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Supervisors vote along party lines to keep unions out of county new hire packets

Unions and non-affiliated third party organizations will not be allowed to include promotional, one-page fliers in the Loudoun County government’s new hires packets.

In a party-line vote, the Board of Supervisors’ six Republicans voted against a board member initiative brought forward by Supervisor Koran Saines (D-Sterling) directing county staff to come up with a process that would allow one-page fliers to be included in the county’s new hire packets from non-affiliated third parties with a presence in Loudoun.

Saines, a human resources worker by profession, said he decided to bring the idea of the flyers forward after he was approached by the local chapter of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), a labor union known for its close ties and support of the Democratic party.

Currently, Saines said non-affiliated third parties and unions are unable to put fliers in the county’s new hire packets. He argued that there is no method for them to reach out to new hires to let them know they exist.

Saines said the idea was simply a way for unions and third parties to introduce themselves to new county hires and tell them more about their organizations.

Ahead of the vote, members of the Police Benevolent Association, the Loudoun County Career Firefighters Association and the local chapter of the SEIU spoke in favor of Saines’ proposal.

Saines pointed out that the Police Benevolent Association and Loudoun County Career Firefighters Association both give presentations to the local fire department and sheriff’s office after new hires complete training.

“[Those organizations] are allowed to at least get up and do a quick presentation or a quick mention at the firefighters training once their classes are done graduating and same thing at the sheriff’s [office] when they’re done graduating … they’re allowed to at least gain a quick two-second hello, here’s who we are, here’s what we do,” Saines said. “So, when I heard about that, I didn’t think it was fair for the other organization not to at least put a flyer in the packet.”

But several Republican supervisors warned that by allowing groups to add promotional materials in new hire packets, it would open up a “can of worms” for county administration.

“This is a can of worms, and it is placing an unfair burden on county administration to start making value judgments about what is beneficial to the county employees and what is not,” Supervisor Matt Letourneau (R-Dulles) said. Letourneau called the initiative a “solution in search of a problem.”

The board’s two other Democrats argued that if the fliers were approved, new hires would be smart enough to make their own decisions.

“I believe that our new hires are smart people,” Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) said “I believe to have a piece of paper put in this bag at no cost to taxpayers expense whatsoever, and no burden on county staff to do it whatsoever, is not a hardship … think you give [county employees] the information, you let them decide.”

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If ElectClowns knew anything about labor issues he would know there is a far and wide difference between the relationship between a private union agreement such as the ones between NECA and the IBEW than allowing the recruiting efforts of SEIU coming into our fair county and attempting to organize and unionize the taxpayer-funded county workforce.

62% raise so they can waste their time on this…

Here’s what Geary Higgins does for a day job:

Geary M. Higgins, Vice President of Labor Relations for the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), has the primary responsibility for establishing, maintaining, and repairing the relationships with all levels of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and represents NECA with the IBEW in joint programs on a national level.

How does he vote no and then have any credibility at all with the unionized workers he’s supposed to work with?


Good. The last thing we need ruining the economy are Unions trying to milk businesses or wreck the economy with strikes if they don’t get their way.

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