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State Sen. Black holds on to 13th District seat

State Sen. Richard H. Black, a former Marine combat pilot and state delegate who is among the Virginia General Assembly’s most conservative members, was re-elected to a second term in a contentious spotlight race between polar-opposite candidates.

Black defeated Democrat Jill McCabe, a pediatric surgeon and emergency room director at Inova Loudoun Hospital who was making her first political run.

Black, 71, won Virginia's predominantly Republican 13th District, representing Loudoun and parts of Prince William County, with 52 percent of the vote.

The race pitted the ultra-conservative Black, some of whom said represented “old” Loudoun County attitudes, against McCabe, 47, a “power mom” from Ashburn who appealed to a younger generation of citizens and their families.

It was viewed as an important race that could tip the political balance of the Virginia Senate, which appeared to remain in the hands of Republicans despite a full-on press by Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe. All 140 seats in Virginia’s General Assembly were on the ballot Nov. 3, races that could establish the state’s political foundation through the 2016 presidential race.

Following Nov. 3's elections in Virginia, Republicans commanded a majority in the House of Delegates.

The Black-McCabe race focused attention on the culture wars between conservative Republicans and moderate Democrats, as well as the gender wall in the state senate. Only seven of the 40 state senators are women.

Facing his first re-election campaign in a state Senate district that falls primarily in Loudoun, Black came under repeated attacks by Democrats for previous comments on abortion and rape.

With wedge-issue passion, Black has incited controversy with comments about spousal rape, military sexual assault, homosexuality and abortion. He once questioned whether a husband commits rape if he forces his wife to have sex. He sent plastic pink models of fetuses to lawmakers as they prepared to vote on an abortion bill, and he compared abortion to the Holocaust.

Black made national headlines this spring with a letter to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad calling his army’s actions “heroic.” To the chagrin of veterans, Black appeared in campaign literature wearing his military uniform, crossing the line between service and politics. Department of Defense rules require a disclaimer acknowledging that a candidates is not endorsed by the DoD.

McCabe cast Black as an out-of-touch extremist in fast-growing Loudoun, where demographics are changing. Black responded by going hard at McCabe, belittling her "experience" as a doctor and mother.

When the heavily edited video clips of a Planned Parenthood doctor being duped by an imposter into talking about the donation of fetal tissue surfaced, Black used that to accuse McCabe of being a doctor who “supports selling late-term abortions for bigger body parts.”

The tactic worked. The conservative Republican won re-election to his seat easily despite the heavy focus by Democrats on his colorful record.


jeanine’s bull lies & daughter’s vile campaign = more non-constituent services

what will Black do 4 us?  20,000 want to know

still unimpressed

< 1/3 of loco eligible voters cast ballots

What would McCabe have done Equity?  Her platform was the amorphous “common sense solutions.” 

If you run in Democrat circles, you know then that she was not the Democrats choice to run but was forced on local Democrats by McAuliffe.  She just did what she was told by McAuliffe which showed when she took weeks to come out against I-66 tolls when it was plainly obvious to every NOVA politician that it was a bad idea.

Black fought successfully and will continue to fight the ill-conceived Medicaid expansion and fought and will continue to fight against toll road expansions, amongst other things.

22,000 trust McCabe -
courageous professional, full time doc & admin, all in campaigner

what will Black do 4 us?

Question for the McCabers:  Why is it your liberal can send her kids to a $25k/year (even kindergarten) private school and you don’t have a problem with that?

underwhelmed by “constituent” services

Sen. Black had this election’s campaign kick-off at my house and my family pitched in to help him get re-elected.

I say that to say you anti-Black posters are clueless.  I’ve been in the Loudoun political circle for about a decade.  I have NEVER seen anyone work as hard as Sen. Black: meeting commuters at 4:30am, attending local events 7 days a week, building campaign and political networks par excellance.  The man is 70+ and walks like a sprinter knocking doors.

On top of that, he is likely the kindest, humblest man you’ll ever meet.  Generous to a fault, he has helped more people behind the scenes than you’ll ever know.

So, when I see a newspaper continuing the patently false lies promulgated by Democrats such as, “He once questioned whether a husband commits rape if he forces his wife to have sex.”  (Note: That never happened.  Post a link and prove it.  As the ONLY PERSON IN RICHMOND TO HAVE EVER PROSECUTED SPOUSAL RAPE he questioned the bill’s effectiveness and a prosecutor’s ability to get a conviction), it makes me cringe.

By God’s grace Sen. Black continues on as a humble public servant.

Still waiting for that original thought from MaCabe.
Look who is talking IQ. Break out your crying towel.

Just goes to show how stupid Loudoun voters are. To send Black back to Richmond only indicates how conservative now means someone who pushes his own personal agenda. This man is too old to represent the county. Give him a fishing rod, that is about all he can do these days. Sad day for Loudoun to send Black to Richmond where he is a laughing stock….I have covered the assembly and hear the comments..poor choice Loudoun, very poor choice. This is 2015 and his views are anachronistic…“old” for those who voted for Black, since you obviously don’t have much of an IQ!

more jeanne t. bull

Name one original thought MaCabe offered. You can’t and she is a joke who spent a lot of money, good riddance!

dems increase 4.73% since 2011

mccabe won 22/46 loudoun districts

Likely his last successful run. He lost many of the Districts that will start having more power before his next race. Good man, but entitlement has taken him over, and it’s time to move on.

McCabe outspent Black 3 to 1 and lost.  Black has 20+ years of experience with constituents and a broad social network. 

While Dr. McCabe occasionally must perform some surgical procedures (even if she doesn’t perform abortions herself), Sen. Black has the full confidence and backing of the NRA and the constituents who support the 2nd Amendment and oppose Bloomberg’s constitution-crushing agenda.

So Demcorats, next time, don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

Wow, LTM editing my posts!

dick decreased by 4.63%    fr 2011

>> Black wins by nearly 5 points with a majority and “holds on” while Randall doesn’t even muster 40% and it’s “in commanding fashion.” 
>> Black is “ultra-conservative” and nothing about McCabe being an aboritionist.
>> “Moderate Democrats”??

Black won because his constituents believe in old fashioned, conservative, family values. No more complicated than that.

Way to go! Wonderful!

I’m sure the black-helicopters-will-take-our-guns crowd will disagree…but watching a national embarrassment like Dick Black win an election tells me that the GOP thrives when they cross-pollinate hot-button social issues with voters who really don’t want that much information and have no interest at all in trying to find public policy solutions that address our many problems. 

Back in the day, we called a group much like this the “know nothings.” 

Not sure what they call themselves today but I’m sure one of the trolls who puts 2 or 3 comments on every post will clear that up…

Why do you think Middleburg would not vote Republican? Like the rest of your post, I think you are out in Left field.

See what I did there? lol

The 13th District is yet another where the incumbent picks his voters…not the other way around.  Until we correct the gerrymandering the GOP has perfected, we won’t see much change.

Take a look at that 13th district map and ask yourself why it goes down to Manassas but completely bypasses Middleburg?

This is what we have to look forward to when we become a one-newspaper town :(

It’s amazing that even after the results of the election are in, the Loudoun Times-Mirror is still writing hit pieces on Senator Black and repeating the McCabe campaign’s lies.

Way to be objective.

Nice edit job on my post. So you don’t support free speech?? What you left out is factual. If you are going to edit parts out that you don’t agree with then what does that say about the LTM?

I love the article posted on Oct. 26th about the LTM not endorsing candidates.

“We try to be open-minded in our coverage and in our editorials. We strive to approach issues with facts, knowledge and context.”

It’s only been just over a week and you have fallen down on that pledge already. Your paper might try doing a little research and sticking with the facts. We get it the research part is boring and time consuming and often won’t support your agenda but it is a considered a foundation of journalism or at least it used to be.

Well done.

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