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UPDATE: Deputies identify man killed during alleged Sterling Park home invasion

A 28-year old man is dead and his 32-year-old companion critically injured after a botched home invasion robbery the two attempted in Sterling Park Feb. 10.

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office deputies said the two men burst into the home at 1205 East Kennedy Road at about 8:30 p.m. and assaulted a man who lived there.

Deputies have identified the man who was killed during the home invasion as Anthony Devoure Miles of Manassas. Deputies said Miles lived with his family in Manassas. Over the last several years, he had also lived off and on in the Sterling area.

The identity of the second man allegedly involved in the home invasion has not been released.

Both men were shot by an occupant of the home, deputies said. He suffered a bloody nose during the scuffle.

Seven people were inside the home when the home invasion occurred. All have been identified and interviewed, according to Investigator Vince DiBenedetto, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators found one of the alleged robbers inside the home after the invasion. He was taken to Inova Loudoun Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The second man fled the home and was apparently driven to the same hospital with a gunshot wound. 

The driver of that vehicle reportedly dropped the man off at the hospital and fled.

He was later transferred to Inova Fairfax Hospital, where he is in stable condition. 

Investigators still are looking for the driver who took the second robber to the hospital.  Anyone with information about this individual is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 703-777-0445. 

Deputies have already located the vehicle.

So far, law enforcement have been tight-lipped about a possible motive behind the home invasion.

However, Simpson said there was some familiarity between the robbers and the home.

“We’re still working on that relationship,” Simpson said. “Obviously there was something in the house they were looking for so there was some knowledge there. Whether they had first-hand or second-hand knowledge, we’re still trying to determine.”

Investigators don’t believe the incident was gang-related.

Simpson said it will be up to the Commonwealth’s Attorney to determine what charges will be filed in the case.

That determination, he said, could take weeks.


Kim - Do you personally know the family that lives in that home? Have you been in their home before? I do and I have and I really wish you would stop saying that their home is a “drug house”!!! IT IS NOT!!!! Rightly you do not want your friends name to be dragged through the mud but you don’t understand that you are doing the same to the victims, their family and all those that love them. We are hurting just as much as you are and I kindly request that you respect us and our family and stop spreading rumors and lies. Thank you!!

OK maybe you should have informed us of something we already hadn’t figured out for ourselves.  Quite obviously they didn’t break into a house at 8:30 at night for the sole purpose of robbing them for their money or jewlery etc. However I still feel exactly the same way.  The robbers are still to blame.  Drug house or not those people were inside their own home and justified in shooting anyone that dares BREAK INTO their home.  Please stop trying to make it look as if the robbers are the poor victims here.  That home may be a drug house but thats up to the police to deal with not a bunch of want to be thugs.



I say Obama out next term.  Samuel Eaton for President.

Right or wrong….I’m sure the families involved are all suffering enough without the comments that have been posted.  Why continue to guess/post until the story is updated.  As a citizen I have sympathy for both the robbers and the homeowners.

One more thing.. Before you run around starting even more trashy rumors, you should re-read the story below your comment.  Two completely unrelated events. They had the shot victim picked up and in the ambulance about 10 minutes after getting there, idiot. And if this wasn’t a robbery, WHY DID THE DRIVER FROM THE GETAWAY CAR RUN? Because he is guilty, because they are ALL guilty.

@unknown - You are just as ignorant as the person who thought it was a good idea to rob them in the first place.  It’s comical that anyone defending the invaders in this thread are practically illiterate. I’m sure my hard earned tax dollars are paying for your welfare. How sad.
And you’re right, everyone who robs houses knows their victims.  Gimme a break.


Comment made below me is a total dumb@ss, name under “locked and loaded”. The 3:15am time you got from the comment below you is a completly different robbery that happend after this one, totally different address. If you could actually read and write you would understand you illiterate dumb@SS. They called the police right away they didn’t let him bleed out as you say, he was pronouced dead at the hospital again if you could read you would understand that. What do you expect from someone that does’nt even know how to spell. Your probably a crack head from sterling just trying to put your two cent where it does’nt need to be, your prolly just looking for your fix when you wrote that dumb comment. If the guy that died was anything of a father he would have been home with his son and his pregnant girlfriend not out robbing people. I hope his kids dont turn out to be like him going around robbing people. I actually feel sorry for his kids, but he should have thought of that before running up into someone’s house. All who comment upon ignorrance not knowing facts should keep their comments to themselves.

8:30pm are you freaking serious who the hell gona robb a house @ 8:30pm with lights on & several people in the house they all knew each other cause in fact it was a drug house thats where they copped drugs @ i’v known how investagations go i can tell you right off the back FOUL PLAY was involved ok first off 8:30pm man get shot laying their bleeding out with last words maybe his significant other will never find out what he said jus bleeding out which lead me to belive maybe out of the seven grown ass individuels who were accused of being robbed couldn’t one out of seven dumb ass high ass crack ass couldn’t pick up the phone or cell phone to call the police before seven hours go by are YOU FREAKING SERIOUSE !!########!! & if the police don’t see what that right there is statting a cover up no matter what (do some real police work detectives) ok second 8:30pm incident occurs one phone call made to the police @ 3:15am smh brings me to the ######## again i swear a known drug house & claimed that all the guns were all locked up so how did the indivdual get shot… being forced to open the safe at gunpoint so you guys are telling me that this man that was held at gunpoint open the safe & manage to b Quick Draw McGraw or Billy The kid str8 ########!! it’s not adding up at all. To the indivdual that was left to died May god be with his family & girlfriend & the two children he left behind thru this critical time.


Loudoun County, VA:  The Loudoun County Sheriff

Dumbass cheek- See, this is why things like this happen.  People like you, who know absolutely nothing, run their mouths about things that are not true, and people (like the guy killed) take it as gospel.  I’m sure according to whoever it was that set him up (since I KNOW he didn’t know the homeowner) said the homeowner had pounds of drugs, millions of dollars, high dollar stuff, and it would be really simple.  Wrong.  Rumors get started, and now someone is dead because of one.  The keyword being RUMORS. 
Let me address some of the inconsistencies in your claims..And so you know, you don’t need to have had friends in the house to see these are ridiculous…they don’t even make sense.  It clearly states he was pronounced dead at the hospital. As you say, “they left him there to die so they could get rid of whatever they could before the police came to cover there tracks.”  Right there, thats debunked. Obviously he was not left there to die if he made it to the hospital…When people are dead, they send coroners. Next - you claim ” carrying guns that wasn

The comments here are far more embarrassing than the fact that I’ve lived in Sterling Park over 40 years. just read them and it’s obvious. Trash evolves. It reproduces and grows.

Its funny that Sterling started as a racist community and now it is the ethnic melting pot of Loudoun County. I thought this was interesting should stir up some more comments.

The original Sterling Park and “Broyhill’s Addition” had one thing in common. Residents had to be of the “Caucasian Race.” No board member or speaker before the board raised an objection to the clause, a common one in the United States throughout the 1960s, even though discriminatory housing was outlawed by the Civil Rights Act of 1866.

The whole article can be read at


P.S. also Gino’s was never on Sterling BLVD and all the hippies at that time lived in Leesburg, Arcola,Lucketts and Western Loudoun Boonie area’s Been there did that…Does anybody remember that Sterling had their own security guards back in the day.

@badass cheek: It doesn’t matter what you think.  They will prosecute according to the law not according to your opinion.  The law says that if you break into somone’s home and assault them, the homeowner has the legal right to defend themselves. That is what happened here.


I have read these comments and it amazes me that so many people can speak so self-righteously and provide their “expert” opinion.  I am the farthest thing from a guns right activist but I can tell you if somebody breaks into my house I am going to protect myself in any way, shape or form necessary.  Of course theories/rumors are going to run rampant because it is common knowledge that those not personally involved in this incident know what really happened…that is sarcasm for the “experts”

I wonder why “bad*** cheek” is so vigorously defending the home invaders, especially without any knowledge of the facts.

@ disgusted, who cares if you knew the people that was living in the house or whatever, they still took someone life and i think they should be punished for it as well as the ones involved. Just as the ones that broke into the house yes they were wrong and also if the peolpe house they broke into wasnt selling drugs out of there house and and carrying guns that wasn’t to protect what they had in the safe. they left him there to die so they could get rid of whatever they could before the police came to cover there tracks. SO YES THEY SHOULD BE CHARGE WHOEVER SHOT THE GUN. Because there were 7 people inside the house, so you telling me 7 people couldnt hold down 2 people who the f*** you playing wit. The people in that house are going to have no good from here on out, because they were by not calling the police to get help. So tell the people that live there to tell the true about what really was going inside that drug house…..

Another case for the armed citizen, because that’s what this story is about.  So let’s get the discussion back on track.

To ughhh, well I happen to know some dumb a** drug users that frequent that DRUG DEN! you hang out at. Sorry about what happened to everyone involved. But when you do s**t like that that’s what type of activity you bring to your house, please tell me what else could anyone want in that raggedy a** house??? please go to rehab your in DENIAL!!! & No my family & I don’t have to worry about stuff like this because were not involved in DRUGS nor do we brag about money in safes in our home dumba**. Yeah & they also still have not said/told the truth, really why that house was targeted.


You will find me at any meeting in Loudoun county when it comes to ending illegal immigration in this county or in this country.  But I have to say that that topic does not belong here.  This was an American man who had a lot of money in in his safe and not so intelligenlty let others know about it.  Three American men knew of the money and crashed into the house.  They beat the man until he agreed to open the safe, the man reached in and instead of pulling out the money, pulled out his gun…you all know the rest of the story.

Those people who think that Ashburn and Leesburg is so high and mighty and above the crime ridden Sterling Park.  Do yourself a favor, go the Loudoun County Sherriffs website and sign up for daily crime reports.  They will send a daily email of activity from the day before.  It will open you eyes to the fact that on most days, Ashburn has the highest activity and Leesburg doesn’t trail too far behind. 

And Donna P.  I had to laugh at your “hippie” comment.  You see, when I first moved to N.VA I lived in an old farmhouse in Ashburn, this was before ANY building took place.  The house I lived in was previously a hippy house and there were all kinds of signs to that fact.  I worked in Sterling Park at the time, there were no crime problems in Sterling, just government workers with their families and this was in the 80’s.

Talk about not knowing the facts..Knowing you were not there, not sure how you think your evidence is so concrete. Even worse, you tell me what business a man with one child, and one on the way has breaking into and invading houses. And how was the one killed not there to rob the house?  Jesus, he had a mask on and had a weapon! If someone did this to your house, what would you have done?  What do you think the man who died would have done? The same thing. Everyone has the right to protect themselves. I would be willing to bet you have never been in a situation like that, or you wouldn’t be saying the same thing.
For the record, all the guns were registered and secured, and nobody in the house owed anyone a cent. The homeowners and people who were in the house (PRIOR TO BEING ROBBED) were not a bunch of thugs, contrary to what you think you know.

Are You kidding me?? The house that was robbed was full of drug users/dealers. It wasnt a mom and dad and 5 kids. You run with that crowd and owe money to bad people, then those bad people send people to scare you. I am sure ALL weapons involved were registered (not!) and protecting your drugs werent what was meant when the right to bear arms to protect yourself and home was envisioned when the law was made. No one deserves to have their home run up in to but if you lead that lifestyle it is to be expected. People making out that this was a home invasion on a loving family just minding their business is BS. Get the real facts!! AND the person who was killed was not there to rob and had a kid and one on the way so think about his 8 month pregnant woman and child that could be reading this before you assume things. As for the two writers who say they were there - you need to get a better place to hang out and live!!! Get out of the drug scene - maybe this will be enough to wake your ass up but I guess not because all you are doing is going online and bragging about your part. Hopefully as the other writer wrote, the police will finally close this ONE drug house down.

Mon, Feb 14 at 08:57 PM by J:

“Its clear that drugs were involved, its not gang related,

@James Watts, a boca de borracho, o

Locked and loaded you are lying again. Where do you live that you can look out your window and see the Bill Allen field. You are a liar and probably do not even live in Sterling. We don’t take to kind to Liars around here.

@James Watts…..You are a stupid pig.  I live in Sterling and have for 40 years.  At 2:am and 3:am in the summer on a warm night.  Walk your fat lazy ass up to the Bill Allen field, they have a bench there for your fat ass and you can sit and watch all the action. You can tell your a punk with your LOLOLOL ####.

I grew up in Sterling, and lived there for a number of years, my kids went to SMS, Forest Grove, Guilford but I had to move prior to them attending Park View (but I went there). I lived there for years. My parents still live there. It is a wonderful community. Just like in any town, area, it goes through natural cycle. Growth, Stabilization, Decline followed by a regentrification and growth. In Sterling, even today, neighbors help each other (white, hispanic, etc) and watch out for each other. Yes, some crime exists, and there is gang activity. But it is still a bedroom community that is a great place to live. People that have not lived there, and people who just “drive by” have no idea.

Its clear that drugs were involved, its not gang related,“law enforcement have been tight-lipped about a possible motive behind the home invasion”,“However, Simpson said there was some familiarity between the robbers and the home” because that’s the spot were they got their s**t from. I hope the DEA closes that drug den! it will make the streets safer. Luckily no innocent bystanders were hurt.

Donna—then why do we have immigration laws, if they are just to be ignored?  Perhaps, we should just let the whole world in.

Why have any laws?  Maybe we could all just live in the Kumbayah land as John Lennon imagined it.


To Sterling-girl,
Please don’t take some of these rednecks seriously.  I live in Sterling and I am pro-immigrant.  These small companies owned by locals don’t want to do the work.  If I hire immigrants to do the job, they do it in less time for less money and do a better job.  There are a few leftovers here from the old days that want to lock-and-load their guns and be seen in a big truck.  They are typically IGNORANT and don’t reflect everyone’s views.  I hope you remain proud and hard-working and enjoy your citizenship.  You are welcomed by some of us.  It’s the criminals and gangs that have everyone on edge.  They need to stop blaming all immigrants for the crimes of a few.  They’ll mature and get over it someday.  Good luck to you!

@badass cheek- I happen to know multiple people that were inside that house that evening, and was told the story first hand. Since I know for a fact you were not there, nor could you have spoken to anyone who was there that night, I would LOVE to know where you get your information. Do you think that anybody wanted him to die that night?  Of course not.  You know what would have definitely kept him alive?  Staying out of peoples houses he didn’t belong in.  Plain and simple.  But since you are a self proclaimed “bad ass”, please tell me what a “bad ass” would do if two men hidden behind masks came in YOUR house with weapons, assaulted you, and threatened everyone in the room so they could steal things that didn’t belong to them.  You would sit there and just hope everything turned out ok?  No, you would do whatever you could to protect your life, as you should, that is our RIGHT. You can’t really point the finger at the people who were in their own house, minding their own business.  I doubt you would be singing the same tune if the table were turned, huh? 
It’s sad someone had to lose their life, and someone else had to get hurt over greed.  Moral of the story - doesn’t pay to be a thug. 
I’m thankful everyone I know involved will be OK.

Locked and loaded you are a liar. Where do you live that is bustlin at 3AM? Maybe you were dreaming. LMAO. LOLOLOLOL

You guys have to be the biggest bunch of *ussys in the world. Your scared to drive around Sterling? Are you serious? You are grown men scared of young boys who think they are gangsters. Please do all the real men a favor and move to Ashburn or some other Metrosexual place where the little boys don’t scare you.

Donna P: The Gino’s was on Rt. 7, then it turned into a Roy Rogers.
The store on Sterling Blvd, across from Sterling Middle was a Jack-In-The-Box, then it closed for a few years (sat empty & boarded up) before being rebuilt into a Roy Rogers. It was then bought out, torn down & rebuilt into a McDonalds.

I grew up in Sterling, moving in back in `73, graduated from Park View. Left for the military, then came back for a few years while I went to college. Glad I moved in the mid-90’s, as everytime I go back to visit, I can see that the whole place has just gone downhill.
I remember walking or riding our bikes all over Sterling at practically any hour of the day, and never feeling the least bit in danger. I sure wouldn’t do that now.

Wish some would come to my house….my 44 mag black hawk has not been shot in awhile,wonder what kind of mess that would make. Thank God the owner had a gun and used it.  When someone breaks into your home and they know people are home.  They want to do serious harm to them.  Look at those Conn. Murders, raped, tortured, burned.  I do wonder why Loudoun County does not have a curfew.  In the summer I look out my window and it is hustling at 3:00 a.m.  people walking around everywhere.

There was a Gino’s in Sterling, but it was on Rt 7/Drainesville.  Jus’ sayin’. :)

@badass cheek

Wow, your comments are extremely ignornant. Did you take a few shots before sitting down to feed off the problems in other people’s lives? It was a robbery, and an unexpected one at that. If you actually do a little research on what your trying to make a claim about you would see that a “skuffle broke out” which is what lead to the homeowner to take action. The police were called if you once again, read the articles, which is how they got the call to arrive at the house since none of the neighbors knew what was going on until the ambulance and police cars showed up. The other guy is still alive, so once again another one of your assumptions is out the window, there was only one robber that died and the other one is in stable condition, which means he could tell the story. Now, have you ever thought of this? When two bank robbers go into a bank does everyone go to attack them or do they shut up and do what the robbers tell them to do? Use your brain before you go publishing your obviously uneducated thoughts and assumptions..or just get a life.

this conversation is very funny because you all live in northern va. somebody broke into the house, the resident killed the intruder, end of story. that is how it is suppose to happen. have any of you ever been robbed, i bet not. i am from central pa and thats how its done here. why does it matter why they broke into the house. a intruder is a intruder. i bet that not one of you making these negative comments even know what really took place in that house. come on, grow up you palthetic selfish racicts. all i know is that there is one less criminal in the world today:)

Badass cheek, please tell me you were not educated in LCPS schools.  I would hate to think this is what my tax money is producing.

Thank you Enough Said , they knew exactly what they were going there for and the house probably has some kind of drug thing going on, so thats why they didn’t call the police and they let chrome bleed to death and die because they had to get rid of whatever they had in the safe b4 the police came. @ Anon stop trying to take up for them peolpe that lived there, if there was seven people in that house at the time of the robbery they could have held them down because there was only 2 of them. their was no need for anybody to get shot, myself they shot them because if they would of got locked up they probably would of told what was really going on at that house thats why they killed him so no info could get out.

To the people that say safe in sterling,and that there were no bad things going on there. Thats BS. there has been pipe bombs, houses being burnt down,gangs running the streets, have you really opened your doors or eyes to what is going on infront of you. My mom has lives with in a block of all the things I listed. She has lived there foe 13 years, and yes I wish they would patrol that area more offten. Im scared for my family there and with they would pack up and more to Tennessee with me.

Crime is everywhere in Loudoun County-the Bennett’s were attacked with one killed in Lansdowne. The man who killed his girlfriend and hid her under the bed was in Ashburn. The serial stabber was in Leesburg. South Riding had a rash of burglaries. A man smashed his wife’s head in with a hammer in Aldie. It goes on and on. Whoever said Sterling Park is a cesspool-I know some areas in the Bronx you can tour-you can see what a REAL cesspool looks like.

Sterling is an awesome place to live. However, you must rid the crap that has invaded it over the past 20 years. Until then there will of course be people that can not afford to leave who will defend their excuses for liking Sterling now.  Anyone that denies that is an idiot.  Plain and Simple. AS far as the Immigrants from the south, some ar hard working individuals. I would be honered to serve next to anyone one of them who shares my views on why we are in this country.  However, with any race, the ignorant percentage of those people tend to take over communities like Sterling.  I don’t care what race you are, Eastern Loudoun has been a magnet for crap for two decades. I am not racist at all… I do not like anyone.  Though I tolerate people more based on my personal evaluation of them.  You leave me alone and I leave you alone.  Sometimes people need to be placed in check.  So, I am offering a suggestion to the idiots who think Sterling is a normal functioning society… pack up and move to a safer part of the country.  Until then, hang out in the crap hole and read the news everyday until you are a headline and the rest of these idiots on here are talking about you and your headline story. Now that I have wasted 5 minutes of my life trying to coach a few people into becoming halfway normal again.  Goodluck to the rest.  I am going to enjoy my personal freedom of sleep without fear of scum breaking into my house.  When I wake up, I will not have to worry about your crappy life because I do not live in your crappy town or wear your shoes filled with nearly six feet of crap. Hippie chic… play a toon

I know the people who were there that night, one of them being my brother. What happened had nothing to do with Sterling Park being “white trash” or “ghetto” (of which it is neither) nor does it have anything to do with whatever political party you all associate yourselves with. The attackers were unknown to everyone at the residence, and it is believed to have been a random attack- obviously one that was idiotically planned and carried out. Stuff like this happens everywhere, unfortunately, and probably more than most of us would like to think about. While I can’t say that I love living in Sterling Park, anyone who thinks this place is a cesspool or full of drug dealers, sketchy people…etc. is just plain ignorant and in for a rude awakening.

This line of comments is a joke.  Until you know anything about this CRIME, why guess what the hell happened?  As for Sterling vs. Non Sterling, unless you have lived here don’t comment.  We know we have problems, so do your more “affluenet, and educated” areas of Loudoun County.  Teenage suicide, parents buying alcohol, drug raids, prescription drug abuse, etc.  So don’t give me this BS that if you are from Sterling/East Loudoun you are a bad seed. It’s all over Loudoun County, black, white, Asian, Latino all impacted.  You all you haters - stop.  White ain’t right.  All hispanics aren’t here illegally.  Gated communities have as many issues as other communities. It’s the ignorance of so many that is pathetic in these comments.  FYI - PVHS Grad, NOVA Grad, GMU Grad. Wow - LCPS actually taught me something.

Feb 12 at 12:46 PM by Old Sterling Hippie:

@Abraham Wankewitz Phd:  I am caucasian and resent your remarks.  This whole incident has opened a lot of comments from people who should just go on their way and stop looking for a weak reason to espouse their hate and disrespect for human beings period.  We have gone from the incident reported to a level I have never seen before in Sterling.

I was born and raised in Arlington and have lived in many jursdictions in Northern Virginia.  I feel safer in Sterling than I did during the short time I lived in South Florida (Boca Raton and Pompano Beach for four years).  If you want to see a true melting pot, you should visit there and New York City.  There are multiple cultures living together and doing the best they can to make a life for themselves and their families.

If we continue to be hateful individuals, our children will grow up to be the same.  Not all statistics have been represented fairly here.  School pass/fail rates, SOL test scores, SATs, ACTs, etc. - EVERYTHING needs to be taken into consideration.  AYP is not the only barometer to a school’s health. 

I hope everyone who continues to spew hate and discontent with the Sterling community can look at themselves in the mirror and say they are without fault and live their lives 100% within the confines of the law.

I grew up here and have lived in Loudoun for 49 years.  Sterling Park used to be nice in the beginning.  Sorry, but it has gone downhill a lot.  I know someone who used to work at the Safeway years ago and the crimes and robberies just got worse and worse.  We have a scanner at home and most of the stabbings, beatings and criminal acts are in Eastern Leesburg and Sterling/Sugarland. A safe environment in either of these places to raise your kids?  No way!!

“Nobody living can ever stop me. As I go walking my freedom highway. Nobody living can make me turn back. This land was made for you and me.”

I am so sick and tired of the ignorant people on here talking about something and someone they know NOTHING about. This house is not a dump, it is a HOME to a wonderful, hard working, american(not that should matter) family. The people that live in this home were victimized and now they are being villianized unfairly by you people.
Also, ignorantly saying that everyone living in Sterling are low lifes that can’t afford to move out is pure crap!! We are hard working, God loving, respectable families that choose to stay in the community that we grew up in and that our children grew up in. This is our home and we will not abandon it for anyone!! If some of you had a bad experience living here, I guarantee that your bad luck will follow you where ever you go beacause of your bad attitude and racist views!!

“How many years can a people exist before they’re allowed to be free?”

@ Enough said

There was one black assailant and one white assailant. This was a break-in, not a drug dispute. Way to assume based on your lack of information.

@ Tim Richmond

I don’t receive a government check, sir. Nor does anyone in my family. Nor do I drive an imported car; unlike yourself, I appreciate this country and it’s quality manufacturing. Nor am I Latino.

My family works, just like you purport to work. I find it sick that you find such pleasure in spewing vitriol towards a community where a crime occurs. I’m sorry your son has such a terrible father. I hope he has better male role models to look up to, otherwise he might become a schadenfreude-engaging nimrod obsessed with his opulence and relative wealth. Kind of like you are. The real shame is that his gene pool is clearly tainted, so he might not stand much of chance.

The robber was a black male and “there was something in the house they were looking for”. Just state the obvious up front.  It was a black male and a drug dispute or drug robbery.  I doubt they were breaking into that dump to steal the family jewels!

As I walk through
This wicked world
Searchin’ for light in the darkness of insanity.

I ask myself
Is all hope lost?
Is there only pain and hatred, and misery?

And each time I feel like this inside,
There’s one thing I wanna know:
What’s so funny ‘bout peace love & understanding?

What’s so funny ‘bout peace love & understanding?

And as I walked on
Through troubled times
My spirit gets so downhearted sometimes
So where are the strong
And who are the trusted?
And where is the harmony?

Sweet harmony.

Tim Richmond:
“I actually live in a gated community so even if you wanted to kill me your 1991 Nissan Sentra with the tinted windows, plastic rims and Mexican Flag decal would never make it through the gate”

WOW so you all actually mow your lawns, clean your own toilets, do your own roofing, deliver your own newspapers, dig your own ditches, move your own furniture, cook your own food, wash your own cars, paint your own houses etc. etc.??? That’s a first for gated community dwellers…or is it ok for the nissan to come through so that its occupants can do that for you?

“Anthony Devoure Miles of Manassas” that doesn’t sound too Latino or illegal immigrant to me…JUST A THOUGHT… It’s funny and sad at the same time to see are blinded you are by your bigotry…

“Sad thing is you need me in your life. My tax dollars support economically disadvantaged lowlifes such as your family. The next time you get that government check, or cash that nice big tax return you can thank me”

Wait a minute here…what do YOU do for a living? Do you work for one of the numerous private firms contracting with the federal government? Usually that’s where the local gated community dwellers work…So who again is living off of that fat government paycheck that comes out of OUR taxes selling the governement overpriced services?

That’s the real problem we sink billions and billons of dollars into the pocket of companies run by former government officials, former politicians and their cronies for botched services provided through “no bid” contracts to support YOUR country club living and that’s supposed to be OK??

I don’t know how you get that illegals get money from the government. Federal law states that no assistance can be given to non-citizens or legal immigrant who have not been legally in the country for 5 years.  As far as the “big tax return” you cannot take advantage of the biggest deduction, the Earned Income Tax credit unless you have a valid SSN…

Open your blind eyes to reality and unless you are planning for your kids to dig ditches, wash dishes, do landscaping, freeze their buts on construction sites in the winter, clean the toilets of people like you, work on a farm or a food processing plant, clean hotel rooms, move furniture, deliver newspapers, pick up trash, wash cars, stack lumber, stock supermarket shelves as a career, you are going to have to put up with these pesky brown illegal immigrants…

No wait, I’m sure your kids will be wonderful individuals, with a kind heart and a real understanding of life and its struggles…they surely won’t be arrogant, impatient, silver spoon fed little brats accustomed to have everything they want magically fall from the sky in their gated McMansion via daddy’s credit card, will they?  I sincerely hope not. For THEM.

The greater problem is not illegal immigration, that’s not what got us in this mess, it’s people like you who have grown used to the corporate gravy train that’s been wrecking our lives, sucking our tax dollars through expensive and unchecked governement contracts, coroporate bailouts with BILLION UPON BILLION of our tax dollars, crazy ponzi schemes on Wall Street and GREEDY SELFISH IMMORAL big shots with no allegiance to this great country, only to their bottomline. This is not the American Way. This is not Capitalism, it’s HIGWAY ROBBERY sanctioned by crooked politicians who don’t want it to stop, as they prostitute themselves to those special interests to get elected and keep their jobs. Enough posturing and rethoric about illegal immigrants and more action to solve the REAL systemic problems that are killing us. 

Stop worrying about “Juan, Carlos and Antonio” who do these jobs you don’t want your kids to make a carreer of, stop believing they are wrecking this country, and address the REAL PROBLEMS… Those that have evaporated our pensions, taken our jobs, made healthcare unafordable and that are threatening our very future and livelyhood. 

Stop worrying so much about all the BS you’re being fed daily by corporatist media and dishonest politicians, of course, it’s oh so much easier to rag on illegals than tackling the real problems.  Worry a little more about the fact that our country is financed by China and foreign money so that the federal government can keep printing money to pay your company so you can stay in that gated community of yours.

It’s plain and simple disgusting.  This is not the United States I knew when I came.  The United States represented a free country based on hard work, the possibility for anyone to get ahead and make a good life for themselves and their children.  It was a country full of honest tolerant people, not greedy whiney bigots. 

It’s time to reflect on that I think and foster that kind of an evironment, not this cesspool that has been created by greed, intolerance and the loss of our values.

God bless American and may the people wake up to the scam that’s being pulled on them.

When are the decent people of this country ever going to realize that 98% of this kind of crime is carried out by ignorant Latinos who have no business even being in this country. Ship them back to where they belong and let them kill each other off until they are all dead!!!!!!

Good morning folks! LOL at some of the comments.

Omg! I parked right there 18 years ago and did naughty things with a cheerleader from Park View. Matter of fact I would do it all over again even with the police tape up!  I remember jumping that fence when our party was raided up the street! Hey at least one person had good times on that corner.  Anyway, drugs have always existed off Holly right through there, not suprised!

Ohhhh the hippies!  Hippies never bothered anyone in Sterling. Weird? YES! Funny how in the 60’s they were hippies, now they are liberals that vote democratic.  Although I am a Republican i still like a liberal, they remind me that I am normal and have not completely fell off the boat. Face it I dont care who you vote for or what side you are on, we are doomed.  Someone with brains and no a bright idea to get voted on on needs to step up. It is simple, pass a law that allows us gun toters to eliminate the losers in society, strat over from scratch. Keep the hippies though! just dont let em vote. Sterling is not a gang ridden village as some say, it jsut happens to house all the crap that could not afford to move out.  Not that I am rich, but I have enough cash to survive about 10 years without working.  i do not live in NoVa and refuse to. Not enough drugs in the world.  Uh oh, my doors unlocked… wait I live in the country and own 4 guns, 2 dogs and have motion lights. I do not need to lock the doors! If they come in, they better have my breakfast ready.  Hippies are so funny, they quote songs and place such peaceful melodies. Peace…. with a Sig!

Holy cow, you people are so nice! I really wanna move back. I heard about this shooting from a friend.  So, I decided to check it out. I lived in Sterling since the 70’s and decided to move away in the late 90’s. i am soooo glad.  These kids think they are gangsta? No, just rejects that could not sucessfully land a relationship and felt out of place growing up. Losers that failed in school and could not keep a job. So they settle for what they call a gang.  Trust me, no gang in this area scares me. Punks. the MS agng in this area are rejects from LA/SoCal. The trailer trash from a place called Manbutts are not thugs… just trash.  Just becasue you bought a CD for your POS car and turned out to be a loser does not make you gangsta. I dont care if this was Lansdowne or Middleburg, there is no way these people were honestly living law abiding ways and were broke into.  They had something of someones or flaunted it, so these fools went there to get it. AND how many people lived in that house? Sounds like a mini cartel? Oh well, I hope the last remaining Sterling defenders wake up and move out.  It is not just the crime rate that bothers me, Hola Que Pasa Coma Esta. Run! Oh and by the way, my great-grandparents were Cherokee.  So i am one of the original owners of this land. Although keep the Algonkian Park, its not really named for a Native.  Just a politician from the 60’s trying to make it sound like us engines were really fishing along that golf course!  AHH WAWAWWA rain dance to wash you freaks away!

The road is long
With many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where
Who knows when
But I’m strong
Strong enough to carry him
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

So on we go
His welfare is of my concern
No burden is he to bear
We’ll get there
For I know
He would not encumber me
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

If I’m laden at all
I’m laden with sadness
That everyone’s heart
Isn’t filled with the gladness
Of love for one another

It’s a long, long road
From which there is no return
While we’re on the way to there
Why not share
And the load
Doesn’t weigh me down at all
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

He’s my brother
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother…

All the world over, so easy to see
People everywhere just wanna be free
Listen, please listen, that’s the way it should be
Peace in the valley, people got to be free
You should see, what a lovely, lovely world this would be
If everyone learned to live together
It seems to me such an easy, easy thing this would be
Why can’t you and me learn to love one another
All the world over, so easy to see
People everywhere just wanna be free
I can’t understand it, so simple to me
People everywhere just got to be free
If there’s a man who is down and needs a helping hand
All it takes is you to understand and to see him through
Seems to me, we got to solve it individually
And I’ll do unto you what you do to me
There’ll be shoutin’ from the mountains on out to sea
No two ways about it, people have to be free
(they got to be free)
Ask me my opinion, my opinion will be
It’s a natural situation for a man to be free
Oh, what a feelin’s just come over me
Enough to move a mountain, make a blind man see
Everybody’s dancin’, come on, let’s go see
Peace in the valley, now they want to be free

As a fairly recent Park View High School graduate and a lifelong Sterling Park resident, I am disgusted by the comments on this article. My parents have lived in Sterling for over 40 years and have sent 4 of their 6 children to Park View High School and all 6 children to elementary and middle schools in Sterling. I am confident that the education I received at Park View prepared me for the real world unlike any other school in the county would have. I have attended college with many graduates of other Loudoun County high schools, many of whom are the most racist, ignorant people I have ever met, which further proves that it doesn’t matter where you grow up; if you are raised in a home that allows you to believe that others are somehow beneath you all because of where you grow up, there’s a great chance you will turn out to be a rude, prejudiced person. I am confident that by graduating from Park View with such a diverse group of classmates, I have received a better education in all aspects of life than most people in this county. This act of violence had nothing to do with the quality of education in Sterling and does not reflect upon the character of the residents in this area. Some of the most hardworking and intelligent people I have ever met have been from Sterling Park and remain here because they love it, not because they are in gangs or are impoverished. And in response to Tim Richmond: I feel sorry for your children, as they will forever have to listen to your prejudiced and hateful words…I hope they turn out to be better individuals than you. And as an aspiring social worker who hopes to work with the elderly, I promise if I ever encounter you in a retirement home down the road, I will be nothing but kind and warm to you, despite your disgusting attitude, all because that’s what I was taught at my “pathetic” school in Sterling Park.

YOU TELL ‘EM ROSE…Most of these people know NOTHING about our wondeful childhoods in Sterling…the PEOPLE make or break the neighborhood and we will NEVER give up on Sterling. When my grandsons want to play or shop ANYWHERE in Sterling anytime, we GO!!!

By the way, Tim Richmond, I sincerely hope someone breaks into your house and assaults you in a similar manner. Since you must find the menial labor skills of Sterlingites to be of high quality, we promise to do a good job dragging your worthless, bloody corpse out of your poorly constructed McMansion. We’ll be sure to make it shiny and new afterward so the next carpetbaggers can move in ASAP. Screw you.

YOU TELL ‘EM ROSE…Some of these people know nothing of our childhoods in Sterling and how we just REFUSE to give up! Sterling was a different place when we were growing up, but the PEOPLE can make or break it…Sterling will always be fixable to me, and I will always bring my grandsons to play there whenever they wish…

I was in the room when it all happened. I was in the corner of the bedroom and witnessed everything that transpired. Everyone was trying to stay safe or defend themselves. Those who were shot got to taste the gangster life they attempted to emulate through their actions. They paid dearly, and deservedly so.

The majority of the wanna-be elitists touting Ashburn or similar places as superior locales should butt out, as their community is no better, only newer. You will suffer from a greater crime rate in time as well. What will your excuse for snobbery be then?

I went to Park View High, I graduated from a highly-touted college. So did many in my graduating class. My apologies for ripping your shallow argument of educational and cultural superiority to shreds.

You are elitist pigs who take more pride in their zip code than themselves. For shame. You know nothing of our community; you probably are just carpetbaggers coming to Loudoun recently, and while you purport to know the traits and tendencies of local communities, your ignorance is painfully obvious.

There was not one Latino present at any time, for those making that accusation, if that can be called an accusation.

We are hardly “3rd world”. Whoever made that comment should travel to such a place, and should they survive, retract their statement afterwards.

I despise comment threads, they breed ignorance and give a soapbox to those who, in the days before the internet, were ignored for good reason. I just wanted to set the record straight.

Imagine there’s no heaven, it’s easy if you try
No people below us, above it’s only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do
No need to kill or die for and no religions too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one
Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger a brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing for the world

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
Take my hand and join us
And the world will live, will live as one

We may live in the crazy Sterling Park, we may have some crime.  If you don’t like it, stay out.  We don’t want you.  I don’t go to Ashburn, they house terrorist in Cashburn.  And murderers, thiefs, rapist and all other sort of scum.  Just like the rest of the county.  NOW I FEEL AS IGNORANT AS 3/4 OF THE IDIOTS ON THIS PAGE!!

Sterling Resident: not trying to pick a fight, really, just curious:  how many did Park View send to UVA, W&M, VT and JMU?  While I agree that a diverse education is worthwhile but I don’t necessarily agree that all the others (Loudoun Valley, Heritage etc) are “spoiled rich kids.”

Isn’t that the same kind of stereotyping you’re complaining about?

@Diane S. Yes, seriously!! the choice here is life or emotional distress. Which would you choose?

Having looked at real estate in Sterling in the late 90’s and seeing gang activity back then I purchased a home in Leesburg.

In the ensuing years I watched gang activity grow and Yes, the LCSO has excellent deputies but their hands were tied by Sheriff Simpson’s inability to allow his deputies to receive ICE TRAINING during that time period. Yes, I read the article but training is training and the more deputies receive is only better the counties they protect and serve.

But I will ask all the voters out there to seriously for Loudoun County’s sake: DO NOT RE-ELECTED Sheriff Steve Simpson to another term. A fresh face and new ideas is what LCSO needs.

I live in Sterling Park and have kids at Forest Grove, Sterling Middle and Park View.  My kids are getting a better education than those whose kids go to “good” (read huge majority white) schools because they are meeting and interacting with kids from all over the world with many different religious, cultural and economic backgrounds (although we are light on the “spoiled rich kids”). This means they will be FAR better prepared when they go to college and into the real world than those who have grown up in sheltered all “white Christian” environments. They also have terrific teachers who have chosen to work with this diverse and sometimes challenging group of students.

Does Sterling Park have problems?  Yes, every place does. 

Do I let my kids walk to their friends’ house halfway across the neighborhood?  Yes, and none have ever had anyone say or do anything out of line to them. 

(And, because I’m sure you wonder - I am white)

Wow, Eric.  That is quite a mouthful.  I would just say that I can’t wait until you leave Northern Virginia as well.  Adios, hombre!

pair of those thugs*

@Charlton Heston: I’m possibly one of the most liberal people you’ve ever met. You and I probably share many of the same points of view, and make fun of the same groups of people and television news stations. However, you would probably still call me ‘gun-toting’, because I choose to legally carry a firearm to protect myself, my loved ones, and my community members. Whether or not that homeowner was involved in illegal activity himself, if a paid of those thugs had stormed into YOUR home, would -you- be prepared? The last thing I want is somebody who hates guns to own one, but when faced with a criminal (or criminals) who can overpower you with a gun and the element of surprise, a gun is your equalizer. Absolutely call the police, but don’t bring a phone to a gunfight. When seconds count, the police are still minutes away.

I’m a 20-something in Sterling, I too went to Sterling Elementary, Sterling Middle, and Park View. I now substitute teach at other schools around the county. I’ve seen the change in behavior and crime not only my area, but other areas of the county. It’s certainly not a sh*thole, but it’s not a paradise either. Just because you don’t see the crime doesn’t mean it’s not there. But just because you only hear about the morbid events from time to time, doesn’t mean that’s all Sterling is.

Keep up the good work Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department, and Sterling citizens; please be vigilant, but not paranoid.


To clarify: it’s the first time I heard someone declaring Northern Virginia so crime-ridden they wished their mother would “get out” of the area. I disagreed with her assessment. I live in Broadlands.

Ashburn Res…we in Western Loudoun realize we are not in Kansas anymore, but that click you hear is not Dorothy’s heals. There are 9 houses on the road I live on 8 have guns in them. We keep an eye on the elderly couple that lives in the one without the guns to make sure they are safe and healthy.

make peace not WAR, Make love, not hate!! Lets all love one another right now!!

@Eric, Your last response was so filled with incorrect English and grammar and punctuation errors that it was almost like reading a foreign language…  And we are supposed to listen to YOU? 


A Latina “Socialist Libbie”

Sometimes I’m right and I can be wrong
My own beliefs are in my song
The butcher, the banker, the drummer and then
Makes no difference what group I’m in

I am everyday people, yeah yeah

There is a blue one who can’t accept the green one
For living with a fat one trying to be a skinny one
And different strokes for different folks
And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo-bee
Oh sha sha - we got to live together

I am no better and neither are you
We are the same whatever we do
You love me you hate me you know me and then
You can’t figure out the bag l’m in

I am everyday people, yeah yeah

There is a long hair that doesn’t like the short hair
For bein’ such a rich one that will not help the poor one
And different strokes for different folks
And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo-bee
Oh sha sha-we got to live together

There is a yellow one that won’t accept the black one
That won’t accept the red one that won’t accept the white one
And different strokes for different folks
Oh sha sha-

I am everyday people.

By the way Donna P is right on the money everyone and heres one more thing okay, if you didnt live in this country much less Sterling Park VA in the 70’s 80’s early 90’s all three decades friends, then none of you have a damn clue as to how much greater a nation this was then, and how the damn Socialist Libbie regime dictatorship run by our bro Bama has only taken us down a path that believe you me is a very very scary and dangerous one, the Latinos love this bro because they actually think he cares about them, thats BS my friendly foriegn community. whether its Latinos, Euros, Africans, Asianos doesnt matter they love Bama.Incase none of you heard this the BAMA is about to the our New York Stcok Exchange be sold to Foreigners in Germany, see how much he the US, not. If this country does not start standing up and taking offensively the actions of the Libbies and Bama then they will sell the Monument, and the memorials and who knows what else. The Tea Party is definitely a great start but we must let this world know who we really are and what we stand for and what we will not tolerate, period!!!!! When we opened our doors too freely to just any ole body to walk into our country thats when things really started to take off downard not upward my dear friends.9/11 was able to happen as well as the creation of Hamas in Palestine thank you to America allowing them to come here and operate under our noses, you telling me that none of you saw that and see it now for that matter. The doors of America must be closed to certain parts of this world, or we will never make much progress towards all those eveil Terroriistic type people who want for the western world to fold and submit to the seriah law or however its spelled.I cant wait to get the hell out of this LAtino infested community and for that matter Northern Virignia which they have infested. Wait until Wave 3 & 5 come in the financial markets, they will have no choice when laid off but to return to their countries and drive those tiny little cooper car taxis. Chao people.

Love is but a song we sing
fears’ the way we die
You can make the mountains ring
or make the angels cry

Though the dove is on the wing
and you may not know why

*Come on people now
smile on your brother
everybody get together
and try to love one another right now

Some may come and some may go
He will surely pass
When the one that left us here
returns for us at last
We are but a moment’s sunlight
fading in the grass

*Come on people now
smile on your brother
everybody get together
try to love one another right now

*Come on people now
smile on your brother
everybody get together
try to love one another right now

*Come on people now
smile on your brother
everybody get together
try to love one another right now

If you hear the song I sing
you will understand…listen
You hold the key to love and fear
all in your trembling hand
Just one key unlocks them both
Its there at your command

*Come on people now
smile on your brother
Everybody get together
try to love one another right now

*Come on people now
smile on your brother
Everybody get together
try to love one another right now

I said…..

*Come on people now
smile on your brother
Everybody get together
try to love one another right now
right now
right now

News flash everybody, I have live in Sterling Park since September 1997 and this area has only gotten way way worse in many many ways too. I am certainly not going to live here with my family for any longer than we need to, which means as soon as the areas we are looking into moving to have work related positions that my spouse can look at and my financial trading investment business picks up which it will, we are out of this #### hole. Whoever is stupid enough to defend this crappy community go right ahead, you can have it because it sucks. I will tell this right anyone comes to my front door and tries to robb my family or hurt us even worse, that will be the end of their life support friends. This is America and I have the right to protect and defend my family, period and I dont care what the libbies say or the stupid enforcement pros. I would do so no doubt.All I aks is when my family and I leave this crappy Sterling Park please dont move down south where we are going Otay. Lataaa

This is what is wrong with the world today, so much hate. I am reading these posts and just can

If you want to come into this country, Fine.  Learn to speak the Language. Pay taxes.  Work hard.  Have your own insurance.  Do not bring your filthy living habits. Do not steal from your neighbor. Stay out of prison. Do not expect free health care and government subsidized grants. Vote for a Republican.  Put an “I hate Liberals” bumper sticker on your car.  Do not drive a 25 year old car with 2k rims on it while your kids wear clothes from the Goodwill

Legal immigrants have every right to be here as anyone else.  I am so sick of hearing everyone complaign about not being able to translate or understand “foreigners”.  Unless you’re 100% American Indian, you’re a foreigner too and you should just stop and be thankful that we live in a free society where everyone can be who they are.  Instead of ragging on foreigners, why don’t you stop for a second and think about what THEIR life has been like and what THEY have managed to accomplish instead of just thinking of YOURSELF and how their foreign accent affects you!  Try having some compassion for other people!

This is what is wrong with the world today, so much hate. I am reading these posts and just can’t believe the back and forth, the finger pointing, the racism, the hatred, stereotyping ect. Crime happens everywhere, the world is not the same anywhere if you compare it to 10, 20 30 years ago - WAKE UP. If you have this much time on your hands to be so nasty to other people (THE ONES TALKING SO MUCH TRASH ON THIS THREAD) you need to take a look at yourself in the mirror and find out what makes you hate so much. Come on people - lets get it together! Make a difference, build someone UP not DOWN. Help eachother, grow and be the best we all can be in this NEW world we live in.

Right wing radio and Sarah Palin along with 8 years of George Bush caused this

Donna P.:  You tell Jennifer Browning not to lump all of Northern Virginia together when you’re doing the same exact thing lumping all of the people of Sterling together.  You’re a hypocrite!  I grew up in Sterling and now live in Ashburn.  My parents moved into the house where I grew up in 1969, and my Dad owned and operated a business out of Sterling for 30 years.  My brother coached little league football for the LLBFL for many years.  We are not low lifes, hippies, druggies, or sketchy.  What do you even know about people who are drug addicts?  Have you ever been in a situation with a loved one who is addicted to drugs?  I bet if you found out one of your children or family members was a drug addict, you would shut your big fat mouth and stop judging people over something you know nothing about. You don’t know what people have been through.  What do you even know about who you think are hippies?  You are ignorant.  You are a prime example of what is wrong with the world.  People like you who breed hate and judge others based on what you think you know.  Crime is EVERYWHERE in this country and WORLD!  It’s not just Loudoun County.  And if you don’t like it, THEN LEAVE!
Freedom Fighter:  You just sound jealous that you can’t keep up with the Jones’s yourself.  Why do you even care what kind of car someone else has, and why are you so nasty talking about what kind of home you think they go home to?  You are a sorry individual.  Leaving your doors unlocked at night is just plain stupid, no matter where you live.  When someone comes strolling into your room in the middle of the night you won’t have time to jump up with your gun and stick it in their face.  Oh, and learn how to spell, you half wit!

I still live pric wiliam and being mexican im still ashame it such a dump…corey stewart let me sell use tires on 28…I love sterlin my home and mexican amigos and indios and chinos are ther sterlin lot narcho locos

If you’re seriously concerned about illegal immigration, get Corey Stewart into the Senate or Governor’s Mansion.  Let him do for Virginia and the country what he’s done for Prince William County.  He helped enact much tougher laws, enforced them and their problem has diminished substantially.

I believe someone else’s story..But i dont feel that he did wrong what so ever by shooting

Tenn4ever—-if you don’t care about our town why are you even bothering to chime in?

I may be wrong but Someone knew that Someone had Something and that Someone thought they could break in and take that Something but Someone knew they were coming and decided that Someone was going to pay for crossing the threshhold to take Something that was not hteirs!

They just busted an illegal document ring in sterling, defend sterling, only place in norhtern va where you can buy an S**T HOLE house for 100 grand,realize were being over takin, CMON MAN get the foreigners out NOW….

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