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Two Loudoun County residents file lawsuits against Chipotle following illnesses

Times-Mirror/Alexander Erkiletian
Two Loudoun County residents are suing Chipotle for damages of $74,000 plus interest after alleging they were sick after eating at the chain's Sterling restaurant during the recent outbreak of illnesses tied to the restaurant.

The suit, filed in Loudoun County Circuit Court, lists two men, Kyle Hogan and Patrick Moore, as plaintiffs. The men dined at Chipotle's Tripleseven Road restaurant in Sterling on or around July 14 and later became ill, according to their attorney Ron Simon.

More than 135 people became ill after dining at the Chipotle around two weeks ago, according to Loudoun County health officials. Two diners have tested positive for a strain of norovirus.

The Chipotle in Sterling closed July 17 after recent customers reported becoming ill. The restaurant remained closed July 18 to sanitize the facility and bring in new food, according to restaurant officials.

Company officials added this week that a worker at the Sterling location was contagious with a virus and still came to work even though it is against company policy and hourly employees are offered paid sick days.

FastCasual.com reported six other law firms nationwide are filing, investigating or forming classes of plaintiffs from those who invested in Chipotle and lost money when the brand's stock plummeted in the aftermath of the Sterling store's illness and in light of other negative Chipotle news in the last two years.

The six law firms allege the brand and some of its leaders violated U.S. securities laws and made “materially false and misleading statements regarding the company's business, operation and compliance policies.” In turn the plaintiffs allege those statements led investors to believe the brand had “a good hold on steps to rectify problems that caused its two-year history of illness outbreaks.”

Chipotle hit the headlines in 2015 on more than one occasion after customers became ill following visits to its restaurants. In fall 2015 there was an E. coli outbreak in multiple states, followed by a salmonella outbreak in Minnesota and a norovirus outbreak at a single restaurant in the same year.


Really Chipotle though… This is strike two, $74K is not much for a multi million dollar business like this, not even a drop in the bucket, certainly not nearly enough of a slap on the wrist. Chipotle said after the first time, that they had fixed the issue, provided training for the employees.. Reworked the supply chain.. yada yada.
That’s only 32K per person.
This is clearly a systemic problem. Why are people here making excuses for such carelessness. Your children may be eating there next…
What Judge would even think of letting this one go?

Seriously? GET A JOB!

ChocolateDinosaur Trump is the godfather of frivolous lawsuits.

Liberal loosers no doubt!  Trump needs to get Congress to deal with frivolous law suits like this - they’re a waste of time and resources!  Just two lazy boys trying for a quick pay day.  SAD!

They had to factor in Attorney’s cut of the $74K. Hopefully Judge throws lawsuits out and tells them to stop eating out. They’d better off going to McDonalds drive thru and ordering extra hot coffee….

So what makes getting sick at a restaurant worth 74,000? Get a life!

Wow…didn’t see this coming. Oh wait, yet I did. More to follow I’m sure.

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