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Strong turnout pushes Loudoun into blue column

While few election problems were reported from the polls in 2012, almost 20,000 more voters showed up at polls than during the presidential race in 2008.

But instead of a stronger turnout, this number represents growth in the county.

In 2012, 159,202 voters cast ballots in Loudoun of the 210,392 registered voters. This 75.67 percent is certainly stronger than 2011’s 28.17 percent voter turnout for local races.

In 2012, the Mercer precinct in Dulles has the distinction of having the highest in-person voter turnout at 72.75 percent, while the Belmont Ridge precinct in Ashburn had the highest number of voters – 3,070.

District by district, Algonkian, Ashburn, Broad Run, Dulles, Leesburg and Sterling came in with more votes for Barack Obama, while western Loudoun districts Blue Ridge and Catoctin favored Mitt Romney. For the Senate race, the results were similar although Tim Kaine’s opponent George Allen won the Ashburn district by 10 votes.

The success of Kaine and Obama in Loudoun may surprise some political onlookers, who noted that in 2011, voters almost unanimously selected Republican representatives, ousting several Democrat and Independent incumbents.

The switch between a predominantly Republican outcome to a strongly Democratic one only adds to Loudoun’s placement as a swing county in Virginia.

Loudoun supports state constitution questions

This year, the Virginia General Assembly referred two questions to voters regarding changes to the state constitution.

The first question was regarding a relatively obscure housekeeping issue for the General Assembly. The question, which allows for the legislature to delay its veto meeting passed the state by 82.05 percent of the vote, with 99 percent of the statewide precincts reporting.

The veto session question passed in Loudoun with 104,178 voters for the measure and 45,487 against.

The slightly more controversial question added property rights to the state Bill of Rights and added protections against eminent domain abuse within the Virginia Constitution. It also prohibits jurisdictions to invoke eminent domain on a property and then referring it to a private property.

Questions on the issue centered on how the change increased protection against eminent domain abuse and how it would impact growth in the region. Voters overrode these concerns with 65.5 percent of Loudoun voters approving the measure. The question faired a little better statewide, winning by 74.5 percent.

Loudoun passes bond issues

Loudoun County found itself agreeable to the state constitutional questions and local bond issues submitted to them in 2012.

Locally, Loudoun voters approved two bond requests. The first, a $2,750,000 bond to finance fire equipment passed with a massive 79.13 percent approval.

The school bond also passed with a significant margin, 89,447 votes and 68.38 percent of the election voted in favor of the $136,150,000 bond. The money will be used to finance renovations at Loudoun Valley High School and the design and construction of an elementary school in Dulles South and the new Loudoun Valley Estates II High School.

Editor’s note: The numbers noted above refer to unofficial final totals, pending absentee and provisional ballots.


guess they stopped taking comments???

Actually had Romney run on what he believed and chosen a more moderate Republican for a running mate I have no doubt he would have won.  Instead he had to swing way right to get money to run his campaign and ended up scaring the heck out of the very public he needed to win.  Also interesting that those against Obama seem to toss out the stock market card when it goes down (all his fault) but NEVER give the credit when it goes up (as it hit record highs under his first term).  What’s up with that?  Sour grapes is what that is.  And it would be nice if you’d stop assuming that anyone Democratic isn’t holding down a job and paying taxes…..get over yourselves already.

I love it, people think lazy democrats only come out for presidential election or that Hispanics, the second smallest minority in Loudoun are to blame (we have more Asian folks than Hispanics).

Fact is many people voted Obama, Kaine, Wolf. That’s right some people do not vote party lines. We are not all political hacks only siding with one philosophy we are in the middle and pick the best person in each race.

@ashburnfella, Oh and since my taxes will go up because I’m considered in the top 1%. I just cancelled my maid service, lawn service, will cut back eating out, cancelled my home phone service, cut back on cable bill, will hold off buying a new car(keep existing cars an extra year or two) and giving less to charity. And unlike most companies, I will still get my 5-6% raise($9k-10K) in Jan and save my money instead of spending it. So, in the end, Obama’s policies will hurt the ones who voted for him the most.

@ashburnfella, I can’t help it people who complained about being unemployed voted for Obama. The rich will continue to get richer while the poor and middle class move even lower to the bottom. We have a 2nd term leader that lacks leadership, blames others, accomplished very little and has no clue on the Benghazi debacle. Oh, and everyone(even poor and middle class) will pay more in income taxes in 2013

Spark:  I find your comment offensive, to say the least—implying that my vote was ignited by “cynicism” and “hatred.”  Rather than malign Limbaugh, please speak to what he said.  Do you agree or disagree that if you are receiving some form of government financial assistance that you would have a hard time voting for a candidate who will cut some of those services?  The hard truth is that we cannot dig our way out of this financial crisis by raising taxes on the productive.  If you took ALL of the money from the wealthy it still wouldn’t be enough.  So that means you have to start cutting.  This isn’t about politics—it’s about simple math.  I will continue to give financially to our local shelters. Help starts at home—not by sending my money to be wasted by the feds.

@Jehovah -  Rush LImbaugh never said anything “best”.  Angry talk show hosts are there for one thing:  to sell themselves.  And they do that by inciting cynicism and hatred in the hearts of millions.

“Rather than expanding and challenging our views on important issues, (the media) instead feeds us selectively chosen information.” James Calvin Davis.

The media strive by selling incivility and ideological vehemence to keep market shares and propaganda alive.  We’re all subject to this rancor yet civility is more important to our collective identity as the greatest nation on earth. Less soundbites and more listening, please.

“With malice toward none, with charity for all. . . cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.” Abraham Lincoln, 2nd Inaugural Address

Waya:  I’m also white, female and Republican.  But I vote straight party whether I “like” the candidate or not.  How can you even make an assessment like that?  You can’t truly know any candidate so you have to vote based on the assumption that they will vote the way of your party’s platform.  Therefore, I don’t believe you are truly Republican if you would choose Obama’s “wealth redistribution” platform over any Republican’s “cut-spending” platform.  Please be specific—what “tea party nutjobs” are you referring to?

@wesLOUDOUNer it’s clear that across the country ,the only demographic the repubs won was the white male category.  if the republicans don’t have the ability to come up with ideas that bring them into their caucus, then they will continue to lose more elections going forward.  that’s the truth, face it.

I’m white, female, and Republican, but I voted straight blue for the first time ever, and will continue to do so until the GOP tosses out the tea party nutjobs.  Come on, there has to be some Republicans with a brain left, yes?

ok, thank you hispanics

It’s taken me awhile to respond because I’m still mourning the loss of pride, personal responsibility, and independence that our county and our country voted for on Tuesday.  As Rush Limbaugh said it best, “It’s hard to vote against Santa Clause.”  And that’s exactly what Obama is to the 47% of Americans who receive some type of government assistance:  a Santa Clause who hands out goodies like free birth control, free health care, stimulus funds for companies who make things that people don’t want (Chevy Volt), and student loans that will never be paid back.  All paid for by the 53% of us who work hard and are penalized for saving our money, investing our money, and who now can’t even get a tax break for making donations to our churches and local charities. 

“We the People” just voted for our nation to become the next Greece.  Congratulations.

ashfella, I’m still here.  My precinct went red, actually.

“Real” is a pretty overworked word in Loudoun—various crops of move-ins apply it to themselves in succession.

The rural area was pretty red, but I don’t know if it’s a “density = Dems” thing so much, since many new residents of the rural area live in the same kinds of houses as those in the east, and are employed a lot of the same kinds of places.

I think the data mining and microtargeting of the advertising on the Dem side was very effective.

Astonishing, in fact, that they were able to run on everything BUT Obama’s record and plans.

Meanwhile, the market is melting down, and we never heard about Iran firing on the drone in international airspace the week before the election, and no doubt more good things to come.

Everything that comes will be good now, since the right people won, right?

Mr. Obama inherited his own economy, so it should be roaring along any second now.

Keep us posted, because you all own it now, and that means much much more than anonymous crowing on websites.

Most people aren’t lazy, just Democrats are Lazy. Republicans are the only hard working bunch around the County, while the Democrats wait for their Government Check and Cheese.

You can thank all the hispanics that voted that turned Loudoun clue.

start blameing the house for the lack of work that a president would accomplish.

Yet again, this shows it is all about turnout. 28%  bother to show up and you get York, Delgaudio, Reid, Minchew and Black. 76% show up and you get Obama and Kaine.

It really shows you the “real” Loudoun, and makes you realize how lazy most voters are. Loudoun isn’t Dick Black country anymore, but people need to show up.

Next step for Loudoun is clearing the medians of the signs that have been placed there illegally.

You’re next on the chopping block Delgaudio!

Astonishing that we don’t see all the Romney rhetoric here like we have for the past few weeks! So where are all of our friends…
Shaking My Head
more cowbell - who predicted a 53% mark for Romney in VA
LoCo Wonders?
Barbara Munsey
SkidRow - one of the more vocal ones who rants about “We the People” - btw, we the people just elected Barack.

Oh, and there are more.  Would love to hear from all of you on what you think about the outcome…not just the general election, but the overall election numbers placing Loudoun in the BLUE category.  Ashburn, Dulles, Leesburg - BLUE BLUE BLUE. And BLUE.

Thank goodness the election for people who really impact our lives are off year elections when the Democrats stay home watching Oprah.

guess all those huge Romney/Ryan signs didn’t work…

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