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Sterling man arrested for DUI, second in five years

A Sterling man was arrested and charged with his second DUI in five years Tuesday, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

The LCSO responded to the 21000 block of Cascades Parkway for a report of a suspicious vehicle parked in the lot for an extended period of time.

John Pritchett, 53, of Sterling, was charged with driving under the influence, his second in five years. He's being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center.


Alex1138 - California would be the correct answer.

So many people in this parking lot were at risk by this idiot.

Once we have deported every person who entered the country illegally, then we can start deporting those who are here legally.

VAman Poses an interesting hypothetical. If white people were deported where would they be deported too? Vermont? Utah? Finland maybe? Or ski resorts perhaps?

VAman, do you know what his sentence is yet? How can you then say it’s a slap on the wrist? Further, do you have stats on sentencing for white male 2-time DUI offenders vs. other races? The article doesn’t mention his citizenship, so why would there by outcry regarding legal status or deportation if he is a citizen? If the article mentioned he was an undocumented immigrant, then perhaps people would comment on that.

Stop making everything about race. This guy did a bad thing (twice) and hopefully justice will make sure the penalty fits the crime. I don’t think (actually, I know) the prosecutors in Loudoun are going to let it go because he’s “a white male”.

No regard for human life, putting us all in danger!

Another white male getting a slap on the wrist, no outcry for legal status or deportation though. Loudoun county is full of hypocrites.

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