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Supervisors weigh pay raises for members of the next board (themselves?)

Loudoun's Board of Supervisors is considering whether to give its elected members a pay raise, though state law dictates any salary increases cannot be enacted until the next board takes office.

Members of the board's five-person finance committee earlier this month directed county staff to provide options for salary increases based on various metrics, including size of the local population, the county's overall budget or cost of living factors.

Loudoun's supervisors haven't seen a pay increase since 2008. Should the current board not act on any pay adjustments, no salary changes could take effect until 2020 at the earliest.

Supervisor Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn), who chairs the finance committee, was the lone voice in opposition to a salary increase.

The board's portion of the county budget for the fiscal year that began this month is more than $2 million; this includes a corporate board account of $940,200 and budgets for each district and the countywide chairman – $120,500 for the districts and $161,000 for the chairman.

Currently, the chairman's salary is $50,000, the vice chairman's $43,000 and the remaining supervisors' $41,000.

Around the commonwealth, in Virginia's 10 localities with populations exceeding 100,000, the median salary for a supervisor is $38,146 (chairman $43,847), according to a Loudoun County staff report. The six counties with populations greater than 200,000 – Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, Chesterfield, Henrico and Arlington -- have a median board member salary of $46,624 (chairman $52,570).

Board member salaries are strongly correlated with the population of a county, the report states.

While only Chairman Scott York (R-At Large) and Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) have announced plans to seek re-election in 2015, it's anticipated most, if not all, of the all-Republican board's members will vie for another term.

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People on here forget, they’re elected. Nobody asked them to run for office. I say it should be volunteer work. They can write it off their income tax. I’d cut their budget down to $1 million.

Yeah, but the article fails to mention all the extras these BOS(and past) have received from developers. We have too many houses build on small parcels of land. Two car garage town homes, with extra cars parked illegal in some places. Meaning more then 1 family living in that area. People are renting out each room in their house as if it’s an apartment.

No raise until they do a better job. Taxes still too high.

Love the idea that all our usual right wing nut commenters solidly line up behind a pay raise.  I’m sure it’s nothing more than a coincidence that we have 9 members of the GOP serving on the BOS.   

I’ll suggest we raise their pay when they enact an ethics law (like the Herring rule they abandoned)

I’m good with pay increase if:

1. It’s equal or less than any pay increases for county government employees enacted since 2008.
2. Term limits are enacted to remove the “stale” nature of the legislative body.

Double the salaries! Anyone who can listen to the hysterical moms, dads and so-called concerned citizens beg for excessive spending on schools deserve every penny and more! Liken the parents to soccer players that take dives, oh my!

According to his online bio, Eugene Delgaudio graduated “from York College, (City University of NY) New York, with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in June 1976.”
An article posted online and written by local Democrat/attorney John Flannery says that current Loudoun Board Chairman Scott York, a Republican, grew up in a military family, “quit freshman football to create a home improvement company at 16,” and “has been working at carpentry and with building materials for most of his life.”
These are the 2 longest serving supervisors. Every other member of the present board was elected for the first time in 2011.
Base pay for a new supervisor is $41,000 for about 30 hours of work per week. That’s an annual full-time salary of $54,666 at $26 per hour for 40 hours.
As a part-time job for someone supporting a family, it means working 70 hours per week for $41,000 plus the amount of the other, presumably higher, salary.
Some politicians first parlay a supervisor position into a “community liaison job” for a local company with vague duties and hours at the job site, but high expectations for favorably influencing county spending to suit the employer. Some of these later serve in Congress.
Do we want “lifers” like York and Delgaudio, both first elected in 1999 and already running for a 5th four-year term?
The voters hire and fire public officials. Voters set expectations and write job descriptions for the people they elect.
Which do you prefer? Nine actual part-time supervisors who bring expertise from their professional roles and don’t make a lot of money from the county, which is run by a professional county executive who earns a very high annual salary?
Or nine people who work 70 hours a week, 30 of them classified as “part time,” while their best 40 are spent at a day job somewhere else and a county manager tries to please all of them?
Is there cause for concern when “part-time supervisors” don’t spend a full 40 hours at their “day job?”
Any likelihood that special consideration is extended to their employers? Do voters have the right to dictate what part-time supervisors do during the other 40 hours of the week, including self-employment?

Equity, it’s not part time work. Ask any former Democrat BOS representative if this is some rinky dink job that takes 20 hours a week. If they are intellectually honest they will say no.

Loudoun County has a $2,000,000,000/Billion dollar budget to service 330,000+ people. I seriously think we should be paying our Supervisors a little more than a McDonald’s Manager, given their responsibilities that impact the lives of so many people.

Pay full-time 4 part-time wk?

“Currently, the chairman’s salary is $50,000, the vice chairman’s $43,000 and the remaining supervisors’ $41,000.”
Could your family live on that? Like the 9-month school year, this pay scale is an anachronism. This is not a sleepy rural county, but the fastest-growing and one of the wealthiest counties in the nation. It’s time to hire a professional county executive.
In 2012, Fairfax County hired one for an annual salary of $257,282. So either make the supervisors full time, with commensurate pay so they can support their families, or stipulate how many office hours constitutes a “part-time” position and don’t expect more. Otherwise you can’t complain when someone with a full-time job does not show up for a meeting, because his or her employer might not be interested in subsidizing Loudoun County taxpayers.
Not paying public officials a living wage incentivizes corruption.
Don’t assume the other 7 will run again. Those with real jobs might be exhausted from trying to do them both well. Now is the time they are trying to decide. We’ve lost good supervisors after one term because the honor of public service just wasn’t worth the sacrifice it requires to be a county supervisor.

Now I’m sure each of these GOP supervisors would toe the party line that there’s no reason at all to support raising the minimum wage.  Let’s give this crowd a dose of their own medicine

Since 2008, inflation is up 10.00%. So the Supervisors need their pay adjusted to $41,500 and $55,000 for the Chairman.

AgentJ has a valid point on this subject. Or is it going to be like Obamacare for the little people, but we the elite get a disproportionate increase over other public servants

It is a full time job for 40K, raise the salary to the median over 3-4 years and be done with it. Most of the Board has staff that makes more than they do, it’s time for Loudoun to grow up and pay.

Sure they can have a raise, as long as it’s less than or equal to the lowest percentage they gave to the County’s employees since 2008.


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