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Suspects at large in Sterling armed robbery; LCSO releases surveillance stills

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public's assistance to help identify the suspects involved in an armed robbery at the High-Up convenience store in Sterling.

Around 3:40 p.m. Friday, four males entered the High-Up store in the 46000 block of Community Plaza in Sterling armed with weapons. The suspects stole cash and cigarettes from the store and the patrons, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

Surveillance video stills of the suspects -- pictured below -- were obtained from the business. Detectives are asking for public's assistance to help identify the suspects. If you have any information regarding their possible identities you are asked to contact Detective S. Schochet at 703-777-0475.


I think it takes at least 5 armed robbers to be officially labeled as a gang.

AND IF YOU READ Western sky, I said they were dangerous robbers, they had weapons.  I am just sick of every time a “Hispanic” person or persons (a group) commits a crime it’s gang…..not true, it’s just not a true fact.

I’m with Cindylou. This was just 4 individuals of similar descent who indepently decided to rob the same store at the same time. Should be easy to solve as I’m guessing the 1st initials of their last names are G-A-N-G.

@Cindylou, What point are you trying top make by disassociating these thugs with being gang members? They are almost certainly MS13. Anyone with a pulse can make that association.

cindylou Obviously, I do not know your background or justification for somehow trying to minimize the actions of this group.  But, you are wrong to try to say this is not a violent gang.

A group of armed, masked robbers is violent, right?  The Webster’s definition of a gang:  “an organized group of criminals”

Are you arguing these guys randomly showed up to rob the store by force?  And/or that armed robber is not a violent act?

I see no where that they are a violent gang or gang affiliation.  Are they the Blank panthers, the MS13, the Mafia or the KKK??  I hate that.  They are armed robbers.  What’s the name for this gang?  They are armed robbers, until gang affiliation is identified by the police, its bringing race into it.  They are armed and dangerous robbers.  Period.

I always wonder how those off-brand convenience stores stay in business.  Who shops there?  I can’t imagine their prices are any good.

Four armed robbers = violent gang.  I do not know if they are members of a larger organized gang.

Western Sky, how do you know they are gang?

Wow.  4 members of a violent gang snack dab in the middle of Route 7 shopping area on a Friday afternoon.  Stupid violent gang at that (the most dangerous.)  They would get 30 years in Virginia if caught – half that at best in neighboring states.

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