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Survey says: Loudoun is again the happiest county in the nation

The scenic west of Loudoun County lends to its residents’ happiness. Courtesy Photo/Visit Loudoun
For the second year in a row, Loudoun is the happiest county in America, according to Smart Asset's compilation.

Loudoun County's low poverty and unemployment rates were key factors in the survey of 1,000 counties across the country. Loudoun had the lowest poverty rate of any county in the study. The local income-to-cost of living ratio also helped secure Loudoun the top spot.

Neighboring Fairfax scored second in the study. The top five were rounded out by Carver County, Minnesota; Chester County, Pennsylvania; and Hunterdon County, New Jersey.
Smart Asset, a personal finance website, used eight factors in their list: marriage rate, income ratio, life expectancy, physical activity rate, poverty rate, unemployment rate, divorce rate and personal bankruptcy rate.

Loudoun's unemployment and poverty rate are both under 4 percent, and the median household income was $123,966 in 2014, according to the Census Bureau.

Additional findings noted the that “The Deep South needs to up its game” and “Marriage rate matters.”

“Only one Deep South county (Williamson, Tennessee) made our list of the top 25 happiest counties, and none cracked the top 10. The same was true in the 2015 edition of our happiest counties study,” a Smart Asset summary noted.

On marriage, the survey stated, "All of the counties in our top 25 had marriage rates over 50 percent (the approximate average marriage rate in the U.S.). The relationship between marriage and prosperity goes both ways. Wealthy, educated people are more likely to get and stay married, and being married can also boost financial security and wealth."

Click here to learn more about Smart Asset's methodology.

-Trevor Baratko


Question, LTM.  Would you say Putin’s Russia is happy because nobody can ever post a negative comment?  Is that how LTM defines “happy”?

I’m Happy!

European American’s paradise and you still complaining.  Where else can you tell your School Board to get them Hispanic kids out of OUR school and they oblige you, oooppps until they got caught.

I guess what they didn’t include is the people that regularly write on these message boards, we would have finished last.  Some people will never be happy or have a good thing to say no matter what the topic on conversation is.  Must be a lousy life to live.

hahaha!  Even a fluff piece like this gets skewered in the comments!  I guess some people just can’t be happy!

Apparently they did not drive in on route 7 or take notice of what hangs around every 7/11 and vacant lot? p.s. Will they start taxing these comments?

acc 2 posts, title should be “most cynical” county

Why oh why would SGP ignore the data of this study and simply offer up his opinion?  Oh yeah, because that is his nature.  Ignore any facts and simply use a single data point to project his agenda - this is just like his continued ignorance about rating teachers and schools - use the wrong data but make a big noise so that no one participate in the conversation - and then claiming victory against all.

Well said VA SGP!, I wonder why they don’t include commuting time as part of the equation. I would also like the real numbers of income for the county…. What percentages are at each level – 20,000 and below, 20-30, 30-40 etc… so you can really gauge the “median” income. And how many illegal and unregistered are left out of that poverty and unemployment rate! I wonder if the “success rate” of   marriage is because both spouses have to work, and don’t spend enough time with each other to find out who they are actually married to… :)

Better yet let’s clone Kristen Umstattdt.  She makes everything GREAT!  And more of her will give Loudoun Happiest for LIFE!  Seeing her in action you start to hear Zippy Do Da and the Candy Man playing in your head.

I’m pretty sure Honolulu, HI is the happiest county in the US…

Hey, can we restrict zoning even further to raise housing prices and further reduce that poverty rate?  If we only allow in millionaires, then we are sure to be even happier!

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