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Loudoun supervisors vote on alternative to Umstattd’s LGBT resolution

Loudoun's Board of Supervisors on Tuesday night approved a motion from Supervisor Ron Meyer (R-Broad Run) recognizing the month of July as "Love Loudoun Month" as a way to honor the victims of the June 12 terrorist attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla.

Meyer's motion was offered as a substitute proclamation to Supervisor Kristen Umstattd's (D-Leesburg) proposed resolution that would have recognized the month of June as LGBT Awareness Month.

Supervisors voted 5-4, with Umstattd, Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At-Large), Geary Higgins (R-Catoctin) and Suzanne Volpe (R-Algonkian) opposed.

Randall said, with the passage of Meyer's motion, the board would not revisit Umstattd's controversial LGBT resolution.

Higgins said he would not support either of the proclamations and called them an “abuse” of the board's resolution process.

“I have friends, co-workers, family members that are in [the LGBT] community,” Higgins said. “I don't support discrimination against them or anyone else. I don't support the horror that happened in Florida, the terrorism and the sickness that happened there."

Prior to the vote, the board welcomed speakers both opposed to and in support of the resolution. Speakers ranged from local leaders to members of the faith and LGBT community.

Loudoun County state Sen. Dick Black (R) spoke in opposition to Umstattd's proclamation and argued he did not think it reflected the "public sentiment of the county."

"I understand it addresses struggles of homosexuals and they undoubtedly have their issues to face, but many families face greater struggles and certainly the gay struggles are not economic ones," Black said.

Umstattd said she received more than 30 emails from Loudoun County residents in support of the resolution.

Nick Harding, a gay man from the Algonkian District, told the board the LGBT resolution would give he and the rest of the gay community something to be proud of.

"A lot of times, gay and lesbian and trans folk here in Loudoun and elsewhere don't feel all that proud. [The resolution] gives us something to shoot for," Harding said.

Umstattd's proclamation, made public last month, drew sharp criticism from local Republicans. Will Estrada, chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee and former candidate for Leesburg supervisor, urged the board to vote against the resolution.

In a letter to the editor sent to the Times-Mirror and other local media outlets, Virginia state Del. Dave LaRock (R-33rd) last week called Umstattd's proposal offensive and argued the resolution would promote "homosexuality and gender confusion to people of all ages," and could also be used to promote, affirm and recruit young school-aged children to those lifestyles.”


Another in a long line of 24 years of failed policy attempts by Umstattdt.  Her only success is pandering.

FredSanford, knowing your support for Dick Black I would have thought you were a firm believer in the righteousness of a low-turnout result.

“Umstadt (sic) votes against a love month?....what a hater!”

forgot randall, higgins & volpe in 5-4 vote?  saying they’re haters?

“. . .but many families face greater struggles and certainly the gay struggles are not economic ones,” Black said.”

how offensive is that?

Virginia — “where gay people can get legally married and where it is perfectly legal for an employer to fire someone for being gay.” (pjegan, wapo, 8-6-14)

just saying we have gay friends & family doesn’t mean we have ANY concept of struggles or discrimination they face - just saying

Amazingly Lawman spews more hate and resentment, along with the likes of Atheists, while trying to represent the free-spirited lovers of everyone in the world. In reality, he would spit on me at a Trump Rally, although I wouldn’t attend, a Police Officer trying to perform his job, etc.

“Umstattd said she received more than 30 emails from Loudoun County residents in support of the resolution” 

30 / 350,000 residents = 0.000085% of the population. In other words, nobody cares and Umstattd should stop trying to push an agenda that nobody is demanding.

Right on, @Right Honorable!  If the BOE were to propose a resolution to create an Unborn Children Awareness Month, one can only imagine the vitriol spewing from GOPers. That hateful, hateful party.

Umstadt votes against a love month?....what a hater!

I will discriminate against Hillary at the ballot box because she is a proven liar who puts Americans in harms way. No special treatment for gays and get rid of Black History month while we are at it. Obama has proven time after time he was never qualified to lead the nation, see ISIS.

Good that those who want to perpetuate hate all seem to line up on the GOP side of things.

Makes it ever easier for Virginia’s changing voter demographic to purge this sort of mindset from our politics.

Lawman, you present a false dichotomy, i.e., that voting against Umstattd’s proclamation, or proposing an alternative, are biased or discriminatory. Many leftists/secularists make this same mistake, that not going along with everything endorsed by sexual revolutionaries is tantamount to hatred or discrimination.

The supporters of discrimination and bias prevailed for now, but, the world is changing and it will eventually get to Loudoun County and the real majority, the one that won this County for President Obama twice will finally come out in local elections and send those who support discrimination and division back to their rocks on the side of the road.

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