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“The Kill” A book review By Diane Lunsford

“The Kill” by Middleburg author Jan Neuharth.
Tally Ho! Jan Neuharth strikes gold in her third Hunt Country Suspense Novel, “The Kill.”

In the pristine twilight of the Middleburg countryside, a shot rings out. A lone buck leaps for cover amongst the fallen leaves and waits… The rise of a new, grey day finds Margaret Southwell en route to the 250 acre Longmeadow estate—hosting grounds for the Middleburg Foxhunt. There is work to be done in preparation for the fall races. After passing through the entrance, Margaret continues to wind her way up the road to the steward’s tower. She is surprised to see the familiar silver Lexus SUV parked at its base. Why wouldn’t he wait for her to arrive before beginning repairs on the snow fence? More importantly, if he was already here, why didn’t he leave the inner gate unlocked for her? Slightly annoyed, she shifts the programs in her arms, grasps the metal hand rail and begins her climb up the tower. Close behind, her beloved lab Duchess continues to bark. She’s already chased those pesky crows away… When Duchess replaces her bark with the guttural growl Margaret follows her point to the body on the landing in front of her. Master of the Hunt, Richard Clark, lays lifeless in a pool of his own blood.

On the other side of the world in war-torn Afghanistan, photojournalist Abigale Portmann was photographing troops near the encampment. It had been 17 years since she last visited her beloved Uncle Richard’s farm, Dartmoor Glebe. Under normal circumstances, perhaps it would have been another 17 years before making the trip. However, there was nothing ‘normal’ about her return now. As emotionally draining as it was to face the memories of seeing Manning Southwell again, the constant tug on her heartstrings now was the reason for her return. She was going back to bury her Uncle Richard. She couldn’t understand why anyone would want him dead…

Award-winning, local Middleburg author Jan Neuharth is no stranger to the Hunt and she proves it once again in her third hunt country suspense novel, “The Kill.” As she continues to ride the crest of her accomplishments from her first two books in the series: “The Hunt #1” and “The Chase #2,” Neuharth delivers yet another delicious story that is rife with suspense, intrigue, mystery and page-turning satisfaction. Her voice is distinct and her ability to write crisp dialogue is her artistic signature. Her characters are believable and the reader will find it difficult to separate fiction from reality because of precise descriptions and nuances assigned to each character’s personality. Neuharth clearly maintains confident control of her pen throughout “The Kill.”

There is a natural cadence with a balanced ebb and flow of story line which translates to solid reading pleasure. Simply put, Ms. Neuharth is the master of her writing ‘hunt’ in this thrilling story of suspense, betrayal and murder. There is no doubt her audience will saddle up for another thrilling ride of intrigue as they embrace the experience in her third masterpiece, “The Kill.” Ms. Neuharth is currently working on her fourth novel. To learn more about the author, visit her at huntcountrysuspense.com.

By: Jan Neuharth
Publisher: Paper Chase Farms Publishing Group
Publication Date: May 27, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9841898-2-3

Reviewed by: Diane Lunsford
Review Date: July 12, 2014

This is the first book review by Diane Lunsford, author of “Echo Ranch.” To submit a book for her review consideration, mail them to:
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Sterling, VA 20165

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