at the hands of an unknown man who put his hands down her shirt. The man, she said, was caught in the act by a teacher.

“She didn't say anything to him or me. She just watched him walk out and then she started talking to me like nothing had happened,” she said.

At age 14, as she walked to retrieve a bag after a basketball game, she said she was grabbed from behind by an unknown man who forced her to a part of the church that's generally locked and raped her.

The woman said she spoke with Loudoun detectives about seven months ago who told her they couldn't do anything. But now, investigators are taking another look at the case.

It's likely Thompson and the Sterling woman are two of many who may have suffered physical or sexual assault at the hands of Calvary Temple leadership, according to Miuccio.

He said he's been in touch with at least eight woman with similar stories, but there's likely more.

“I haven't seen anyone that's had any closure yet because there's been no justice,” he said.

'Have you done this to anyone else?'

Several past congregants allege that Scott not only was aware of the sexual assaults the children in his church were enduring, but he himself is not without sin.

In an April 9, 2008, email obtained by the Times-Mirror written by Star Scott II, the head pastor's son, he accuses his father of molesting family members on a daily basis for almost three years. At the time of the alleged assaults, Scott Sr. was a pastor at Greenfield Assembly of God in California. The assaults continued, according to the email, when the father was a youth pastor at Herndon Assembly of God.

“They were just innocent children and you abused your power and authority. Not only is this sin but it is a felony. There is no statue of limitations for incest, child molestation and these types of crimes. You could go to prison. Have you done this to anyone else?” the son says in the email.

Former congregants say the son has since reconciled with his father, but the email landed in the hands of other church members.

Miuccio said the same day the email was sent, a second-in-command pastor at the church sent out another email instructing everyone to not read the son's email.

“Never before have I seen Starr Scott [Sr.] so shaken. He did not deny the contents of the letter but said it was greatly exaggerated. He seemed to ramble with his words and at times appeared almost incoherent. And then came the statement I will never forget. 'It was adultery, it happened once, it was a long time ago, it was not in the church, it was dealt with',” Miuccio said.

“Star Scott can do these incredible crimes to two young girls in California and in Virginia, lie about it all these years and hide others crimes in the church and still be a pastor. But because I go to my wife and son and say 'look what he’s done, he is lying to us, we need to talk,' I can no longer be a Christian?” he added.

In a conversation taped between Andrew Lawrence, a past member of Calvary, and Scott Sr., the head pastor says he “assumes full responsibility for my sin and what did happen,” but says the email contained inaccuracies.

“A lot of it too, I've shared with people publicly, and a lot of the stuff, there were a lot of things that he wrote in there, and my public statement was that 'I'm the man and I won't justify anything.' … And I refuse and still do ... There's a lot in that that is not accurate,” Scott Sr. says in the recording. “I assume full responsibility for my sin and what did happen. But I can't stand, I'm not going to stand and justify all the inaccuracies. There's nothing to gain.”

In the recording Scott says he believes about one-third of his congregation read the email.

“Here's what I told the people. I said 'as bad as that email is, I'm worse than that. The sin that is in my members, I'm capable of murder, I'm capable of anything outside the grace of God and the power of the holy spirit in me. I know what happened.”


I hope a psychiatrist offers mental counseling for anyone who ever set foot in that place. An adult who has attended for years and thought everything was okay needs an evaluation. Any child who grew up in that environment thinks that is normal because they don’t know any differently- they also need an evaluation. Just because these people have suddenly “seen the light” (and I use the phrase loosely) doesn’t mean they are no longer kooks. These former members are like caged animals raised in captivity and then set free- they are not only crazed but also clueless on how to function in society. I am glad they have escaped but they still need help.

Each and every one of you who are victims can do every kid and every family still in misery over this con artist and his mesmerized congregation a big favor. Get together and get yourselves a good lawyer to sue this phony pastor and his church—not only to compensate yourselves for the misery this guy is bringing to kids and families but also to drain Scott and his organization of the millions in tithes he has accumulated, so that Scott and that so-called church cannot continue.

The corruption and criminal activity there has existed for years and on every level- wake up, people! The red flags have always been there. WHY HAS NOTHING BEEN DONE?! So proud of these young women for coming forward. I hope this exposes that creep and his cult and finally shuts it down for good.

We are just going to have to agree to disagree. I understand what you are saying, I just don’t agree, to a point.
The Sheriff’s Department has over 300 deputies. I do not feel that one deputy’s actions should represent the Sheriff’s Department as a whole. If anything, this deputy failed the Sheriff’s Department just as much as he failed these girls. He failed to represent the Sheriff’s Department as a whole because he chose to ignore proper procedures set by the Sheriff’s Department. His investigstion should have been turned over to another investigator that was not involved in the church and therefore unbiased. This was a huge failure on his part. He failed to share the information with anyone. If the investigation had been turned over to another investigator, maybe the charges would have been properly placed against the accused. But that didn’t happen. He acted as a lone wolf. I do believe it is an embarassment on the Sheriff’s Department’s behalf, but, I find it hard to hold them accountable for one deputy’s actions, especially when they knew nothing about the accusations. Now, if the Sheriff’s Department knew about the accusations, and THEN failed to take action, then I would say that they should be judged and “black marked”. But, as the case represents itself at this point, I feel the deputy acted on his own accord, and therefore, he, and he alone, should be judged for his actions.
I hope his actions fall heavy on his mind and on his heart. I hope he relives these girls’ nightmares everyday. There is no excuse to choose your church and your Pastor over what is right and wrong. How can he turn a blind eye to an innocent child’s abuse? In my opinion, that makes him just as guilty as the accused. If it turns out that he chose to allow these abuses to continue by not doing his job properly, not only should he be fired, he should be charged as well. Let him sit side by side in the same cell as these other sick monsters.

Do the members of this “church” even read the Bible?  How do they conclude that the activities of this church and what they supposedly preach is at all in line with the teachings of Jesus?

Would make a good story for 20/20 or Dateline / Nightline.  What a cluster foxtrot !

Not only did Crystal Owens scoop The Washington Post, but they admitted as much in their catch-up coverage by citing the LTM story. Good reporting!

I wonder when the spaceship is coming to take them away to paradise?

I was an adult member of Calvary Temple. By the grace of God I was born again just a year or two before joining. I thought it was a great church at first. The people were nice and seemed devoted to God. I thought I was doing pretty well going to all the services, listening to all the teaching, trying to learn more about what God expected of me. But for quite a few years I struggled to really understand the message being taught.

Then the Lord led me to begin reading and studying the Bible for myself rather than just listening to the teachings of Star Scott. That’s when I realized I was being confused by Star Scott’s teaching. I realized he was using the Scriptures to complicate what God intends to be simple. Every person is meant to follow God, so it has to be simple. I began to notice I wasn’t the only one confused at Calvary Temple. And I began to notice the spirit of the church was one of selfishness and pride.

The Bible says Satan is the author of pride, confusion and selfishness. But thanks be to God, Jesus, the author of life, said this:

“Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they? So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”

To those who are still members of Calvary Temple: Do not be deceived - divorce, separation of family members, the violation of children and the “breaking” of people is not good fruit. Reconciliation and growing in grace - that’s good fruit. So beware - we are all easily led into idol worship. Idol worship is an abomination to God. Do not believe the lie that if you are following Star Scott you are following Jesus. He is a man, prone to sin - honor and glorify God by following Jesus, who never sinned.


This place should have been shut down just as soon as it started. I am a product of a broken family because of this “church”. My mom wanted nothing to do with it, so my parents divorced. It was a very long, terrible divorce. The “church” told my dad to convince me to run away from my moms house several times, call my mom terrible names, and tell a counselor how much we hated being with her. How godly of them! They are the masters of manipulation.
When I got a little older, and started to think for myself, I questions everything that “church” had ever tried to shove down my throat. One morning I was woken up before school (I stayed at my dads on Wednesday nights so he could bring me to the Wednesday night service), and was thrown out in the pouring rain and told to never come back. Ironically, it was the same day i got my braces off. I took it as a sign of a new beginning. It has been 14 years since then, and I still can’t believe it happened. Who tells someone their only option for a free thinking child is to get rid of them? I have my mom to thank for fighting so hard for us. And for not letting us go to their “school”. Who knows what horrible things could have happened there. My sister stayed longer than I did. One summer day my dad just never came to pick her up. She waited by the window for days crying. He thought his 8 year old daughter was doing drugs. Wow… Way to screw some kids up Culty Temple!
Thank you girls for being so brave and coming forward. You have many of us “church rejects” completely supporting you! Keep your chins up.

“The official “church” of NASCAR!” Use Google and see if you can find the article from a few years back. He’s a money sucking sleaze and his congregation are complicit and/or lemmings. The article about his NASCAR habit, paid for by his lemmings, also mentions how he divorced his first wife and married a trophy hottie, many years his junior, so he “wouldn’t be tempted to stray” or some similar BS. These guys are kooks. As if I needed another reason to back further away from Christianity…

“There is a deputy of the Sheriff’s Department that is a member of this church. Just one. The deputy does not represent the Sheriff’s Department in any fashion in relation to this church.”

Agree with a lot of what you said here, except for this. LEOs hold a special position of public trust. The people invest in them the authority to deprive suspects of life, liberty, and property in order to uphold the law. With that authority comes an oath to protect all of us all the time. The oath they swore to protect isn’t suspended when they enter their church.

So that deputy, in my opinion, does represent the Sheriff’s office whereever s/he goes. If there is a failure to report abuse on this deputy’s part, that’s a black mark on the Sheriff’s office. Especially if they know of these rumors and haven’t investigated it.

@twistedfruitcake I hope you have or will go to the police with what you experienced. All witnesses and/or victims need to come forward to provide as much evidence as possible so this does not go unpunished.

I would like to clear up any misconceptions about the Sheriff’s Department involvement. There is a deputy of the Sheriff’s Department that is a member of this church. Just one. The deputy does not represent the Sheriff’s Department in any fashion in relation to this church.
This church has been investigated many, many times in the past. They have been investigated by both local and federal law enforcement agencies for a variety of complaints.
They have never been found in violation of any wrongdoing in any of those investigations.
I am not saying that there isn’t any wrongdoings, there are PLENTY of wrongdoings in this church. However, each time they are investigated, they are found in compliance of local and federal laws because of loopholes in the justice system.
These new allegations of sexual abuse, I hope and pray, change that. They have slithered their way out of many allegations, but, sexual abuse is not going to be one of them. There are no loopholes in the law when it comes to sexual abuse to a child.
Those girls that came forward should be proud of themselves. They are victims. They have nothing to be ashamed of. They were taken advantage of. I’m hoping that these allegations bring forward any others that were abused. It’s tough to admit something like that, especially when the adult turns it around and says that Jesus wanted them to do it. That is so hard for a child. Who would want to do anything against what Jesus wants? They’re taught in that school that their lives are meaningless. They’re taught that they should devote their whole life to that church and to Jesus. No wonder these poor kids comply with whatever the teacher’s, aides, etc order.
I know all about what goes on at this church. It is a cult for those of you wondering. Yes, right here in Sterling, we have a cult. They disguise themselves as a church, but, you know the old saying about ducks…
The Pastor is a sleeze. He lives off of the church members earnings. They are required to pay a percentage of their earnings to the church as tithe. In the meantime, the Pastor has his own agenda with their money. He has a team and a fleet of race cars, he has a fleet of motorcycles, the church and property is listed in his name, he requires the senior pastors to turn over their house titles to him, he lives in luxury while some of his church members barely make it month to month. And, how does he get away with it? The car and motorcycle fleets are a his church’s non-profit organization. He gets to write them off and not pay taxes on them. Same with the church itself.
One of the federal investigations was because he uses the church as a school, so he therefore, should be required to pay taxes. However, he was able to prove to federal authorities that his church was not a school. The students that are there are considered home-schooled. The law supports his claim. And this is despite that there is tons of evidence to support that he is a school. He has students, teachers, teacher’s aides, an administration, and a principal. The school day is divided into scheduled “periods” just like in a regular school. They have English classes, Math classes, Foreign Language classes, etc. They have gym class. They have a lunch period. They have after-school activities. They have grade levels. They have a grading system and report cards. They are divided into classes according to age groups. They have textbooks. They have homework and projects. They have tests. They have graduation for the seniors. They have dances and other normal school activities. They get a diploma. They have desks in their classrooms. They take attendance. But, yet, in the laws eyes, he is not a school. How?
There is so much that is going on in that church. The girls were correct when they said everything is kept a secret. The church members only associate with other church members. The shunning statement form the girls and from several comments is definitely true. We, as in those of us who are not members of the church, are considered “outsiders”. We are not welcomed by any of them. There activities stay within the church. No outsiders are permitted. Not even at life’s major events like weddings. Only church members can attend. The church and it’s rules come before all else, including family. Family members are even considered to be outsiders in their eyes. Those that choose to leave the church are shunned. If you are married and your spouse no longer wants to be a member of the church, you are expected to get a divorce. If your child decides to walk away from the church, you are expected to disown them.
It’s sad. It’s even sadder to watch people’s families being destroyed by this church’s cult mentality. I feel sorry for those that are affected by this church’s actions and beliefs. I often wonder what draws these people to become a member of this church. Some even know that it’s a cult, but, yet choose to remain. I guess they’re all brainwashed like cults usually do to their members.
I just hope there are no Kool-Aid incidents coming in the future.
Thank you girls for speaking up about the abuse. I’m sorry that nothing was done when you reported it back then. You are now old enough to understand what happened. Those people failed you in the worst way. They were more concerned about what would happen to them if they joined in your fight. It’s so sad that they forced you to live in silence. But, you no longer have to live in silence or in fear of what will happen to you if you speak out. You have the public’s attention. You have the public’s trust. I know it hurts to relive these memories, but, do it for the sake of those children that may be in the church being abused now. They are alone and afraid, just as you were when you were that age. You are here to speak out for them also. Thank you. We believe you. We all hope that all of those involved suffer great consequences for their actions. They have to be held accountable. And now that you have spoken out, hopefully they will be. Keep fighting for what is right!

This is a failure of our Sheriff and child services. The citizens should demand an internal investigation of our county law enforcement leadership for what appears to be corruption or a complete breakdown in leadership. Are their similar situations in other institutions where sexual abuse reports get pushed aside? Begin by sending letters to our county supervisors and delegates or even call them.

What the hell is the explanation for the headline of this peace? It’s not about “spiritual warfare.” It’s about the physical and sexual abuse of girls. It’s about the ruination of families. Is the editorial staff of this paper so prudish that they have to hide the nature of this story in its headline?

The county board of supervisors just got a message in their email with quotations of this story followed by this:

Do something. Ask questions. Change the way things are done. No girl should ever be treated this way. What did the county do for her? Why did nothing come of this investigation—which enabled this “church” to continue these practices? This “church” is ruining families and the lives of children. How many others are they treating this way? Get going.

In 2003: “Members of the church’s leadership told Thompson that because she came forward they would have to report the allegations to law enforcement. The incident, according to Thompson, was reported to a Loudoun County Sheriff’s deputy, who also was a member of the church and related to the family of the alleged assailant.

The next day, Thompson was left at the gas station to fend for herself.”

Is this the same deputy, still working there? How many are there?

“The woman said she spoke with Loudoun detectives about seven months ago who told her they couldn’t do anything. But now, investigators are taking another look at the case.”

Seven months ago. They “couldn’t do anything”? About a reported rape? These are not aberrations, this is a long-term, systematic cover-up of abuse spanning two different Sheriff’s administrations. Maybe the Justice Department needs to be involved.

Not a rumor, there is a loudoun county law enforcement officer that attends this place!

I heard a rumor that some former Sheriff Dept employees used to attend this “church”. Hmmm.

I don’t see why anyone still goes to this church. There is so much information out now about how crooked this church has been for so many years. As a former student and member, none of this stuff surprises me. I’m glad I had enough of a strong will to call them out several times and then leave for good.

Just as “we’re” always calling on the good Muslims to CALL OUT the bad Muslims, where are the “good Christians” who should be calling out these cultists? These people are miserable excuses for humanity. The congregation sits back and allows this abuse to happen. They’re ALL responsible. Some of this CULT’s children asked a neighborhood, disabled, child what he did wrong that God punished him in this way! This is the pathetic element who supports every right wing extremist candidate, bringing our country closer to the sewer.

Any member or ex-member knows of story after story of young children being rejected by their own parents because they didn’t behave according to CT standards. Their young children were put out, either to live with relatives, or in one case, to live in the garage.  The scars are deep and painful.  And Star Scott is at the forefront - telling parents that in order to obey and honor God they must do this.

I attended this church and their school when I was little.  I was beaten till the wind was knocked out of me when I was 7yrs old for whispering in line.  I was left with two little boys alone in a classroom where they ganged up on me, and touched me inappropriately.  When I told the teacher, I was beaten again.  I tried to open a door and get help for a friend that was in a storage room with a “teacher” screaming and crying.  When I tried to get another to teacher to help I was told that God was in control of what was happening and it was none of my business.  Then I was locked in that same storage room on a very hot day for the entire school day with no food, water or toilet.  These are only a few things that happened while I was there.  It is a nasty place and it way overdue for being shut down.  I still feel like I’m going to vomit when I think about it.

Years ago I worked for a man who had attended and left Calvary Temple.  He warned me to not attend as he knew the pastor had been involved in sexual abuse.  I refused to listen - choosing to stay.  This was in the 1980s.  When the email was sent -  I knew it was all true.  Thankful that we left that evil place.  It looks good on the outside but the facade is breaking down.  The ugliness is being revealed.


If found true, that is what needs to happen.

So what is wrong with our justice system in this county?

It’s unfortunate that cults like these give Christianity a bad name.  I’ll never understand how anyone can ba$tardize the Bible that way.

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