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Supervisors, reform commission considering county inspector general

The Board of Supervisors-appointed panel looking into potential inefficiencies and mismanagement within county government is considering whether the county should hire a permanent employee tasked with looking into potential inefficiencies and mismanagement within county government.

The Loudoun Government Reform Commission, established in January 2012 with members chosen by supervisors, told the board Wednesday that it will study the pros and cons of the county hiring an inspector general.

Loudoun County had an inspector general for much of the 1990s, though, according to board Chairman Scott York (R-At Large), that “[didn’t] run very well at all.”

“It’s one thing to hire an IG, it’s another how that individual is used in county government,” York said.

Government Reform Commission Chairman Tom Julia said his group began studying the possibility of bringing on a county inspector general this week. Julia said the commission would be examining whether there are significant benefits of having an inspector general and what that person would be hired to do – whether it would be strictly for fiscal matters, or fiscal and ethical concerns.

“I do anticipate we’ll come back rather quickly on that recommendation to you,” Julia said, listing the end of 2013’s first quarter as a target date.

Supervisor Ken Reid (R-Leesburg), who has touched on the inspector general topic numerous times during board meetings, asked Julia how quick his commission could provide a recommendation. Reid wondered whether the reform group could make a suggestion sooner than the end of March, given there may be a budgetary effect.

The supervisors will be discussing the fiscal 2014 budget in the weeks and months ahead and finalize it by early April.

Julia said it would be “highly difficult” to get a recommendation sooner than the end of the first quarter.

“Quite literally, we took it up for the first time yesterday,” Julia said Wednesday.

Nearby Montgomery County, Md., has an inspector general charged with detecting and preventing fraud, waste and abuse in county government operations, according to that county’s website.


Toll Brothers to shift 27 acres from commercial to residential in the Belmont Executive Center site .
This is another bait and switch that our Board of Supervisors is famous for!
Recently the stadium at One Loudoun, Goose Creek, changing from a senior center at Wegmans to family dwellings, Kincora, parking for the mosque, the church property in Sterling…
Now the Toll Brothers want to change their site to include 432 new homes with 4 people per home that’s 1728 new people. Almost half of these people about 850 will drive daily and almost half of them or about 850 kids will be a drain on the school. budget of 9.5 million dollars. Newer elementary school have enrollments of 800 to 870 kids. In essence the redo that the Toll brothers what will cost the Loudoun Taxpayer a NEW school.
According to Kira Sterling the plans were appropriate for the time but now that the housing market is starting to go up the Toll Brothers want a special exception exception from our trusty Board of Supervisors that it just so happens that the Chairman of said board once worked as a contractor for the Toll Brothers. York “winning” $10,000 from a Toll Brothers giveaway is not a gift from a major landowner with rezoning applications?

Was the reason the previous Inspector General found potential inefficiencies and mismanagement within county government. York should know.

How about a couty mayor that the supervisors would have to answer to.

Of course York downplays the value of it.  I’m surprised any of them even pretend to entertain the idea.

The vaunted GRC is really full of themselves and most of their recommendations have been nothing short of a serious over-reach.  It is as if the BoS uses the GRC to do their dirty work.

I think we need an inspector general to determine if we NEED an inspector general.

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