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‘United Patriots’ to hold Leesburg rally in support of Confederate monument

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A group calling itself “United Patriots” plans to hold a rally on the Loudoun County Courthouse grounds in Leesburg Aug. 12 “in support of keeping” the statue of a Confederate soldier at the site, according to town officials.

The Leesburg statue, featuring a roughly 10-foot-tall, mounted Confederate soldier holding a gun, has been the topic of debate in recent years, with local residents and activists questioning its appropriateness in modern-day Loudoun County.

According to Town of Leesburg officials, the “United Patriots” rally is expected to include 50 participants or less, and the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office will provide coverage of the event.

Two summers ago, the Loudoun County NAACP and other groups held a rally on the courthouse grounds, where they called for a new monument remembering Loudoun County's slaves and local residents who fought on the side of the Union. This, they said, will help display a more accurate picture of Loudoun's history.

The 2015 rally was met with opposition by a small group of Confederate statue supporters who waved Confederate Battle Flags in front of the statue and in the center of the county seat.

The effort to “balance the history” from the local NAACP has stalled, however, with no one able to give a clear answer on where the plans stand.

Some activists have called for Loudoun's Confederate monument to be removed altogether, although state law says monuments honoring veterans cannot be removed.

The Loudoun NAACP plans to hold a counter rally Aug. 12 to the “United Patriots'” efforts.

The Confederate statue in Leesburg was erected in 1908 -- some say in memorial of Jefferson Davis and the “Lost Cause” -- and has remained standing for the past 107 years. According to Loudoun.gov, the monument “serves as a memorial to the many Rebel soldiers who died fighting for the cause in which they believed."

Commissioned by daughters of Confederate soldiers, the monument was constructed by renowned sculptor F.S. Sievers early in his career in 1908. More than 60 African-Americans were lynched across the U.S. that year, according to the Library of Congress.


AndrewHoya - By your definition, all those that fought in the Revolutionary War were also Traitors.

Lawman, if the people decide to remove the statute (through their elected officials), then the statue will be removed.  I don’t think the statue should be removed since in today’s world, it merely honors the incredible numbers of men who served to defend their families. 

We lost 500K in the Civil War, more than all our other wars put together (2/3 were on the Union side).  Certainly I think we should remember what they were willing to sacrifice.

I have no problem putting a Union soldier beside that one since many in the border states fought for different sides.  I have no problem putting other statues up including those dedicated to achievements of great black Americans.

But unlike Sherman and Lincoln, I believe in self-determination.  Just like the slaves (or any human) in the South should have been free to choose, so should each state be free to choose.  If California wishes to secede today, I would aggressively oppose any attempt to use force to keep them in the US.  But that’s what you are proposing.  So if Vermont wanted to join Canada, you would have the other 49 states kill any Vermont native who defended that decision.  That’s crazy!!!!  Yet that’s exactly what you are espousing.

Slavery was eradicated within the western hemisphere within 15 years of our Civil War, nearly universally without civil wars.  That process started long before 1861.  Slavery was doomed.  We didn’t need to kill 500K, rape and pillage large swaths of the South, and breed resentment that lasted decades to send slavery to the dustbin of history.

We shouldn’t focus on our varied interpretations of history, we should be focused on the de facto segregation that exists in Loudoun County today as a result of zoning policies and political maneuvering.  But very few, including our “esteemed” Chair want to ever talk about that.

Hey guys, let’s go down to the Rust library and demand that any history book printed prior to 2016 be placed somewhere it cannot offend anyone! Who’s with me?

Well Brain, there is no legal challenge with regard to seeking removal of the relic of treason.  Seeking a Writ of Mandamus or Injunctive Remedy with regard to making someone remove the relic of treason is a none starter because there is no violation of a specific law with regard to having that detestable relic on the Leesburg Courthouse.  In addition, there is no law requiring any Government official to remove it either.  The legal action would occur when the Board decides to remove the relic of treason and the white supremacist sue the Government to halt the removal, i.e., what is occurring in Charlottesville right now and occurred in Danville last year when the Courts said the 1998 law someone aptly cited below, but, with a wrong interpretation did not have retroactive applicability to memorials erected before 1998 .

Hey Lawman, seeing as that I do have a clue about federal lawsuits, I will help you file one if you ever get up the courage to stop talking and actually initiate a legal proceeding.  Just saying….

I have met house plants that have more knowledge of history than some of you people.  Everybody above a certain IQ level understands what the Civil War was about.  As soon as we get the right people on the Board of Supervisors, we are going to move that statue of treason out to White’s Ferry like Montgomery County did with theirs this week on the Maryland side.

So ironic that a group calling themselves “patriots” would stand up for a statue of a traitor that took up arms against our country…

Virginia SGP Thank you for your tutelage.  Woodrow Wilson? The guy who hired George Creel to form the Creel commission and move us to war via propaganda?  The guy who screened Birth Of A Nation three times at the White House and insisted that it should be shown in every American School?  Never heard of him. 

Also, you’re the one to change things from “South” to “Cultural South” so don’t alter the facts of the thread to suit your self righteous pontifications. 

Lastly, I never said anything about removing the statue or adding a statue to slavery.  I agree with you that a statue should be erected to honor a great African American leader.

Amazing how much made-up history is being practiced in some of the comments (for example goodolloudoun).  But we do have at least one example in our own times, and just a few years ago, when Tom Dunn, a self-proclaimed historian, claimed, during a Leesburg Town Council, that, in a convoluted argument that God approved of slavery.  Those comments by Tom Dunn appeared in numerous news sources, all shocked that anyone would make such a claim. Just one example of Tom Dunn doing what Tom Dunn does very well - make a total fool of himself.  Which is what many of the made-up historians are doing in some of the comments in support of the statue.

had enough!  Is right! The civil war wasn’t about slavery. It was about states rights to own slaves! Get you facts straight people.

There were also Free black units which served in the Confederate forces.  The South was more welcoming to Jews.  This war on symbols can go on forever, and that’s what the anti-symbols people want.  They want to fight every symbol they consider offensive.  This way we fight over symbols instead of working to correct the real problems within the many minority communities today.
This nonsense gives race baiting individuals and groups something to complain and fight about until all American symbols are destroyed.  The White House and Capitol build by slave labor,Gone.  President Wilson was racist, so bridge or at least it’s name gone.  Rail Roads built on the backs of exploited Irish and Asian labor, gone.  The US Flag has long been the symbol of a race hating white dominate county, gone. 

There will be no end to this war on symbolism.

Alex, while yes the Mason Dixon line is between Maryland & Pennsylvania, nobody would be confused about whether Maryland is now part of the “South” (because of its transplants, it is now one of the most heavily blue states, not part of the southern block. In fact, I assert the cultural south now begins from Richmond southward).

And Alex, if you were knowledgeable on history, you would know that your good (liberal) President Wilson was a hardcore racist who would never allow integration in the military even though a world war was raging. His other claim to infamy is instituting the income tax with a promise it would never rise above 17% (hit 90% within a few years rather like Obama’s “you can keep your doctor” lie).

Nobody objects to other memorials being added. Put your money where your mouth is and pony up. I would rather see a monument to a black figure who made a great contribution to society rather than a monument to slavery because I think it inspires more youth. But don’t base your argument on the fact this monument was erected around the same time the Lincoln Memorial was built. That argument makes you all look incredibly foolish.

FromHereNotAComeHere Good point about the other war memorials. Next time you are at the courthouse take some time to look at the wwI memorial. You will see the names of those loudoun residents who made the greatest sacrifice for their country…. the three names under the line at the bottom, those are the black veterans who sacrificed their lives. Apparently, even in death they had to be segregated from their fellow (white) patriots.

FromHereNotAComeHere Maryland is the south FYI. The   Mason Dixon line was the recognized border between the north and south (which is Maryland’s northern border).

More importantly, if you aren’t from Virginia and your family’s not from Virginia please refrain from trying to change the culture & history of a state you have zero ties to other than “you work here.” If the South offends you so much, please move to Maryland.

Been in Virginia my entire life. Born here. I’ve passed countless Confederate memorials, driven on countless roads named after Confederate Generals, been in dozens of schools named after Confederate heroes, NOT ONCE, have I ever thought, “Sure am glad we honor the Confederacy here; this’ll surely keep people in their place!” The monuments are there as a reminder of our past, good and bad. I view them through the same lens as if they were WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam memorials, because that’s all they are. White people aren’t walking around beaming with pride because there is a Confederate statue on our Courthouse lawn, I mean get real. We are worrying about the same stuff everyone else is: our kids, our jobs, our checkbook. To insinuate that there is some tactical advantage that only White people enjoy because of a statue on the courthouse lawn is completely bonkers. So it sounds just as crazy to want to remove these statues. Why not put up a statue honoring Black Ameticans instead of tearing down a statue that’s important to another group of people. Are you suggesting some peoples ancestors are better than others?

Make no mistake, once America’s ISIS-inspired Left tears down every last Confederate monument, the slave-owning U.S. Presidents will be next (Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, etc.) After that the facist left will come to realize that Lincoln hated Blacks as did Ulysses S. Grant and THEIR monuments/schools/roads will be torn down and renamed. If the left is good at anything, it’s finding racism everywhere, including where it doesn’t even exist.

The statue was erected in 1908, so was probably less about honoring people who actually fought in the war but more about reinforcing the evil Jim Crow era of segregation and white supremacy that arose late in the 19th century after the collapse of Reconstruction politics.  Note that W. E. B. Du Bois had started raising awareness of the injustice of segregation just a few years earlier.

Again, all of you arguing over history are missing the point. The REASON these statues were put up all over the south is to assert to the black community who was/is still in charge.  They were a subtle racist statement from the get go and that is enough to warrant them to be removed.

It’s history!! Teach all of it! Then learn from it!

I stand corrected Finger on your service.  But not on your knowledge of history.

However, 4 slave states did not secede and were a part of Congress the entire time.  Slavery in those states was also not ended by the Emancipation Proclamation in 1963.  It wasn’t until Dec 1965, after the war had ended, that slavery was abolished.

So please tell us, were the soldiers that fought for the union in those border/slave states “patriots” or “traitors”?  What if they owned slaves themselves?

And please explain why the revolutionaries who fought England (who abolished the slave trade) were not “traitors”.  You do realize slavery was illegal in England since 1102.  Any person setting foot on England itself was considered free.  Lincoln very clearly laid out in his first inaugural address that he had no plans to end slavery in the Southern states.

But this is merely about honoring those who sacrificed to protect their families.  I know you don’t like to talk about Sherman burning Atlanta and turning his soldiers loose to loot and rape women in his Southern march.  Sherman, one of your “patriots”, wrote to Major Sawyer that the war “was the result of a false political doctrine that any and every people have a right to self-government.”  In the same letter Sherman referred to states’ rights, freedom of conscience, and freedom of the press as “trash” that had “deluded the Southern people into war.”

So Sherman, at Lincoln’s approval, is what we are to be celebrating?  Sounds more like the My Lai massacre on American soil to me.

Saying the Civil War wasn’t about slavery gives a new angle on whitewashing eh?

If we can just X parts of history out of existence then why teach it at all… and as many said civil war was about state rights, not slavery…

Yeah, right “had enough”...
The civil war (not the war of “northern aggression” as some in the south refer to the war)
was about states’ rights TO PERMIT SLAVERY.

“Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery — the greatest material interest of the world,” proclaimed Mississippi in its own secession declaration, passed Jan. 9, 1861.

On Dec. 24, 1860, delegates at South Carolina’s secession convention adopted a “Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union.” It noted “an increasing hostility on the part of the non-slaveholding States to the institution of slavery” and protested that Northern states had failed to “fulfill their constitutional obligations” by interfering with the return of fugitive slaves to bondage.

“This entire “CRY” for justice is crazy.  The war between the states was NOT about slavery.  It was about STATES RIGHTS.”

Using all caps doesn’t make the lie any more true.

This entire “CRY” for justice is crazy.  The war between the states was NOT about slavery.  It was about STATES RIGHTS. Virginia played an important role in the conflict.  If we continue to give in to those who only want to satisfy One group of people who just can’t seem to move past slavery we better start thinking of a new name for the town.  Evil Homer needs to read a history book.  There were NO Racist Traitors in this conflict.

Leave your cammo and your confederate flags at home fella’s If you want to be taken seriously, dress professionally and act professionally. Last time supporters of the statue demonstrated one guy wore flip flops and his cammo boonie hat. Again if you want to be taken seriously, do not wear your chair borne Ranger surplus army gear and waive your confederate flags. This advice is coming from a supporter of the statue and supporter of Virginia Heritage.

I love it when he brings the full blown crazy. Say it out loud in your best Walter Sobchak voice.

SGP, Just so happens I served in the U.S. Army (same one that fought the Confederates), in Asia in the early 70’s. 

Tell us your war stories…

I think I’ll attend!

TheMovingFinger likely never volunteered to protect anything in his/her life.  Certainly not serving in our military or even speaking out on the de facto segregation by race/income in Sterling/Algonkian.

Now that we are in 2017, any political position by a prior generation that doesn’t conform to current thinking must be crucified and they must be purged from the history books.  Funny how your hero Abraham Lincoln was a bona fide racist but you don’t want to tear down his statute on the mall.

You see, you’ve never stood at attention as we honor Japanese ships at morning colors in Pearl Harbor.  You probably don’t understand why the Japanese or Germans honor their war dead even though they were on the wrong side of history.  In your mind, whether you win (Revolutionary “traitors”) or lose (Confederate “traitors”) determines whether your sacrifice should even be remembered.  Whether it’s boxers or soldiers, they have respect for the other side’s commitment. 

MovingFinger, you have absolutely no respect for anyone.  And you certainly don’t plan to lift a finger yourself to make real change.  Suffice it to say that there would be no US if it were left to folks like you.

LTM knows if it wants posts for an article just bring up the statue.

Give me a break people.  The statue is not going anywhere.  get over it!!!

If we get around to honoring strawmen, then Mr. SGP has just created another we should celebrate…

Are we supposed to erase everything that happened in our history? Removing the statue won’t change the past. Keep a part of history in the community & educate our youth on it! Why not add a different statue/monument somewhere else in the town if wanted?

These Virginian Confederates were first Virginians protecting their lands. I guarantee they were thinking this, and not about keeping slavery, when Union soldiers entered Leesburg shooting and shelling them. Removing the statue won’t remove the past, it’s meant to embrace a better future, thanks to blood spilt by men from the North and the South. Shouldn’t we remember all of them?

It’s time to stop celebrating traitors and let go of this horrible chapter in our history. These Confederate monuments were absolutely put up to send a message to the black community about who is still in charge. To have this piece front and center in our courtyard is deplorable. History is important but the Confederacy was all about what it WRONG about America and it should not be honored. 

Show some empathy for those that fight for equal rights and take down this monument.

Apparently “well read” doesn’t mean “able to form grammatically correct sentences”.

The last paragraph of this article is disgusting!!! What about the more than 70 white people lynch. That is right! more white people were lynch in Virginia than Black people. The numbers are 52% white to 48% black (Library of Congress see also Washington Post). Only one state had more blacks lynched it was Mississippi and it was only 2 %. Stop it with your activist Ideology go back read history. Hangings were common place in the south when the crime was against women or children. No exception were made for black women or children. There is even recorded case law on lynching a white male accused of raping a Black women.  You are supposed to be a local reporter not CNN. These statues were not about Jim Crow laws it was about honoring their war dead. The statue was placed there in preparation to 50th anniversary of the War. Your not fooling the well read just the ignorant Whack jobs and snowflake activist.

Homer, are you talking about our Founding Fathers, who left England by force in 1776 and institutionalized slavery in our Constitution?

I gather you are in support of removing Jefferson from the university he founded, eh?  But I wonder if you could even gain acceptance to that same university.

The circus continues…

You can be a patriot, or you can celebrate racist traitors.  You cannot do both.

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