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Tweetgate continues between Loudoun’s Dick Black and Jill McCabe

Democratic state senate candidate Jill McCabe and a dozen of her supporters hosted a press conference Monday to highlight what McCabe and Democrats are calling state Sen. Dick Black's “outdated” and “out-of-touch” views.

The press conference came four days after the Black campaign deleted a tweet his opponents called disparaging to working parents. The tweet showed a graphic with a side-by-side comparison of "experience" between candidates Black and McCabe. Black listed 16 items in his column -- including Marine major, state delegate, juris doctor, Army colonel and grandfather of 14 – while inserting just two items under McCabe, “doctor and mother.” McCabe is a pediatrician and the vice president of medical staff at Inova Loudoun hospital.

Democrats quickly blasted Black last week, with Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam and several state lawmakers calling the meme “completely offensive.”

Today, McCabe supporter Linda McCray piled on, saying this “isn't the era of 'Mad Men.'”

“Northern Virginia has changed, and I represent that change,” McCray said at the press conference. “It's a time of diverse families, men and women supporting families and careers together.”

Black is one of the most ardent social conservatives in the Virginia General Assembly, while McCabe is running as a moderate Democrat.

McCabe said Black “owes every working woman – working mom and working parent – an apology.”

A Black campaign spokeswoman told the Times-Mirror the tweet was pulled down because it “did not have the proper disclaimer on it.”

“Our campaign never asserted that Dr. McCabe was 'only' a mother,” said Black's campaign manager Michelle Staton. “That claim was made by an employee of the Huffington Post. Sen. Black responded to McCabe portraying him as a cigar-smoking career politician by listing her two best qualifications that he uses in every ad – a doctor and a mother.”

Staton was referencing McCabe's first TV ad and a story on HuffingtonPost.com in which the title read, “GOP State Senator Dismisses Opponent As Only A 'Doctor' And 'Mother'”

Staton said the Democratic candidate is trying to “deflect from the fact that she refuses to debate Sen. Black and is hiding where she stands on key issues like the Second Amendment, Common Core and others.”

Responding, McCabe campaign manager Scott Remley said scheduling conflicts prevented McCabe from attending two voter forums in September. Both McCabe and Black appeared on stage together at a Loudoun Chamber of Commerce forum earlier this month.

Remley said his candidate doesn’t believe the federal Common Core initiative is appropriate for every child in Virginia, and on the issue of the Second Amendment, the Democratic candidate favors certain regulations on gun ownership.

McCabe “supports common-sense measures including expanded background checks that keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of those who shouldn't have access to them, including the dangerously mentally ill and criminals, and closing the gun show loophole,” Remley said.

The comparison graphic isn't the first tweet Black's campaign has deleted. Over the summer, his campaign sent out a tweet with an apparent Planned Parenthood survey that used a fake – or forged – version of McCabe's signature.

PolitiFact Virginia, a joint-operation of PolitiFact and the Richmond Times-Dispatch, gave Black a “pants on fire” rating in August for the abortion-related claim against McCabe.

“This is just the latest example of Dick Black refusing to take responsibility for something offensive that he has said or done,” noted Remley.

Black and McCabe are in the one of the most contentious state races of the 2015 election cycle. Democrats have highlighted the contest as a key chance to take back control of the 21-Republican, 19-Democrat Senate.

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Be reminded that you need to vote for any 3 choices besides Flannery for soil and water commissioner.

@Loudoun Dad,

Sorry.  I need to correct myself.  They didn’t remove the tweet completely.  They re-posted it with a disclaimer for people who might try to claim that he is forging a signature. (you know, like how McDonalds has to write, “Caution - Coffee is HOT!” on their cups?)

Also, Fact #3 on my last comment should have said Jill McCabe supports “late-term” abortions.  Not sure if I forgot to write that or if my comment was edited.  We’ll see.

black campaign deflects, ashburn in-law responds w/ lame excuses

single-handedly built rt 28 also ; )

Dick Black isn’t being targeted because he’s effective.

He’s being targeted because his whacky worldview makes firing him an easy sell for most any voter who pays any attention at all.

He’s completely ineffective and now it’s catching up with him.

@Loudoun Dad,

They probably deleted the tweet to avoid it being a distraction, just like you are trying to turn it into.

Again, you are so focused on minutiae that you miss the forest for the trees.

Fact #1 - Jill McCabe earned a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood.
Fact #2 - Jill McCabe is endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Fact #3 - Jill McCabe supports abortions (which she just re-confirmed today on her Facebook page)

Those are the three points declared in that tweet, and none of them have been denied.  But what do you do?  You instead focus on the visual graphic used to illustrate the point, and instead try to create some fake issue about forged signatures.

Distract, distract, distract.  That’s all you have.  All complaint.  No substance.

@Ashburn voter

The Black campaign Tweeted out the fake document and signature with comment.  They removed it, without comment, when its legitimacy was challenged.  This presentation of legitimacy by the campaign, coupled with their then tacit response to the fake document’s removal displays clearly malice and an indifference for honesty at each level.

They also proved they don’t know how Twitter works.


So you think that someone who has spent 12 years in the General Assembly and won his last election by 14% is easy to beat, huh?  Well, there goes your credibility.  As for Obamacare, if you think it is yesterday’s news, why did Terry McCaulliffe hand-pick a doctor to run in this race?

@Loudoun Dad,

Do you see anywhere on the tweet or in the story where the Black campaign claims it is Jill McCabe’s actual signature?  I don’t.  It is a example, of course, but that doesn’t stop you from trying to distract from the message that Jill McCabe scored 100% on her Planned Parenthood survey and she doesn’t deny it.

You and others keep trying to distract people away from the fact that Jill McCabe is the one with the extreme positions.  Her positions are so extreme she doesn’t want to tell anyone what they are.

@ Satchmo

It is “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” not “Obamacare,” and that is not what he blocked.  He blocked expansion of Medicaid in the Commonwealth.

McCabe has thin skin if this is offensive. Maybe politics isn’t right for her since she’s overly sensitive. Voters want a leader not a whiner!

@Ashburn voter, I see you have not been paying attention. 

Ashburn Voter wrote “BTW, there was no forged signature.”

From the article above
“The comparison graphic isn’t the first tweet Black’s campaign has deleted. Over the summer, his campaign sent out a tweet with an apparent Planned Parenthood survey that used a fake – or forged – version of McCabe’s signature.”

Ashburn Voter, what?? he “single handedly blocked Obamacare’s expansion”??  Are you really trying to make my point; Obamacare exists in Virginia.  Besides that, didn’t Black get the memo, Obamacare is yesterday’s talking points.

Black is the number one target because he is the most extreme and the most vulnerable to defeat.  That’s an easy one.

The only proof Black is a leader comes from Black himself.  I’ll trust his reputation based on his influence or lack thereof in the Virginia Senate. He’s ineffective.

black’s “abysmal record on job creation and protecting public education”    too conservative, 2011

4 yrs later - still ineffective

mccabe - real leader, full-time worker    

Where is Dr McCabe?

Holding secret press conferences with staged actors reading lines. Priceless.

She won’t debate, because she’s afraid of exposing the fact that she knows nothing about what is best for Virginia’s 13th Senate District, let alone the Commonwealth, and Virginians as a whole.

@Loudoun Dad

If Jill has other accomplishments, why doesn’t she list them on her website, or in her materials?  The front page of her website says “Doctor, Mom”.  Her campaign pieces say “Doctor, Mom”.  Her TV Commercial says “Doctor, Mom”

The rest of your screed is just the same tired old “war on women” attacks and lies that have been debunked years ago.  But then again, that’s all you have.

BTW, there was no forged signature.  Jill McCabe did in fact score a 100% score on her Planned Parenthood survey.  Haven’t heard her deny that.  And just today she declared her support for late term abortions on her Facebook page. 

Isn’t saying that Jill supports late term abortions what Politifact claimed Dick Black was lying about?

Sounds like Politifact owes Dick Black an apology.

No, the list of just two items as accomplishments of Dr. McCabe was the issue.  Dr. McCabe has many other accomplishments Senator Black chose to ignore, and Senator Black juxtaposed to the laconic resume he built for Dr. McCabe a padded resume of his own.  (herpetologist? Really? From the Greek ‘Herpein,” meaning “To Creep?”).  You didn’t see that coming, Senator?  Senator Black even broke military protocol by displaying a campaign image of himself in full uniform without proper disclosing notes.  I guess he doesn’t care about rules. 

Now, have you been paying attention? 

Senator Dick Black has shown by his votes he feels he is more knowledgeable about health issues than medical doctors.  His view on several medical procedures are scientifically unsupported, and are based on what appears to be the intellect of a second grader.   

Senator Dick Black feels he knows more about being a victim of domestic abuse than those who were domestically abused.  Their domestic abusers are, according to Dick Black,  “law abiding citizens.”  Were you even aware Dick Black called people who were convicted of domestic abuse “law abiding citizens.”

Senator Dick Black also has really dangerous views of spousal rape.  (it doesn’t exist, according to Senator Black).

I am not aware of any bill Dick Black has voted for that the NRA was against. 

This year, Senator Dick Black’s campaign forged a signature on a fabricated document, and disseminated it through the twitisphere in an attempt to discredit an opponent.

I can go on and on, but I need to get back to work. 


Senator Black single-handedly blocked the expansion of Obamacare in Virginia.  Senator Black passed important legislation protecting our daughters on college campuses.  Senator Black is a leading voice in the Senate.

Let’s face it.  If Dick Black was so ineffective, the Democrats wouldn’t constantly be making him their number one target.  You don’t waste all this money and effort to unseat someone who can’t get anything done.

Your post is once again proof that all the Democrats have is lies and negative personal attacks.  If you want to vote for a rubber stamp for Barak Obama’s agenda, then go ahead and vote for Jill McCabe. 

I’ll vote for a real leader like Dick Black, instead.

Ha!  What results??  Black has done absolutely nothing in the Senate.  I am not refencing his extreme views I am just highlighting that his colleagues in Richmond do not take him seriously, he has no influence.  He’s just there! 

I prefer to have someone who is capable of actually getting something done for our region.  Someone who can actually get some of the money we send to Richmond back into the hands of Northern Virginia our initiatives. 

He is completely ineffective at leading at anything.  His demeaner has lead to headshakes.  I don’t want a representative that is always prefessed by “There he goes again, it’s just Dick Black being Dick Black”.

Fake Outrage from McCabe. 
She can’t compete on ideas and substance. 
A doctor and a mom are great, but it doesn’t matter because she’s a far left Liberal.
Trevor conveniently leaves out that McCabe has the endorsement from the baby parts death merchant (Planned Parenthood)

Did Jill find something to add to the list?
People Lie,
Results don’t,
re-elect Black!

Is the McCabe campaign really trying to keep this story going?  Is this phony outrage really all she’s got? 

We’re about one month away from election day and she won’t say where she stands on the issues.  She refuses to debate, and she wants to distract voters with fake issues.

She can’t even explain why being called a mom is so offensive.  Is she not proud of being a mom?  Doesn’t she list it in every piece of literature she sends out?  Why is ok to call herself a mom, but when Dick Black calls her a mom it is somehow offensive?

This really is the lamest excuse for a negative attack I have seen launched by the Democrats in a long time.  Seriously.

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