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Supervisors give State of Loudoun Economy

photoLoudoun County Supervisor Matt Letourneau (R-Dulles) provides an update of the state of Loudoun’s economy Nov. 30 at the Chamber of Commerce Breakfast. Times-Mirror Staff Photo/Andrew Sharbel

Loudoun County’s Chamber of Commerce held their State of the Loudoun Economy Breakfast Nov. 30 at the Holiday Inn Washington Dulles Hotel.

Featured at the event was presentations from Loudoun Supervisors Suzanne Volpe (R-Algonkian) and Matt Letourneau (R-Dulles) who updated Loudoun’s business owners on changing zoning practices and major upcoming projects that will boost the county’s economy.

Additionally, Ron Platt, senior advisor for McGuire Woods Consulting, outlined the effect sequestration will have on the county should it be implemented as expected.

Letourneau, the chairman of the county’s Economic Development Committee, pointed out that while these big projects like One Loudoun, Dulles Landing are exciting, it’s important to remember to keep track of how these projects are progressing.

“We need to keep track of what is happening where, because we can’t have everything develop at the same time,” Letourneau said. “We are going to see a lot of things come forward and we want to make sure as a county we are aware of what is happening, exactly what the needs are and help some of these things along in key areas that we think need to be on the retail side.”

Letourneau referred to the Metro Silver Line as “Loudoun’s billion dollar opportunity” and noted it will boost the county’s workforce because people will be able to ride the metro from Arlington and other points east all the way out here to Loudoun without fighting traffic.

Letourneau also pointed to several business trips himself and Chairman Scott York (R-At Large) have made that have been beneficial and provided opportunities for businesses outside the county to relocate here.

Loudoun County’s process for business owners looking to own a new business or expand their business is often referred to as a long and difficult procedure that can be confusing at times for applicants.

According to Volpe, who serves as chairman of Loudoun County’s Transportation and Land Use Committee, addressed this sometimes difficult endeavor and the Board’s wish to streamline the process and make it easier for applicants.

“We envision a future where an applicant or business owner who is looking to expand a business can walk in and not say ‘OK where do I start’ and ‘how long is this process going to take me,’” Volpe said. “We have an attitude, and the Economic Development has embraced this, that when somebody walks through the door you want to take them under your wing and guide them through it.

“We have developed a new group of engineers and developers we call the ‘bat crew’ that is going through the book and simplifying the book and getting rid of the conflicts in the process so it isn’t so confusing,” Volpe said.

By making this process easier, Loudoun County will be able to encourage business owners and expand Loudoun’s economy through growing its businesses.


Dulles rail doesn’t remedy traffic congestion and, indeed, triggers more development that, in turn, increases traffic congestion and causes a need for more road and non-rail transit improvements that will cost taxpayers billions of dollars more.

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