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Three Loudoun high schools rank high in annual list

With the release of the annual high school rankings by U.S. News and World Report, Loudoun County has three schools in the top 400 schools in the nation.
Loudoun Valley, Dominion and Potomac Falls high schools all received gold medals and were in the top 20 schools in the state of Virginia.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a governor's school that Loudoun sends more than 200 of its students to every year, is the fourth best high school in the nation and first in the state.

Schools were awarded gold, silver or bronze medals based on their performance on state assessments and how well they prepare students for college.

Loudoun Valley, the highest ranking Loudoun high school, is the 14th best high school in the state and ranked 316 nationally with a college readiness rating of 55.8. At Loudoun Valley, 80 percent of its students are enrolled in the AP program.

Dominion ranked as the 15th best high school in the state and 326 nationally. The school had a college readiness rating of 55.2. Dominion has 74 percent enrollment in its AP program.

Potomac Falls came in as the 18th best school in the state with a college readiness level of 51.9. PFHS ranked as the 387 best school in the nation. The Sterling school has an AP enrollment of 65 percent.

All three schools received gold medal ratings.


@fedupdude, DC spends more and gets bad results, so there goes your illogical theory.

Fairfax schools have been in existence longer then most of Loudoun’s so hate to see the two compared, but seem to be the only thing that comes up during budget time…
Dr Hatrick, teachers, School Board and some parents complain when the LCPS isn’t fully funded and cry the sky is falling….We’re failing our kids…

more cowbell - What don’t you get about Fairfax spending more and getting better results? We are doing well but can improve and yes it costs money.

Motivated, type a, parents have moved here and as such take a vested and motivated interest in their children’s education.

Hold it, I thought all the LCPS were failing the kids because of less money spent per kid????? How could this be Dr Hatrick? School Board members? Is this study bogus? Everything that came out of teachers, School Board members and parents were how bad LCPS are because of not fully funding 2015 budget…. perhaps this group of students were smarter then the younger kids in LCPS? Great to know the sky isn’t falling…...AGAIN!

The US News methodology takes the students scores versus the state averages but also looks at how the school is serving those who are less privileged to determine the ranking. They also look at AP/IB test pass rates not just participation. In other words, our kids are doing above average because of their demographics not because of our schools, so the schools don’t get the national ranking.

A quick website look shows that the majority of the schools are above the state average for college preparedness, reading, and math. All but one are at least near the VA average. The only school below average in reading and math is Park View. However, even Park View was rated as above state average for college preparedness.
Considering the immense growth in the public school system over the past decade or so, I think they are on a good track.

Matthews at the WashPost argues that taking an AP course and failing the exam makes a student more prepared for college than getting an A in a non-AP class. Students aren’t surprised by the amount of reading required and the fast pace of college courses if they have had a few AP classes in high school.

JoyMaloney - Keep in mind Fairfax Co has several decades of growth and a high tax base on Loudoun. Loudoun’s demographics have been shifting up with the population growth and will continue to do so for a while.

Totally true.  The reason most students grades were high is because of the time and funds invested by the parents.  This goes way back to elementary school.  Parents spent endless hours taking their kids to non county funded enrichment classes so that their kids can do well and have a better opportunity to attend the university of their dream.  Parents are getting info sent to them so that their child can perform better(kick back to the school).  Perhaps they should conduct a survey that will show the relationship of attended extra- academic programs and access tutors.    I say to this report ..  Congratulations parents to their active academic involvement in their children’s future.  Don’t give credit to the county because if it was because of the county the there should be more than the 3 high schools making the list.  How
did the remaining schools do meaning how many did really low ?

A more meaningful measure than percentage enrolled in AP courses would be percentage achieving a grade of Three or higher. Simply taking an AP class and the exam is pretty meaningless unless you achieve a passing grade on the test.

3 out of 12 of Loudoun’s high schools are nationally ranked. Fairfax has 14/28 nationally ranked, and 9 of those are ranked higher than all of the ones in Loudoun. This is a great example of how we should be doing much better.

Maybe the teachers did a little too?

AP classes are a joke. We get to pay for the tests and if your child attends a college out of state, then the weighted average is not used.

Those AP tests (and study guides) were all paid for by the parents for the past couple of years so I don’t want local politicians talking about how good our schools are because it was the parents and students and not the taxpayers that got the schools those gold medal ratings.

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