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Supervisors fret over transportation plan provision

There was a moment of panic among Loudoun's supervisors Wednesday night, after they were informed by county staff the new state transportation deal struck earlier in the day included a provision mandating counties to implement a 12.5 percent countywide commercial and industrial tax to raise money for roads.

The supervisors railed against the tax imposition, pointing out that, given other special tax districts in place in the county, Loudoun's tax rate in some districts would be vastly higher than nearby localities.

Several board members talked about the drag these high rates could have on the county's economic development efforts.

During a recess shortly after the transportation briefing, several supervisors pulled out their cell phones to lobby against the new legislation to Loudoun's delegates, whom are expected to vote on the legislation Thursday.

Supervisor Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn), following the recess, said a contact in Richmond told him Loudoun County could be exempted from the countywide commercial tax because the supervisors already have plans to designate two cents of property tax revenue toward transportation, thus fulfilling the requirement that locality's take its own steps to raise transportation funds.

Supervisor Ken Reid (R-Leesburg) echoed Buona's comments, saying Del. Joe May (R-33rd) informed him the measure to exclude Loudoun would likely be in place.

Reid went on to praise Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell and the state transportation plan as a whole.

“This would be a phenomenal victory for Gov. McDonnell and [commuters],” Reid said. “It would be the first infusion of new money into this system since 1987.”

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5 out of every 4 stats are incorrect.

I wonder what corrupt things MWAA is up to these days? DTR going up, property taxes going up again, gas going up, food prices going up… 2013 looking like another bad economy…

David LaRock, Isn’t is funny how someone can take a stat and make it work for their own agenda, ” nine of 10 Virginia commutes are by car and fewer than one in 20 by mass transit”.  That is for the ENTIRE state of VA, wonder what that stat is for No VA, where we live, not the whole State.  Come on, let’s be realistic about things.  The same people complain about the amount of traffic and then turn around and complain about ways to fix it.  Some people just cannot be satisfied and must live a miserable life.

Ooops….that should be 4/9 correct.

Clevor Trevor “The supervisors Railed against the tax imposition,” This is 4/5 true.
How about it’s time these big spenders get ”  Run Out of Town on a Rail”
Embracing Metro and it’s mind-boggling cost, at the state and local level made all these taxes unavoidable, whether imposed locally or otherwise.
In 2004 when Joe May voted with Warner to raise taxes, the state’s own audit commission reports that the budget swelled to $39 billion in 2011 from $23.5 billion in 2002, a 66% spending increase. More spending is what these increases trigger.
Ron Utt, at Heritage, says: nine of 10 Virginia commutes are by car and fewer than one in 20 by mass transit. Yet he calculates that about 60 cents of every transportation dollar goes to roads, while about 30% of Mr. McDonnell’s tax increase would go to public transit and rail.

Maybe this would be a good time for Times Mirror to poll the question which was ignored by so many during the Metro to Loudoun debate. Instead of asking, “Do you want Metro? Ask do you want it bad enough to pay for it with Mega-Tax increases?” Ken Reid says it right here, Metro is a land development SCHEME masquerading as a transportation project…then he voted for it. See Ken’s video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUcvrPPMO1Y

Hey Ken, why are we letting Richmond get away with continuing to stiff Northern Virginia?  This is a win for the politicians, not the commuters.  Doesn’t this compromise plan raid the general fund too?  Is that good policy?  Anyone?

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