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Town of Hillsboro triples in size

Hillsboro grew larger Dec. 28 after Loudoun County's Circuit Court Judge Thomas D. Horne approved new boundary lines for the town.

The new boundary lines triple the town's size from 55.36 to 171.77 acres and increases its population from 80 to 115 residents.

Designed to create more economic opportunity, the new assets in town lines include the Old Stone School, Hillsboro Charter Academy, United Methodist Church, Stoneybrook Farm and Market and Hillsboro Bed and Breakfast.

"This is critical to building a viable and sustainable future for one of Loudoun's best preserved historic assets," said Hillsboro'Mayor Roger Vance.  
Round Hill is now Loudoun's smallest town at about 130 acres.


I am fascinated by the process which circumvents annexation. Take a pen, redraw lines and you have new town lines :) And no County Zoning regs. No viable water source, septics are questionable and no road infrastructure in the near future. What was the point of this ?

I wonder how long it will take to choke out Stoneybrook Farm?  And second, maybe this is all about Hillsboro trying to shut down the heavy Rte . 9 traffic, a bypass around the historic district, like Waterford’s continued hope for decades?  Hillsboro needed more land to create their bypass.

A law someone needs to change:
Sec. 15.2-3106, Code of Va.
A. Agreement by a municipality and a county to relocate or change the boundary line between them.
1. There are no statutory restrictions as to the size or character of the land area involved, the reason or basis for the agreement, or the frequency of such adjustments. 

Land grab!

“Designed to create more economic opportunity, the new assets in town lines…”

Meaning, they have more people to tax and spend and spend and spend.

Now, lets see how long it will take for the town to approve 150 new townhomes.

For all those people who have ever yelled “land grab” at a government entity, I sure hope you are next to post exactly that on this article. The quote should state “we need/want to enlarge the tax base and overall valuation of the town, and this is the fastest and easiest way to do it”.  Roughly, tax revenues just tripled. The cost for services to the new 120 acres…well? By the names, several of these properties might be tax exempt.  But the geographic growth opens up great opportunities for future BLA’s.

That’s neat.

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