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UPDATE: Nine students suspended for bringing ‘pot brownies’ into Ashburn middle school

Update, 2:01 p.m., Jan. 27

According to Liz Mills, spokesman for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, the incident actually occurred on the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 25. Yet, a Sheriff’s Office school resource officer wasn’t notified until after 5 p.m. on Thursday, according to earlier information from Sheriff Mike Chapman.

“In the future, the Sheriff’s Office hopes that incidents are coordinated at the earliest stage possible,” Mills said.

School Board Public Information Officer Wayde Byard said the school actually wasn’t aware of the extent of the incident until dismissal on Thursday, and notified the Sheriff’s Office shortly thereafter.

“We didn’t wait on this,” Byard said, and indicated that school administration separated the students for questioning.

The nine students, including five boys and four girls, have been suspended, Mills said. The group apparently mixed together marijuana and brownie batter earlier in the week before bringing the items to school. Each student was scheduled to meet with a school resource officer today to determine their length of suspensions.

All nine students are 8th graders.

Update, 10:49 a.m., Jan. 27

Loudoun County Public Schools Public Information Office Wayde Byard confirmed that nine students were involved in the incident. And despite what students proclaimed on social media feeds, nobody is jumping the gun on suspensions or expulsions.

“Students make mistakes, and we want to help them fix the mistakes,” Byard said. “We’re not focused on punishment, we’re focused on how to help these kids.”

Yet, Byard said having controlled substances in school is a serious event and is punishable by suspension or expulsion in the worst case.

Byard indicated that marijuana brought into a middle school is rare, but that Loudoun County Public Schools fields a substance abuse incident “once or twice a year” at the middle school level.

On Jan. 6, six students were found intoxicated at J. Michael Lunsford Middle School in South Riding, the last documented case of Loudoun middle school substance abuse. In that incident, the six kids ranged from 12-14 in age and were determined to be in different states of intoxication. None of the students required medical attention and the school notified the parents.

This is a developing story.

Original story, 9:53 p.m. Jan. 26

Reports of students bringing brownies infused with marijuana into Farmwell Station Middle School on Jan. 26 were confirmed by Loudoun Sheriff Mike Chapman.

Chapman said the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the situation at 5:45 p.m. and that there appeared to be a handful of students involved.

Liz Mills, spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office, had said at approximately 5:27 p.m. that the agency was unaware of the situation.

Loudoun County Public Schools Public Information Office Wayde Byard said that he also wasn’t aware of the circumstances at around 5:30 p.m.

Chapman said that the Sheriff’s Office did not conduct the investigation, and it is unclear at this time whether there will be charges. He added that the Sheriff’s Office will work with Loudoun County Public Schools to investigate the matter further.

Social media sites Twitter and Facebook were abuzz with discussion surrounding Farmwell Station Middle School claiming that up to 20 students had been expelled.

Sherryl Loya, the school’s principal, shot down those reports with a release from the ConnectEd system shortly after 9 p.m. The phone and email message was sent to every parent and staff member associated with the middle school, and also made it to Facebook.

“Good evening, this is Sherryl Loya, the principal of Farmwell Station Middle School. There was a great deal of social media activity tonight stating that up to 20 students have been expelled from Farmwell Station for an alleged offense. This is not true. Our school system’s disciplinary system does not impose instant punishments for any offense. When severe punishment, such as a suspension or expulsion, is imposed, it is done only after a thorough investigation at the school and review at the central office. I’m asking you please do not contribute to the misinformation being spread. Thank you.”

After Chapman confirmed the incident, Byard said he couldn’t comment on the situation, saying officials are not allowed to talk about discipline-related issues that involve students.


the fact that this case has not been properly investigated is truly newsworthy. however, the Loudoun Times seems to believe that their initial reporting of this case is sufficient. Memo from Loudoun Times: ‘Greetings backpocket of LCPS !’
LCPS has utterly turned its back on the families involved in this complete mess.
the female student who supplied the brownies in question has never declared if there was, or was not, marijuana in these brownies.
She did however tweet. the night that she and her friend coercively distributed these brownies, of the pride she felt at the attention she received for bringing ‘brownies’ to school.
The nine accused students were drug tested immediately and none of those tested were found to have a trace of illegal drugs in their systems.
However, these 9 students were suspended IMMEDIATELY, on the basis of the statements submitted by the girl in question and her co-conspirator who distributed the brownies.
This punishment happened (quite to the contrary of the false statements put forth by the Farmwell Station principal and the LCPS PR dept) BEFORE   adequate questioning or investigation had been performed.
Meanwhile, this sad sack in Waterford who can’t get his kids to school on time distracts the populous from a story with real repercussions.
The families affected by this embarrassing fumble on the part of LCPS, must spend huge amounts of money to try to defend themselves from these scurrilous charges.. and the crack LCPS legal team says the equivalent of, ‘we own you bitches, case closed.’

To: Up in smoke.

First off. Im a woman. Not a man.
Secondly, Your ignorant impression of me is obviously wrong. I was never addicted to any sort of drug. I tried it out a few times when I was younger. Didnt you? Come on. Dont be shy. Just because I have the audacity to be honest with my mistakes on the internet where everyone can see and you have the arrogance and shame to cover yours and point fingers at innocent people doesn’t make anything you say too credible. I think you people should give these parents a break was all I was trying to say, and let the law enforcement do their job. (Unless you think you are more qualified.) Which by the sounds of it, I would say not. If all you people think you can do a better job at handling this? Then do it. Get involved in your community to help prevent things like this in a wisely political manner rather than accuse an innocent twenty year old girl who was just trying to voice her opinion to you arrogant pieces of work. So, furthermore, Thanks “Up in smoke.” You made a complete a** out of yourself. For the record for any one else, I have never, and will never have the intent to distribute drugs.
Thank you.

You got a good point there 23 years seems like high qualification to me. I like the Sheriff name or call them cops, I don’t care much for peace officer or for that matter Secretary of Defence. Give me the Sheriff or the Secretary of War just so the so-called bad boys know the legal bad-ass is about to bring the hammer down

Who is Sheriff Mike Chapman?

” . . . . 23 years as a Special Agent with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)”.

Get used to it . . . your “peace officer” is a thing of the past Amerika.

“When severe punishment, such as a suspension or expulsion, is imposed, it is done only after a thorough investigation at the school and review at the central office.”  - Principal Loya

that is what i call a HUM-DINGER !
a boldfaced HUM-DINGER!
a shameless, boldfaced, HUM-DINGER !

I wonder if the Loudoun Times might follow up on that one line.

The ‘investigation’ conducted on Thursday afternoon, prior to any parental notification, resulted in suspensions of 9 kids beginning the very next day… 
but somehow Mr. Byard felt assured to report, “Students make mistakes, and we want to help them fix the mistakes,” Byard said. “We’re not focused on punishment, we’re focused on how to help these kids.”

i humbly submit that Del Rio restaurant in Leesburg has a comedy open-mic on Saturday evenings. Loya and Byard (and that ridiculoous schmoe from the Loudoun County BOE) might have a solid 15 minute set.  Eugene Delgaudio might be willing to do warm-up for this crack comedy team from the Loudoun Co. Admin building.

Yo Up In Smoke i did say I would like our Sheriff to follow the pot trail and bust the wiggley biggleys. Is there a current update concerning this?

Now we know where the kids got the pot - from 20 yr old “What a Joke”.  He moved on from smoking the stuff in Middle School, drinking & drugs in HS and now selling to the Middle Schoolers. Good roll model.

Wow. Ignorance is truly out here, and VERY apparent in this thread. How dare any of you people blame the actions of these kids on the Parents! And judge them on THEIR parenting skills. For any of you judging how to parent, for all you know, YOUR kid could be making some good ol’ fashioned ‘pot brownies’ as your reading this. Do you really know what your kid is doing at all times? If yes? I highly doubt it. And if you are one of those parents who confine your children in a cage of nothing to shield them from what you PERCEIVE as the “horrible outside world.” Then shame on you as well for not giving another human being that you gave birth to, to make a life for them self and discover who THEY genuinely are, without you pushing your ignorant views upon them. I’m in my twenties and do NOT have any children, but I can tell you that my Parents raised me perfectly. They didn’t do anything wrong! Yet, I still involved myself with things I KNEW were wrong. It’s a part of growing up; Making mistakes, and hopefully learning from them. If you don’t make any mistakes early in life, when do you ever learn?

And Parents, PLEASE do not act like you all are saints. I’m sure a lot of you have at least tried Marijuana at least ONCE in your lifetime. Despite 70+ years of criminal prohibition, marijuana still remains widely popular among Americans, with over 102 million Americans (41 percent of the U.S. population) having used it during their lifetimes, 26 million (10 percent) having used it in the past year, and over 15 million (6 percent) admitting that they use it regularly. So by all means, if you want to judge these poor parents you are ridiculing, then you might as well ridicule half of the countries Parents!

These problems will continue to exist until the end of time. It has nothing to do with Law Enforcement and how they go about handling it, It has nothing to do with how someone was parented. It has EVERYTHING to do with an individuals actions. People are a result of their OWN thoughts which are played out into actions. Should they be punished? Yes, because its the law. Should the parents be ridiculed? No. Absolutely not. Kids should learn to take responsibility for THEIR actions and not to blame it on the actions of their Parents. They will live a miserable life of unaccountability if they do not learn that.

Anyway, My point is. I’m 20 years old. I smoked pot in middle school. I drank and did other drugs in early high school. My parents? They were great. Never did anything wrong and played by the rules. I figured it out on my own, and I am doing just fine for myself and am Drug/alcohol free. I learned to become responsible for my actions early, and to never have the idea to blame it on my parents like some of you arrogant people have assumed to do. YOU people are acting like children.
Grow up! And just remember. When you assume, you make an “ASS out of U and ME!”
Also, when you point one finger folks, you’ve got three pointing right back at you.

What no one is asking is “Where did they get the weed in the 1st place?”

I live in Ashburn.  It is a horrendous place.  Lefty Hippies are everywhere.  These kids deserve punishment for being so dumb as to bring these brownies to school.  They should have eaten them for breakfast, or at the bus stop.

Parents, please fix this issue with your kids. Know where they are and who they hangout with.  If you don’t, we all will be in deep sh*t.

Hey zumba. I don’t think our Sheriff is looking to make a big splash with finding out where the controlled substance came from. I for one would like the so-called pot trail to be followed up on and bust the dopes selling and providing the stuff. Imagine where we would be without the DEA sounds scary to me. By the way Chapman got about 26,500 votes, would your friends vote for you much less a informed public?

Tired of double standards/hypocrites… when did anyone ever say anything about sterling or anything about “dirt bag illegals”?  Not one time did anyone put any thought or idea about illegals or even anything racial into any of this.  race and/or gender has nothing to do with any of this.  And neither does location of where anyone lives, do you really think things like this don’t happen anywhere else in the country?  NEWSFLASH it happens all around the world!  why don’t you get your head out of the stereotypical sand and I’ll take mine out of the ashburn one.  Thanks for the advise

To “slowdown everyone”.  So if you know the kids and they are from Ashburn, the it’s “kids will be kids”.  I suppose if they are from Sterling and you don’t know them, then it’s “dirtbag illegals at it again!”  You need to pull you head out of that Ashburn sand.

Let’s put it this way ... we had kid who was selling drugs out of his house down the street from us about 10 years ago, in Ashburn, less than a half a mile from Farmwall Middle School. He shot and killed another teen in his grandparents’ basement and subsequently went to jail. Before he went to jail, there was substantially more crime in the neighborhood. Gunshots. Neighbors were so scared they wouldn’t agree to video monitoring. Undesirables in the neighborhood.

This kind of behavior in kids is usually the result of parents not being clear with kids (clear meaning that some kids need a verbal “sledgehammer” between their eyes to get the message) about consequences. If my kid did that, and brought that in my house, they would be enrolling in military school. Period. I don’t need that liability. Plus, I would press charges against whoever sold to the kids, if I found out. Then I would hire a private detective to trail the drug dealer and turn the evidence over to the police.

Further, if there are younger kids in the home, your kid doing drugs puts them at risk as well as the other kids in the school.

As mentioned by others here, pot is a gateway drug. Particularly if you have a dealer, who also sells the other stuff (it’s called a “captive” market for anyone familiar with marketing). Again, this is a danger to everyone involved. There is the potential of further entanglement with criminals, loan sharks, etc. where you will find YOUR HOUSE and HOME come under threat by these elements either due to a dispute or an unpaid obligation. The number of unintended consequences are numerous. For these kids, they might know the dealer ... but do they know the dealer’s supplier? Do they know all of their dealer’s associates and friends. It’s IMPOSSIBLE for them to know this. If they don’t then THEY DO NOT KNOW what they are getting into. Again, if you are one the parents of one of these kids who get the “you don’t know what you are talking about” response. Then military school is the best option. Military school will teach your kid that they really don’t know what they are doing or what they are talking about and will provide the control for the self-control that all teens / early 20 somethings lack in various degrees.

The school should of disciplined some of the kids more heavily, like expelling the kids that made the brownies instead of merely suspending them.  Marijuana is a gateway drug and could lead to usage of more hard drugs, for example: methamphetamine and heroin.  As a doctor, when I worked in California, I saw patients having to deal with the destructive consequences of crystal meth to their bodies, careers, and families.  The commonality of how most of the patients got into meth was that they always started smoking pot or drinking alcohol at a young age with their friends.  Also, there are drug tests that can test the presence of marijuana in the body (hair, blood, & urine) after a few days, even months.  Consequently, police wouldn’t necessarily need left over brownies to convict the students.  More important then punishment, I hope the school system gets the kids into drug counseling, so they can move on from this experience to lead productive lives.

Ever thus to deadbeats, Lebowski.

The more interesting aspect of this story is likely not to be about possibly intoxicated kids, but the relationship between the school district and law enforcement, and how LCPS handled the alleged incident. The media reports that even though the school system believed a crime had been committed, it was nearly two business days before school officials notified even the on-site LCSO school resource officer. When this type of thing happened before, it ended up costing the county tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal defense fees and an assistant principal his job.

While there are directly conflicting stories about the consequences for the perps, past, current, and future (therefore it is unclear and uncertain as to what may happen to any “guilty” students), no one seems to be focusing on whether there is proof anything actually happened.

Admittedly, being privy to only school scuttlebutt, media reports, and a couple sources close to the accused limits my knowledge of the facts, it appears it is challenging to charge the students with anything in violation of school rules—much less criminal—since there doesn’t appear to be any direct evidence. All reports say the school learned of the pot-laced brownies through hearsay and Facebook postings, If Farmwell Station staff didn’t confiscate the confections, then nothing could have been turned over to law enforcement for testing at a state crime lab; a positive report from such a facility would be necessary for misdemeanor charges to be filed against the children and other charges against any adults who may have provided the controlled substance to them. If indeed there ever was any marijuana in the first place—keep in mind that all we appear to have as evidence are social network posting and after-the-fact reports from juveniles.

It will be interesting to see what level of burden of proof the school systems applies in “convicting” the students, if that occurs.

to start off, I know the kids involved in the situation and I also know the families.  Yes at times these kids can be a hand full but all-in-all these kids are good kids and all come from good families.  To all the angles and people of high society and have never done anything wrong; the people who wants to jump on their pedestal, what happened to kids will be kids?  Do I condone and agree with what they did?  No I don’t, but like anyone else in here, I’ve made my mistakes in my life and I have learned from them.  So before everyone jumps down the throats of everyone involved, take a look back at your mistakes.  So if people want to sit on their cloud of judgement and rain down hell, fire and brimstone, why don’t you get the whole story before you judge.  Your not better then anyone else who looks at things on the outside then criticizes everything.

“And you, of tender years,
Can’t know the fears that your elders grew by,
And so please help them with your youth,
They seek the truth before they can die.

Counter Melody To Above Verse:
Can you hear and do you care and
Cant you see we must be free to
Teach your children what you believe in.
Make a world that we can live in.

Teach your parents well,
Their children’s hell will slowly go by,
And feed them on your dreams
The one they picked, the one you’ll know by.”  CS & N

Why does the Catholic Church suck?


Does the DEA train on how to deal with pot brownies at Middle Schools? I agree with Ridiculous, if Chapman wants to combat the big drug problem here in Loudoun (which doesn’t really exist), he will need a bigger story than this to highlight his career experience.

Question for Anon, if the brownies were all consumed, wouldn’t the kids be high and exhibiting signs of marijuana use? Honestly, while this is serious it is not CSI worthy. I would guess the kids fessed up after acting like they were high, how long does it take to break a group of 13 year olds to blab on each other?

Morris Morrison…......... are you kidding me?! Why do you say it’s the parents fault?! Kids could learn from the very best parents and still do what they want?! My dad tried his hardest to teach me right from wrong and I still made questionable decisions from time to time..never took drugs to school but same principal here…

I think ANY student of ANY age caught bringing ANY illegal substance to a school should be put away in a juvenile detention facility until the state has corrected their faulty sense of moral behaviour. ALL DRUGS ARE EVIL, PEOPLE! We should be protecting the GOOD kids and weeding out the wretched, SINFUL ones until our society is no longer sick with this disease!

No leftover brownies means nothing to test. The school can discipline based on kids pretending it was pot but the police need evidence to convict.

An obvious question here would seem to be, “How does the school know it actually was cannabis?”

The stories here and on other news sites state the LCSO was not involved in the investigation, so short of a law enforcement crime lab confirming the presence of marijuana, how can we be certain a crime or even a punishable school offense has occurred?

Also, the conflicting “facts” from the school spokespeople and the LCSO are a bit troubling—and that the LT isn’t really even recognizing the contradictions.

If you don’t expel these children, what defense will you have when the next student drug dealer gets caught on campus? There is a particular malice in the distribution of these drug brownies and that is they could easily been consumed by someone unaware of their contents. This is a criminal matter involving intent to distribute controlled substances. A criminal conviction of this nature and for someone of this age is a great opportunity for the Farmwell Nine to demonstrate they are not knuckleheads by staying clean for the duration of their minority status whereupon a clean record will allow them to have their conviction expunged. If you do the crime do the time without the parents wasting their time and money on trying to get you off.

Anon- are you seriously taking “but kicking” literally? (Eyeroll) @ Joe, I think most people know what you were trying to say.

Farmwell Parent- a lot of us DO know the students involved and are not presenting THOSE facts for obvious reasons.  I’m sorry if you are a parent or friend of one and are having trouble with the discussions…as I’m sure you never discuss any of the other Ashburn happenings w/anyone, ever. Come on now.

Joe, butt kicking is child abuse. The facts we are working with are as you presented it.

  You got it all wrong! I wasn’t talking about abuse! Just strong dicipline! To this day my five other siblings and myself have a wonderful relationship with our parents! It takes someone like you to assume that it was a violent upbringing! But since you grew up with me and know all about my parents than I guess you know all about me! Keep on assuming you idiot, instead of finding the facts first before you make a statement like the one you made!

@Eastern Loudoun….no worries I got you covered.

Spoiled, rich, white Ashburn kids, with parents that protect and cover their childrens bad behavior.  Oh are these the future Broan Run State Champs or the future Stone Bridge State Champs….Are you sure Sterling kids did not make these brownies and sell them to the rich kids in Ashburn….can we be sure?  Are one of the parents a lawyer.  Have the children been deported and checked imigration status….just wondering.

To Linda Harman who stated: Don’t expel these students. Your job is to educate them.

Education IS about learning right from wrong.  LCPS took the appropriate action. Perhaps this will be a “wake up notice” to the associated parents/guardians.

Farmwell Parent, what difference does it make who the kids are or who the parents are ...the fact is someone brought pot filled brownies to school~ this time they got caught.I don’t think it matters who the parents are and I hope they are getting help for their children and not just blowing it off. As for social media, well, chalk that up to a sign of the times, everything ends up on Facebook and Twitter, one just needs to know how to deal with gossip and truth

This is hilarious.  People writing that Chapman’s DEA experience is really going to come in handy here.  It shows you what kind of idiots we having voting around here, and raising kids.

We are talking about kids with pot brownies.  Come on people.  It isn’t like the kids were coke mules.

Never mind that the “war on drugs”, led by the DEA, has been a complete failure.  Hundreds of billions of dollars have been pumped through that agency and cumulatively there have been zero improvements regarding drugs in America.

Sorry everybody but Farmwell parent is right. Once again way to go Loudoun Times…. This is not a story. Also the LCSO should not release a story like this until they talk to LCPS first, way to try to hog the spotlight!!! Fail

Farmwell Parent, the 9 kids didn’t just put themselves in jeopardy. If some unsuspecting kid gets offered a brownie, eats it then walks home from school and gets hit by a car, then are we allowed to voice our opinion? If not, please tell us when we CAN discuss this/

I totally agree with you Tina!

At least this isn’t as bad as that pedophile they caught last year living next to Eagle Ridge Middle School. 

That sicko kept an Excel spreadsheet with Loudoun school holidays and rated each of his “encounters”.

Look at it this way, no one would know of these crimes if the police weren’t on the job.

To he who said time to move to Western Loudoun you might prefer it as apparently even in the same LCPS district there is a disparity in how issues are handled:


Farmwell parent-If the nine kids brought or ate pot laced brownies as the article indicates then we have every RIGHT to voice our opinion.  You’re the one who needs to grow up!!

It amazes that so many adults provide their opinion in a public forum to a situation that they DO NOT have all the facts on, DO NOT know the students involved and DO NOT know the families. You should leave the gossip to the kids on Twitter and Facebook and grow up.

OyeVay, A no retaliation policy? Well, my kid would have gotten suspended too. No one should be a target and with this policy they are inviting bullying because the bullies know there is no hitting back. Sometimes I wonder who the morons are thinking up these policies.

Right wing
8th graders are not “that young” they are 13 and 14 years old…doubtful they “got if from their parents”...probably got it from older siblings or knew someone who knew someone…if they want it they will get it. It would be nice to find out where they got it..but doubtful it will happen.

My guess is for kids to be this young, they’re being introduced to drugs from their parents…which is why the war on drugs will never be won; we’ve become opiate China, with both legal and illegal drugs.

200 hours community service picking up trash on the highways—-picking up illegal signs!  Don’t burden the poor janitors with babysitting these kids—-it’s not the janitors place to have to put up with these knuckleheads.  I’m not advocating explusion—just curious if anyone ever gets expelled anymore is all.  And the late reporting was deliberate in order to get ahead of the situation so everyone could have their story straight…..nice job LCPS.

I heard teacher’s children were involved.  Perhaps a reason to downplay and hesitate reporting?  My son was suspended for days defending himself in a fight (it was on film) because Farmwell has a “no retaliation punch” policy…yet they go light on the illegal drugs charge? If the kids were expelled, they wouldn’t stay home, they’d be assigned to another school in Leesburg for delinquents, temporarily.  LC schools make it very clear, you are NOT to bring drugs/weapons to school.  If you make that choice, suffer the consequence.  This is not an “oops” the poor children made a little mistake or a child brought in asprin and didn’t know he couldn’t.  They knew it was wrong, illegal and did so anyway.  I like the hrs of community service idea!  And @ Farmwell Mom….y’think?  I’m sure most of us have done so already! And to the 70’s potheads, dudes…must be great when your children get old enough to party w/you…great bonding, good times.  Enjoy them living in your basement indefinitely!

The wife swapping happened in Creighton Farms too, don’t know about Belmont. It’s weird to see this 1960’s fad come back, kind of like baking pot in the brownies.

expelling students= vacation from school. Becomes more of a punishment for the parents. (should they choose to parent) because they will have to take time off work to stay home with their kids. This has been blown way out of control. It was a few kids trying to get away with something..happens everyday. I educate my kids on this type of thing. And if one thinks there are no drugs in Ashburn, grow up, they are everywhere…parent your kids, give them the knowledge they need to do the right thing. Spend time with them, give them something constructive to do, know what is going one with them, know their friends and the parents of their friends. Parents need to get their heads out of the sand and parent their kids! (and I did not know about wife swapping on Belmont…is this true??)

Was there any evidence it was pot or did the kids get in trouble for pretending?

I’m sorry that Joe Pettit was abused as a child and now abuses his children. Physical violence is not the way to discipline children. Perhaps kids are self medicating because of the pain of an abusive life.

Pot brownies!  Ha!  An old trick from the late 60’s-early 70’s.  That’s what happens when old pot heads like many of us (me included) have school aged children overhear our conversations between friends. We drink a few beers and reminisce about the “good ‘ol days”  Yeah, don’t deny it you know what I’m talking about.  We smoked a bunch of pot back then and made stupid decisions just like these kids.  Life happens, learn, educate and move on, because there are far greater choices ahead.

But…but…but…but…if we just legalize all drugs?!!!

//RonPaul SpamBOT//

Don’t expel these students. Your job is to educate them. Realize that some of these students do things so they can be expel. Make it rough on them. Staying home is a breeze. The 200 hrs community service great ideal. Do extra essays, stay after school and help the janitors for a month or more, mandatory drug classes not on school time, additional homework anything but don’t expel them. Believe me they will learn their lessen yet stay in school to continue their education like it or not.

Cover-up sounds like a plant. Guess who sent them?

I agree with Enuf Already that the school delayed to report it to authorities so that they could spin the facts.  I work in the school system and have personally witnessed numerous incidents that should have been reported to the authorities be either intentionally covered-up, or reported long after the fact.  I also know of co-workers who have been told directly not to inform the authorities (specifically the Resource Officers) of certain incidents.  They are too worried about negative attention.

Does anybody get expelled anymore?  The schools threaten it but then don’t follow thru….suspensions are rampant and do no good. You might was well just let the knuckleheads go to class.  The school district is already putting a spin on it and obviously waited, hoping it would go away, to inform the authorities.

Farmwell is a strict school these kids were dumb to do that of course there gonna get caught if we even talk about what happened we get in school suspension.
The only reason fox five is there is because they dont have any other stories to report about

Here’s the sulution!
  Everything that happens to your children starts at your home! When I grew up my parents said to me ” I have explained what would happen if you do this”. My parents laid the law down on me and told me that I am responsible for my actions! When I got in trouble they would talk to me about it and then they would ask me how was I going to fix it! If they were not satisfied by my response then they fixed it! I learned real quick that when I fixed the problem it was better then my parents fixing it!
  Kids need strong guidence! They need to know that if they do wrong, they will suffer through the penalties that they made for themselves! They have to learn that some day mom and dad are not going to be able to bail them out and fix “Their PROBLEMS THAT THEY HAVE MADE FOR THEMSELVES”!
  A strong backgroud, moral support, early butt kicking and an explanation of what is right and what is wrong is what has to happen! Now a days there is not enough of that going on! A little more of the old days might just be the sulution!
  I am 56 years old and everything that I stand for comes from my parents! They kicked my butt when needed and they also helped me with things that I couldn’t solve! The upfront honesty by my parents made me who I am to day!

In general it seems that the collective view on this incident is that cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol and pills in the hands of these children are not such a bad thing. What is wrong with this picture?
I would like to remind everybody, especially the adults that these children are still developing. Physiologically there is no worst time for these children to be flooding new and delicate body organs (and tissues) with noxious chemicals such as cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol and pills into their still delicate and developing bodies. These things are poison, and every adult knows it.
These children might as well light a match directly to the cells of their brains and other organs (lungs, liver and heart.) What chance do these children’s organs have in the future, if at this young and tender age they are drinking, smoking, and popping pills, slowly poisoning themselves?
The children may not be sophisticated enough to understand the future consequences, but we as adults be should be smart enough to know the dangers.
Do we the adults let the next generation fall into the hands of the predators supplying cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol and pills to our children (and by predators, I also mean the tobacco and alcohol industries). Let us be more vigilant with our children and the children in our communities.

How is this any different than the prescription drugs parents are pumping into their kids every day in LoCo?

Petty People sure does sound like Deputy Blogger. Did he get a text from his bosses in the LCSO to come on here again?

An older sibling likely gave them the pot - that’s typically how most of we now middle agers tried it way back in the 1970s.

Victoria, you can always do that and make him a cuckold!

Where is the wife swapping club in Ashburn? I want to swap out my husband for a new and younger model. Maybe I can get him to swap me.

Wow, the people who let us know about the weirdos who hate Liz Mills really were right.  Looks like some people can’t get over their jealousy.  Get a life, weirdos.

Dude, I go to that school! They’re not doing ANYTHING! They’re just pretending it never happened and they’re suspending kids who even talked about it!

I’ve heard about wife swapping and the reemergence of open marriages in some circles in Loudoun. People should be more careful about this for the sake of their children because you can’t undo the word of mouth.

.....where did the kids get the weed? hopefully that is the follow up story to this case.

I heard one of the kids grew the marijuana in their yard and another one baked it in the brownies.

Is the grossly overpaid spokeswoman inclining that the public schools are hiding something from the public? I see this woman’s charm has extended to her current duties, irritation and aggitation being her best qualities. We are paying this pretend cop a cool $120,000 a year.

Loudoun parent do you have anything to support your statement about broad run? Is that where you get your meds, kindasounds like your coming down and getting a little twitchy

CLUELESS… Its very crazy to me to hear most of these comments from so called “parents”... if you are that stupid to just now realize that drugs are available to “middle schoolers” then you really should have got an abortion. I remember my group of friends discovered the wonder of marijuana in 5th grade. Used to smoke at the playground in the woods right next to Rolling Ridge in sterling park. Let me guess next comments are going to be bashing sterling park. Well im 22 now and all my friends and myself are doing great. Drugs are everywhere, and it is so easy to get ahold of drugs as a youngin compared to alcohol. This thing will continue to happen and there is nothing you can do to stop it. And the big ? where are the drugs coming from… well you idiots Dulles Airport is 2 min. up the road, as well as D.C. and Baltimore just a short drive away. Really wish people would pull there head out of their “sand” and get a grip on living in the real world…

If it was legal, it would not be cool to do… people would either do it or not. Making it illegal labels it as something exciting for kids to use in order to rebel from authority.  Alcohol, cigarettes and Rx drugs are the real problem. However, 20 kids smoking a cigarette (that has far more toxins) wil never make the news.  20 kids drinking alcohol… the adult that purchased it gets in trouble not the kids.  This was most definetely illegal to do and plain stupid but really no different than toilet papering a house. They should be suspended by the school for 10 days. But…. it should not make the news or sound far worse than a kid smoking a camel!  I do not and will not ever smoke weed… but I feel the laws need to be changed.  Either make alchohol and cigarettes illegal, along with weed or allow people to damage their body any way they choose.  The only real reason that pot is illegal has nothing to do with tax money… it is a gateway or probable cause for law enforcement to search and find more to charge you with. Millions of arrests for serious crimes have all started over pot. I just don’t understand why something that thousands of kids have done every day makes news….. I know personally of police officers, judges and politicians who smoke dope and or use pills illegally.  I bet even most of you have as well!

susie, It’s not the belmont kids since they don’t go to that middle school, but you’re statement is full of jealousy.

I love the Ashburn is falling apart comments they make me laugh. I went to West Springfield High in the 90s when that was the wealthiest area and the best local schools and guess what; kids did drugs, one got in trouble for having a gun in school, kids had sex, ect. Kids do dumb things just to see if they can do it even in well off areas. Please stop over reacting.

@former_student—Perfectly stated! Thanks for the reality check. I do wish more students would comment on LCPS stories, as I’ve noticed that some of the strongest parental opinions on these boards do not include input from their own kids and LCPS students, which has always surprised me. 

I do talk to my kids about their experiences in school, and my own teen also speaks of prevalent drug use in her high school, and actually witnessed the detection dogs as they sniffed their way across the rows of student lockers last year. I don’t know why the dogs were brought in or who (if any) were implicated in the search, but after reading this I am relieved it was handled in a low-key manner, and am particularly relieved that the press wasn’t involved.  Kudos to Principal Loya in her attempt to curb speculation and prevent a premature indictment on this Farmwell Station Middle School matter.
The school, parents, and kids should be afforded proper privacy while they determine the best course of action, which should be focused on allowing the child to learn a life lesson here. Successful adults start out as curious children who have the opportunity to learn from their own mistakes.

It is sad some are using this and other recent school incidents to decry the downfall of Loudoun. Yes, drug activity has picked up in Loudoun County over the past several years, but it has nothing to do with the illegals and the “bad” neighborhoods, but more to do with our rapid growth and affluence. It is no secret that Loudoun County has been on various “wealthiest county” lists for several years now. It is also no secret we have a very young population. We are the perfect demographic for drug traffickers, and are probably regarded as a potentially lucrative, previously untapped market. It was bound to happen, and I for one would like to see more press related to activities relating to drug prevention and enforcement rather than adolescents with bad judgment.

Drugs, alcohol abuse, rampant divorce—-the new Ashburn

I’m a recently graduated LCPS student from Ashburn, Farmwell, and Broad Run. Things like using drugs and alcohol are not uncommon for kids in middle or high school to be doing..yes even in Ashburn. People should get their heads out of their asses and realize Ashburn isn’t surrounded by some bubble where everyone is perfect inside. Ashburn is just like any other normal city; we have crimes, we have kids doing drugs and committing violent crimes..this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. I’m not saying these kids shouldn’t be punished, in fact they should, but everyone should chill out and stop acting like Ashburn is turning into some awful ghetto. It’s not. But realize it isn’t some perfect utopia either. Kids will be kids and parents should realize that these types of things happen no matter where you live.

Yet another reason to legalize marijuana. Alcohol and tobacco BOTH have been proven to trigger addiction areas of the brain whereas studies have yet to see marijuana light up these areas. Tobacco and alcohol have proven to be damaging when used in excessive amounts (various cancers, alcholism and its impact on society) and yet thet remain legal albeit age controlled. WHY are they legal? Because the government is able to tax them while shirking any responsibility for the damages. Marijuana has yet to be proven to be addictive, claims of it being an “introducer” drug to open the door to heroin and such is unfounded. The only reason pot is illiegal is because the government has not figured out a way to tax it. Once they figure out a way to tax pot I can gaurantee it will be legalized. Ever hear of a pot head getting behind the wheel and running down a kid like drunks have? Ever hear of a stoner getting in a fight over Cap’n Crunch vs. Tony the Tiger like drunks have? So why does the government permit alcohol use which stirs violence and outlaw pot which makes the smoker mellow and relaxed? BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT MAKES MONEY OFF OF AOCOHOL AND TOBACCO BUT NOT OFF OF DRUGS! That is the ONLY reason pot is outlawed- no income stream for the greedy feds and too much money made by the prisons for housing the “criminals” who use pot. Yep, keep circling the drain, America.

Will the real Ashburn Man please stand up

Ashburn has become so very sad.  Drugs in middle school.  High schoolers with babies.  Wife swapping in Belmont. 

Time to move to Western Loudoun.

Pot is not on the rise in school, the same thing was going on in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and now.

Ashburn is no different than any other city/county on this front. Should these kids have their education put on the line, no, should they be punished, oh yes, the 200 hours of community service sounds great to me, and reserve it for their summer vacation at that.

And if you are on here crying that I saw this and that, but you failed to do anything about it (like call the police) then you have no business saying anything as you are not doing anything for the problem except crying and blaming other people.

The reality is, drugs are not going to go away. Parents and schools need to work together to be informed on both ends, yes there are programs in place, and they can be effective if both sides work together. The reality is, no matter what you do, some people will just go down that path no matter how hard you try.

Kids in middle school do the stupidest things. I smoked my first joint and joined a witch coven in junior high. I’m now a successful adult.  At least they weren’t huffing what’s under the kitchen sink.

The new School Board is letting the religious parents get away with murder.  I’ll bet these kids go to church once a week and their parents come home and roll the joint as soon as they are home.  Like father like son.  I’ll bet Scott York is involved in this somehow.

Mr. Byard says: marijuana brought into a middle school is rare, but that Loudoun County Public Schools fields a substance abuse incident “once or twice a year” at the middle school level.

Why, then, did LCPS report 119 middle school incidents over the last five years to the VA DoE (16 last year)??  Spin, much??  (and that’s just what was reported to the state!)

It was Bushes Fault

Eastern Loudoun has a point…  If this had happened in a Sterling school, all the trolls would be out in force bashing the Park for all their crime issues.  Here we’ve had two incidents this month with alcohol/drugs in the schools, and both were in “better” areas of Loudoun.

Time for people to take off their rose colored glasses and realize this stuff is happening everywhere in Loudoun, not just where the “illegals” are.

did somebody say soccer moms are buying weed out of their minivans? it must be for the ice cream and brownie social at the belmont country club.

nah man, the real good stuff is in West VA…they don’t have all these uppity people putting their 2 cents in, we are free to like, roam the woods and stuff.

This kind of thing happens every day no matter where you live.  It happened when we were in middle school and it is still happening now that are kids are in middle school.  It is a part of life.  It is up to us as parents to make sure that our children make the right choices.

So here’s a thought… why don’t you use this as a discussion point to talk to your middle school-aged children about what is right and wrong and what you expect from them when someone offers them a pot-laced brownie.  I will be doing that very thing tonight with my child who attends Farmwell Station.


There lives shouldn’t be ruined because of a stupid mistake!  It’s pot which is not a harmful drug even though it illegal. 

That being said, they should be suspended AND charged with a non-felony drug offense and be sentenced to 200 hrs of community service.

Have some could come out of this bad situation.

Hey Cheech, it’s been a while, how ya doin?  I hear they got some good dope in this Ashburn place.

Most reasonable people know that the real threat to kids has and will continue to be prescription drugs. Pot has been around forever. Hippies were baking into brownies in the 50’s and 60’s. Middle Schoolers shouldn’t be shaking and baking and the punishment for this “crime” should not be the a decision by the Sheriff and his PR crew of hyperactive law enforcement wannabes.

LCSO investigators are at the school this morning, investigations take some time.

you were followed by the drug dealer? are you sure you didn’t smoke some yourself Mr. Paranoia?  The last thing on that dudes mind, if it actually was a drug deal, was following some douche in Ashburn.

Many of our young people make poor choices every day.  What to some seems like a prank and yet to others it is a criminal offence.  Much is at stake.  A Child’s future, parenting concerns, and school’s reputation will all be affected.  They made poor choices and it will have consequences.  These young people will never forget what is about to happen to them as long as they live.  The reminders of that moment will be all around them.  Now is the time to focus on what happened and the wisdom in resolving the underline issues of responsibility.  In the past ED Anywhere has helped with providing educational solutions but we also need to focus on total family care at www.educationanywhere.com.

Hurray, it wasn’t a teacher or bus driver this time!

Stop pot, and that’s why when given the perfect opportunity you chose to look the other way? Who’s head is in the sand? You don’t see me hiding behind a key board?

To Mitch: Pull your head out of the sand buddy, this stuff happens everyday in your neighborhood. It is denyers like you that perpetuate the problem.

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