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Sterling man arrested after stabbing

A Sterling man was arrested after a stabbing in Sterling on Sunday night, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies responded to the 100 block of North Ithaca Road in Sterling in reference to a stabbing involvig two people who were known to each other.

Melvin A. Zumba-Mercia, 25, of Sterling, was eventually arrested and charged with malicious wounding. He's being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center without bond.


I can get around your ban by reaching into any of the numerous unlocked vehicles in Ashburn that contain weapons.  Shoot, I have a concealed pizza cutter on me at all times and I DON’T HAVE A LICENSE FOR IT.

Ok, I’ll concede, 3 day waiting period on knives. But I still want a total ban on “Assault” Knives, no one needs those. See how reasonable I can be.

“What’re you gonna do, stab me?” - man who was stabbed.

So cute, SterlingLocal. Nobody’s calling for a knife ban. People are simply asking for a more vigorous vetting process before people can obtain a firearm. (I’m guessing that in other situations you are a big fan of enhanced vetting processes.)
Malicious wounding is a much better outcome than murder, don’t you think? Malicious wounding is also much harder to achieve when there is a gun in your opponent’s hand.

I’m calling for an immediate knife ban! clearly the ability to obtain knives is the cause of this violence. See how that works?

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