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Spotted: Venomous Copperhead along the W&OD Trail in Ashburn

Facebook/W&OD Trail
A Copperhead snake was recently spotted in Ashburn along the W&OD Trail, according to the trail's Facebook page.

“You don't see many of these on the trail, but this copperhead was spotted near the Luck Stone quarry overlook. Beautiful, but venomous, so best to admire them from a distance,” the page noted Thursday.

Copperheads in Virginia range from two-to-three feet, and “they are gregarious,” according to the Virginia Herpetological Society.

We're not sure we care to find how just how gregarious.

While a Copperhead's venom is considered “mild,” anyone exposed to the it is urged to immediately seek medical attention.



You got it wrong, that was a land developer scouting out new locations for high density housing.

You realize that Copperhead are native snakes & have been here long before us & should be treated with respect.  I’m thinking they are deserving of a Statue.

Sitting wins the prize, thank you for the laugh!!!

This is clearly a new Board of Supervisor candidate prepping for a run in the next election.

I’ve got a video of what appears to be a copperhead eating a fish in the Potomac River near Algonkian Park.  I took the video two weeks ago while kayaking.

Their venom may be more “mild ” than a rattlesnake, but it’s still very very painful, stay clear.

Beautiful snake…would make a great pair of boots…

Attention Loudoun County ... you may experience heavy traffic conditions around rush hour, LOL!  I fish around the county and see these little dudes all over the place.  I agree with Fred, they are great for pests!

David Dickinson nailed it. how is this news?

Get these *&%^$ snakes of this @&%$! trail!

Snakes! On the trail!

What’s wrong with the snakes head?

At least the snake will keep down the Rabbit population along the trail.

Question: Should we try and jump the snake on our bikes?

What next?  A story about bear excrement in the woods?

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