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Supervisors don’t bite at Lexington 7 rezoning offer

A rezoning application from the developers of the Lexington 7 property in Ashburn along Route 7 was met with general disapproval by the Board of Supervisors during the March 13 public hearing.

The application, which county staff recommends be denied, seeks to rezone 35 acres of the Lexington 7 property for construction of as many as 240 townhomes. Lexington 7 is currently slated for strictly commercial use.

The board will take official action on the rezoning proposal April 2.


thanks for your responses Loco Wonders. makes sense.

I do wonder if Metro silver line in 2018/2019 will make a difference in attracting high end employers ? They (potential employers) can’t use lack of public transporation as an excuse, but the other points noted by the other poster are big hurdles.

Although those coming from MD or DC would have long metro rides. At least 1.5 hours I would say from red line out in MD to silver line at Dulles. I think that is 3 trains to ride (red, orange, silver).

Yeah, look at Loudoun One. Those single family homes are so close they should be considered townhomes.

In a few years, the BOS will approve the Lexington rezoning for 400 townhomes.

Everett says: Does anyone know why townhomes keep getting approved, but high end employers choose FFX and Montgomery County, MD?

Well Everett, its pretty simple.  Townhomes and apartments get approved because of the influence of local developers on the B of S.  Lexington & WILL be residential once the appropriate negotiations are made behind closed doors.  Proffers will be required which will never get triggered.  Ex. Proffers for Riverside Parkway and Russell Branch Parkway.

Perhaps another reason is because the B o S is simply naïve.  Why do we have 1000 residential units but no Loudoun Hounds at Loudoun One???? Oops, fooled again! 

A third reason is because Loudoun County has the highest real property taxes in the Commonwealth. Despite what the liberals want you to believe, high costs actually do matter to employers. They go where costs are lower.

Finally, LoCo’s efforts at attracting business are amateurish at best.  When you have little success, common sense would be to change your approach.  Where’s the plan, B o S?  There isn’t one.

Finally, sending half a million bucks to Dan Snyder every year who moves camp to Richmond is just another example of this Board’s cluelessness.

The light at Lexington Drive and Rt. 7 cannot be removed because there are maybe 50 homes back in there, north of 7 along Smith Circle.  If that is removed there would be no access for them to enter Rt. 7.  Even if you did a right-in/right-out and made them go up to Ashburn Village and do a U-turn, they would have trouble pulling out because of the constant flow of 65mph traffic.  I think it is also a factor b/c of school buses enter/exit there. 

My understanding is that light will be taken out when Riverside Parkway is connected from Howard Hughes intersection down to Loudoun County Parkway, all north of Rt. 7.

Does @Everett ever start a post without saying “I”. 

“I” dont think he really has any idea what he is talking about

You have a problem with people choosing to live in Loudoun County (probably work near here) having an affordable place to purchase?  Not everyone can afford (or wants) a single-family home.  People keep talking about getting more employers to locate out here but don’t want the workers to be able to live here.  Nice.

@Everett, that light wasn’t always there. The light was added as more development was added in the area.

Take a tour of Loudoun County and you will be surprised at all the Townhomes and Condo’s that are being and have been built. People just don’t know!!

I don’t get that light either.  I also don’t get the light that services a hotel and restaurants after the intersection of Waxpool and LC Parkway.  Like traffic isn’t slow enough on Waxpool, we apparently needed another red light.

I thought with the Loudoun County PKWY overpass they obviously removed the traffic light at that intesection AND the one at University Blvd.

I thought Lexington traffic light has always been there. I remember always turning left from 7E to go into the nursery and waiting at that 4 minute light for years and years. I don’t think that is a new light?

Loudoun 1 makes up for Lexintong not getting additional housing passed. I couldn’t believe they put 1000 houses on such a small parcial of land. Looks like another HS & MS will need to be built or change the boundary lines again. Once again the BOS lack any planning in Loudoun.

All NO, second time Frank and I agree on something. Adding the overpass to Loudoun County parkway was great, but putting a light at Lexington offset that move.

And come somebody explain why on earth their is a traffic light there.

You build an overpass a LoCo parkway and the ADD a stop light a few blocks later.

Its insanity.

Comments are all favorable for this decision. Any naysayers here are chronic naysayers barking at the moon!
Thank you BoS!

240 townhomes = 480 extra cars (potentially). Just what we need. Also the kids will have to go to school somewhere.

I hope they leave as commercial zoning. With all the government contractors in the area you think a couple could re-locate to this space. Does anyone know why they do not ?

The excuse it is not inside the beltway does not suffice. Booz Allen is in Herndon, Leidos (FKA SAIC) is in Reston just to name a couple.

I would rather have 480 cars or even much more on the road if they were related to jobs and not a bunch of townhomes. Does anyone know why townhomes keep getting approved, but high end employers choose FFX and Montgomery County, MD?

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