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MORE: Threat made toward Dominion High School; Authorities say not legitimate

The image posted on Snapchat. Courtesy Photo
Threats made by a student toward Dominion High School in Sterling are not legitimate, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

According to the LCSO, a school resource officer learned of a threat posted on social media on Tuesday night.

"The student made an indirect threat towards the school on Snapchat," LCSO spokesman Kraig Troxell said. The student involved who made the social media post has been identified and located, according to LCSO.

"Although there were firearms located inside the home that belonged to a relative, the investigation determined there is no threat to the school," the sheriff's office noted in a statement. "The firearms have been removed from the home."

The name of the student has not been disclosed.

The sheriff's office and Loudoun County Public Schools are investigating the incident.

Additional deputies were at Dominion High School on Wednesday as a precaution.


@ golden - You are correct. Ed Myers has cost the taxpayers of Loudoun County tens of thousands of dollars for his legal mischief.

Hey EdMyers how about taxing people that continue to sue people in court.  If we did you would be dead broke.

@ drttp24 - Ed Myers does not support law enforcement. He is well known in Loudoun County for his views. His comments merely reflect those of someone who does not know the difference between right and wrong. He does not have any tolerance for those who disagree with him.

We tax addicted people for health insurance costs: taxes on tobacco, alcohol and marijuana, for example. We regulate to limit the affect of those addictions on innocent people via second hand smoke and drunk driving.  Gun owners afflicted with a paranoia-driven disease that requires them to posses the power to kill people—lots of them—quickly to feel good about their miserable lives, that addiction is sacred and no regulation or tax is permitted even though tens of thousands die each year because of guns. Gun hoarding is an addiction that damages society and gun rights advocates through legislation have pushed that cost onto the taxpayers who don’t own guns.

Taxing a gun owner for gun violence?... lol.. we should tax ppl for their ignorance of “gun violence” .... i.e. ED…. and would be out of debt in minutes.

What a moronic comment. There are many safe gun owners. Would Ed want us to tax people that eat fast food to pay for healthcare. I hope the individual is identified. It is a shame that electronic media is a vehicle for stupidity.

I am glad that the administration and law enforcement took this seriously. We had a lengthy discussion last night about whether our DHS students would go to school today.

ED, I suppose you don’t have teenagers at Dominion nor saw the snapchat picture.  The snapchat picture of guns on a sofa and its caption was a very scary thing.  I can tell you that so many students did the absolute right thing by telling their parents and showing the picture to a police officer at the game last night.  How you equate that to taxes is moronic.

Ed: Are all gun owners “radical”? Asking for a friend.

Well I for one feel safer now.

The danger at Dominion this morning was the surveillance truck parked on the sidewalk near the spot where the bicyclist was injured severely by a car while commuting to school.  Then 3 extra police vehicles parked in the drop off zone impeding the flow of traffic making the traffic backups worse on Augusta. Heightened police presence is a good propaganda tool but it made students less safe.

Ed can we tax drug addicts to pay for all the damage drugs inflict on a civil society so the rest of us don’t have to foot the bill?

A radical gun owner passing on the culture of violence to the next generation. Can we tax gun owners to pay for all the damage guns inflict on a civil society so the rest of us don’t have to foot the bill?

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