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Customs seizes 42 pounds of horse meat and genitals at Dulles Airport

Horsemeat CBP officials confiscated at Dulles Airport.U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Customs and Border Protection agricultural specialists say they have seen a number of oddities in the bags of travelers at Washington Dulles Airport, from charred full monkeys, to voodoo ceremony tools, to cocaine concealed inside the cavity of fully cooked chickens, to live sea horses and giant African land snails.

Jan. 29 was yet another oddity. They discovered horse meat concealed inside juice boxes, including 13 pounds of horse genitals in the possession of two women traveling from Mongolia.

One of the women claimed the items were for medicinal purposes.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, after the plane deplaned, CBP officers referred the women for a routine agriculture examination.

During the examination, CBP agriculture specialists found a combined 42 pounds of meat described as horse meat and other ruminant meat, including 13 pounds of horse genitals and three liters of yak milk.

Horse meat is prohibited from entering the United States if it is not accompanied by an official government horse meat certification from the country or government it originates.

CBP treats the meat as unknown ruminant meat and seizes it due to fears of foot and mouth disease. Horse meat from Mongolia is prohibited due to concerns of introducing animal diseases to U.S. livestock industries.

“Customs and Border Protection takes no pleasure in seizing and destroying travelers’ food products,” CBP Port Director for the Area Port of Washington Dulles Wayne Biondi said in a statement. “We’re in the business of protecting America’s agriculture industries, like the livestock industry, from the potential introduction of animal diseases posed by these unpermitted food products.”

CBP incinerated all the food products.

Neither woman was criminally charged, and CBP officers released them to continue their visit.

Often times travelers bring with them food products from their countries that is normal to their cultures; however, some items are prohibited from the United States.

CBP encourages all travelers to learn what they can and cannot bring into the United States at CBP’s travel website.


Ewww. This is an example of where a photo is not worth a thousand words. Cropping out the bottom half of the photo wouldn’t have been censorship, just good taste. I am needing extra coffee to wash down my breakfast sausage.

Nothing washes down horse genitals better than an aged glass of room temperature Yak milk.  Reminds me of afternoons with Nana!

I need my medical horse genitals.  Now I’m forced to go out and buy street genitals.

Also, anthrax is endemic in Mongolia.

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