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UPDATE: Sterling man charged in possible gang-related stabbing

A 19-year-old Sterling man was charged Tuesday after an Ashburn man was stabbed in a possible gang-related incident.

Juan C. Reyes is charged with malicious wounding by mob, malicious wounding and attempted robbery, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.
Reyes is held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center on no bond.

The case is still under investigation, according to a sheriff's office spokesperson.

The Aug. 23 incident began about 9:25 p.m. when the victim told deputies he was approached by four men on a pathway in the 150 block of Enterprise Street.
One of the men assaulted the victim and another pulled out a gun and demanded money.

The victim resisted, and a second man stabbed him.

The victim was hospitalized with serious injuries.

He told deputies that he believed the incident was gang-related.


Correct Frank, most of our homicides and even assaults are domestic in nature. Basically since the Bennett’s and the racist guy with the hammer (2009) all the murders have been couples or families.

Most people in this county have much higher risk of their self or a family member than a stranger.

So get a bomb shelter and live alone.

Wow some of you guys must be afraid of your shadows. You can come up with a murder every few years as justification to never leave the house.

The last random attack mentioned on this thread was the case at that was 2009; that is 5 years ago people. Potomac Station like most of the rare murders in Loudoun was not random it was domestic violence.

The post has a great editorial this week about the people arrested for letting their 7 year old walk to the park alone to play. 1) Its not illegal 2) only 3% of violence against children is by strangers. 97% of kids assaulted or murdered know the attacker.

Your culture of fear is pathetic.

I see other posters have illustrated stereotyping based on perceived race: Hispanic = illegal immigrant! African American = rioters.  Those kinds of prejudices that make a whole race of people immediately suspected criminals is not justice. Color of skin is a relevant description, but race is not. I wish police would not ask witnesses for race. Put out descriptions like ebony skin and short curly hair, or olive-skinned rather than racial descriptions like “black” or white.  Race is not an objective description because there are no standards by which to measure the race of someone.


People don’t get sex wrong as often and government does assign you a sex a birth and age is a fact.  Drivers licenses do not have race because race is not factual…it is the impression of someone and fraught with stereotypes.

And the hammer guy wasnt even from the area. 

You are using outliers to define a whole area.

Wrong. Misleading. and again Pathetic.

Go back to your bomb shelters with your tin hats.

No place is “super safe”.  Everyone should be cautious.

@Ed, then why do we care what sex they are. Just say 4 people with black hair and blue shirts. Race is as important as sex in reporting crimes.

Perhaps they left out race because they would have looted and protested…. So this gang has dark hair and wearing blue shirts, could be white, black, asian, hispanic, indian….. 4 people hanging out, looking to rob someone with multiple weapons sounds more like a gang

Now that intermarriage is allowed (Virginia v Loving wasn’t so long ago) there are no “pure” races and we can eliminate some racism by not forcing people into racial categories.

@EdMyers—While intermarriage has made racial definitions more complicated, the fact is that most folks can still be fairly easily grouped into handful of racial distinctions. This, when added to other characteristics, can add greatly when police are trying to identify crime suspects.

Let’s take a look at this case, specifically. Does anybody seriously think that the description given will cause predjudice against men, folks in their teens or early 20s, or those with black hair and blue shirts? So why should race be any different? It’s a legititmate part of a good descriiption in those cases where race is known.

According to Fed Up Dude…“Loudoun is super safe outside of Sterling Park.”

Do you not remember the murder in Lansdowne along that trial a couple years back ? The husband died and the woman had injuries.

Do you not remember the murder in Potomac Station 2 months ago?

Do you not remember all those incidents in Leesburg with the guy hitting people on the head with a hammer targeting mostly Africans?

Those are outside Sterling Park. Keep telling yourself “Loudoun is super safe”. 10 years Eastern Loudoun will be like Southeast DC.

Donna P - You have to be kidding me, Loudoun is super safe outside of Sterling Park. I used to live in a neighborhood with issued in Alexandria and walked around at night no issues.

People don’t by into the culture of fear. Unless there are specific problems in your neighborhood you are safe.

@Chris N. - It’s because the perps are Hispanic according to other news services and most likely ILLEGAL.  LTM and Liberals do their best to hide the simple facts.

Race is a personal preference, not a government assignment.
Now that intermarriage is allowed (Virginia v Loving wasn’t so long ago) there are no “pure” races and we can eliminate some racism by not forcing people into racial categories. Usually people who want to know the race of a suspect are asking because they want data to support their prejudice against a particular group with a different race than themselves.. I applaud LTM for not encouraging stereotyping.

If ICE would do a clean sweep through Sterling for illegals, gang membership and the crime rate in the county would be cut in half.

I found it interesting that, unlike other media outlets, the LTM redacted race from the suspect descriptions and instead focused on hair color.

Does the LTM have a formal policy on identifying race in crime suspect descriptions? This is one of the reasons I wish the current editor would restore the “reader coffees” of yesteryear, where reporting and editorial staff were available to take questions from interested readers.

I found it especially interesting that race was redacted in this case, where they certainly hinted at it by mentioning a possible gang connection.

the BOS and this Champman should be voted out…all of them. We were promised no tax increase, yet I reviewed each of my real estate tax bills and every year increase. Granted not much increase (about $200 yr), but the principal of it all.

take the school budget and reduce 30%. a good house cleaning is in order!! except teachers salaries they should stay in tact and increase year over year.

Sorry but in this day and age, no one is safe on a pathway after dark.  My question is why did the victim say it may be gang-related?  Is he in one?

Yet another example of the degradation of our safety and quality of life under Sheriff chapman’s brand of law enforcement.  He continues to emphasis self promotion over sound crime prevention and enforcement.  I can’t wait to see who among the current elected officials in the County have the nerve to publicly support this charlatan during next year’s election and campaign season.

Wasn’t there a stick up on a Sunday a few months back on the next street over Commerce?

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