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The next Tinder? Sterling man launches ‘Bangin’ new app

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A new social networking app that aims to make it easier to connect with those around you is now available to download after its recent launch in Loudoun County.

The brainchild of local entrepreneur Rajdeep Junnarkar, the app, called Bangin, is designed to help people meet other people nearby. Users upload a single photo of themselves with no personal information or location. Similar to apps such as Tinder, users can swipe right in real time if interested in striking up a conversation, and swipe left if not. A new feature is currently in production where users can record a short, Vine-like video clip to use as their profile.

Junnarkar said Bangin can be used primarily as a dating app, but noted that his app has other potential uses.

“Typically, it can start off with dating -- but you can see folks of both genders around you. It can help you meet new people,” he said. “It helps you grow your side of friends with people living nearby.”

The app requires someone to have a Facebook account, although it doesn't post any details to the social media giant. Users see men and women who are within a 30-minute drive.

Despite the already crowded marketplace of apps, Junnarkar believes Bangin can stand out from the crowd.

“The rest of apps in the space overload you with a lot of information to process. Bangin provides you with the ability to connect with people as you would do in real life,” he said.

Junnarkar, who is originally from India and now lives in Sterling, has a background working in the mobile and technology sector. He's worked for Time Warner, Sprint and AOL. Around seven years ago he moved into the mobile app business, helping companies set up social, commercial and enterprise apps before launching his own consumer app called Addymate.

Junnarkar got the idea for the Bangin app earlier this year. He said he was looking for a colloquial name meaning "excellent or awesome" and settled on Bangin.

“It's been very well received so far. We've had a couple of hundred users sign up,” he said.

A five-figure sum was invested in creating the app, and Junnarkar is actively seeking more funding for expansion.

Although the free app can be downloaded anywhere in the U.S., Junnarkar said he is concentrating on driving interest in a specific area with a focus on getting a large number of users to connect in the Loudoun area before expanding the app. A launch event was held at Matchbox at One Loudoun last week, and Junnarkar said he will be turning his attention to getting the word out in D.C. next.


Surprised he didn’t just go with Bangit!

Now THAT will impress the folks at Amazon…

Junnarkar got the idea for the Bangin app earlier this year. He said he was looking for a colloquial name meaning “excellent or awesome” and settled on Bangin.

Yeah I’m sure that’s why he picked that name.

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