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Sterling woman faces more charges in connection with Jan. 6 domestic dispute

A Sterling woman who was charged Jan. 7 in connection with a domestic assault at her home has now been charged in connection with the death of two dogs.

Officials with the Loudoun County Department of Animal Services charged Aleta J. James, 32,  with two counts of felony animal cruelty on Jan. 6. Animal Services conducted an investigation and determined that the dogs died from puncture wounds and trauma suffered to their chests.

The animal cruelty charges carry a possible sentence of one to five years in jail and a fine of up to $2,500.

The dogs were fatally wounded during an assault involving James and another family member at a home on North Fillmore Avenue in Sterling early Jan. 6. The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, which responded to the scene along with Loudoun County Animal Control, initially charged James with malicious wounding and abuse and neglect of a child.

James was hospitalized with injuries suffered during the incident. She was released from the hospital Jan. 7 and is being held without bond at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center.

The other person stabbed in the incident, a 51-year-old woman, was taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.


I would not have voted for Jesus, Frank.

I’m honestly not sure what you mean, would it have been better if his mother had killed him in a struggle? I suppose yes, it would have been much better for the victims of Sandy Hook as it would not have happened.
But if we are talking “what ifs”... what if the mother never owned an AR15? Or at least recognized the potential for danger and properly secured the weapons.
I’ll be honest, I like shooting guns. I own a gun (very sweet Berreta 96FS compact .40 cal). I love that gun. But I also have a 5 year old son. I’ve disassembled my weapon into 3 pieces, all stored in different places in my house. This is because I remember how curious I was as a boy. See, while I like shooting guns, I don’t like it enough to jeopardize my son. I know, it’s essentially useless in terms of protecting my family but I had to make the choice of which would be more likely scenario to happen.
This is sort of my stance on the AWB. I did not see a need for it, maybe a year ago. I like shooting my friends AR. It’s just, I don’t like it enough where I’m willing to see children shot and killed. Hopefully you see what I’m saying. It’s just not that cool to me.
And yes, I also believe that mental health certainly needs to be addressed, in a way where that type of care is available to the general public regardless of income level.
@ Spark
Did not mean to offend, I made an assumption and hoped to make a point, however I realize that comments from an Agnostic like myself won’t do much to persuade a religious person whom is set in their ways. Much like religious folks simply don’t persuade me when they reference their bibles (or Quarans or whatever). 
There is a pretty funny article on The Onion. It lampoons this case, the headline is “Gorilla Sales Skyrocket After Latest Gorilla Attack”. I know it’s just a joke, but it kind of puts things in perspective about how we feel about guns in this country.
That’s all, I’m done.

@Frank Jameso - Adam Lanza was mentally ill and represents the .01% of murders in America; not even close to the typical or any sort of majority. Look at Loudoun vs DC an its crime rates and the people committing those crimes. Typical murderer in America is a repeat offender banned from firearms ownership in the first place but always finds some moron who will buy a gun for them illegally known as a straw buy. Registration would be the best method to stop that no some silly ban.

As to the outcome being a dead person vs dogs, I have no sympathy for violent offenders. The person who is acting violent being injured or killed is always the preference than the victim(s).

Again the point remains many nations own guns including what we are debating as assault rifles, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland, and have none of this violence. Its the people that commit violence that are the issue and need fixing not what kind of firearm we are allowed to privately own. We are better served to stop debating bans and look at methods to better control the sick or keep guns away from the criminals. Going back to Adam Lanza would it have not been better if his mother killed him in a struggle? Not that a struggle happened but if it had which outcome would have been better?

@Frank et al - An eye for an eye or in this case four legs for two.

@Frank - I don’t know, nor care if West Loudouner is a Christian, or not.  But AS A CHRISTIAN,  I get tired of the rhetoric and the stereotyping that is used AGAINST my faith.  Why didn’t you ask him if he was a Jew or Muslim or Hindu?  Or better yet, what race he is ?  Unless there is a direct link, please leave issues of religion out of civil discussions here; it’s inflammatory.

Umm… I think Adam Lanza lived in a nice neighborhood

Interesting perspective. You are essentially saying your preferred outcome would have been that a human be killed, dogs saved, all in an effort to save a few tax dollars. And let me guess, you are a Christian? Do you think that’s the outcome Jesus would have wanted? That’s a serious question.

*by the way, I realized I posted this reply on the wrong article earlier

This woman used a knife, funny thing is knives kill more people in America than rifles do. In Loudoun you go back and look at all our murders (few as there are) only about 1 in 4 is a firearm most are domestic violence with a hammer or knife.

Nationally 46% of households own firearms, I bet in a red zone like Loudoun it is higher. I know a good number of my neighbors own them as well as myself in the Broadlands. Funny no one seems to be getting killed down there in the nice neighborhood even with guns. Maybe the problem in America is the poor and under/uneducated people. Anyone see her photo? Clearly poor and under/uneducated, she has a tattoo on her neck.

@Frank & Jeanne - Or if the victim had a gun, both dogs would still be alive and the attacker taken care of rather than her being a drain on the county.

Very good point :) Now you’re starting to get it.
If this woman had a gun, we would have seen human loss as well…

What?  No guns were used in this assault?

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