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Three arrested in early morning armed robbery, one still at large

One adult and two juveniles were arrested June 29 and a fourth suspect is sought following two early morning armed robberies in Sterling.

Idris Zikria-Showers, 19, of Gainesville, and a 15-year-old and 16-year-old from Manassas have all been charged with charged with three counts of armed robbery and two counts of use of a firearm in commission of a felony. The fourth subject is believed to also be a juvenile.

According to a press release from the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, the first robbery took place at around 12:40 a.m. in the Sanderson Drive area of Sterling, where a man reported being robbed at gunpoint as he left his car. His backpack, which contained a laptop, smartphone and wallet, was taken.

About an hour later, the second robbery took place in the 46000 block of Shaw Road in Sterling. Two people were walking in the area when two of the suspects got out of a car, brandished a gun and demanded the victims' belongings. The suspects took two smartphones.

After reports of the second robbery, deputies located the vehicles and stopped the car in the area of Falke Plaza. The suspects fled the car on foot and officers set up a perimeter and canvassed the area. Deputies were able to catch one suspect immediately and then found another suspect in the Shaw Road area. The third suspect was found by the canine unit.

Deputies conducted a consent search at an area hotel where the suspects were staying and found two guns in the room.

Zikria-Showers is being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center and the juveniles are being held at the Loudoun County Juvenile Detention Center.

Additionally, an unrelated arrest was made during the search for the suspects when a driver under the influence of alcohol hit one of the dogs in the canine unit. The dog was not seriously injured.


@love it
He represents everything that is wrong with society, huh? Wow, ok. I wonder what society would look like if everyone was smoking pot instead of drinking alcohol? Your husband would be a lot less busy for sure.
You know, ironically, if they did “legalize it”, perhaps there would be more cash flow to afford your husband the raise you feel he deserves.

@Love it, must pay pretty good since you’re a stay at home mom. My wife and I both work. many times I felt underpaid

legalize it… By your name alone you represent everything that is wrong society, bet you would be the first to call 911 when you get robbed due to your activities. .

BOS. I’m a stay home mom.  I will be your biggest campaign supporter or your worst campaign enemy.  Our Deputies deserve more.

@love it, do you really think your posting is helping any? NO. How about complaining to the Sheriff? or wuit and find a job elsewhere. How much should they make? I gamble with my life everday because of all the poor drivers on the road in northern va, yet never an officer around. I see many drivers texting and on cell phones, young kids sitting in front seat, without seat belts because they’re climbing between front and back seats and infants being held by mom or grandmother while a car is moving on 7 and 28. Tags that have expired over a year ago.

Yeah, they probably deserve a raise, but how much is fair?

Now myownsense, you have no way of knowing whether or not this perp was the same Idris Zikria-Showers of past adventures:)

But assuming that he (or she) is, it doesn’t appear that this repeat offender is a quick study and needs to have the message reiterated in a much clearer, and longer-term fashion.

Maybe they should be the lowest paid if it take three or four deputies to write a speeding ticket

It seems this isn’t the first time young Idris has had felonious inclinations in Loudoun County:

46400 block
Thornwood Ct.
Traffic Stop/Auto Theft/Apprehension: A Loudoun Sheriff’s Deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle. The driver and passenger fled from the vehicle and a perimeter was established. A canine unit and the Fairfax County Police Department helicopter responded to the scene. The driver, 18-year-old Idris M. Zikria-Showers of Sterling was apprehended at the scene. He was charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle, two counts of failure to stop for police and driving without a license. He remains held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center on a $7500 bond. A juvenile passenger was identified and located a short time later. Charges are pending against the juvenile. The vehicle was determined to be stolen from a residence on Thornwood Court. The owner was unaware that the vehicle had been taken.

Maybe it’s time the good citizens and judges of Loudoun County ensure young Idris sees the inside of a Virginia state prison cell for a very, very long time.

Not in Loudoun. Two armed robberies in an hour, both at gun point both with suspects being from outside the county praying on the weak from inside the county..

Guess what protects the flock, look who held the wolf at bay. LCSO Deputies did. Life and limb was risked chasing four felons armed with pistols into the darkness.  Would you do it? How much money would it take you to gamble with your life? Turn the corner to quick,you might die. Turn the corner too slow and an armed felon stays loose in our community.  So again citizens and BOS members,  I ask: how much money would it take for you to gamble with your life and chase four armed felons into the night?

Guess how much Deputies do it for? Here is a clue. LCSO Deputies are the lowest paid force in all of Northern VA. Its a disgrace,  its an abolishment to the men and women who risk it all night after night. They dont want unreasonable compensation,  they just want to be compensated reasonably. Pay them a fair average wage, they protect us for Christ sake.

Wife - LCSO.

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