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UPDATE: Regional transportation lobbying proposal fades

The Northern Virginia Transportation Commission (NVTC) lobbying proposal was not introduced Thursday during the board meeting, according to Del. Tom Rust (R-86th). Rust, an NVTC commissioner, said the consistent negative feedback from the various NVTC jurisdictions essentially killed the $250,000 proposal for “legislative advocacy and public outreach.”

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors are formally opposing a Northern Virginia Transportation Commission lobbying program proposal, despite the fact that Loudoun wouldn’t be asked to contribute funds toward the project, according to Richard Taube, executive director for the NVTC.

Taube said Thursday the $250,000 “legislative advocacy and public outreach program” proposal would come at “no cost” to Loudoun County. Rather, the expense would be divvied between the other five governments – Fairfax and Arlington counties, and the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax and Falls Church – based on their allotment from commonwealth transportation funds.

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York (R-At Large), in a letter to NVTC commission members Wednesday, expressed “significant concern” regarding the commission’s lobbying proposal, which he says would be paid out by member contributions, including Loudoun County.

Taube said he’s aware of York and the Board of Supervisors’ stance, but he believes they “may not have been aware” Loudoun wouldn’t have to contribute funds.

York wrote, “To the extent that [certain] positions [may] conflict with those of Loudoun County, we will strongly object to our transportation dollars being diverted to fund an NVTC lobbying program.

“...as 85 percent of the funds for NVTC are allocated by the Commonwealth of Virginia, it is our opinion that the use of State grant funds for lobbying purposes places our precious transportation funds further at risk,” York continues.

The lobbying program would entail increasing public communication, better identifying performance goals, and potentially lead to the hiring of additional NVTC staff, Taube says.
Public citizens will have a chance to comment on the NVTC’s proposal tonight during the organization’s 8 p.m. meeting at 2300 Wilson Blvd., Arlington.

Taube predicted the NVTC board won’t accept the proposal Thursday night, saying he believes the organization will try to enhance its communication with the public without increasing revenues.

The NVTC allocates approximately $200 million in state, regional and federal transit assistance each year among the member jurisdictions.


I am the village idiot

Ah the day when I stop having fun, will be a sad day indeed.  And so, another fun day.  Scott “I had friends, but I stabbed them all in the back” York, followed by his eight other slug republicans, seems determined to chart a course the drifts, here, there, everywhere, until it goes over the cliff.  I guess we now see that Scott York is really not very bright, and when now left with eight other not very bright republicans, he, and they, all look really stupid.  Love It!

Seems like you got the non-thinking part down to a science!

Laugh did hold a local political post, but that him Laugh in a public spotlight.  And as is obvious from Laugh’s postings, Laugh’s worst enemy is Laugh’s mouth.  Or Laugh’s fingers now that his focus is on taking anonymous potshots at everyone else.

Laugh,  maybe you should get off your keyboard and run for office as you seem so critical of anyone in public office.

Mr. York may have a point… seeing as the Commonwealth collects all tax dollars from all the counties and redistributes them as the House of Reps sees fit, we are, in a way, paying for this whether we’re billed in Loudoun or not. Also considering that the Commonwealth is cutting funding to Leesburg and P’ville for community roads by a combined margin of near $150k, it would appear that assets have been moved to allow for this lobbying group.

This may also be a reaction by the Commonwealth to Loudoun’s perceived anti-rail stance. This mass transit issue is huge when it comes to the Commonwealth’s budget and the County’s.

The problem is that as a community, Loudoun is most inefficient at moving people and Loudouners (like most Americans) are in love with the “freedom of the road” ideal. It is seen as a quality of life issue, which is what drove many to come to Loudoun in the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s. Unfortunately, you ruin paradise when you name it such and now we are in a constant game of catch up to move people into the cities and towns with REAL jobs and getting them back to their homes. This is completely unsustainable and a large part of where our ballooning county budget comes from.

The argument that rail stations are going to bring crime is moot. The rampant development of Eastern Loudoun brought in the crime. P’ville and Leesburg have maintained a lower crime rate due to two factors #1: they have their own community Police and #2: There are still plenty of “Old School Loudouners” who will kick *ss and take names to stand up for their community… and be respected for that stand. (Unlike the guy in the $500k home on 1/4 acre yelling at the kids to get off his grass, the grit of the old Loudoun gaurd will straighten any individual disrespecting our communities out… regardless of the lawn they stand on)

It is ridiculous that Eastern Loudouners use this “crime” argument to stall mass transit. It is a transparent wedge thrown in by the landowners and hopeful speculators in the Eastern Loudoun Dulles corridor to scare the good people who are struggling to fuel their cars and feed their families. It’s time for Loudoun to own our out of control growth and grow up, taking responsibility for the needs they have caused.

How like Scott York to put foot in mouth, along with Ken Reid and the rest.  As an aside, would you want Ken Reid’s foot in your mouth.  I don’t think so.  Anyway, sharp minds at work on the new board of supervisors.  I guess they made a wise choice in Tom Dunn for the planning commission, another one of those non-thinkers.

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