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UPDATE: Board selects vice-chairman, committees, changes meeting schedule

photoFrom left to right front row: Susan Volpe, Vice-chair Janet Clark, Chairman Scott York, Ralph Buona; back row: Geary Higgins, Matt Letourneau, Eugene Delgaudio, Shawn Williams, Ken Reid. Courtesy Photo/Loudoun County

The newly-elected Loudoun County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday started its first term by choosing a vice-chairman and subcommittee members.

Supervisor Janet Clarke (R-Blue Ridge), appointed after an unanimous vote, will serve as vice-chairman of the board for 2012. She was nominated for the position by Supervisor Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn.)

“I’m excited. I’m honored. I think it’s more of an honor to have have that certain level of responsibility. I respect and appreciate my colleagues having the confidence in me to appoint me to that position,” Clarke said.

In November, Clarke, who ran on a platform of being a business-friendly supervisor, defeated four-term incumbent Jim Burton, an independent, by more than 1,000 votes.

“I think she will serve the board very well. I’m glad that there was unity in supporting her appointment as vice-chair for the year,” said Chairman Scott York (R-At Large).

York’s appointments to subcommittees for 2012 included:
•Finance/Government Services and Operations Committee – Buona, who will serve as chairman, York and Supervisors Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling), Ken Reid (R-Leesburg) and Shawn Williams (R-Broad Run).
•Transportation and Land Use Committee – Clarke, Delgaudio and Supervisors Matt Letourneau (R-Dulles), Geary Higgins (R-Catoctin) and Suzanne Volpe (R-Algonkian), who will serve as chairman.
•Economic Development Committee – Letourneau, who will serve as chairman, Williams, Volpe, Buona and York.
•Joint Board and School Board Committee – Higgins, Clarke and Reid, who will serve as co-chair.

Also changing compared to the last four years is the board’s meeting schedule, which already has been criticized by some residents, including Malcolm Baldwin, a Democrat who lost the Catoctin District seat to Higgins in November.

The board’s new meetings will change from every first and third Monday and Tuesday at 6 p.m. and 9 a.m., respectively, to the first Wednesday at 9 a.m. and the third Tuesday at 5 p.m.

The new board will hold one public input session, scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month. However, time will be allotted for public input during the third Tuesday of each month. Public comment could start as early as 6 p.m. at these meetings.

The previous board, in its last year, held public input sessions on the first and third Mondays of every month prior to its general business meetings.

“With fewer opportunities to comment, these sessions will invariably be very crowded, requiring individual comments to be limited to two minutes each.  This significantly weakens the opportunity for citizens to provide meaningful and substantive input on issues before the Board, and it gives the Board an appearance of being uninterested in – or even hostile to – public comment or dissent,” Baldwin said in an email.

But York said the criticism was unwarranted, arguing that it’s “no more than people who have opposed us being here in the first place this term.”

“We will have a period of time that won’t be until all eternity because we will have a business meeting so we’ll probably limit it to about an hour so people will have the opportunity. So, also too, this day and age with the computer, we get a lot of communications from our citizens via email,” York said.

Public hearings, where residents can comment on any developments, zoning changes up for consideration, will be held the second Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m.

Baldwin argued that several hot-ticket items were on the board’s Jan. 3 agenda for a vote before the public had a chance to comment, including the development of a government reform commission, a move by York to reclassify special exception uses and request for more information by Clarke on the already approved western Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office substation.

“The Board should at least delay approval of these motions until after the first public input session so citizens can offer their comments,” Baldwin said in the email.

Editor’s note: The story has been changed to correct the times alloted for public comments.


Ah, I guess either Kelly Burk or more likely Ken “I can’t drive any slower than 100 mph” Reid felt the need to comment.  Either way, we don’t see Kelly Burk in the pic, only the fading image, and Ken Reid, who any ‘right’ thinking person would find worthless.  So, keep on keeping on!

Laugh = Village Idiot

As it is proving out, Ken Reid and Kelly Burk are the same people.  I mean, really, has anyone actually seen the two together at the same time?  Well, maybe they are two different people, but the more I see of Ken “I lost my license and now I don’t drive” Reid, the more he looks like Kelly Burk.  Nut case, untrustworthy, and generally mean spirited.

Objective Moderate = laugh = village idiot.  Ken Reid > Kelly Burk.

Still waiting for the Ken Reid supporters to tell us all why he is going to make a great supervisor.  I guess I am 0-4 now.  I keep asking and no one steps forward to respond. 

I guess I’ll have to assume that Ken Reid voters are just party line idiots who vote for anything with an “R” next to it. 

Future Ballot: Rachel Maddow - R (Leesburg)
Stupid GOP Voter:  “Oh, I guess I’ll go with Maddow, I always vote Republican”.

You can almost see the smirks on their faces, and the thought, ‘What! You expect us to keep our promises?”

Whiny be-aches

Pretty pathetic right “Shakes”? 

This is what happens when only 30% of the voters bother showing up.

These are the top elected officials in the wealthiest County in America.

Think about that. These are best 9 people, arguably and based on geography, to lead the wealthiest County.

Yes, that was a cringe you just felt.

I want a tax cut and instead they are trying to get the ability to levy new taxes without a vote by the people? These are not conservatives. It’s those citizens who want to talk your ear off that you work for, Chairman York. Clarke is so set on payback that she didn’t even notice that the guy she tried to do the hatchet job on is not up for reappointment yet! Ugly start to what is certainly looking like an ugly term.

The virtues of Ken Reid - appointing an idiot like Tom Dunn to the county planning commission while he still stays on the town council!

“we get a lot of communications from our citizens via email,” York said.

Yes they do, but York doesn’t read his, his assistant does. That means there are only two ways to ensure that York and those supervisors who follow his lead hear from you…a face to face meeting (if you can get one) or speaking at Public Comment.

Yet again my request for the many virtues of Ken Reid to be explained to me has fallen on deaf ears.  0 for 3 now.  Are his supporters just shy?  Someone please tell us all about this great statesman you elected to lead the county.  Or at least admit he is a product of a bunch of party-line sheep and was the warm body with a “R” next to his name.

I’m not sure what’s gained from decreasing the amount of public comment time or making the second meeting “as needed.” That just leads to confusion—is there a meeting or isn’t there? And—is the BoS really arguing that they have so little to do in governing a county of 400k people that they don’t even need to meet twice a month?

Everything else, including the government reform committee, is just standard-issue stuff. I have no beef with any of that, I think they’ve all learned their lessons in perception/image from the Myers/York I era.

Like the photos from the Soviet Union leaders, forming a gang on a balcony.  Looks swell, doesn’t it.  Stalinists.  Crush the people.  Nice to see Ken Reid and Scott York smiling away, happy to witness the crushing of public comment.

Everyone in that picture looks like someone you keep your children away from.  Creepy.

Hi Barry.  Real facts?  How about the new 9-0 republican voting to ask Richmond to give them, the supervisors, and take away from us, the people, the vote on a meals tax.  How about that?  Soooooo, I guess this new board of supervisors ise not the fiscal conservative board we were promised.  But what a surprise?  WE WERE LIED TO!

Yeah laugh…don’t let facts get in the way of your rant.

Bottom line, the new board of supervisors, with people like Ken Reid and Scott York, have shown their true colors.  Stalinists.  Crush the people.  Iron fist of government.  We don’t need no stinkin badges.  Run over everyone (something Ken Reid knows so well due to his many, many traffic tickets).

Sorry, suckers, the language IS ambiguous (which is what gives it so much leg in the game):

“Business meetings will be held on the first Wednesday at 9:00 a.m., and on Tuesday of the third week at 5:00 p.m. as needed.

Public Input/General Business meeting will be held once a month on the Tuesday previous to the Wednesday business meeting at 5:00 p.m., with public input to start as early as 6:00 p.m.

Public Hearings will be held on the Tuesday following the first business meeting of the month at 6:00 p.m.”

See that last paragraph?  Why would they specify “the first business meeting of the month” if there were to be a standard of only one?

When the webcast of the meeting is posted, watch the Chairman’s comment explaining it, and while you’re waiting, look up the published rules of order.

Better yet, call the government offices:  they’ll clarify.

Wrong, Munsey. The second meeting is “if needed”.  I bet we won’t see it needed too often since this board will do all their work in private and they’re all too busy with their day jobs to attend too many meetings for their $40,000 a year part time jobs.

board watcher, the “as needed” seems to refer to the 5 p.m. start time.

There will be two business meetings per month, one a.m. and one p.m., with the a.m. one preceded by an evening public input the night before, and the p.m. one BEGINNING with public input.

The BoS will still have two business meetings, there will still be two opportunities for public comment on any/everything, and there will still be a public hearing on specific items each month.

Mr. Baldwin and the other Democrats who signed his letter quoted in this article either misunderstood the published rules of order, or took advantage of the ambiguity in the langauge to try to score some political points.

Either way, there is the same amount of opportunity for public input.

Tired, Bubba, LOL, JB and Sore Losers - Your “Rip, Rape, and Run” party liners will surely have some fun now with no consideration for constituents necessary.

Well said Bubba!

Town Resdent is correct about Laugh and his comments. But TR must realize that Laugh is a dumocrat attack gerbil. He was selected for his idiotic ramblings and his ability to never offer up any constuctive solutions to the problems that plague Loudoun, he only offers up dumocrat bile and other distasteful comments. All of which are indeed old and tiresome. But he is fun to read because every community needs a community clown who shows every day that he knows not what he says. Rather he only repeats the party line of the dumocrats. Pity the fool!

Let’s get this public comment thing straight:  the BOS may often have only one business meeting and one public comment period per month because the second meeting—on the third Tuesday at 5 PM—will only be scheduled on an “as needed” basis, per their new Rules of Order. So if that meeting is deemed “not needed” there will be no second comment opportunity in that month.  And if the 2nd meeting does happen it will be necessarily short because the whole second meeting will be shorter, starting at 5 PM rather than 9 AM. So the public will indeed have less opportunity to weigh in.

And so SLS doesn’t use his real name, after atacking those who post with “fun” names.  Bottom line, the Stalinists are now in control of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.  Iron fist government.  Crush the people.  Great job Scott York and Ken Reid.

Objective Moderate and Hugh Jack sound like sore loser Democrats who are cowards by not using their real names.  They don’t wish to look at facts or voting records, which many of the new supervisors have (both Reid and Higgins were in elected office for years before going to the Board).  They just want to throw hand grenades and attack the voters for not voting for their Democrat losers.  Sore losers suck!


We are so screwed. The first thing they vote for is a way to raise taxes!  The second thing is a commission that is packed with builders, developers, and their lawyers. Look out folks, you’re all going to be paying for metro to Loudoun and watch for zoning changes along with it.

Everyone in this county is a “loser” thanks to this board.  You myopic, party-line idiots are just too stupid to realize it.  Most of you can’t even explain why you voted, other than “I don’t like Democrats”.

I’ll put it out there again.  Will someone please enlighten me as to why they think Ken Reid will be a great supervisor and deserved our votes?  I’ve asked twice already in other stories and saw nothing but “dead air” afterward.  Maybe I judged Ken’s record wrong, but I saw nothing to cheer about for an objective voter based on his “work” in Leesburg.

What a bunch of whiny poor losers.

Scott York, you have lost your moral compass, and this board is starting off on a very nasty anti-free-speech tone. This is local government and the more they hear from citizens the better. They just gave themselves a pay raise and they run off to a meeting where citizens have to pay to be admitted. (That may well be illegal.) We’re back to the Staton-Tulloch board, with egos being above the law and ethics being the last thing on their minds. The smell from the board chamber is awfully strong.

Hugh, Do you think this board is going to listen to the PEC still per your comment that the last board only listened to public comments by the PEC?  I wonder how and if York/PEC has severed his relationship with them?  Maybe they/PEC went to far with the CBPO?

“Bend over” - I really hope these idiots are so brazen to add a tax or fee during their corrupt reign.

Then I’ll look at all the party-line voting “conservatives” who picked idiots like Ken Reid and Gary Higgins based solely on their party affiliation and ask how their conservative representatives are working out. 

I usually support fiscal conservatives (who can leave religion on the sideline), but Higgins and Reid had no track record of “conservatism” other than the fact someone at LCRC said “oh, that guy will do” when it came time to pick a nominee.  Higgin’s campaign materials touted the fact his family donated land as a positive trait?  Really?  Restoring a historic home too?  Why don’t they just list his net worth as a “positive”?  Hell, if I had enough money I’d have an historic mansion filled with “historic” cars.  Maybe I’d be ready for the BoS then?

Here it is—Loudoun County run by the Chamber of Commerce!  Why, you may ask, is this Board going to vote for HS-8 at the NCC site…and behind closed doors?  What do Buona and Krause (General Manager of the NCC and future Chamber leader), have in common?  Just exactly WHY are we going to pay so much for that site…well over newly assessed value???  The good ole’ boys are gonna vote for this one ....selling the land keeps the NCC above water (the owners have a hefty lien on this property) so the Chamber can continue to meet there and the sale keeps the NCC owners happy and Krause employed.

Forget the tax cut, Laugh, these idiots actually want authority from Richmond to RAISE OUR TAXES with a meals tax.

So Clarke just singled out and axed Steven Mackey from the Economic Development Commission because he actually criticized Purcellville for their forceful taking of Sam Brown’s farm.  Political hack.

“No one’s ability to provide public input has been restricted. Choosing to rely solely on one meeting to castigate is publci input?  Really?”

Not sure you know what you are saying LOL - I know I certainly don’t but if you don’ thuink that slashing the public input sessions in half is not restrictive of our right to public comment you are smoking something really funny, that’s for sure.

I thought Scott York is a religious leader?  Why is he acting like a tyrant then?

Scott York has become the King of Corruption.  A picture of what is wrong with government in America.  Every resident in this county should work hard to put an end to this mans political carreer.  This will only get worse from here.

What a surprise.  The same people who want to silence dissenting voices on the courthouse lawn now want to limit public input a BoS meetings.  If you aren’t a radical right winger, you might as well not bother to show up anymore.  Good job moving the meeting up to 5 as well.  It isn’t like anyone in Loudoun has a long commute or anything.  We all just stroll home from the office down the street at 4 right? 

These guys are either 100% out of touch already or they are trying to silence the middle class.  Starting the meeting while most people are commuting or picking up kids from daycare is a good start I guess, if that is your end.

No one’s ability to provide public input has been restricted. Choosing to rely solely on one meeting to castigate is publci input?  Really?  For all of the wailing by the recently trounced democrats and their “best friends” who used to be appointed to all of the commissions/committees, etc. in the same manner they seem to be suffering from amnesia.

We will have a period of time that won’t be until all eternity because we will have a business meeting so we’ll probably limit it to about an hour so people will have the opportunity.——York’s quote from above…..

So what does that mean…1 hour for the public to speak and then what…dismiss us from the room?  What if you have lots of speakers?  Will you be limiting the number allowed to speak?  Sorry I don’t quite understand what’s being written about here—-Scott York can you please clarify?

Well with Ken “traffic tickets from heaven” Reid, and Scott “I stab all my friends in the back” York, and the rest we will have sooooooooooo much fun.  Just look at the comments to this story!

Please outline one thing in this article attributed to Baldwin which is untrue.  You want to applaude a move by the BOS to restict your right to public comment? These are your guys, then!!

So is the liberal elitist loser Baldwin now the new attack dog for the Dems?

Hey, the last board never listened to public comment anyway, unless it was the PEC.  Why bother?

<But York said the criticism was unwarranted, <arguing that it’s “no more than people who have <opposed us being here in the first place this <term.”

...and they obviously do not have a right to comment on what we are doing up here…


Laugh, anyone that can’t spell huge shouldn’t use it.

Actually, Town Resident, the new board of supervisors, ALL REPUBLICAN, NOT A SINGLE DEMOCRATE, are 9-0, and they have already set a tone.  Slashing public input, ramming through a position in favor of a western bypass, and picking the best friends for special committees without the chance of “qualified” people being selected.  This new board of supervisors OF ALL REPUBLICANS is going to be a lot of fun!  BUT WHERE IS MY HUGH TAX CUT!


Give it a rest. Your comments are getting old and tiresome. Let’s give the new Board a chance. Your political stripes are showing brightly.

I pray Romney gets last place tonight in Iowa.

from the reporter:
Sorry for the error. I’ve corrected it. In the hustle of trying to get the information up, I must have been in presidential election mode.


Does the BoS really need a Vice President?  There is the Chairman who lays out the road map for the board and then everybody else. 1 Countywide Office Seat and the rest are Regional seats.

So, where’s the tax cut.  There must have been a vote on a tax cut.  Come on guys, where’s my tax cut!

Does that mean Scott York is the President?

“vice-president”!?!  Come on guys get your game face on.

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