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Loudoun County Public Schools bus involved in collision in Lovettsville

The truck tried to squeeze by the bus on a narrow road in Lovettsville. Courtesy Photo
A Loudoun County Public Schools bus and a Ford truck collided in a slow-speed collision on a narrow Lovettsville road May 9.

There were no reported injuries and only minor vehicle damage. No one was charged in the incident.

Clarification: This story has been updated to reflect new information provided by the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office. Loudoun County Public Schools spokesman Wayde Byard's initial account of the incident was turned out to be untrue.


AnnaB, there are no “sides of the road.” Those dirt roads are narrow.  When I’ve driven my bus on that road,  I’ve always pulled over to let cars pass, as we were instucted to do during training. If the car cannot pass safely,  they need to back up to either a wider part, or a driveway. This car misjudged the width of his vehicle.

Be happy that it was only a pickup truck.  If this had been a fire truck or ambulance on a call they would of never made it around the bus.  The rural roads in the county really need improved and widened.

It would be a lot more accurate if the facts were told.  The bus was moving, and was in the center of the road. The pickup mirror was hit by the MOVING BUS.  The pickup stopped about 6 inches from the bus and could not figure out why the bus wouldnt pull forward.  So the pickup tried to go to 4x4 and ease up the bank and clear the bus.  But slipped on the bank.  The bus was pulled forward after the Sheriffs office showed up.  As he should have donr to begin with.  No one was charged because other than the mirrors “clipping” each other, no other contact happened. Both vehicles were moving slowly by each other. The pickup driver did not try to drive by a stopped school bus.  So get the facts straight.  The story is crap and sensationalized.

Someday western Loudoun will have paved roads where 2 vehicles can pass.

Misleading headline.

Why would the guy be charged?  On a two lane road, he has the right of way to drive on his side of the road.  If the bus has its red or yellow lights on then it is a different situation.  The very short story was missing that detail. The fact that he didn’t get a citation implies the lights were not on.  Why was the bus sitting in the middle of the road, blocking both lanes?

AngryOldMike, being stupid is not a crime. Our prison system would be unable to cope if it were…

This is what arrogance gets you.

The truck on the bus goes crunch, crunch, crunch!

Is that a Maryland license plate?  I’m floored.

No one was charged? Really?

No gun.  Republican disinterest.

Why was no one charged?

Some day, western Loudoun will have paved roads…

Where else can you find dirt roads in 21st century US?

MD tags…

Somebody could have used more skool

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