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Sterling man shot by Loudoun deputy

A Sterling man is in critical condition after he was shot today by a Loudoun County deputy.

The deputy shot the man, according to reports, when he pointed a “possible firearm” at him.

The 4 p.m. incident occurred in the 1100 block of Albemarle Road in Sterling.

Deputies were called to the scene for reports of an armed disorderly man who was brandishing a large sword and was threatening family members outside of a home.

The deputies began talking to the man and ordered him to drop the weapon.

He refused to comply with their commands and pointed the weapon at the deputies before the shooting occurred, according to reports.

The man was airlifted to an area hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The incident is under investigation in conjunction with the Virginia State Police.

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“The weapons are directed outward as a defense against the demons but police see it as a threat and the person dies in a hail of gunshots.”

Anytime someone brandishes a knife, a sword, a gun, or any other object that can be used as a weapon against another human being, it is considered a threat. Human beings instinctively know this. In this case the man was threatening his own family members with the sword. It doesn’t matter if he is mentally unstable or not. The police have a duty to protect the public. They even have a duty to protect Ed Meyers.

The fact that Ron ‘I should be Sheriff because I say so’ Speakman thinks Deputies are wearing “military style combat vest(s)” just shows again how out of touch he is with modern policing and especially modern advancements in police uniform technology. The new vests and uniforms were designed to be more comfortable for the Deputies and hopefully lower incidents of stress and weight related lower back and hip injuries associated with carrying all the weight on the belt/hips. They are carrying all the same items they did before, just in a different location. They also wear them in court because its the uniform. There is a reason most departments are transitioning to them, and it’s not scare tactics. Good luck running on a platform of “I want the Deputies to not work comfortably and I’m willing to let the taxpayers pay for more workers comp claims for equipment related injuries!”. What a joke.

Maybe Loudoun needs a Sheriff’s Dept and a Police Dept.? Like in Montgomery County.

How many of you carry around knives &/or swords in public, threatening people and think you would be safe from any repercussions from the police?  You’ve got to be kidding.

I thought they took the bullets out of Deputy Fiffe’s gun after he capped that poor little lady at Costco?

The outer carrier vests help prevent back problems and keep the officer cooler. They are not worn to try to intimidate people. After 25 years of service, my father now has to have back surgery because of carrying around 30 lbs on his hips for 12 hours a shift. The outer carrier vests help distribute the weight.

I don’t believe anyone is second guessing officers should not protect themselves.  I believe people are now realizing they were deceived by a Bureaucrat who I hear has done just what I predicted. More people will most likely get killed before he’s removed.  Both shootings have demonstrated a lack of the right type of leadership. In todays world Police can justifiably shoot someone daily; its the willingness not to that is important. It’s the difference between Militarism and good local policing.

Many good comments here that aptly describe the current situation at LCSO.  I truly believe that the deputies are doing their best at attempting to do their job but that in and of itself is very difficult when working in the Chapman environment. The morale level is so low due to incompetent and uncaring leadership. The man in charge seems to be all about himself and how his public image appears. At public functions he portrays how everything is going so well when in fact it is just the opposite. If you listen to him most of the time he just rambles on about how great he is and everything he has done, most of which isn’t even true. In the office the berating and cursing is unacceptable and is indicative of a leader with little confidence. Only thing that seems to be important is getting reelected no matter what the human cost.  The castle walls are really starting to crumble and the citizens of this county deserve a much better Sheriff than the current one. Hope the deputies get their wish in the next election.

Obviously the majority of people responding here have no clue!!!! The vests the deputies are wearing are no different then the ones they were wearing 10 years ago, the only difference is they are wearing outer vest carriers not under the uniform.

We can get into police tactics all you want and you will still never understand because most of you have never lived the life of an officer. There is no sense in trying to get people to change their views because it’s a waste of time.

Here’s a constructive suggestion. Instead of buying all the military hardware spend some of the money on training officers how to approach and deal with mentally ill people. Learn tactics that prevent people from feeling cornered because it is that trapped instinct that causes people not otherwise inclined to violence to run…in an attempt to escape the demons (from the mentally ill’s POV) that are closing in. The weapons are directed outward as a defense against the demons but police see it as a threat and the person dies in a hail of gunshots. There has got to be a better non-lethal way to respond.

@GetaGRIP, and you had to post to show others your opinion… How is that any different? The Media gives very little information(and Sheriff’s office). It was stated a sword but deputy thought it was a gun? If it were me, I’d shoot the guy in the leg or shoulder, not to kill. I’m sure the guy was drunk, on drugs or had mental issues. How many shots were fired? How many duputies shot at the guy?

Its funny how you ppl react on here as if YOU were there in the situation.  You are all monday morning quarter backs…. rather than being constructive… you can only be destructive.  It is completely HYSTERICAL that some think the election of a sheriff changes the situations that were at hand… or simply what an officer wears.  Such simple minded thinking…. baffles me.  As for the “WILD WILD WEST”... LMAO… really?  You should be treated like the woman on the movie “AIRPLANE”  with a line of ppl waiting to smack you in to reality.  Seriously folks!!!!???  You don’t know what was going on in those split second situations… and you probably never will b/c you live in such a sheltered life that you get bent out of shape if your bread is in the wrong bag at the grocery story…..  Until you are able to be in that scenario and prove it was handled wrong… don’t make ignorant comments…..

Have a good day….

You see what the bureaucrats at the IRS and the Veterans Administration have done to ruin, and in some cases criminalize these agencies?  Well, you have Federal Bureaucrats running the Sheriff’s Office and driving it into the ground as well.  This Sheriff has moved toward a the militarization of the agency with tactical gear as routine garb for patrol officers, Humvee vehicles, and the new fortress like HQ on Sycolin Road.  I’m surprised we haven’t seen a brown drone parked at the nearby Leesburg Airport.

3 incidents in the past year…something’s not right in Loudoun County.  How many does it take before a) people stop trying to justify these actions as part of a misguided impulse to support law enforcement and b) we demand full inquiry and full and thorough explanations of how these incidents are resolved.

@Ron - nice lip service about how you are “all for protecting our deputies.”  If you haven’t noticed, the world is a more dangerous place, than it was even 10 years ago.  Bad things happen all over.  Western Fairfax County isn’t considered to be very dangerous.  However, only a few years ago, two police officers were killed by a teenager with a rifle in Chantilly.  That’s practically our backyard.  The number of nut jobs has grown exponentially.  It’s time that this nation gets a grip on mental health issues and access to guns by those who are unfit to be near them.

For the love of God people, get your facts straight before flapping you gums!  The police DID NOT choose shooting the lady at COSTCO as their first line of defense, they used a taser on the woman who continued to carry on and then go after the Officer with the knife.  All of you are nothing but a bunch of hypocritical, having nothing better to do busybodies who think they know what’s best and how things should go (do you all work for the government?).  New Flash people this is the real world and not a fairy tale.  I just hope all of remember the way you feel and your remarks when that person breaks into your/a family members home, when someone is holding you/a family member hostage or when someone is beating the crap out of you/family member and you call LCSO to come help you and they have two choices to save you/family member by shooting the person or let them finish you/family member off. If they chose not to shoot the person you hypocrites would all be crying because LCSO didn’t do their job to protect you. Disgraceful! None of you were running the situation and I really don’t care if you lived across the street or next door the scene. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON OR WHAT HAPPEN! I am not stupid and I know there are some dirty cops on the force but I personally would rather see that person shot then have them go on a kill spree of innocent people. I would like to thank the LCSO for protecting me and my family. Oh and LifeLongLOCOresident society was a whole hell a lot different 10 years ago!

I get a good snicker when I see the deputy’s cruising the mean streets of Ashburn with full tactical vests and thigh ride holsters.  That is what we wore in Iraq, you know, when every other person wanted you dead.  My point is that wearing that gear sets a mentality for their shift, perhaps change is in order.

These types of incidents will continue to occur as long as you have a Sheriff that is out of touch and incompetent and couldn’t care less about his deputies or those they protect.  The Sheriff applies Federal template at every opportunity regardless of facts or advice.  His federal background is in media relations and his past colleagues will tell you that he did very little enforcement activity but rather was a career disgruntled employee because of multiple failures at promotion.

The deputies wear those military style combat vests and tons of gear in public school because the kids are (apparently) as dangerous as terrorists.

It scares me that we don’t seem to use anything but guns, are all the Taser’s broken, how about some pepper spray? Between the lady from Costco, the teenager in Purcellville, and now the man in Sterling geesh…. I understand the police are doing a job that I don’t want to do, and appreciate that they keep me safe. I want them safe as well, however if one of my teenagers was having a rough day I would hate for them to run in to a Loudoun County Sherriff….

I have to concur with LifeLong. These types of stories are becoming more prevalent. 2 officer involved shooting in less than 1 year.

I agree with you lifelonglOCOresident. However, change has occurred. Policing by overwhelming force with military style tactics is how Federal Bureaucrats are trained.  The Federal Government’s policy is to trains it’s Bureaucrats that all citizens are a threat. If you train and lead a police agency with military style response’s and have your deputies dress like they belong in Afghanistan, shooting’s like this will continue.  Deputies in Loudoun County now wear military style combat vest as if they are policing in Afghanistan. Deputy’s even wear them in the Court house. Look at who is leading the sheriff’s office a “Federal Bureaucrat.” I am all for protecting our deputies but Loudoun is not east L.A. or P.G.County M.D.     

Good judgement dictates not to threaten a LEO with any type of weapon.  We don’t need people with that type of bad judgement.

Loudoun County has become the Wild Wild West of the east coast.  The Sheriff department has the shoot first, arrest second policy.  Just a few years ago, the deputies shot a woman at Costco for brandishing a knife.  10 years ago, they would have taken both of these individuals down without using firearms.  Makes me nervous, what it is going to be like in another 10 years?

Was the man holding a sword or a gun?

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