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The Beer Joint to open as man cave complete with “Bavarian Girls Next Door”

The Beer Joint has its grand opening next month. - Photo Courtesy/The Beer Joint
What was Leesburg's Vintage 50 restaurant has re-opened as The Beer Joint, which describes itself on its website as a man cave with waitresses who have "Bavarian Girl Next Door" charisma.

Owner Anthony Cavallo explains the place as a favorite hangout for craft beer and bourbon lovers, hoping to emphasize that The Beer Joint is "not only centered around men."

Menu offerings will focus on the three b's of beer, bourbon and burgers.

A soft opening of the place has already begun, while a grand opening is slated for the first week in September.

The Beer Joint has gone through a renovation in the dining area as well as the menu.

"Beer has changed. We needed a new look and feel of what we want to be," said Cavallo.

Cavallo hopes the location feels more like a social hangout rather than a restaurant, urging patrons who want to come in for a good hour or two to do so.

"There are a lot of good restaurants, but there aren't a lot of places where you can hang out. That's what we want to be," said Cavallo.

The beers, brewed on site, will be on sale for $2 every day from 3 to 5 p.m. and $3 from 5 to 8 p.m. for the rest of the month.

Cavallo says burgers will be half-price for the month of August as well.


@Everrett, not only do I work 50+ hours a week at my real job(keeping the world safe from terrorists), I own several small businesses in Loudoun, attempt to get in a round of golf per week and work out/spar 5-6 times a week at UFC gym… And married for 27 years.

Laugh (whynow, ben olsen), just how are women denigrated in this article?  Could it be that Tom Dunn visits this place & in your head it’s a bad place?

Leave it to the “new” editor to put up a story that denigrates women.  I guess the “new” editor thought it would be funny to do so.  I guess this “new” direction by this news site may sit well with the “new” editor, but women should remember this, and give some thought as to why the “new” editor should not be shunned.

“...my lady friend and I will buy a couple six packs from Giant and drink them at the local park. “
Classy Everett.  Real classy.

So Everett and his lady friend are the creepy people hanging out in leesburg parks drinking booze.  Just because you hate the general public does not mean you need to get drunk and make fun of fat people in our local parks.

Cant wait for the next LTM food article so Everett can comment on how fat people are and how expensive everything is. 

PS - your car is you lady friend and its getting awkward.

Fed up-

A grammar lesson or two may be a good investment in your professional career assuming you have one.

“Everett seems to have not taste” - ???
“I out Everett Everett ” - Is this a sentence?

To save a little money, me & my gal get a couple bottles of MadDog & sit in front of the trailer.  For entertainment, we listen to the couple in the trailer next to us curse each other out.  It makes for a great evening.

Everett seems to have not taste, what ever is cheapest suits him well.

Could save even more by never drinking beer at all like me. I out Everett Everett Lol

Yes, cowbell I do actually work unlike yourself. I make a decent living. It is my business where I live and where I work.

Staying on topic,  per article “but there aren’t a lot of places where you can hang out”. Are you serious? There are plenty of places to hang out…my lady friend and I will buy a couple six packs from Giant and drink them at the local park. Then walk over to the movie theater using Costco’s gift card passes.

@Everett, you live in Loudoun and commute to MD for work. You complain about any new business, taxes and not enough roads…. Why do you live in Loudoun? Oh that’s right, your gym, lady friend and some sort of family living here.

The Hooters business plan must be more profitable.

And driving your Mustang GT avoiding human contact.  Seriously, why dont you just tell us how much you bench on the comments- you reveal the rest of your hermited personal info on these comments.

And Everet will not have to mingle with his arch enemy, the general public. 

Stay home, go to the gym, talk to friends on LTM message board to complain about fat people, and avoid all human contact.  Dream night for Everett

“The beers, brewed on site, will be on sale for $2 every day from 3 to 5 p.m. and $3 from 5 to 8 p.m. for the rest of the month”

These prices will at least double if not triple after the promotional period. Places like this lure you in at a low price, and once your hooked jack up the prices.

I’ll continue going to Giant and get a 6 pack for less than $10. No waiting for a bartender, no tips, and best part not dealing with patrons who can’t handle their alcohol.

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