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Sterling man charged with animal cruelty after allegedly beating dog with baseball bat

Kevin R. Graves
A Sterling man is facing a charge of animal cruelty in connection with the alleged abuse of his dog, Loudoun County Animal Services announced Thursday.

LCAS conducted an investigation on Aug. 31 after receiving a report of suspected cruelty from a member of the public. The LCAS investigation found a dog had been severely beaten with a baseball bat at a residence in Sterling. The dog survived and is currently in the custody of LCAS with plans to place the animal in foster care during his recovery.

Based on the investigation, LCAS obtained an arrest warran,t and the dog’s owner, Kevin R. Graves, 30, was served with the warrant for his arrest. Graves is charged with animal cruelty, a Class I misdemeanor. He was released on bond.

Graves is scheduled to appear in Loudoun County General District Court on Oct. 4. If convicted, he faces up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

Residents may report various concerns related to animal welfare to the Department of Animal Services online at http://www.loudoun.gov/AnimalComplaint or by calling 703-777-0406.


Remember the FBI profiles serial killers in their data base as those that “torture/abuse animals” and/or “set fires to objects”  This punk is dangerous and should be on a register to never own another animal.  Beating a dog with a baseball bat should be a felony and punishable with 20 years in jail.  You can’t ever fix this guy, he’s a sociopath.

Most people can’t seem to muster this amount of outrage over violence done against another human. But a dog? Let’s lock him up and throw away the key.

Don’t you love all these people that want to return violence with violence.

Nice mug shot. Somehow I doubt that this gentleman will opt to be judged by a jury of his peers.

You really have to wonder about a person who could do that to a dog, and you wonder if that person can really function in society. The only reason I could ever think about doing something like that is if the dog were attacking someone and I had no choice. I hope the dog can recover and finds a great home.
Sadly, in the eyes of the law, pets are just considered property so Graves’ punishment will not be as severe as we would like it to be.

When I think of how much I love our dog, and the pain that remains in our hearts after recently losing our beloved oldest dog, whom we loved to the moon and back, I honestly cannot imagine doing this to any animal, let alone a pet. I would not live with someone who could perpetrate such cruelty on creatures who have done nothing to hurt us.

What a disgusting human being. Only the lowest form on earth could beat a helpless animal. Bet he thinks he’s a tough guy when he’s nothing but a worthless piece of trash. Let’s hope no woman is stupid enough to ever give this man the time of day. He should be in jail.

That guy looks like he’s really remorseful.

I would like my turn with a bat on him.

Why oh why is this not a FELONY???? Up to ONE YEAR and $1,000??? That’s it??? SMH

he will get no jail time.

better yet, put the bat on him!

Thug…worse than dog fighting!!

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