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Suspicious man and gunfire has Lansdowne on edge

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating several reports of gunfire in Lansdowne.

Suspicious incidents began Feb. 7 at around 4:40 around Habitat Circle, when a resident reported seeing a man dressed in camouflage carrying a gun walking along the treeline. Then, on Monday evening, a resident on the 43900 block of Riverpointe Drive reported hearing gunshots in the area at around 10:24. The resident also saw someone in camouflage with a gun.

Two more situations arose the following night. At 10:20, a resident reported hearing gunfire from the 43800 block of Riverpointe Drive. At 11:46 that night on Kipheart Drive, police received another report of gunfire.

In all four cases, police responded and were unable to to find anyone suspicious in the area.

A spokesperson for the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office said the department is "taking proactive measures" and resources are being allocated to address the situation.


A drunken sportsman then?

A hunter? Not likely at 11:46 at night. If it was gunfire, a poacher or a criminal, perhaps. But not likely anyone that fits the definition of a legitimate sportsman/hunter firing a weapon in a neighborhood at 11:46 at night.

Sounds like a hunter.

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