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State Republican candidates to debate

Republican candidates for the state Senate’s 13th District and the House of Delegates’ 10th District will face off in debates this week.

The debates, hosted by the 10th Congressional District Republican Committee, are scheduled for Aug. 10 in Leesburg and Aug. 11 in Winchester.

On Aug. 10 state senate candidates Dick Black, Bob FitzSimmonds and John Stirrup will face off from 7:30 p.m. To 9 p.m. At the Rust Library, 380 Old Waterford Road, NW, Leesburg. A meet and greet will begin at 7 p.m.

In Winchester on Aug. 11, House of Delegate candidates Randy Minchew, Cara Townsend and John Whitbeck will debate from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Frederick County Parks and Recreation Department Community Center at Greenwood Mill Elementary School, 281 Channing Drive. Social hour begins at 6:30 p.m.

The state Republican primary is Aug. 23.


I’m a long time Republican who is embarrassed at the state of the GOP.  I’ll only vote Republican if someone has the guts to not cower to the looney Tea Party.  Just look at that debate last night.  Not one of those hicks could beat Obama, but they are too afraid to spit out things that really need to be done.  You wusses don’t deserve to be elected dog catcher!

Another piece of garbage in the mail from Minchew.  I even tried calling the campaign office after my last robo-call to request to be removed from the list, but no one answered. 

By the way, posing with the perpetually ineffective Frank Wolf and the embarrassing George Allen doesn’t earn any respect in my book.  Keep tooting the horn of how great $4B in debt is too and see how many fiscal conservatives vote for you. 

We need public financing of all campaigns, maybe you’d get someone of substance.  Minchew is clearly the best funded and probably the “chosen one” by the machine, based on the mountain of junk I’ve received from him.  I’ve seen one Whitbeck mailer and nothing from Townsend.  Unfortunately Minchew is probably a lock to win.  Money = success in this game.  Ideas and your platform are secondary. 

Oh, and I do find it very strange that Black moved to suddenly be a resident of this district.  The Washington Times isn’t exactly the Huffington Post or even the Washington Post.  They don’t have a track record of purposely trashing GOP candidates for no reason.  I’m going to vote for someone who actually has lived here for a while.

Jack, I don’t hate Dick Black I, like many other, just happen to find him way too extreme and therefore ineffective.  Concerns about his residence are legitimate.  He has rented in a foreign district to run for office before.  Still relevant today.

On another note, I sure wish my district had a Randy Minchew running in it.  Now that’s a guy I would vote for.

Cara actually has policy experience.  She has run a cleaner campaign and she’s got a plan.  She running to make a difference instead of being in the political game like Minchew and Whitbeck.
My vote is for Cara.

Glen Maravetz is a democrat who hates Dick Black.  Dick lives in the district,just ask John Stirrup.  He sent his campaign workers to Dick’s house and talked to him, several times.  They were trying to catch Dick not living there but Dick does live in house, with his wife and it’s in the district.  Dick’s former house has lots of activity, painters and handymen who are getting it ready to sell.  Don’t believe me?  Ask John Stirrup.

Good article on Dick Black renting a house he’s not living in for “qualifying” for residence:


Someone needs to ask Mr. Black why the rented house does not appear to be lived in, and his long time residence, which is not in the District, is bustling with activity.  And not the “For Sale” type activity.

For me, I want someone who lives here to represent me.

Glad you asked.  I am quoting from the Lansdowne Board of Directors meeting of October 23rd, 2007 as an example:

Loan Application
Ellen Shea MOVED to apply for a line of credit to have for the construction of the indoor pool project.  The motion was SECONDED by Jeff Brown. Ellen Shea AMENDED the motion to apply for a $1.5 million loan for the construction of the indoor pool project.  The amended motion was SECONDED by John Whitbeck.  The amended motion PASSED unanimously.  The original motion passed unanimously. Vote: 5-0

John Whitbeck has voted for numerous spending projects that eventually forced the HOA to raise dues.

Lansdowne, because I am relatively unfamiliar with Whitbeck or Cara.  The $4B in road bonds is something Minchew repeats on every single one of those (probably almost 10 of them by now) mailers I’ve received.  He says how he supports McDonnell’s plan for funding transportation without raising taxes.  I’m just saying that is a half-cocked approach to solving the problem, and more debt isn’t the answer I’d expect a fiscal conservative (as Minchew appears to be trying to sell himself as) to give.  You can show your picture of you and the Governor without praising everything he has done.

I’ve gone to the other two candidates website and was leaning towards Cara.  Whitbeck seems like a hardliner (at least on paper), and I try to avoid voting for inflexible ideologues.  Still have more research to do though, but I especially don’t like the idea of saddling a HOA with debt.  What on Earth did they “need” so badly?

Primary Voter,

Then I suggest you vote for Cara since Whitbeck is no fiscal conservative either.  He voted for spending over and over in Lansdowne and blocked measures that would have reduced spending in Lansdowne.  He is just another fake fiscal conservative big spending Republican.

What you are complaining about with Minchew is EXACTLY what Whitbeck voted for.  He voted for taking loans in Lansdowne of several million dollars to pay for his big spending habits.  I don’t see how you can blame Minchew for talking about doing something that Whitbeck ACTUALLY did in his HOA.

I know who I am not voting for.  Randy Minchew. 

Disguted with his relentless stream of junk mail in my box and I’ve had multiple phone calls from his campaign, including a robo-call.  No thanks buddy.  I hate that stuff.  I guess if they are trying to stir up some turnout, they succeeded in my case. 

Not to mention that I don’t consider issuing $4B in bonds something a fiscal conservative would do.  Don’t call it “not raising taxes” Randy, you are just piling up more debt.  Someone will pay for it.  It is amazing that people who call themselves fiscal conservatives buy into that stuff.

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