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UPDATE: Two students hit by bus in Lansdowne

Two Belmont Ridge Middle Schools students were hit by a Loudoun County School bus Sept. 12 on their way to classes.

The students, 12- and 13-year-old girls, were taken to Inova Loudoun's Lansdowne campus for treatment of minor injuries and later released, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

Wayde Byard, spokesman for Loudoun County Public Schools, said the students, walking from a subdivision about 8 a.m. near Upper Belmont Place, were crossing the road when they were stuck by a bus turning right out of the school.

There were crosswalks nearby, but the students were not using them.

One of the students was able to get up after being struck and run inside the school for help, Byard said.

According to a report released Sept. 13 by the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, the two injured students were crossing the street as part of a group. As the group walked in between a dump truck and a car, the two girls ran out in front of the school bus and were struck by its driver's side front corner.

The incident was the first of two for the day involving a Loudoun County School bus.

About three hours later on Sept. 12 a school bus driver sideswiped a parked car in the 24000 block of Lenah Woods Place in Aldie with one kindergartener on board. No one was injured.


@more cowbell. Not correct in your posting. Lori Waters, former B.O.S. representative, pushed to have the school built in this location not the school board. She lived in Lansdowne and represented this area. It was a matter of a land purchase and the B.O.S. actually worked out the land deal. The B.O.S. also had the school board price out converting Belmont Middle School into a high school in lieu of building the high school. In this instance, the push to build the high school in Lansdowne most certainly came from the B.O.S. Oh my, how we forget.

Sam Adimo’s group is a disgrace and waste of taxpayers money. Not once has any of his initial plans ever have any common sense or logic associated with them(his latest divided a gated community in half). Looks more like a 3rd grader put it together at the last minute. Time to move that group into Loudoun county govt.

I am glad they are okay.  I am wondering how they did not hear the school bus, though ?  Those things are insanely loud (and smelly).

And this is before LCPS builds its first-ever two-lane roundabout in the same block, and a high school opens in a couple of years with start times in the same dangerous hour and a fresh wave of new teen drivers every year, and the National Conference Center continues to operate, with construction trucks making wrong turns all over Lansdowne trying to find their way to the Sports Park that is no more where this huge school will replace five athletic fields. This dangerous intersection did not stealthily overtake anyone. The office of “planning” and development of LCPS, Lansdowne’s HOA which stifled information and discussion about the obvious risks of this nightmarish intersection, and the do-nothing-but-landscape-medians Lansdowne Conservancy, a huge waste of time and money, all share the credit.
Don’t blame the School Board. Give Sam Adamo a call and ask how many roundabouts his office has built.

Yeah I walked too back in the 80’s about a half a mile, but traffic was not nearly as bad and we crossed wherever we felt. And we seldom missed school because of weather. I’ve seen people hit in the crosswalks. One does have to ask how the school bus driver didn’t see them???? And just think what that area will be like when HS opens….

SkidRow - It happened right in front of the school not a mile away.

Bad news for LCPS if this incident is a direct result of their busing/walking changes to save a few nickels.

more cowbell - So no one should walk because of some lazy students not paying attention? Oh please I walked a mile each way in Springfield in the 80s and there was more traffic there then than out in Ashburn now and I never got hit by a car.

Wow, who didn’t see this coming…School Board. Kids that walk to school will take the shortest route. Use some common sense. I truly don’t understand how any of the school board members have real jobs…..

Lesson 101:  Use the crosswalks…stop being lazy.

it will all be better once they build “Hundred Million High” up the street.  I hear the traffic is going to be just fine!

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