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Democrats link CPAC abortion speaker to Northern Va. pols

Six elected officials representing Loudoun voters have ties to the highly-publicized Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) speaker who on March 15 drew a comparison between abortion rights to slavery.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president and chairman of the staunchly pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, or her organization has pledged campaign contributions to Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R), Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli (R), state Sen. Jill Vogel (R-27th), Del. Barbara Comstock (R-34th) and Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling). Dannenfelser also chipped in cash to Gov. Bob McDonnell's 2010 Inaugural Committee.

During the CPAC abortion panel segment last weekend, Dannenfelser said “there's a point when you become culpable in the killing of other people, because of what, because of what the government is making you do.”

“And that is one of those tipping-point moments – it happened in slavery when slaves had to be returned to their masters,” Dannenfelser continued. “When our hands are bloodied by this it becomes a whole 'nother thing.”

Virginia Democrats have gone on the offensive this week to highlight Dannenfelser's comments and link her to conservatives in the commonwealth, notably Cuccinelli, the presumed Republican nominee for governor in 2013, as well as Northern Virginia representatives in the General Assembly.

“Sen. Vogel and Del. Comstock should publicly denounce the comments of Republican candidate for Governor Cuccinelli and Susan B. Anthony (SBA) List President Dannenfelser,” Ashley Bauman, press secretary for the Democratic Party of Virginia, said Wednesday. “Comparing access to women's reproductive health care to slavery is not only extreme but ignorant of the terrible impact slavery had on our country."

Bauman said Virginians need leaders who focus on the economy and jobs, “not ones who put their extreme Tea-Party agenda above Virginia families.”

Both Comstock and Vogel said Wednesday they had not heard or read about Dannenfelser's comments. The two expressed those remarks don't represent their views.

Comstock previously served on the SAB List's executive committee, but said she hasn't done so since being elected to the House of Delegates in 2009.

“These kinds of comparisons or attempts to demonize people with differing views – done by either side - is not how I think is best to approach these issues,” Comstock said. “We need to focus on policies that bring us together to get things done like my data center bills and getting more high tech jobs, getting more in-state college spots, helping address the growing threat of Lyme Disease in Northern Virginia and tackling the growing crime of human trafficking."

Comstock continued, “Good people can and do disagree on social issues. I think we all learn from having a diversity of views that inform us.”

Vogel said the SBA president's comments “certainly are unfortunate and do not reflect [her] views.”

The SBA List or Dannenfelser has given at least $3,000 to Vogel, more than $2,000 to Comstock and $120 to Delgaudio, according to information from the Virginia Public Access Project, which is current through 2012.

Statewide, SAB gave more than $10,000 to the Bolling for his lieutenant governor campaign and $2,500 to Cuccinelli's state senate campaign.

Dannenfelser has been highlighted in the media not only for her CPAC speech, but for her declaration last month to donate $1.5 million to Cuccinelli's gubernatorial campaign, reported in the Washington Post. That donation is not listed by VPAP because the first filing quarter of 2013 hasn't yet ended.

Both the Post and the Associated Press this week reported on Dannenfelser's comments, her link to Cuccinelli and comments the attorney general made last summer that also connected abortion to slavery.

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“The vast majority - 75% - of Virginians want doctors and medical experts, not elected officials, to make medical decisions and set health regulations.”  Polling shows that Virginians want politicians to stop interfering with decisions between a woman and her doctor, family and faith leader.  (from Virginia Coalition to Protect Women’s Health)

It is not government’s role to interject its ideological positions into matters of privacy. Talk about intrusive over-regulation.

TARP is specifically designed to obstruct on a wholly politically motivated basis, with little medical community support.  TARP’s requirements for physical alteration of existing health centers based on specifications for new outpatient surgical hospitals only serve to increase financial barriers and access to quality healthcare providers.  Talk about intrusive over-regulation.

Dr. Karen Remley, VA Board of Health resignee, understands that the current Attorney General is unqualified to make these personal decisions for Virginia women and their families. Please remind us, where did Cuccinelli get his medical degree?

Any woman who co-sponsors a bill requiring a mandatory invasive, expensive, and unnecessary ultrasound to be warranted prior to a legal procedure undermines her own credibility on all matters of a very personal, private health, and economic nature. In exactly what field of medicine does Vogel have experience?

Still wonder why they call this type of interference in women’s health decisions the “Cooch Watch?”

Women can decide for themselves “who inserts what” into private parts and private matters!

FTA:  “Sen. Vogel and Del. Comstock should publicly denounce the comments of Republican candidate for Governor Cuccinelli and “Susan B. Anthony (SBA) List President Dannenfelser,” Ashley Bauman, press secretary for the Democratic Party of Virginia, said Wednesday.”

Why?  Aren’t they entitled to their views?

FTA:  “Comparing access to women’s reproductive health care to slavery is not only extreme but ignorant of the terrible impact slavery had on our country.”

Actually, it is neither extreme nor ignorant.  Why isn’t she pondering the impact of over 55,000,000 abortions in the U.S. since 1973?  This statistic comes from the Alan Guttmacher Institute, which is the research arm of Planned Parenthood.

Has Ms Bauman ever considered the impact of abortion on this country?  On our work force?  What about the impact on our national talent?  The children who were aborted in 1973 would now be 40 years old, with children of their own.  They would be mothers and fathers, entrepreneurs and inventors, doctors, nurses, teachers, researchers, brain surgeons, scientists, artists, musicians, businessmen and businesswomen.  They would be our senators, congressmen, congresswomen, and state representatives.  They would be our first responders, our soldiers, our diplomats, our pastors, priests, and rabbis.  They would be our journalists, our truck drivers, our builders.  They would be our taxpayers.

Is it starting to register now?

Nothing shocking on that list. A list of our most obtuse and ignorant local pols.

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