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Sterling contractor says it was stiffed $80,000 for work on Trump’s D.C. hotel

A small Sterling-based construction company says it is still waiting for nearly $80,000 worth for construction work it completed at President-elect Donald Trump’s new $212 million luxury hotel in Washington, D.C.

According to a lien filed Nov. 9 by A&D Construction of Virginia LLC, owner Osvaldo Tellez claims that, from late June 24, 2016 to Oct. 5, his company provided a number of “labor only” work hours. This included running trim to case work, architectural millwork and woodwork for the hotel’s plans and specs.

The Washington Post, which first reported the story, noted another local, family-owned plumbing company-- Joseph J. Magnolia, Inc.-- filed a mechanic’s lien before Christmas claiming Trump owed it $2.98 million for work at the hotel.

Tellez’s attorney Richard Sissman told the Times-Mirror that since the lien was filed he and his client have heard only silence.

Sissman said although his client never dealt with the president-elect directly, Tellez worked under Trump’s construction manager, Lendlease, and therefore did not have “privity of contract” between the Trump organization and Lendlease.

Sissman said they have 180 days from the date the lien was recorded to file a lawsuit to enforce that lien. If they pursue suit he said they would need to sue either the Trump organization or whoever is holding the title for the lease.

“We haven’t gotten there yet,” Sissman said. “My client is a small Hispanic contractor, so no deep pockets here.”

Right now, Sissman said he’s not optimistic about getting the money.

“I don’t know what their position is quite frankly, I haven’t heard from anyone,” he said.


“selling out your good will” - rare in business but occurs - learn in 1st yr law - contracts class

“MOST business people, despite what some people think, have integrity, a heart, and a conscience. . . and, okay, maybe this is the more important factor—MOST business people have ongoing relationships with their suppliers.” fortune magazine

unprincipled businessman serially stiffing local suppliers or willing to screw contractors for short-term, one-time gain -

fox, reuters, nbc news, ny magazine, wsj have little sympathy for stiffing contractors; 100s probably 1000s of lawsuits agst tRump for unpaid bills over 30 yrs.

“Your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise.” true even if words plagiarized by tRump missus

this guy says he’s being stiffed out of 80,000? LTM should be reporting that the American people have been getting stiffed that last 8 years by the Obama regime. Trump hasn’t even taken office yet and this newspaper is bashing him at every opportunity.

So Happy President Elect Trump was able to get Fiat to invest in the US, Carrier, Ford, and now Alibaba wants to create 1M jobs in the US over the next five years….Trump is on fire and making America Great Again one business at a time…

Until you knot any of the facts, you can’t pass judgment on the Contractor having any “right” to the money he is demanding. He may simply not have filed the proper close-out paperwork including warranties, lien releases (he may owe other subcontractors money that he must pat first), and other required Owner documents. Other contract responsibilities may not have been met, which happens everyday on construction projects. Contractors are horrific at proper filing at interim and close-out documents, which holds-up formal completion of construction projects.

The use of the word “Hispanic” removes all credibility and certainly appears to any objective person as agenda-driven. Why else is it relevant? If we learned anything at all from the media this past year, it is to initially doubt any Trump story as bias, until facts are known. Not saying this didn’t happen, but using the race card makes it standard media approach. They’ve learned that the masses are intellectually lazy and rarely curious…

Is it Trump that is being sued or Lend Lease who was hired by Trump to build the hotel. One is not the same as the other.

I feel like we are watching the script from a reality TV version of the Sopranos.

I have to say public notice of someone who doesn’t pay their bills isn’t really an Anti-Trump sort of thing.  Some towns publish the names of people who write bad checks.

Can’t we all just get along… and pay our bills?

Let’s start counting the number of anti-Trump stories by the LTM.  It’s going to be a lot if they have anything to say about it.
BTW, what does “Hispanic” have to do with this?  Again, always the race card.

I don’t think I’d call Trump voters a “majority”, silent or otherwise.

Don’t worry “Leesburger2 “, we’ll be back to 10M people uninsured in using the emergency room soon, and you’ll be able to pay for their care. That, and back to $200/month scam policies that never pay a claim…because “people deserve choices”...even if they’re bad choices, and enable scam artists to rip them off. LOL

LOL @ the fake “conservatives” who missed the memo that conservatives and republicans voted against Don the Con too. Did some of you suffer strokes or head trauma recently?

Wow talk about someone who stiffed the country!  President “you can keep you doctor”  “red line” Obama.

Again, this is just an opportunity to bash Trump.  He is so far removed from operating a construction company at this juncture. Liberals keep it up, .. this is exactly why the silent majority spoke with their vote this past election.  Lighten up, he may end up being your favorite President of all time!

oh please..those that say this belongs in the courts.if it was YOU he was stiffing you would say different. And this guy isn’t the first.Trumpy has over 20 court cases pending against him.If it was Hillary you would be incensed. Make sure you see both sides..

Are they expecting Trump to cut them a personal check?

Their beef is with the general contractor that’s building the hotel.

Maybe if trump hadn’t made such a big deal of this hotel it wouldn’t be news, but he loves news. This is far from the first time he has pulled this. He feels he is above the law and can do anything he wants. How can some of you defend a man who takes advantage of the little man because he can outspend them in time and lawyers in court?

Maybe if trump hadn’t made such a big deal of this hotel it wouldn’t be news, but he loves news. This is far from the first time he has pulled this. He feels he is above the law and can do anything he wants. How can some of you defend a man who takes advantage of the little man because he can outspend them in time and lawyers in court?

No surprise all the Trump bashers would comment on this article brought to you by their liberal news source.  I agree with “informed”, this is NOT something that should be announced in the news, it’s a court system issue.

LOL at dupes like “informed”, defending their corrupt “leader” and hoping to suppress facts.

That’s nothing compared to how Trumpov is going to stiff the country.

“Ahead of schedule and under budget!” is what Donald Trump said when the hotel opened. And no wonder! He never intended to pay small business owners and workers who built it! That’s our President-Elect!

this is a non story.  one sided story that should be in court system to hear both sides.  no one else’s business except those 2 entities.  I hope he doesn’t get paid just for trying to use the media for attention.

Ooops. “Man of the People”, Don the Con, strikes again.

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