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Trump asked to compensate Loudoun County for his water hazard on the Potomac

Five years after Donald Trump clear cut trees along the Potomac to provide golfers an unobstructed views of the river at his Potomac Falls country club, a regional environmental group is calling on the presidential candidate to compensate Loudoun County.

The Potomac Conservancy is asking Trump to donate 500 mature trees for planting in NOVA Parks in the county by the end of October. Nearly 5,000 people have signed a Change.org petition demanding that Trump compensate the county for “irresponsible actions” that create sediment erosion along a mile-and-a-half stretch of the shoreline.

Trump has no plans to plant trees. At the grand opening of his championship course in July, he boasted that “artists with bulldozers” removed the trees with the county’s consent after he purchased Lowe’s Island Club. He blunted criticism of the environmental assault by suggesting it was good for his luxury golf empire.

Trump bought the family-oriented club for $9 million in 2009, changed the name to Trump National, built a 100-foot faux waterfall, and began charging a $75,000 initiation fee. He transformed one of two golf courses on the property to a championship layout designed to attract major professional golf events, including the 2017 Senior PGA Championship.

With additional improvements to the clubhouse and the expansion of a tennis facility, Trump said the club's value has increased to $100 million.

In 2010, Trump removed 465 trees and shrubs -- including native species of American elm, green ash and black locust -- on the environmentally sensitive wetlands of Lowe’s Island, which jut into the Potomac on Trump’s 800-acre property near the Fairfax County line. With the exception of the clear-cut shoreline at Trump National, trees and shrubs border both sides of the Potomac upstream into Loudoun and downstream to the Great Falls of the Potomac

The Potomac Conservancy contends the clear-cutting has degraded water quality for 5 million local residents downstream where drinking water comes from the Potomac.

Despite objections by the Loudoun Soil and Water Conservation District, county officials authorized Trump to remove the trees. At his press conference atop his signature golf-course waterfall, Trump thanked Loudoun officials for fast-tracking his applications, boasting that “artists with bulldozers” removed the trees with the county’s consent.

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chair Scott York (R-At Large) received a $5,000 campaign contribution from the Trump Organization in September 2014, according to Virginia Public Access Project.

If Trump National was located 3 miles downstream in Fairfax County, the removal of the trees would have been illegal, according to Hedrick Biden, president of the Potomac Conservancy.

Trump’s celebration of his golf-kingdom-with-a-view came just a week after he announced his candidacy for president, an event where he sparked a national debate over illegal immigration. Trump insulted Mexican immigrants and proposed building a wall at the U.S. border to keep them out. Several tournaments were pulled from Trump's golf courses in the ensuing controversy.

Trump was also the subject of the 2011 documentary”You’ve Been Trumped,” as well as a “60 Minutes” repair, for bullying property owners and the Scottish government in his attempt to build a $1.5 billion golf course on the environmentally sensitive dunes of the Scottish coastline. He attacked an offshore wind energy project there because it “ruined” his view.

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spoiled child syndrome
spews on everything

Trump National will bring lots of $$$ into this county.  Managing golf courses has become a cut-throat business.  Ask the other courses around here if business is booming?  Falling initiation fees suggest otherwise.  In the post-Tiger era, it’s a miracle that someone would invest so much into a course.  Anybody without Trump’s name recognition couldn’t pull this off.  But now, Loudoun will benefit from major golf tournaments coming to Loudoun.  And this writer thinks that is a bad thing?

This is why those who criticize the actions of the County Board should be careful.  It is never obvious what the second or third-order effects from a given decision will be.  Trump will likely be successful in this renovation whereas others would have lost $$$$.  And with metro, maybe it will pan out, increase business growth and be a positive decision.  Right now, it appears there is no way the limited benefits of metro rail can ever pay our tax obligations.  But the same could have been said of Trump’s investment of $M’s.  Much will depend on the success of developers and businesses.  But anybody who tells you they know for sure whether the metro investment is good or bad is a fool.  It could go either way.  Hopefully, we will have other investors like Trump with the marketing savvy to make it worthwhile.

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chair Scott York (R-At Large) received a $5,000 campaign contribution from the Trump Organization in September 2014, according to Virginia Public Access Project.

Yes, the $25,000 Loudoun Hounds tossed York’s way bought them quite of bit of action too.

It’s only the voters that don’t get action. You got to pay to play with York.

Are they asking or demanding?  What a horrible piece of writing.  Family oriented club.  That’s funny.  The writer fails to mention the price of membership was already sky high before trump took over.  The story has a bunch of if ands or butts.  Sounds to me he did nothing wrong.  But thanks for letting us know that it would have been against the law 2 miles down the road.  Oh and how many millions of residents have their water polluted by the antiquated sewer systems in DC.

If what he did was legal & with County blessing, then why should he donate any tree?  As it turns out, most of those same Scottish people are now quite happy with Trump International will all the $$ it’s brought them.

Looks like regional environmental group is a little late for a mulligan.

Good Comedy piece.  Yea right

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