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Teacher arrested after being drunk, possessing alcohol at Sterling Elementary School

Claire M. Bucher
A Loudoun County teacher was arrested Friday for public intoxication and having an open container of alcohol inside Sterling Elementary School, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

An LCSO school resource officer was notified by school personnel shortly before 2 p.m. that the teacher, 25-year-old Claire M. Bucher of Potomac Falls, was possibly intoxicated.

During the course of the investigation, Bucher was found to be drunk and had alcohol in her possession on school property.

Bucher was charged with drunk in public and possessing or drinking an alcoholic beverage in a public school or on public school grounds during school hours. She was being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center until sober.


Retiredteacher, I hope your perfect and have always stood on solid ground.  I hope you never had a problem you needed help with.  There is no good that can come from a lot of things.  Being mean and uncaring is one of them.

This is so sad.  I hope she is not fired and receives help. The Americans with Disability Act says that alcoholic and drug dependency is a disability. All major insurance companies pay for treatment also.  If we allow Presidents, Congressmen, Senators, Govenors, Actors to verbally and physically sexually attack co workers and still remain in office and be voted in, I think Loudoun County can help this young adult out. It’s clear she needs help.  Do the right thing for once LCSP.  No one knows what has happened or goes on in ones life behind closed doors.  We all have issues we hide….yes.  Even you.

Hope she finds the help that she needs.  Tough to be an alcoholic in this society these days, doubly so in Loudoun county where there doesn’t seem to be anything to do other than drink heavily.

If I had to teach at Sterling Elem, I would likely drink too. The schools in sterling are not very nice these days.

amerigirl: I’m confused about why you are offended by the title of the article. According to the article, the teacher does work at Sterling Elementary School.

How sad. This happens in more workplaces! It’s disgraceful and a shame when brazen and reckless employees choose to consume alcohol on the job, especially when working with the most vulnerable.

I’ve known of employees who for whatever reason, felt entitled and above the policies and often consumed alcohol in the office while others were working. Management apparently allowed and ignored it and when futher complaints were later brought to the attention of a 10-member board of directors, no action was taken to hold any employees accountable for bringing and consuming alcohol on the job. Culture and safety is everything. When individuals and organizations lower their standards, morals, ethics, professionalism, and concern for those that they serve and work for, it is a very risky and unethical environment indeed. Children and seniors especially deserve better care and attention. Employees, children, and seniors have the right to be in an environment where they feel safe and respected. Anything less is simply unacceptable. There are professional services that individuals with an obvious alcohol problem can seek for help.

What a terrible name for an article, there is a school on Church Rd in Sterling called Sterling Elementary School. I hope it doesn’t hurt their reputation, they have some great teachers.

This is a sad situation.
The ever Sadder thing is the immediate reaction of most is to JUDGE.
My immediate reaction was “This is a Call for Help” I prayer immediately that she find the help to overcome the challenges she faces everyday that lead to this.
IF, as I like to believe, WE are Christian Based Nation. Our Reaction should to HELP, not condem.

RetiredTeacher, I disagree. Alcohol was often used when other pain-killing medication was not available. It also helps some folks become more social and less inhibited (not wild but relaxed). Not to mention the benefits of red wine.

In fact, I have read psychologists’ books about LSD studies where the participants had very creative episodes even after the drugs wore off (LSD). The military gave its members drugs (e.g. pilots).

I do not drink much nor take illegal drugs but that doesn’t mean they have no purpose, even beneficial socially. It is tough for folks who have addictive personalities but it is too far to condemn alcohol, marijuana, etc. because some can’t handle it.  Too bad for this teacher.

I have little sympathy for this soon to be ex-teacher. How sad a college education has been wasted and a life has been damaged all due to alcohol. There is one true way to never become an alcoholic… NEVER take a drink, There is nothing good that can come from drinking. Nothing bad has to happen but nothing good CAN happen from drinking. Nothing redeeming can happen from drinking.

Thanks for explaining that to us Fred

A career down the drain over a drink.

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