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Supporters rally around Ramadan after protest

While many elected officials might balk at attending a political event where the candidate’s opponents were holding a protest across the street, supporters of House of Delegates hopeful David Ramadan overflowed from the banquet room at Tuscarora Mill restaurant in Leesburg Aug. 10.

The Lebanese-born Ramadan is seeking the Republican nomination for the 87th District of the House of Delegates. This district was moved during the 2011 redistricting process and now represents sections of both Loudoun and Prince William counties.

A regular volunteer with the Loudoun Republican committee, Ramadan has been a supporter of other candidates in past campaigns. During the event, he reminisced about 5 a.m. tours with former chairman Glen Caroline putting up campaign signs before the election.

The attendees at the meet-and-greet event were also treated to words from Ed Meese, a member of Ronald Regan’s cabinet, former Attorney General and member of the Iraq Study Group and currently on the board of the Heritage Foundation.

Ramadan became acquainted with Meese after being appointed to the George Mason University Board of Visitors, where Meese had formerly served.

Speaking of Ramadan, Meese told the assembled “He is an outstanding person to provide the leadership that this county and this commonwealth needs … he is right on the issues.”

Meese spoke at length to an attentive crowd on the subjects of limited government and maintaining a low tax rate. Of course, many of the attendees asked questions regarding what Reagan was like to work with, and Meese provided several examples both of wit and mischief.

Meese commented on the size of the crowd “to show the kind of unity you have in Loudoun County that is going to put this county over the top.”
Ramadan’s opponent for the 87th District is Jo-Ann Chase.

But across the street…

While many local Republicans were gathered to support Ramadan, a press conference demanding more information from the candidate was occurring across the street in front of the Loudoun County Government Center.

Speakers included Frank Gaffney, a Washington Times columnist, Kent Clizbe, a former covert CIA officer, Kerry Patton, a former intelligence officer and Nagi N. Najjar, a Lebanese Orthodox Christian who has aided the government on terrorism-related issues.

“I know there are Muslims that are good Muslims, I know there are Muslims that are willing to make the same sacrifices for this fine nation as any non-Muslims, so this is a not a non-Islamic bash on anybody,” Patton said. “But what we do need to understand is Americans as a whole, we’re pretty damn ignorant about what goes on around us.

“If I had to ask him one question – it would be who are you, and why are you here?” Kent Clizbe said. “Mr. Ramadan is hiding something.”

Most speakers shared concerns regarding Ramadan’s ties to his homeland. Ramadan, a naturalized American citizen, was born in Lebanon. Ramadan speaks regularly of his upbringing, particularly of seeing the wreckage of the 1983 Marine barracks bombing in Beirut.

When asked about how his family overcame anti-American sentiment in the area at that time, Ramadan later told the Times-Mirror, “It was my upbringing. I had an excellent father. He practiced law and refused to participate in the lawlessness and the religious divide. He sent us to Christian schools and we grew up on Christian values. We did not fall into that stupidity.”

Ramadan immigrated to the United States in 1989, graduating from George Mason University and pursuing graduate study at Oxford University, John Hopkins University, University of Maryland and Georgetown University.

During the press conference, Clizbe focused on Ramadan’s first wife Ghanda Abdul Rahman Zoghbi, whose father supposedly had contacts with the Lebanese army.

For Ramadan, this is a non-issue, “It lasted less than a year. We divorced. She went back. I never had interaction with her since then, since 1995.”

The other major criticism to Ramadan regarded his signing of what, some consider, a support for the construction of the Ground Zero mosque. Similar accusations were made at a protest outside the Loudoun County Republican Committee meeting where Ramadan announced his candidacy, although most of his supporters felt that the letter did not call for the mosque’s construction, but instead called for civility in the debate.

When asked about his feelings when confronted with protests questioning his heritage and loyalty, Ramadan said, “I’ve always been a believer in the Constitution. God bless our First Amendment that gives them the right to say what they want to say, I enjoy that freedom. But to then use that right to make up lies is unacceptable.”

During his remarks at his own press conference, Ramadan began by saying “I am proud and honored to be an American citizen. I am honored to be a Virginian.”


Jon Moseley,

I suspect David Ramadan owes you a big thanks.  I think the hate you spew may have helped him.

Jon Moseley,

You are not going to get away with avoiding the question. 

Do you acknowledge that Rauf includes Islamic terrorism in his definition of terrorism and that you were wrong when you said:

Jon, we can’t control the politics of another sovereign nation.

We REALLY can’t control them at the local level, or the state level here.

The most we could do is refuse to vote to support those governments because of how we feel about their internal policies.

None of which will be settled in the GA.

If the Crusades are the most important thing to you, and religious policy in Saudi Arabia and their building rules, you’re not going to have much effect attacking citizens of middle eastern background for daring to poke their heads up and exercise their citizenship.

In fact, the bigoted focus on that, in the face of a problem you can’t do much about, not only distracts from issues that CAN be addressed, but turns people off to any valid points you may have.

I acknowledge that you have posted the quotes from Rauf.

However, I really, really, really do not believe Rauf and his group when they make such public relations statements.

Their actions do not match their words.


How about if Christians want to erect a museum and cultural center in Mecca focusing on why the Crusades were really a good thing (the Crusades were in fact a defensive response to Muslim invasion of Europe, with Muslim armies entering as far as Vienna, Austria)?

Would you call it inter-faith communication for Christians to plant a cultural center in Mecca?

Why can’t Christians build a church in Mecca or Medina?

But let’s talk   P O L I T I C S ,  not religion.

Would you believe it as sincere if Christians wanted a museum about the Crusades built in Mecca on the grounds that it was for “inter-faith communication?”

Or would you call that an insult and an affront?

You know that peace-loving Muslims would * R I O T *  violently all around the world, burn cars, throw rocks through store windows, and threaten to kill people.

We have seen it before.

Perhaps if Christians acted that way outside the Cordobba House building, the situation would be very different.

Maybe Christians *SHOULD*  learn something from Muslims.  Maybe Christians should be as demanding, insistent, persistent, and pushy as Muslims are?  Can you imagine if Christians responded to the Cordobba House the same way that Muslims respond to a cartoon about Mohammed?

3,000 people DIED on 9/11,  2700 of them at the World Trade Center.  A cartoon about Mohammed did not physically hurt anyone.

Suppose we gave 2,700 times as much of a response to the Cordobba House as Muslim reaction to a cartoon about Mohammed?


THIS IS A POLITICAL DISCUSSION, as much as you would like to make it about religion.


As a POLITICIAN, wouldn’t that be the correct thing to do?

As a POLITICIAN, why won’t David Ramadan say “I am sorry if I offended those concerned about the murder of 3,000 Americans on 9/11.  I was wrong to be insensitive to the deaths of Americans and others on 9/11 at the hands of extremist barbarians who falsely claim to be Muslims.”



You seem to know a lot of things that don’t match up to facts.  I am not going to let you continue to ignore things contrary to your paranoid ramblings.

So lets stick with one and see if we can get you to admit you are wrong.

Your statement:

“Why do we have a Mosque in the Pentagon, Jon?”

Same reason the Muslims want one next to Ground Zero in Manhattan.

WHY do Muslims want a mosque where American Airlines Flight 77, hijacked by Muslims, smashed into the Pentagon and also where Flight 11 and Flight 175 hijacked by Muslims smashed into the World Trade Center?

Those 2 sites pretty much cover where almost all the 3,000 people were murdered by Muslims on 9/11.

Muslims have them both covered.

REMEMBER:  In Islam, once a site is used as a mosque of any significance, Muslims will FOREVER CLAIM THAT SITE as a holy site.

Mohammed never went anywhere near Jerusalem.

Mohammed had a dream in which he DREAMED that he went to an UNIDENTIFIED temple, and from there—in his dream, now,—went up to heaven.

From this dream of an unidentified temple, Muslims try to steal Jerusalem from the Jews.  The Koran admits that God gave the land of Israel to the Jews.  But Muslims violate Allah’s will and try to steal Israel from the Jews, based upon a misinterpration of Mohammed’s dream.

So the Muslims will claim that the mosque at Ground Zero is a holy site, and so is the mosque at the Pentagon, and demand that those sites be preserved only for Muslims.

And there is no reason to put a mosque right next to the crime scene where Muslims killed 2,700 people of many nations in Manhattan (mostly Americans).

If you want to promote inter-faith communications you need to START by not poking non-Muslims in the eye and calling that “communication.”

With that kind of horrendous insensitivity, how are you going to have interfaith communications?

You told us there are already mosques in Manhattan.

Why do you need another one at Ground Zero?

To have interfaith communications, the Muslims at other locations in Manhattan can beg passers-by for forgiveness and apologize to everyone they see. 

What the blazes type of interfaith communications do Muslims expect with the Cordobba House?

Jon Moseley is clearly off the deep end and has zero interest in facts.  He ignore any points or information others give him and just screams again.  He is absolutely like other alarmists nuts.

“There is no reason to locate a mosque right at Ground Zero at the World Trade Center

There is no reason to locate a mosque right at Ground Zero at the World Trade Center—which David Ramadan promotes—other than as a celebration of the 9/11 attacks on America by the Muslim world.  (Read that carefully:  It is the Muslims who by placing a mosque there see it as the Muslim world attacking the United States, with the symbolic value of placing a mosque at Ground Zero.)

When people like Rauf condemn terrorism, they mean Israel.

People like Rauf do not

The name of the mosque, Cordobba House, commemorates the conquest of much of Spain by invading Muslims from outside of Spain.  The period of co-existence referenced is the unwanted and unwelcome conquest of parts of Spain

The very name is an offense and a declaration of war.  Placing the Cordobba House next to Ground Zero is a declaration of the intent to conquer America just as Muslims conquered much of Spain.

There is no other reason for the name Cordobba House.

There is no other reason for the location right next to Ground Zero.

There is no way for David Ramadan to escape the political consequences of his *POLITICAL* —not religious—act in promoting this offense.

9/11 was a declaration of war.  We were attacked.  David Ramadan wants to promote and celebrate a system at war with the United States.

And we all know it.

If anything they claim were true, they would be building a mosque SOMEWHERE ELSE.


The more you write, the more it reminds me of the adage “you can’t dig your way out of a hole.”  Keep on digging…

The only thing you’re proving at this point is that you appear to be a borderline raving lunatic when it comes to Muslims.

The only thing you’ve about which you’ve swayed my opinion is that I now see you as someone so tied up in your paranoid fantasy world that you’re immune to reason and logic.

It’s almost comical, except that the consequences of the hate you’re trying to foster isn’t funny.

Accidentally left some of your nonsense at the bottom of my post.  The following are quotes from the leader of the Cordoba initiative.

Jon, keep on banging away.  You are the last person to raise residency claims in this county, and based on the temporary suspension of your licence to practice for misconduct two years ago, it doesn’t lend much credence to what you’re practicing on the blogs lately.


“No, but if the Muslim wants to celebrate

Muslim conservative asks:  “Is Moseley so bigoted or ignorant that he thinks that EVERY muslim in the 87th is ineligible to be in office because of what some truly evil idiots did?”

No, but if the Muslim wants to celebrate “what some truly evil idiots did” and establish a monument to them, that kind of put such a person in a different category, don’t you think?

At best, Ramadan shows appallaingly bad political judgement.  If in 1955, a Japanese-American wanted to run for Congress from Hawaii, he should have that right.  But if he also wanted to erect a monument to Emperor Hirohito right next to the wreck of the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor, people might rightly conclude that there was something wrong with him.

Can a Muslim run for office?  Of course.  In the 87th District?  Of course.  Can David Ramadan run for office in the 87th District?  Of course.

But if someone is promoting a Muslim mosque right next to the crime scene where Muslims killed about 2,700 of the 3,000 PEOPLE (Of many nationalities, actually)

Why doesn’t Ramadan promote a giant *APOLOGY*  to be erected next to the WTC Ground Zero site?  Why not a huge engraved bronze monument saying “WE CONDEMN THOSE OF OUR FAITH WHO LOST THEIR WAY, REJECT THE TRUE ISLAM, AND COMMITTED THESE ATROCITIES HERE.”

Somehow, it is up to the rest of us to “understand” that not all Muslims are alike.


If good-hearted Muslims don’t want to be counted with those who go around murdering people, would it be too much to ask for them to condemn as apostate those Muslims who engage in violence?

Every time some nut job Christian attacks an abortion clinic, every Christian leader rushes to the nearest microphone to condemn that nut job as being outside of Christianity.

Why is it up to the rest of us to understand what somethign that looks an awful lot like deception, instead of up to those Muslims who want to be good…to… well.. ACTUALLY *BE* GOOD?

Why not start by condemning as aspostate those Muslims you want to be distant from

Rauf is publicly opposed to terrorism.  Trouble is, in his book, Islamic terrorism never qualifies as terrorism.  So Rauf is not opposed to Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, etc., because he does not consider them to be terrorists.

Rauf prays together with others.  Of course.  Muslims honestly believe that they will win over those people and show them that in reality Jesus was a Muslim (they say), Moses was a Muslim, King David was a Muslim, Abraham was a Muslim, Adam and Eve were Muslims, etc.  That changes nothing.

Jon Moseley is a bigot.  He is not simply ignorant.  Why?  He chooses to completely avoid information given to him directly from the source and associate and attack other.  I am calling him out as a bigot as a conservative republican and a person who hates PC attacks on speech.

When someone is a bigot, they are a bigot.  We should not hide them or excuse them any more than I should hide or excuse the terrorists in my religion.

I am going to address Moseley’s points below since I know Rauf and and have argued with Rauf personally.  But note that Moseley NEVER ONCE clicked on that link and read what these people believed or answered ANY of my questions about what kind of Muslims these were.

Instead he cut and paste specific quotes out of context that could have come from Nancy Pelosi.

Rebuttal Below


Jon Mosley,

Wrong again!  Only one aircraft came out of Dulles. The other’s came out of Newark NJ and Boston, MA

Please continue with your nonsensical rantings and raving about Muslims, Islam and the NYC Mosques….


David Ramadan pretended to move to be able to represent the District that includes Dulles airport.  As the Representative of Dulles airport, the Delegate would have great deference in General Assembly committees and legislation, and would wield great influence over Dulles airport.

Who are the Cordobba people, the promoters of the Ground Zero Mosque that David Ramadan publicly promoted? 

Again, Cordobba, Spain, was conquered by invading Muslims from another country.  Why name the mosque David Ramadan promotes for a city conquered by Islamic invaders?

Again, there is absolutely no reason to locate a mosque right next to the World Trade Center that Muslims destroyed, killing 2,700 of the 3,000 Americans who died that day, other than for the symbolic value of being at Ground Zero. 

The Cordobba people are planting the flag, claiming the WTC conquest as a victory for Islam.

The Ground Zero Mosque promoted by David Ramadan is a victory dance in the end zone, to celebrate the murder of 3,000 Americans and defeat of America.

The Ground Zero Mosque promoted by Ramadan is a rallying cry for Muslims to come and finish the job.

Remember that the 9/11 hijackers who killed the 3,000 Americans on 9/11, tried to blend in to American society, and shaved their beards, drank alcohol, and went to strip clubs.  They also tried to pass themselves off as not really Muslims after all.  Then they killed 3,000 Americans in the name of that same Islam.  So what exactly are we looking for to tell us?

How about whether the organizer of the Victory Mosque promoted by David Ramadan will condemn terrorism?

Well, in general terms, he has.  But he can never find any particular terrorist group that he is opposed to.

Rauf has praised Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, a Muslim scholar (associated with the Muslim Brotherhood) who supports Palestinian suicide bombings, as “a very, very well known Islamic jurist, highly regarded all over the Muslim world.” He has also expressed respect for the late Egyptian cleric Muhammad Tantawi (who likewise endorsed suicide bombings) and Egypt’s Chief Mufti, Sheikh Ali Gomaa (who has endorsed Hezbollah and defended Islam’s use of the death penalty for apostasy).

Rauf will not call Hamas a terrorist organization:

So when these people say they are against terrorism, their idea of what that means exclude Islamic terrorist organizations.

In a 60 Minutes interview that aired on September 30, 2001, Rauf said that the 9/11 attacks were part of a larger Islamic

By the way, the Loudoun County Electoral Board says (correctly) that they do not have any ability or authority to investigate whether someone is eligible to vote.  That is a weakness under Virginia law.  They depend upon the Commonwealth Attorney to investigate for them.  So they don’t have any way of knowing if David Ramadan is eligible within the 87th District or not.

Barbara Munsey writes:  “David changed his registration to his new domicile back when new district lines were adopted, and his new registration to vote from that address was delivered with no problems.”

WHAT new domicile?  At 7:25 AM on a Sunday morning, he is still parked at the OLD place at Quits Pond Court.  So clearly his domicile is the same as it has always been—outside the 87th District.  In order to have a new domicile, you have to have a new domicile.  You have to actually move *OUT*  of the old place, totally, completely. 

The new location is already crowded with relatives.  3 other people besides David registered at that address for the Loudoun Republican convention.  There isn’t enough room for David Ramadan to have moved out of Quits Pond Court and into America Square.

Note that both David and his 2nd wife changed their voter registration, yet David admits his wife is still living at Quits Pond Court.  It is obvious they both are.

See!  More questions!  :-)

Sally, is that you again?

Kooky Kent Clizbe sure has started a trend.  Now everybody can jump in and ask questions!  It’s the latest craze in Loudoun.

Here is some:

How many questions are left?  When will the questions end?  What questions will be asked? Will the questions lead to further questions?  Can the questions ever end?

So much we can learn from Clizbe about asking endless questions without any actual facts.

Are Ralph Buona, Scott York, Suzanne Volpe, and Janet Clarke taking hidden funds from the Virginia Housing Development Authority in support of their campaigns?  What is it they are trying to hide?  Why is there a sham PAC that donated $18,000 to their campaigns?  A woman named Mary Covell is the Treasurer of the PAC and there is also a woman named Mary Covell on the Virginia Housing Development Authority.  This is just speculation, but call your candidate and ask them what they are hiding or where this money is coming from.  Hidden Horse Head


“Part of the problem with David Ramadan is that he has tried to make everyone think he is Christian.”

Who cares if he is a Muslim or Christian or both or confused or whatever.  It is irrelevant which he is.  Or if he is both or if he is confused or any combination.  Religion, including religious confusion, is not something we consider in a candidate.

“He gives the LCRC a paper saying

The “What’s Wrong with JoAnn Chase” mailer that went out this week, smearing her about her older teenage children and child support—noting she drove a mercedes, will back fire.  It was the most disgusting piece of mail I have ever seen, and even though I thought about supporting David Ramadan, it turned my stomach.  The “pink” letter supposedly from his mother in law only made me sicker.  What a phony and how low will he go?

Part of the problem with David Ramadan is that he has tried to make everyone think he is Christian.  Even the “pink” letter that went out from his mother in law this week was deceptively written to make one think he is Christian.  She says he teaches Sunday School?  Weird.

He gives the LCRC a paper saying “claim” “David Ramadan is a Muslin” and then “fact” but there is no fact denying the “claim.” He does not deny the claim, just accuses those who claim he is Muslim of being bigots.  He says he was born Muslim, went to Christian schools and married a Methodist.  So is he still a Muslim?  He married another woman who is Muslim, and associated with Hezbollah.  No record of his divorce from her?

He won’t say he is Muslim.  He goes to a mosque with his family, but then claims he is an apostate.  Or to others he says he is a non practicing muslim.  Why?

He apparently is a Muslim and does attend a Mosque. And, he signed the Ground Zero Mosque letter—but he will not just come out and say that he is Muslim.  Why won’t he be straight forward about this fact?  Why does he want people to think he is Christian when he is not?  He has worked hard to mislead a lot of folks.  Why?

And now his residence.  He is working hard to mislead people here too.  It’s pretty clear that he is not living in the 87th.  His neighbors have reported that he is still living there with his wife, and it seems impossible to believe that he would permanently want to move into a three bedroom townhouse with his parents and a brother.  It is clearly a sham. 

Alt least Dick Black moved completely out of his old home, put it up for sale, and moved into another home.  David Ramadan should have done the same, moved completely out his home, and put it up for sale.  He just wants to pretend he is the 87th because he is so close to it?  This is the kind of integrity we want to send to Richmond?  I hope not.

And Barbara Munsey, as much as you would like to have TWO representatives, the 87th deserves someone who lives in the district, not YOUR district.  Your bias is obvious.

Suddenly Jon Moseley goes quiet.  Unable to click his mouse and see what these people actually believe.

He talks about a dark side of Islam and a light side.

So Jon, what do the Cordoba people believe?  Is it the dark or light side?

Or don’t you want to look and know since you have spent so much time convinced it is the dark side.

Jon Moseley,

I notice you didn’t answer any of my questions about who the Cordoba people are or what they believe.  My guess is you aren’t interested in facts.  Only your own pre-conceived ideas and what you read on websites that support them.  Look at their website and the actual content and tell me they aren’t american liberals and very far from muslim terrorists.


“They are the ones who would view a mosque right next to Ground Zero the World Trade Center as encouragement to come and finish the job.”

This is so nonsensical.  Let me break down your logic:

1] We should care what terrorists think and should give into them.  I guess you want to ban Muhammad cartoons too since they encourage terrorists.

2] American Muslims should cower in fear of the terrorist ones and change how we behave just so the bad ones won’t embarrass us more.

3] They view the Mosque that is in the Pentagon as an encouragement to attack the Pentagon.

4] They somehow don’t regard Mosques that are just a few blocks away as encouragement.  This one will be the one that encourages them.

5] Do terrorists need encouragement to be terrorists?  What a joke.  Muhammad is sitting in a cave somewhere and saying, “Hey.  Should I be a terrorist or not?  Wait!  They built a Mosque in NYC!  Oh Allah!  I am now ready to die.”  Ridiculous.

”  Meanwhile, there is no legitimate reason for a mosque at Ground Zero supported by David Ramadan, when there are plenty of other locations. “

There IS a legitimate reason.  The constitution.  It allows for us to practice our faith freely.  If zoning allows for any religious building in that area, then a Mosque cannot be excluded. 

To do so would be illegal and anti-constitutional.  How long have you been fighting against the US constitution Jon Moseley?  I guess one more question you won’t answer. 

There is no legitimate reason to EXCLUDE a mosque.  More Muslims died as victims of the 9/11 attacks than perpetrated it (true of most terrorist attacks).  Muslims did not attack us.  People who were muslims attacked us.  Specifically radical, violent ones.  The argument about Japan is illegitimate unless you completely DO NOT UNDERSTAND who we are fighting.  And if you do not understand, you are more dangerous to our effort than helpful since you distract our country with nonsense like this.

You need to think about your logic.  You recognize there are good Muslims.  I presume you concede that ALMOST all of us are good.  Ramadan certainly is no terrorist or anything like one.  The people wanting to build that Mosque are not terrorists or anything like them.  In fact they have been threatened by terrorists and attacked because they have such a “liberal” view of Islam. 

So you are attacking our friends while ignoring our enemies?

And who is the problem here?

Jon, thanks for posting bits and pieces that you became VERY familiar with when the BOE started an investigation on you after they could not deliver your new voter registration card to the basement you hadn’t moved into yet from two counties away back in 2003.

David changed his registration to his new domicile back when new district lines were adopted, and his new registration to vote from that address was delivered with no problems.

It matters quite a bit whether “Bill Williams” is a sockpuppet or not, if he is being used to manipulate people.

It also matters who the fake groups are, and who is running them.

It is interesting that any answer David gives is deemed a lie because of taqqiya, but Muslim convert Clizbe is considered truthful…because why?

And those who proclaim their Christianity are allowed to lie through sockpuppets, fake groups and surrogates, but that kind of “taqqiya” is ok.

Because GOOD people are doing it for the RIGHT reasons.

Namely power.

Barbara writes:  “newb, he has owned both properties for some time, and his wife

To Leesburger:  are you honestly trying to say that all Christians follow the same rules in interpreting the Bible?

NO, OF COURSE NOT.  There are many Muslims who have a variety of views and interpretations.

But those are not the ones who are trying to kills us.

The question is what do the people trying to kill us believe?  They ignore the peaceful sounding verses of the Koran and believe that the later violent verses supersede the earlier statements. 

They are the ones who would view a mosque right next to Ground Zero the World Trade Center as encouragement to come and finish the job.  Meanwhile, there is no legitimate reason for a mosque at Ground Zero supported by David Ramadan, when there are plenty of other locations.

newb, he has owned both properties for some time, and his wife’s office works out of the Quits Pond House (which explains her signing for a fedex at that address on the document prepared on Mr. Chase’s computer and circulated by “Bill Williams”) and David’s offices (both business and campaign) are in the house in the district.

When the district lines were finally settled (remember, they were held up for a while, and some slightly changed?) they moved.

His wife keeps her office in the other property because of the Hatch Act (and let me guess, if she didn’t, then she’d be charged with that, along with not really being married to him and all the other ugly stuff circulated?).

One of his brothers lives next door.

I hate to think this, but with all of the secret squirrel stuff that is being done instead of any actual campaigning on the part of David’s opponent, here is my tinfoil hat assessment of what may be occurring:

Chase campaign hires guy with Arabic name to do their own dirty tricks on THEMSELF, relying on the prejudices of those whom they manipulate to assume that it is really being done by Ramadan.

They had to have known the public records would come out, so they outed and shopped them themselves, using the guy with the Arabic name, and then having “Bill Williams” point to that Arabic name when that first residency hitpiece created by “Bill” on Clay’s computer didn’t get any traction.

The problems of the ongoing rolling implosion are evident in the fact that the guy with the Arabic name did another hitpiece for them under a fake group name, and the guy who filed the residency complaint (who had actual residency issues, as the complaint against him came from the BOE and not an opponent) had to come out under his real name and recycle it (with some really really pertinent relation to the Crusades).

Who the heck needs to buy a bridge?

I would suggest the folks who read that stuff and believe it, telling others that anyone who disagrees has their eyes “wide shut” (as you have done on several occasions) stop trying to sell bridges, and open their own eyes to take a long good look at the candidate they are fighting on behalf of, and the methods their organization is using to seek power.

@ Barbara Munsey.  Oh, now I get your comment about the Crusades that I read elsewhere.  My response then still stands now. If you believe Ramadan lives with his parents IN the 87th instead of with his wife in the house he owns that ISN’T, that bridge in Brooklyn is still for sale.

There are so many unanswered questions about Jon Moseley. 

What is his association with radical socialist groups from the 60’s?  When did he last have a girlfriend?  Why has he refused to answer all the questions asked of him?  We just want him to come clean and answer all the questions.  There are dozens of questions in these comments alone he has refused to answer. 

What is Jon Mosely hiding and how long has he been hiding it?

And then there is Clizbe.  So many unanswered questions. 

When I last saw Clizbe he had a look in his eyes like you see in the odd badger or too.  And I am trained in badger eyes you know.  I was an ex-badger watcher for the government once.  Anyway, when I go to meet with Clizbe he immediately excuses himself to go to the bathroom.  And I am thinking.  Hmmm.  What does he have to hide in the bathroom.  Why won’t he just go right in a cup here at the table.

Well anyway.. It must have been 6 hours later this Clizbe guy comes out of the bathroom, but by then I was surrounded by his friends and couldn’t ask about his bathroom habits.

So I start off asking him a few questions about when he was in the CIA and whether he had recently associated with some badgers and suddenly he pulls out his cell phone and starts punching stuff in it.  I look over and it is clear he is playing Angry Birds.  And I think to myself, why would Clizbe be playing angry birds.  Is he trying to avoid my penetrating questions about his bathroom habits?

Anyway, he suddenly asks me a question.  He asks if I had ever protested someone who was kicked out of the CIA for being a wacko.  I said, well no. That was something I heard on the radio and thought was pretty cool to do, but I am really OK with CIA wackos.

Well it was all downhill from there.  Clizbe refused to answer any more question about badgers or anything else really important like his bathroom habits.

What is Clizbe hiding?  When will he come clean.  How much toilet tissue DID he use?  Why was he avoiding my bathroom questions? 

Did he light a match?

Jon Moseley,

When you write:

“I know the exegisis (rules of interpretation) of the Koran, which are different from the rules of interpretation of the Bible followed by Christians.  Whereas, the Bible is interpreted by looking for multiple points of agreement to establish a doctrine, with ambiguous or indirect statements not adequate to establish a doctrine, ...”

are you honestly trying to say that all Christians follow the same rules in interpreting the Bible?  That appears to be what you describe in your writing.  If you truly believe that, you know little about Christianity as a whole.


“The problem is that I do know Islam, better than you do.”

Given I am a practicing Muslm and have lived in a Muslim majority country and spend every day around a lot of muslims and travel extensively in the Muslim word, I think not.  Add to that you keep saying things which are not true that you read off some website.

” Whereas, the Bible is interpreted by looking for multiple points of agreement to establish a doctrine, with ambiguous or indirect statements not adequate to establish a doctrine, radical Muslims follow a principle that LATER statements TRUMP earlier statements in the Koran.”

I find it interesting you inserted the word radical in there.  If you are prepared to acknowledge that almost no muslims believe the Quran should be interpreted that way, then maybe you are not so ignorant.  But then you are just being stupid.  Because if you know how rare that interpretation is and how little it has to do with almost anyone in America and especially the Cordoba people, then what in the world are you freaking out about?

”  The last statement controls.  So they read Mohammed as trying to convert Jews and Christians peacefully, exhausting every opportunity, and then resorting to death and destruction when all else fails.  THEY (the violent followers of the religion) read the Koran as commanding the murder of everyone who does not bow the knee to Islam and Mohammed, world-wide.  They come to this conclusion by ignoring earlier references as having been over-ruled by the later references.”

Since I know no Muslims personally who think this way and all of them interpret the Quran holistically, why are you freaking out about the few who do.  Almost none of whom are in the US.

As a side note, you are wrong about Christianity.  Almost every christian believes you can ignore old testament writings if they are overwritten by new testament writings.  I assume you eat pork.

Even if you follow the rules of interpretation that are order based, you still would find many of them do not interpret the verses as violent that you do.  It would be like saying the bible calls for the endless killing of all 1st born Egyptian males for all eternity. 

There are two major points of interpretation you get wrong on the violent verses:

1] Almost all Muslims just see them as parts of a story.  Just like the stories in the bible.  Do you run around killing all the Canaanites just because God commended it once?

2] The word infidel in those verses just never applies to you or Jews anyway.  That referred to the polytheists.  The word in the Quran for Christians is a different one.  They are called the people of the book.  You are not an infidel.  Jews are not infidels.  And almost no Muslim thinks they are.  The verse people like you cite doesn’t refer to Christians at all.

Let’s continue.  You anti-Shariah people are so worried about a non-issue.  You are like the Climate Change alarmists.  You are like Al Gore running around shouting about how the world is going to end.

Get over your fear.  This is America.  The land of the free and the brave.  We will defeat Islamic terrorism and whoever else bugs us.  Stop being alarmist and distracting us from dealing with actual terrorism while chasing the Shariah ghost.


You decided to engage.  Good.

You know only select nonsense about Islam and even less about those Cordoba people or what the Islamic world thinks.

I notice you ignored almost all of my questions to milk shake guy and then proceeded to claim it is not about religion.

You claim you are not in this because of religion?  Then why mention the Islamic character of the supposed Mosque?  Who cares?  They aren’t even close to the same kinds of Muslims that attacked us.

So since you are an expert in your mind, answer these questions.  Don’t avoid them.

1] What kind of Muslim (specific sect - not just Sunni) were the 9/11 hijackers?

2] How many Muslims are there in that particular sect?

3] What percentage of Muslims are in that sect?  What percentage of that specific sect has engaged in terrorism?  What percentage of Muslims worldwide have engaged in terrorism?

4] What sect has the largest number of Muslims?  How many sects interpret the Quran as calling for violence against others?

5] What sect do the Cordoba people belong to?  How does their sects religious beliefs differ from the sect the Hijackers belonged to?

If you are such an expert, you should be able to easily answer these questions.  I don’t need a dissertation.

And I could answer the same questions about Christians and people like Brevick (who was a Christian).

The bottom line answer I would ask you to prove wrong with new numbers is that the hijackers were all part of a sect that has only a few 10’s of millions of followers.  They represent less than 1 - 2% of ALL Muslims. 

Even within that sect, the ones who have taken a violent interpretation are rare.  Maybe 5% of this small sect.  The sect grew out of anti-colonial rebellions in the 19th century and developed the violent interpretation of the Quran you cite as a way to inspire the rebellion.  So maybe a few hundred thousand believe that violence against the infidel is OK.

Of that, only a small percentage would be willing to actually engage in violence.

And when you do the math, you see approximately the number of bad guy terrorists out there we have to deal with.  They are measured in the small 10’s of thousands.  Smaller than the military of most countries.

And all of these people have almost nothing in common with the Cordoba people.  Not religiously, not politcially.  Pretty much nothing.

You think you know the Cordoba people?  I lived in NYC from the 80’s to 2003.  I know the Mosques around there and have prayed in many.  I know personally the Imam you want to rail against.

He is no terrorist.  Nothing like one.  He abhors violence.  He uses Islamic words in ways that you don’t understand.

Since you are an expert, what does he mean when he says that the US is the most Shariah compliant country in the world?  What is Shariah to him?

Seriously.  If you don’t know then you are not much of an expert are you?  You hear the word Shariah and the only possible meaning is the Taliban version.

Let me ask it another way.  Do the Cordoba people want to spread make Taliban like Shariah law the law in the US.  Do they want religion in the law in the US?  I’ll ask again.  To the Cordoba people what is Shariah?

Furthermore, since you are such an expert, what do the Cordoba people think about women led prayer?  Are they more liberal than the Catholic church?

Like I said I know them personally and have worked with them.  I am politically conservative.  They are just your average , run of the mill liberals.  Every single quote you can pull from one of them about America I can pull 10 quotes from Nancy Pelosi that are the same.  These guys are just liberals.

And by the way, the kind of Muslim these guys are in the US is called a Progressive Muslim.  They take a very liberal interpretation of Islamic principles and allow for female led prayer and Imams.  They do not separate Men and Women.  I have prayed with them and have been in their female led prayers with mixed genders.  They have little in common with an average muslim let alone a conservative one, let alone a terrorist.

So what you are doing - and why so many Americans think you guys are wacky - is that you are conflating what such a tiny number do or think and making it for all of them.

You just make yourselves look ignorant and bigoted.  And worse yet, you distract us from the actual enemies we should be focusing on.  You don’t understand your enemy if they are all the same to you.

You make it perfectly clear that you don’t understand when you use the Pearl Harbor example.  The whole nation of Japan, under orders from its emporer attacked us.  On 9/11 .00001 percent of the Muslim World attacked us under the order of some self-stylized sheik in a cave.  This attack was immediate condemned by every single Muslim country on earth (even Iran).  Muslims held rallies all over the world in solidarity with the US.  And somehow, that is like the entire country of Japan attacking us?

You are dangerous to the war on terror cause.  We waste valuable resources on people who are harmless or even helpful to our cause of ending Islamic terrorism.

So answer the questions Moseley.  You claim to be an expert.  Show me what the cordoba people think about Islam and all the other questions I asked.

The multi-faith community center with a mosque is going into the old Burlington Coat Factory building so I’m confused what kind of historic changes were needed.  Anyway, it doesn’t really matter because it isn’t and never was a “Victory mosque” so maybe you need to just calm down and stop being so parnoid and crazy.

So if there are already mosques in Manhattan, the only reason to put the mosque David Ramadan was promoting right next to the World Trade Center ruins, the site of a radical Muslim attack upon the United States, is the symbolic value of being right next to Ground Zero. 

Remember:  The issue came up largely because the New York City government had to grant special waivers to allow the zoning and changes to the historic district building - which is recently a crime scene on 9/11—to allow the mosque promoted by David Ramadan to be “built” (remodel the building).

So if there are other mosques around Manhattan, then Q.E.D. the only reason for putting one right next to the World Trade Center—requiring special government waivers and extra expense—is the symbolic value.  The only purpose of putting it next to Ground Zero is for Islamic extremists to do a victory dance in the end zone.  David Ramadan was promoting a victory dance at Ground Zero for the Islamic world.

Here’s more

“One mosque is conservative, and the other is reputed to be among the most progressive in the city

I didn’t destroy my own arguement.  You obviously haven’y done your home work about NYC mosques. 
Why are their mutiple churches near my home?  because PEOPLE USE THEM.

Masjid Manhattan, on Warren Street, four blocks from ground zero, was founded in 1970. Masjid al-Farah, formerly on Mercer Street, moved to its present location on West Broadway, about 12 blocks from ground zero, in 1985. Both mosques

To Muslim Conservative:  The problem is that I do know Islam, better than you do.  I know the exegisis (rules of interpretation) of the Koran, which are different from the rules of interpretation of the Bible followed by Christians.  Whereas, the Bible is interpreted by looking for multiple points of agreement to establish a doctrine, with ambiguous or indirect statements not adequate to establish a doctrine, radical Muslims follow a principle that LATER statements TRUMP earlier statements in the Koran.  So a non-Muslim reading the Koran can find statements that speak of peace or are reassuring.  But a Muslim—at least those from the violent sects that are the problem with terrorism—will IGNORE the earlier statements in the Koran as being over-ruled by the later statements.  The last statement controls.  So they read Mohammed as trying to convert Jews and Christians peacefully, exhausting every opportunity, and then resorting to death and destruction when all else fails.  THEY (the violent followers of the religion) read the Koran as commanding the murder of everyone who does not bow the knee to Islam and Mohammed, world-wide.  They come to this conclusion by ignoring earlier references as having been over-ruled by the later references.

Again, we are not worried about all Muslims, only those who come from a philosophy that caused them to murder 3,000 Americans on 9/11. 

For David Ramadan to advocate for a mosque at Ground Zero is to totally deny the violence of SOME strains of Islam.

It is not up to me to distinguish between those Muslims who are reasonable and peaceful and those who are violently bent on the destruction of every non-Muslim country and institution.

The problem is David Ramadan.  For him to advocate for a mosque right next to Ground Zero - while utterly ignoring the reality of a violent strain in his religion (he claims to be an “apostate Muslim”), shows an appalling lack of common sense, honesty, or decency.

For David Ramadan to advocate for a mosque at Ground Zero puts the responsibility on him, not me or others, to confront and address the reality of a violent strain of Islam which murdered 3,000 Americans and is daily trying to murder more.



If David Ramadan wants to completely ignore the reality of a violent enemy bent on murdering Virginians—where the Pentagon and the crucial naval base at Norfolk are located—while taking public policy positions, it is up to him to confront the problems within the Muslim world.

MLK writes:

Vanilla Mil Sheik,

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am a politically conservative American Muslim.  I am challenging you here and now to defend your positions and statements.  You have made numerous false and misleading statements about the Cordoba people and Islam.

A warning for you and other bigots like Bluebird and Jon Moseley.  You will look bad if you engage with me.  I know more than you about both Christianity and Islam.  So before you respond, decide if you are prepared to deal with facts and not distortions.  I have dealt with many bigots like you.

Let’s start with this.

“Some mosques ARE the issue. The ignorance in hoping that placating a hardline people who

Thank you Vanilla Milk Sheik!!!! Well said, and how true!!

Vanilla Milk Sheik,

Islam is the 2nd largest religion in the world with about 1/4 of the entire world being Muslim.

I guess if a drunk driver kills somebody,that means his entire family drives drunk and kills people including the drunk’s parents grandparents, children, step children etc..

See how ignorant you are!

Some mosques ARE the issue. The ignorance in hoping that placating a hardline people who’s very doctrine of murdering unbelievers is beyond stupid - it’s radically retarded.

  Jesus never called for murder: Believe him or don’t but it’s your choice. But any chance malign Christianity you take it. That’s what is intolerant, being a hater, etc.

Your little minded coddling and niceties to militant followers works like it does in the school yard. Tell your kid to suck up to the bully and beg not to be attacked - see how that works.

  I for one am tired of the B.S. in making Muslims “feel better”. They should be the ones trying to make American’s feel better. It wasn’t Jesus, Budda or Joe Smith that killed 3,000 very innocent people that clear Tuesday in September.

The mere fact that anyone would even try to force such a hostle religious symbol near the open and hurting heart of ground zero speaks volumes on islamic authoritarian goals and those who support this.

If I even accidentally killed your family driving drunk and then wanted to erect a statue of Budweiser near their grave I think you would be outraged.
Oh, that’s right… not all drunk drivers try to kill people. Some are very nice and even help you with your groceries.

So stop trying to use your psudo-intellectual verbage in an attempt to redefine what everyone already knows is true.

The real issue here is that regardless of the name calling and your oft used “ignorant” slang…  We’re not and that’s what fears you. Go back in the closet turn off the light. Maybe the nice terrorists will see your hybrid in the driveway and go elsewhere.

I have not forgotten these past 10 years. Have you?

There is no question that Jo-Ann Chase is a weak and desperate candidate.  If you live in the 87th,


Jonathon Moseley,

I don’t why I

When I opened his campaign letter yesterday, I assumed he was a right wing Christian - the fact that he instead is a Muslim makes no difference - he’s too extreme for me. The idea that a woman would have to get permission from her husband before an abortion is repugnant to me - and almost certainly not Constitutional.

“Jon Moseley is NOT WELCOME in the Republican party and he is NOT WELCOME in the TEA party. We are not bigots and we reject bigots.”

Me (Jonathon Moseley):  A person’s positions on public policy issues are fair game, have nothing to do with religion, and it is bigotry to say that certain people’s political positions cannot be questioned.

If a Japanese-American wanted to put a pro-Japan memorial to praise the memory of Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku, who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor, right next to the wreck of the USS Arizona—HAVING NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION, MIND YOU—he would have every right to speak his opinon, organize, and promote it.

But if he then ran for political office, the voters would have every right to think he was off his rocker, poking his thumb in the eye of most voters, and not suited to represent their agenda, views, and policies in the General Assembly.

Any candidate for office who wants to celebrate the movement that murdered 3,000 Americans HAS A RIGHT TO CALL FOR IT, PROMOTE IT, AND SPEAK HIS MIND.

But the voters also have a right to know that David Ramadan is way out in left field, out of the mainstream, LOOPY, and not representative of their values as voters.

This has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with David Ramadan’s public participation in the political process—his position on public policy issues.

Calling the Cordoba House (Ground Zero Mosque)—named for Muslim conquest of Cordoba, Spain, in which Muslim government replaced the Spanish government—a cultural center only makes it worse.

The documented facts, by law enforcement, are that these centers are used as recruiting and training centers for terrorists and militants driven by a PERVERSION of the Muslim faith.

If the “Victory Mosque at Ground Zero” only taught the religious beliefs of Islam, it would only be an offensive insult to locate it at Ground Zero.  But as a full-range cultural center, it is not only offensive but DANGEROUS.

With the symbolic allure of the World Trade Center right next door, it will attract terrorist extremists from around the world to recruit, radicalize, and train anti-American terrorism and the operations.

There are plenty of other mosques in Manhattan, even though there aren’t very many Muslims there who need them.

Why does it have to be at Ground Zero?  We know why.  So that over in the Middle East it can be a symbol—as they see it—of Muslim conquest over the infidels.  It is being built as a rallying cry to continue attacking and to destroy America.

And David Ramadan put his signature next to the lobbyist for Moammar Qaddafi in support of it.

David Ramadan, a man who has no visible means of support.  The addresses he gives for his offices do not have his companies at those locations, no sign on the door, no company name on the building directory, no office there.  Yet he somehow gives away over $100,000 in donations - from somewhere—to Republican candidates.

Where is this money coming from?  He claims offices in the Middle East and America, but the American offices don’t really exist.

Jon Moseley is a bigot.

I could go into the detail but it is already covered on here.

Jon Moseley is NOT WELCOME in the Republican party and he is NOT WELCOME in the TEA party. We are not bigots and we reject bigots.  They need to either go back to the democratic party where they came from in the 60’s or they need to go form their own bigots party.  But they are REJECTED as Republicans. 

Any person who calls themselves a Republican and then says bigoted things about a Muslim or Black or whatever will be KICKED out of party events and will be protested to their faces by other Republicans.

Go away.  You are not welcome.

Just to summarize Bluebird’s hysteria.  Here are his ground rules…

1) The only true interpreters of the Bible are Christians.  Any interpretations of the Bible by Muslims are suspect.

2) The only true interpreters of the Koran are Christians.  Any interpretations of the Koran by Muslims are suspect.

3) If any Muslim is an extremist, they represent all Muslims and all Muslims are extremists.

4) If any Christian is an extremist, they are an exception and not representative of Christianity.

Those are the first few starter ground rules.  Once you understand those, you start to see how Bluebird’s paranoid works.

Do Not Vote for anyone born in a Muslim country, raised a Muslim by a Muslim parent. Are all you people stupid??? Muslims holding office in the country is how we are going to die!!! This is exactly how 9/11 happened, by Muslims who we took in as our trusted friends! All Muslims are students of Bin Laden!! Wake up people before it is too late.

Shhh…don’t tell Mr. Moseley, but there is a mosque, or at least a prayer room, INSIDE THE PENTAGON. I wonder if he would believe that those who use it are “celebrating” the events of 9/11?

Some forms of ignorance are too profound to NOT be taken seriously. I am sorry for my Republican friends at what has infected their party.

Mr. Miller, if that’s really you, even though you aren’t running for anything this year, do you really feel it appropriate for a sitting elected official to claim that people were dangling their private parts over one anothers’ faces outside a political event you attended?

“Tea-bagger” is vulgar slang for a practitioner of a certain sexual behavior.  Were there really naked men dunking their privates over one another’s faces at the event you describe?  Really?

I hope you took pictures, and if you did, I’m sure you had the good sense AND taste not to send them around on your Blackberry.

Jonathon Moseley,

“victory mosque at the site of the 9/11 attacks on America at the World Trade Center”

You’re just bigot who should not be taken seriously.  I feel very sorry for people like you. 

The proposed MULTI-FAITH buidling includes a 500-seat auditorium, theater, a performing arts center, a fitness center, a swimming pool, a basketball court, a childcare area, a bookstore, a culinary school, an art studio, a food court, and a memorial to the victims of the September 11 attacks. The prayer space for the Muslim community will accommodate 1,000

LOL @ bluebird.

Read the article, dumbass

He’s also rumored to be an anti-dentite

Once a Muslim, always a Muslim.  Has everyone forgotten 9/11 so very quickly. Those Muslims were our so-called “friends” too! No Muslim should ever hold office in this country!!

Story begins with, “While many elected officials might balk at attending a political event where the candidate

I am appalled at the ignorance in this discussion.  Jonathan Moseley, you are a Neanderthal. It is neither a mosque, nor is it “at” ground zero.  It is a community center two blocks away from ground zero. I do not vote Republican,and am not promoting Ramadan, but good God, this is the 21st century ~ educate yourself and get over your racism!

Wow and this guy is running as a Republican.  Dave, they still hate you!

If someone publicly promotes, as a public policy issue, the establishment of a celebration of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States at Ground Zero—so that Muslims can do a victory lap in the end zone—that is a legitimate public policy issue.

That is not about Ramadan’s religion.  If a Methodist wanted to promote a mosque at Ground Zero I would say the Methodist had lost his mind, the Methodist was out of touch with the voters he seeks to represent, and is offending most American voters.

It doesn’t matter what Ramadan’s religion is. 

Ramadan’s public policy positions are what matters.

Let’s be clear:  Ramadan did not promote a mosque.  The issue specifically was A MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO, WHERE MUSLIMS ATTACKED THE UNITED STATES ON 9/11, AND ABOUT 2,500 of the 3,000 who died were murdered.  The building itself was a crime scene.  Parts of the aircraft penetrated and were lodged inside that building.

Ramadan did not promote freedom to build mosques.

Ramadan promoted the memory of 2,500 murdered Americans being insulted with a mosque named for Muslim conquest of non-Muslim lands, the Cordoba House, commmemorating Muslim colonization of Spain.

This is not about mosques.  This is about sticking Americans in the eye and celebrating the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the Muslim world overseas.

David Ramadan took a very public stance to stick Americans in the eye over 9/11 by promoting an insult to 2,500 dead Americans.

If you sign your name next to a lobbyist for Moammar Qaddaffi on a very public position, you have to be man enough to stand by your actions and your words.

I hate the Meeses to pieces. Geddit?

David Ramadan’s campaign team has pretty much assured that I will not be voting for him. I do not need multiple fliers a week in my mailbox. His campaign team also somehow managed to get ahold of my e-mail address and is spamming me electronically as well. Clicking the “remove me” link does not get me off the list.

My GOP has become an embarrassment.  My association with the party in Virginia goes back to my junior high days when I did lit drops for the Trible senate campaign.  I wish I lived in the 87th so I could vote for David and against this bigotry.  But instead I get to vote against Dick Black’s bigotry.

What is being “circulated” is a residency complaint, couched in melodramatic terms that Mr. Plowman has already stated are untrue, that was created on a computer with software licensed to Ramadan’s opponet’s spouse, and apparently filed by someone who dropped out of the 03 CA’s race for being challenged on their residency.

It is another “grassroots” email attack in the absence of any issues-based campaigning.

Please read the following response to the latest attack:


This whole discussion smacks of the unsavory.  I have to wonder why, and I suspect the answer is that within the Republican party of Loudoun County, we see major problems.  If so, than the voters need to keep in mind that the Republican ticket may be a group to vote against, because once in office, you have that band until their terms are up.

“being circulated?”  So unless there’s more to it than something being emailed around, I guess it has the same credibility as reptilians taking over.  That’s “being circulated” too.

Historian - wrong political party, you speak of Senator Byrd who was a grand wizard not too far from these parts…those are the facts.

This is being circulated….Subject:

What felony charges?

Foreigner?  Republican Party?  Ramadan shouldn’t have been so naive to think he would be accepted in this group.  In the South, these guys are barely removed from the days where they would don white cloth for their meetings and rallies.

Whats up with the felony charges on Ramadan and for lying about his residence????

I bet it was Ramadan that spray painted all those cars the other day.

Bigots and racists pure and simple.  A Christian with an endorsement from Ed (freakin’) Meese isn’t good enough for these clowns?  This newspaper should do more to expose these fools for what they are.  Hating someone just because of where he was born or his name is moronic… but idiocy seems to be a Tea Party / Republican plank.

Jonathon Moseley you have got to be kidding me.  You want to perpetuate the Crusades as a reason to not support David Ramadan?  You are out of your mind and should be ashamed of the hate you are perpetuating.

Good grief.  He must be hiding something?  What a nice vague accusation.  If nothing’s found, you can just say he’s still hiding something and demand more and more and more…

Next up, the Sharia-law boogeyman.

The Republicans this year are doing stellar work on convincing non-radical Republicans to vote Democratic, or just about anything non-Republican.

Sorry…What’s the problem with Mosques in Virginia?

Too much!  Ken Reid needs to learn something from this guy.  Or maybe, this guy needs to learn something from Ken “sure I have a few speeding tickets, but don’t hold that against me, just get out of myh way” Reid and Tom “yes, I really am that stupid” Dunn.  Tag team it, with someone who is on the same par as yourself.  Go far, in the real world.

Actually, excuse, me the Muslims did not drive out all the Christians from Cordoba, Spain—the namesake of the ‘Cordoba House’ 9/11 Victory Mosque.

The Muslims invaded Spain, and drove out the non-Muslim government and culture.  The Muslims did allow Christians and others to live in Cordoba—under Muslim conquest and occupation. 

Muslim revisionist history tires to portray Cordoba as a golden age of Muslim cooperation with Christians and Jews.  But remember that the Muslims conquered Spain from outside.

If a Japanese-American wanted to build a pro-Japan monument next to the USS Arizona monument to the attacks on Pearl Harbor, he would have every right to promote this. 

But if he wanted to run for office, the voters might not feel that he speaks for them.

David Ramadan signed a letter supporting the construction of a victory mosque at the site of the 9/11 attacks on America at the World Trade Center in Manhattan.

Ramadan put his signature next to a lobbyist for Moammar Qaddafi of Libya, who lobbied for Qaddafi before any change in Libya’s behavior. 

Ramadan put his thumb in the eye of the American people and showed that his values are out of step with most voters. 

Remember that the “Cordoba House” victory mosque required special changes in the law in New York City.  It was not automatic.  David Ramadan is running for the General Assembly, where Ramadan could vote for the same kind of special waivers for mosques in Virginia.

The Cordoba House - the name of the mosque Ramadan promotes—would celebrate the 9/11 attacks on America.  Cordoba is a Spanish city that Muslims conquered, tearing down all the churches and driving out all of the Christians.  Cordoba stands for Muslim conquest over non-Muslim countries, tearing down the existing government, and replacing the existing government with a Muslim alternative government.

Ramadan is entitled to his opinion and to say anything he wants.

But the voters are entitled to decide if a candidate represents their values and their views.

I would not go as far to call them small minded. Remember our government thought Bin-Laden and Sadam were good enough to support at a point in history. Look where that line of thinking got us. Dont’t blame anyone for digging deep for as much info as possible.

Go David Go!  This is a sad and unfortunate attack on a good man by small minded people.

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