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Towns: Leesburg, Lovettsville re-elect incumbents


Leesburg’s Town Council will remain the same for the next four years after all four incumbents defeated their respective opponents.

All results at press time are unofficial.

Mayor Kristen Umstattd defeated opponent Linda Shotton by a wide margin, taking almost two-thirds of the vote.

Council members Tom Dunn, Katie Hammler and Dave Butler all defeated four other candidates in their crowded Town Council race.


Kristen Umstattd will be serving her third term as mayor. She has been a member of the Town Council since 1992.

Kristen Umstattd

Umstattd received more than 65 percent of the vote. She received 12,017 of 18,314 votes cast.

Umstattd has always been proud of Leesburg and she was very proud and gracious to be serving another term as mayor of Leesburg.

“I was very deeply moved by the election results this evening. There is no better position than being mayor of the Town of Leesburg.,” Umstattd said. “I have been fortunate to have been able to work with the best town residents in the world. You just can’t beat Leesburg.

“I would also like to thank Linda Shotton for her graciousness and I would like to congratulate council members Dave Butler, Tom Dunn, and Katie Hammler for their re-election,” Umstattd said.

Town Council

All three incumbent Town Council members were re-elected   and will serve four more years on the Town Council.

Dave Butler had the majority of the vote, taking more than 19 percent of the vote in the town. He gathered a total of 8,538 of 43,073 votes cast.

Dave Butler

This will be the second term for Butler as he was first elected in 2008.

Butler attributed his win to hard work and his past record as a member of Town Council.

“We are trying to move Leesburg forward and get things done. I think the electorate is pleased with the work we have done on the council,” Butler said. “I appreciate the support I have received from my constituents and I will continue to try and move Leesburg forward in a bipartisan fashion.”

Looking forward Butler wants to see an increase in transportation and new business in Leesburg.

“I would like to increase the amount of alternate transportation, like pedestrian and bike trails and bus routes,” Butler said. “I want to continue our downtown improvements and of course continue to attract businesses to our town.”

Tom Dunn received the second highest number of votes with more than 15 percent of the vote.

Tom Dunn

Like Butler, this will also be Dunn’s second term on council.

Dunn collected 6,601 of 43,073 votes cast.

Dunn also attributed his win to hard work on the campaign trail as he ran his campaign much like he has in the past. On election day, Dunn began campaigning at 2 a.m.

“I just went door-to-door and got my message out through signs, advertisements and mailings,” Dunn said. “I am grateful to everyone who came out and voted this election regardless of who they voted for.”

Dunn is looking forward to spending a free weekend with his family with the election finally over.

“I have promised my sons a free weekend with them and I have Pinewood Derby building upcoming this weekend and I will be taking my son hunting this weekend for the first time,” Dunn said.

Incumbent Katie Hammler won more than 14 percent of the vote to take the third position in the Town Council race. Hammler received 6,327 of 43,073 votes cast.

Katie Hammler

This will be her third consecutive term on Town Council.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve another four years,” Hammler said. “I honestly feel speaking with the voters I was able to be heard and I think it resonated with them for voting and those precincts I visited really made a difference and town citizens are happy with how things have been going.”


Two Lovettsville town council members who were appointed earlier this year both get to keep their seats after winning uncontested elections.

Kimberly Allar, who took the place of now-mayor Bob Zoldos, was elected with 657 votes.

Allar runs her own small business from home as an independent consultant for Tastefully Simple. She lives with her husband and two children.

Jack Burden, who was appointed after former council member Charlotte Coleman moved away from the area, secured his seat with 497 votes.

Twenty-one voters wrote-in names for the two town council seats.


The Hillsboro mayor and town council races were entirely write in. Thirty-six wrote in names for the Hillsboro mayor and 144 wrote in names for a seat on Hillsboro Town Council.

The Board of Elections will be unable to determine the winner of the Hillsboro races until Nov. 7, according to Loudoun County General Registrar Judy Brown.

Staff writer Aaron Koepper contributed to this report.


Actually, Mayor Umstattd has now one her SIXTH term as mayor.  Great, Great, Great!  A truly happy day!

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