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Sterling man convicted of rape; faces 15 years in prison

Geovanni Amilcar Benitez-Giron

A Sterling man was convicted Aug. 21 of rape following a two-day jury trial in Loudoun County Circuit Court.

The jury that convicted Geovanni Amilcar Benitez-Giron, 38, recommended a 15-year prison sentence. A sentencing hearing is set for Dec. 15 before Loudoun Judge Stephen E. Sincavage who presided over trial.

“This was an extremely sensitive and emotional case for everyone involved,” said Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman in a prepared statement. “We applaud the resilience and the courage of the victim and her family in assisting us [to] see that the defendant was held accountable for this horrific act."

Benitez-Giron and his family shared an apartment with the victim and her family for approximately two weeks in September 2013, according to Heather Williamson, spokesperson for the Loudoun Commonwealth's Attorney's Office.

In the early morning hours of Sept. 24, 2013, Benitez-Giron went into the victim’s bedroom, locked the door behind him, climbed into bed and raped her. The victim, whose age was not released, awoke to Benitez-Giron on top of her.

The victim immediately began to scream, waking other family members in the room.

Benitez-Giron attempted to leave the residence, but other household members restrained him until the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office arrived, Williamson said.
During the trial, Senior Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Gigi Lawless called nine witnesses to testify on behalf of the commonwealth.

Witnesses included the victim, first responders, a DNA expert and a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. Lawless also played a 911 call made by the victim to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office on the night of the incident.

The jury deliberated for approximately one hour before returning a verdict.

This is not Benitez-Giron's first criminal offense. He was arrested Sept. 24 – the same day as the rape offense – for defrauding motels for less than $200. He pleaded guilty on Aug. 21 and was sentenced to 12 months unsupervised probation.

Pursuant to Virginia’s Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry Act, Benitez-Giron will be required to register as a sex offender.
Information about the Virginia’s Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry and those on it can be found on the Virginia State Police website: http://www.sex-offender.vsp.virginia.gov.


Everett - Let him live with your family if you think 15 years is too long. Reading most of your post, you live is a state of confusion. He should be castrated and locked up.

pick up trash 4 violent crime of rape 2 minor = ridiculous

shame him = restitution = wk 15 yrs in women’s shelters w/ shackles & chains

Everett advocate putting prisoners back to work then, they can sit in jail when not working so they are segregated from society.

my whole point is make him productive by cleaning up trash or something along those lines rather than just sit in jail and rot . under close supervision of course.

what difference does it make if he is in jail for 15 years or is under house arrest for 15 years with no one allowed to live with him or visit him?

Everett are you making a bad joke? He raped someone and likely a minor based on the fact the age was not revealed.

Everett - He raped a minor that lived in the same house - he should be locked away forever.

I’m curious about his immigration status….

15 years seems a bit harsh. He will spend all his 40’s in jail. Would you want to spend an entire decade (and them some) in jail?

He should be under house arrest with no one living with him, and dedicate 40 hrs a week picking up trash (supervised) along various freeways.

How does this guy get out of jail the same day, after rape and commits another crime???? Was 15 years the max?

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